Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Denmark Lemon -- Cycle

Character: Denmark

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Tessa Winters, shy, is a baker

Inspiration: I've been meaning to write a Denmark lemon for ages.  :3

The first time he sees her, the world is crisp with Autumn.  The sidewalks are wrinkled with leaves, which blow up into the air with the faintest breath of the wind.  People are bundled up in coats and scarves, walking fast along the streets.  Businessmen with leather satchels saunter along with coffee cups in their hands.  Cyclists fly by.  Far up above, geese travel south in little V-shaped strips.
He ducks into a little corner coffee shop, fixing the knot of his red checkered scarf.  There is nothing in particular that he has to do today.  He just enjoys this, being out in his country, getting to know the true fiber of his people.  He steps into the shop aimlessly, inhaling the sweet scent of baked goods and dark coffee.  He glances around at the other customers, who sit at various high top tables along the edges of the room.
"What can I get you?" a voice asks, and he is suddenly swept into hazel eyes that encompass the entirety of him within seconds.  She stands behind the counter with a sweet smile on her face, and he is taken aback at first because it isn't the sort of paste-and-cut smile that many food services display.  Her lips curl so easily into genuine amusement that he can't respond.  And then he realizes that she's probably amused because he is staring at her like a gaping fish out of water.
His cheeks turn the slightest pink and he clears his throat, jerking his eyes to the desserts behind the glass panel.  When he leans in to get a closer look, the woman leans in as well, as though she's about to divulge to him a dark secret.  Instead, she just smiles wider, so that her eyes are glimmering with mirth.  He stares.
"I've never seen this shop before," he blurts out, and she nods.  "We opened a few months ago," she tells him.  He stuffs his hands into his pockets and then rocks back onto his heels, eyes glinting over at her and wondering at the way she doesn't stop smiling.  It's strange, seeing that real smile for so long.  Strange and delightful.
"So," she says, resting her elbows on the top of the glass display case.  She blinks at him, and the warm light that reflects up from the glass makes her features burn with life.  "Can I get you a coffee?"  And he realizes that he's just been standing there and that she's probably wondering why, and what's wrong with him.  But her smile doesn't betray her to his suspicions.  She remains lively and sincere, her honest brown eyes shining into his as she waits for his response, which comes out in a halting, jilted, "Yeah…and give me one of those."  He gestures to one of the apple pastries and she nods.
The last few minutes of their company is spent exchanging food and money.  He hands her a few bills and she hands him his change.  He takes the brown bag that contains his purchase, slips his hand around the coffee cup, and is about to leave when something pulls him back.  Her smile, the perfection of her body as she leans against the counter, fingers curled delicately, shoulders back, watching him.  It is the surreal sight of her that has him taking a step back, toward the counter, toward her.
He opens his mouth but nothing comes out and he wonders why.  Why he can be so confident and stubborn normally, and yet can't seem to ask a simple human on a date.  He is embarrassed and is about to walk away with the intention of never coming back, but then she blurts out, "I close the shop at six."  And then she waits, blinks up at him with hopeful, honest eyes.
His lips pull back into a grin and he chuckles, feeling warmth blossom within his chest.  He doesn't care that he is so transparent.  He only knows that this feels so easy, all of the sudden.  As easy as breathing.
"I'll come pick you up at five of," he tells her, then with a boyish smile he ducks back out of the coffee shop and all but whoops out in earnest delight. 

Tessa's second and third and forth appearances into his life are like summer fireworks in the midst of cold winter.  Snow has begun to fall over the cobblestone streets.  People have taken out their winter coats and gloves and boots.  Businessmen still saunter down the road with their favorite coffee.  Cyclists don't cycle any more.
Matthias slips his hand into her and he pulls her along behind him, energetic delight dashing across his boyish features.  She laughs and allows herself to be dragged.  The sight of his little townhouse looms up on the horizon of the street and she jumps beside him, nudging his shoulder playfully with hers and smiling that honest smile.  Her eyes light up like little shards of sunlight and he can't stop himself from leaning in and kissing her briefly on the cheek.  The resulting way her eyes explode makes his heart flutter in his chest.
"What should we do for dinner tonight?" she wonders idly as they reach the house.  Matthias fishes his keys from his pocket and shrugs, and it isn't until he has the door open and is pulling her inside that he gives her his response.  "Let's stay in," he tells her, and his eyes flash dark, hopeful promises into hers.  She is shy because they've only been intimate once before and it is still new to her.  She is nervous because before him, she'd never been with a man like that.  But she is also ridiculously excited because being with him is as easy as breathing and she can't wait to let him take hold of her passion.
She hums, closes the door and leans back against it.  Reaches for his hand.  Pulls him against her.  Her lips seek his and he is soon leaning down to kiss her.  A different sort of fireworks splinter off now.  These ones are more personal, more exhilarating, filtered through the warmth of their bodies and the slow caress of their mouths.
