Friday, October 4, 2013

A Sebastian Michaelis Lemon -- Taint

Character: Sebastian Michaelis

Fandom: Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji

OC: Charlotte Weaver, is a bit of a tease~

Inspiration: Angel costume anyone?

Sebastian happened to have quite the busy schedule.  Looking after his master didn't only entail household duties, after all.  He was often out in the streets scrounging up information or fighting off would-be enemies of the Crown.  On his master's orders of course.  And by the time he'd get home, looking just as pristine as he'd left, he would have to immediately start the evening preparations without even a moment's rest.
Charlotte didn't feel bad for him.  She knew that his peculiar heritage didn't allow him to feel the same exhaustion that any other butler would have.  And she knew also that he didn't mind the endless work that being Ciel Phantomhive's butler and personal assistant involved.  That was why she kept out of his way for much of the day, seeing him only in the dim light of morning as he pulled on his black washed uniform and here and there in the hallways as he rushed to and fro throughout the mansion.
Charlotte glanced at the clock beside her table and stretched, raising her arms high over her head as she stared wide-eyed into the slivers of night that cascaded into her window.  The French doors were thrown open and she was standing between them, dressed in impeccable white robes that swished down her long legs and hit the floor in dashes of waves.  The fabric was loose yet restricted around her waist, tightly clenching over her breasts and dipping low into her cleavage.  Her hair was flung over her shoulder messily, as though she'd just gotten out of bed.  Her blue eyes gleamed like tinted glass, shot through with estranged colors, and she knew, knew that she wasn't the only one who would appreciate her outfit by the time the night was through.  She tilted her head back and smiled.
And then gasped out in surprise, because suddenly two arms were curling roughly around her waist and pulling her firmly against a broad chest.  Hot breath wavered over her ear, then teeth pulled deliciously at her earlobe and she clutched at the hands which gripped her hard, almost menacingly.  "I thought I told you to wear black," Sebastian growled into her ear, but even as he harshly nibbled on the tender skin of her neck, Charlotte could hear the smirk pervading his voice.  She laughed breathlessly.
"I like white better," she said, voice slanting out into the darkness as though ebbed with some secret.  She gasped again when his hands moved over her, shifting over the silken fabric, shooting warmth directly into her veins.  His fingertips careened over her breasts, down her stomach, thighs, then back up to cling once more around her waist.  The short, revealing touch gave her quite a bit of insight into his thoughts.  She glanced at him over her shoulder with a raised brow.
"How was your day?" she asked casually, turning in his arms and threading her fingers through his hair.  The soft locks fell around his eyes and she brushed them away, waiting for his response.  He would either answer her with words or with actions.  It was a sort of game that she always anticipated, and either path they took would end up in the same delicious manner, so she waited with her breath hanging in the air between them.
His eyes flickered over her body, the crimson in them jumping out in the darkness.  There was a dim light that shone inside the bedroom but it was far away, far from their snug embrace on the edge of the balcony.  The stars above them twinkled down at them like fallen angels and she leaned in, hands dragging down his face to loosen the tie at his neck.  He tilted his head back to accommodate her, fingers gripping her harder.  Then he murmured, "It was fine."  And her heart crashed against her chest in excitement. 
She raised her eyes to his and smirked, the sort of mischievous one that he loved to corrupt, and she leaned in further.  Their lips were centimeters apart but neither initiated a kiss, her because she was in more of a teasing mood and him because he was interested with where things would go.
Charlotte didn't kiss him.  Instead she pulled back and swished away, the robes forming wings of fabric that cascaded behind each step like a river.  Then she sat down on the large bed at the center of her room and blinked cattily over at her lover, who stood watching her with those gleaming eyes, an amused smirk painted across his mouth.  She laughed and leaned back, one hand holding up her weight as she crossed her legs.  Then she told him, in the most sultry tone she could afford, "I want you to taint me."  And his eyes flashed into darkened pools of would-be lust.
Sebastian stepped into the room.  He tossed the already loosened tie onto the floor, then reached up to unbutton the first few buttons of his white dress shirt.  He stood for a moment, one hand lazily thrown into a pocket, the other dangling at his side, and looked at her.  Looked at the way the moonlight arched into the room and illuminated her white angel robes.  Looked at her eyes, which blinked promises up at him from a thick fringe of lashes.  And he liked what he saw.  Liked the way it made his body react.  Liked the nature of those promises, the darkened quality of them.  He smirked.
"Alright," he drawled, voice as lazy as the rest of him.  Except Sebastian was never lazy, and there was something dark that threaded along the undertone of his words.  Something made of iron, salt.  He stepped forward to the edge of the bed and looked down on her.  The smoke in his eyes had the potential to suffocate her, and she leaned forward, wanting to inhale the entirety of him.  "But we do things my way," he finished, voice nothing but gravel and dirt, which careened into her and made her nearly moan at the mere sound of it.  What would he sound like, whispering that voice into her ear as he took her?  What would he sound like ordering her around, making her come again and again and again? 
She shivered and he smirked, stepped forward until his knees hit the mattress, and said lowly, "Undress me."  And that simple order, which sauntered out of his lips as though he were speaking about the weather or his daily schedule, it made her shiver again as lust took root in the deepest part of her.