When they pull away, he is smiling.  It is one of those 'I'm so damn lucky' smiles, and it makes his chest contract and his heart pitter-patter with more than just the desire to see her bare.  There is more to this relationship.  More than perhaps he thought there'd be.  And yet some small part of him had known, from the very first smile, that he had fallen head over heels.
Silence staves off the kindling passion as they hurry to get coats out of the way.  He pulls his scarf off and hangs it on the coat rack.  His gloves fall to the floor.  His coat is pushed away by hands that are not his own and then he is surrounded by the warmth of another.  Tessa's arms circle his waist and the heat that she supplies in the midst of all this cold makes him bundle her up closer, careening over her.  His lips press against her hair, forehead, ear, cheek, nose, before he finally gives in and takes her mouth with his.  They nearly sigh out in relief and pleasure.
But she breaks the kiss before Matthias can truly enjoy it, because there are other things in the air, other things that have risen between them with startling clarity.  She gives him one of her genuine smiles, but this time it is different.  Bathed in a sort of darkened light that makes her look mischievous and daring.  Beautiful.  He watches her curiously as she slips a hand into his and pushes him backwards, toward the bedroom on the ground floor.  Her eyes never leave his, not for a second.
When they reach the threshold of the bedroom, Matthias cannot stop himself from ducking down and kissing her again, and he watches her crumble from it.  She moans just a little, just a breathy, surprised sound.  Her fingers clutch his shirt and he chuckles a little, amused at how easily he has gained the upper hand.  His large hands encompass her back and he drags her forward, stepping lithely toward the bed.  Then, at the last moment, he lifts her up and throws her back down, watching her gasp and jostle onto the mattress with an expression that she probably thinks is angry.  He laughs.
"That wasn't funny," she told him, a lighthearted pout edging over the corners of her mouth.  She watches his amusement play over his features, watches his face brighten from his smile, then Tessa decides that it is high time she gets him back.  So she raises an eyebrow and slips to the edge of the mattress on her knees, and her fingers get to work.  He stops laughing when she pulls her shirt off.  Stops smiling when she slides off the bed and circles him, like she's deciding which part of him she wants to devour first.  He is still amused, but this time it is different.  He is curious to see where she is going with this.  He crosses his arms and watches her watch him, and his gray eyes span over her like a moon caught in an ocean.
She touches him idly, here and there, fingertips brushing over his shirt, down the buttons of the front, along the smooth edge of his belt as it ducks into the loops of his pants.  But it is another long moment before Tessa starts undoing those buttons.  And it is another moment still before she is finally smoothing his shirt from his shoulders and watching it become cotton on the floor. 
She turns her bright eyes back to his and sees that he is struggling from some internal battle.  His eyes rage into hers, back and forth, back and forth, like a pendulum as his mind whirls.  She knows him well enough, now, to realize that his battle most likely depends on his submissiveness.  He hates being submissive, hates being told what to do.  Even things like what she just pulled were normally not accepted as easily as they just were.  She waits for him to make up his mind about his current place in their lovemaking, but when he takes too long she just takes matters into her own hands. 
She gently pushes him around and then onto the bed.  He falls onto his back, his legs falling off the edge of the mattress, his feet firmly planted on the floor.  He looks up at Tessa and eases himself onto his elbows, curious to see what she will do next.  This seems to have become his course of action, at least for the time being.  She smiles.
Then she nestles herself between his legs, fingers brushing over the tops of his thighs as she looks down at him.  His jeans are rough beneath her touch and she wants them gone, wants to drag her lips over skin, wants to feel him everywhere at once.  So it is only natural that the next step is to remove them. 
Matthias watches with darkened, hooded eyes as she does, lithe fingers unbuckling his belt, pushing it aside, and then going right for the kill.  His cock strains against the fabric of his pants, but all too soon that fabric is pushed away as well, until there is nothing left between him and her.  Well, nearly nothing.
The sight he makes is something out of her very darkest fantasies.  Tessa doesn't think he realizes just how hot he looks, half on his back, his bared erection nestled against the white cotton of his boxers and the denim of his pants.  His belt hangs precariously off his hips.  And the way he is looking at her, the way his eyes seem to catch all the light in the room and vacuum it away, makes her body feel like it is on fire.  Like every part of her is breathing flames.
"Are you just gonna stand there?" he asks, head lazily rolling back for a moment as he stretches his neck.  The upper muscles of his chest flex as a result, and Tessa's eyes are drawn to his skin, watching with a sort of mesmerized expression.  He chuckles, watching every sliver of emotion pass over her face.  Then he nods to his pants, which are still around his hips and creating quite an annoying barrier.  "Do me a favor and take those off."
She stares, for a moment.  Then she laughs, because she can't imagine how he can be so casual at a time like this.  His voice addresses her as though he is asking what the weather will be like for the next week.  It makes her more relaxed than she can ever admit, and also very aroused, which she will also never admit.  But the fact of the matter is that every time he speaks she feels blistering shivers take a hold of her and shake her down, like nothing she's ever experienced. 
"Oh, alright," she murmurs cheekily, shooting him an amused look that makes his eyes flash.  She is only too happy to acquiesce to his request.  She hooks her fingers into the hem of his pants and slips them down, until they join his shirt on the floor and remain there.  Then she glances back up at him and is nearly blown away at the ridiculously erotic image of him, splayed out before her, completely naked and very aroused.  She swallows thickly and stands, watching him sit up and pull her closer to him.
"Hmm," he murmurs, sliding his hands over her bare back.  When his exploration is interrupted by the line of her bra, he frowns.  Then he mutters, "I think you're wearing entirely too much.  It's not really fair."
She looks down at him and decides he's right, it really isn't fair.  She smiles the sort of smile that is halfway to becoming a smirk, and he narrows his eyes at her.  "Why don't you do something about it then?" she tells him, voice sweet and yet not, somehow edging around the barest of orders.  A challenge.  The fact that Matthias quickly raises to the bait doesn't surprise her in the least.  What does surprise her is the way he goes about doing it.
Less than a moment goes by and suddenly Tessa is being thrown onto her back for the second time that day, the mattress a flat landscape around her.  She peers with wide eyes up at Matthias, who has one knee propped up on the edge of the bed as he looks down at her.  There is a smug expression on his face and it almost makes her laugh, but then she is once again blown away when he suddenly hooks his fingers around her ankles and drags her toward him.  She makes a muffled, surprised noise that has him almost growling in lust, and he towers above her like he owns her, like he knows it, and like he's about to blow her away once more and possibly never stop.
"Matthias - " 
His fingers fumble with her bra, and when it takes him longer than necessary to unhook it he gives up, opting to just drag the cups of it over her head and throw it away.  She giggles just a little because she's never seen him this impatient before, and he rewards her by ducking his lips to her revealed breasts and showering them with attention.  Attention that makes her arch and moan, threading her fingers through his blond hair.
She feels him mold their lower bodies together, feels him rock and half thrust against her, grind his erection to her covered womanhood.  And after a moment of this, she sees Matthias grow tired of the pants still clinging to her hips.  He tears his mouth away from one taut nipple, glowers up at her, and then slides his fingers down to roughly deal with the offending fabric that separates them.  She can only watch with half lidded eyes as he quickly pulls them off her legs, followed quickly by her panties.  And then suddenly she is bare, spread out before him, and he is studying every inch of her like she's a painting in a gallery.
"Matthias, stop - "  He interrupts her by dragging his lips to hers, kissing her smoothly, soundly, without the sort of teasing smirk that usually paints his face.  The honesty in his kiss, the way his mouth delves against hers, makes her moan and kiss him back.  And when he once again pushes his cock against her, she moans louder.  Because this time it feels so much better, so much better when there is nothing to form a barrier.  When there is only him and her.
He wants to take her.  Wants to bury himself so deeply within her that breathing and seeing and living in the outside world will be only optional.  And yet something changes between them as they kiss.  Something shifts in the way their bodies move, in the way their skin brushes against each other.  A deeper sort of understanding makes the moment sweeter, hotter, flaming with a blistering heat that they have never felt before this moment.  And it makes Matthias take his time, makes him want to explore her properly.  So when he breaks the kiss, he doesn't bury himself within her.  Instead he kisses her again, slowly, before dragging his lips down her body to nibble at the tender skin, kiss over the hollow beneath her ear, spread fire through the delicate veins of her neck.  And his hands, they are like no touch she's ever experienced.  They are gentle and yet firm, controlled, and they ghost over her and mold over her and cover her with all sorts of securities.  His touch brings her deeply down, into a place she's never been before, into a world that is nothing short of dazzling.
And then he's suddenly whispering into her ear, "Let me taste you."  And Tessa jerks back to reality, opens her eyes to see Matthias looking down at her, his gaze pleading into hers.  Let me taste you.  She shivers in something that has the potential to be fright, because no man has ever done that before.  She's still new to all this, still new to making love.  But as she looks into Matthias' eyes she realizes how badly she wants him to do exactly what he wishes.  She nods a shaky little nod and he smiles gently, kissing her again before pulling his body down, down, down.  Her heart crashes against her chest with every move he makes, getting louder and louder as he spreads her legs and dips his lips over her hipbone.
Her skin is on fire before he even touches her.  She is super sensitive and nervous and is about to tell him no, she's changed her mind, that it feels wrong…but then Matthias' tongue is delving against her core and the entire world shifts into place and she can't breathe, because it feels so good.  She lets out a breathy moan and falls back, fingers tightly clasped around the bed sheets, which are spread out around her like a halo.  His tongue give her one long, delicious lick and her back arches right off the mattress.  She is suddenly consumed by the power he gives her, the way her body trembles with it.
He chuckles against her heat, watching her.  His eyes are molten pools of fire that burn over every inch of her, and he is transfixed on the way she is reacting to him.  It is turning him on like nothing else and the desire to take her hits him full force in the chest.  But he doesn't want to stop, not yet, not when she is moaning like that, whispering his name with that lust coated voice.  Not when her body is bending in ways he's never seen it bend.
His tongue flicks over the bundle of nerves at the top of her clit and she moans louder, rocking her hips forward just a little.  He pins them down and does it again, hearing her moan muffled as she arches into the sheets.  A dark smirk lights his face and he thrusts his tongue into her.  The resulting, "Matthias!" makes his cock twitch with anticipation and need.
He doesn't bring her to her finish, not even close.  He doesn't want to watch her unravel quite yet.  So all too soon he is lifting himself up, nestling himself between her legs and looking down at the gasping mess he has made her into.  The feel of his hardened erection pushing against her core is what makes her look up at him, and what he sees in her gaze makes it awfully hard not to pin her down and fuck her right there, without any warning whatsoever.  But it is only her second time.  But he wants to give in so badly.
She whimpers and reaches up for him, circling her arms around his neck and pulling him down.  He lets her, watches her kiss him, sinks into the warmth she supplies and breathes out slowly into the kiss.  And then he feels her jostle her hips and he knows that it's her way of telling him that she wants him to fuck her, and he grins boyishly against her mouth because it is the sign he's been waiting for.
He leans back and lines himself up.  Her eyes are trained at their lower bodies, watching the tip of him enter her.  But no, he decides, that is not good enough.  So he murmurs out a slightly strained, "Look at me."  And she does, turning those bright eyes to his and staring in wonderment as he inches into her.  "Look at me," he whispers again, just in case she is planning to turn her eyes back to their connected bodies.  He wants to watch those emotions explode in her eyes, wants to watch the heat melt her gaze down as he slides into her.  It is the best sight in the entire world and it makes him feel so powerful, so wanted that he can hardly breathe. 
When he is hilted in her as deeply as he can go, Matthias lets out a long breath.  She closes her eyes, and he moves.  Slowly at first but with increasing roughness, and soon she is clinging to him and he is pushing her faster and faster toward absolute bliss.  Being inside her is beautiful and erotic and delightful and he thrusts like his life depends on it, pinning her down to the mattress and watching her expression splutter with desire.  More of her delicious, breathy moans escape her lips and he leans down to kiss them, consume them.  He presses their foreheads together and looks directly into her eyes and nearly comes right then and there at the startling emotions he sees playing there.  Lust, passion, desire, love.  It is too much and he grits his teeth and hikes her legs up and moans into her ear. 
It is only her second time and she isn't as good at holding on as he is, but Matthias is happy when he sees the signs of her orgasm already hitting her in the chest.  He can't hold on much longer, either.  He feels like an adolescent again, far too ready to come in way too short a time.  But he can't help it and he doesn't feel too bad because she can't, either.  And so with a long, drawn out moan that sounds suspiciously like his name, Tessa comes hard, body contorting with the force of her orgasm.  And the sight of her unraveling is the very last straw for him, too.  Matthias curses and thrusts harder, faster, drunk from the feeling of her muscles clenching and unclenching around his cock, again and again and again.  He gasps and spills himself into her, and she moans again and clutches onto him, nails gently digging into his shoulders as he drives her into the mattress.
Their world flies about them and spins and makes them breathless.  He sighs out, rocking slower now, irregular thrusts, testing out the singing passion that still nestles over their bodies.  Then he looks down at her and she looks up at him and he smiles softly.  He buries his face against the crook of her neck and slips out of her, happy for now to remain warm against her side.  And that is how the rest of the day finds them, consumed by the other and blisteringly pleased.
Later in the day, when the sun is just beginning its descent into darkness, the couple are out and about again, walking the cobblestone streets together.  And they watch the snow pile up on the ground.  The people rushing home for dinner.  The businessmen throwing out their old coffee cups and sauntering away.  The cyclists gazing longingly at the icy roads and dreaming of spring. 
That is what they will do, too, later that night when they are wrapped up in each others arms and buried beneath blankets and quilts.  But they will dream of more than just spring.  They will dream of sincere smiles and apple turnovers and bright eyes which gleam like semi-precious stones.  And their dreams will not end with the morning sun, but will forever consume their aching hearts, which reach up to the sky like two entwined vines, circling each other endlessly.



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