"Yes, master~" she purred, looking up into those rough eyes and watching them collide back at her.  He liked that.  She could tell from the way he stiffened, from the way his finger flexed very lightly.  But he didn't say anything, didn't do anything but watch her.  She reached out for his belted and unbuckled it.
This was the best part, by far.  The revealing.  Even though she had long ago memorized every aspect of his body, his skin, the curve of his muscles, this never got old.  His shirt fell away and his chest made her want to melt again it.  And as her finger burned down to undo his pants, the bulge in them made her ridiculously aroused.  Even though she knew exactly what that bulge looked like without the restraint of this fabric.  Even though she knew exactly what it could do.
Her fingers idly brushed over his erection.  She glanced up at him, noting with pleasure that his jaw was clenched and that his eyes were burning fire down at her.  Without looking away from those dark eyes, Charlotte leaned in to press her lips against his pants, just over that bulge, and she smirked when his eyes narrowed in warning.  A warning that she did not take.
Her tongue flickered out to press against the fabric.  Her fingers rubbed warmth into his skin, just above the hem of his pants, but she didn't make a move to remove them.  No, she was having too much fun watching those eyes of his flash with lust.  But Sebastian's limit for her teasing was growing terribly thin.
His fingers pulled her head back, tangling into her hair and gripping her hard.  He towered over her like he owned her, and in that moment he did.  She would have gladly given all she had to have him indefinitely, and he knew this.  Knew it and was amused by it.  He smirked, thumbs brushing over her temples, "Hurry up.  I have better things planned."
She chuckled a little and nodded, giving in as she undid the zipper of his pants and let them fall.  Then she hooked her fingers around the last remaining article of his clothing and he let her pull it away, revealing his hard length as it curled in arousal. 
She stared at it for a moment, appraising him, and then she looked back up at him.  She tilted her head and wondered idly, "Do you want me to suck you?"  And the casual question made him chuckle darkly, lowly, his eyes flashing out in waves of suffocating passion.
"No," he murmured, reaching out for her.  His fingers brushed over her bare shoulders, then dipped down to the white fabric that was cinched around her body.  He paused a moment, then seemed to have decided something and drew away.  A moment later, he was in the middle of the mattress, arms splayed out behind his head and the image of laziness.  He raised an eyebrow at her, "I want you to deal with those annoying clothes."
She pouted and made a noise, "You're no fun.  I thought you'd like my little game."  But she shrugged and did as he asked anyway, beginning to unlace the ties that kept the dress together.  Only to have warmth hands stop her, suddenly pulling them away with a sigh.  She glanced over her shoulder in surprise.
Sebastian rolled his eyes and muttered, "I do like your game.  I just don't know why you have to always dress up like an angel.  It's childish."  She dipped her head back and laughed, not at all insulted by his words as he threaded the dress off of her.  As the fabric slid down her breasts and waved down to sit at her hips, she told him lightly, "You wouldn't say that if I dressed up like a devil."  And then she stood, shimmied the fabric the rest of the way down her body, and turned to him.
He was sitting at the side of the mattress, one arm strewn over a raised knee as he looked over her.  She was bare, completely naked.  She'd decided against underwear for the simple reason that it only got in the way, and so she stood there in the middle of the room in a puddle of white fabric with nothing, absolutely nothing to cover herself from his roving eyes.
He grunted and said, "Come here."  The order slivered down her form and she went, slowly approaching him.  When she was near enough, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her forcefully onto the bed.  She landed on her stomach, splayed out on the sheets as Sebastian hovered over her.  With a smirk, she rose, resting her chin on her hand and blinking up at him from over her shoulder.  Waiting to see what he would do.  If he would touch her.  If he would order her.
He opted for the former.  His hand slid deliciously down her back, tracing her spine and then squeezing over her butt.  Then he dipped those long fingers between her legs and felt the wet heat that had been building up there.  She didn't make a sound, but her eyes fluttered closed as she enjoyed the sensation of his fingers curling over her core.  All too soon they drew back though, and she was left feeling strangely cold, as though he had stolen something from her but she couldn't figure out what.
She turned just in time to watch him bring his fingers to his lips and taste her, his tongue wrapping deliciously around his digits.  He blinked down at her and then raised an eyebrow as though to challenge her.  But before she could react to that silent challenge, Sebastian murmured, "I want you to touch yourself."
Her eyes widened and she rose into a sitting position, staring at him as though she couldn't believe what he'd just said.  But he merely sat back, smirked, and waited for her to respond.  Her response was more than he'd bargained for, however.  She laughed, tilted her head back as she peeled into giggles that made him chuckle, too.  But both of them knew what would happen next, and both of them were completely unsurprised when Charlotte simpered, "Fine.  But you'd better make it worth my while."  And he chuckled again because he would, more than she could begin to imagine.  With darkened eyes he watched her lay herself out, locked gazes with him, and drag her hands over her prone form.
She started small, ghosting her touch over her breasts, circling her nipples.  She licked a finger and dragged it down her chest, sliding her digits around a breast and gently squeezing the globe of flesh.  After a moment, she tired of such a simple touch and instead moved downward.  Her fingertips brushed over her sensitive wet core and she shuddered at the arousal which sparked through her.  Not at touching herself but at doing it in front of Sebastian.  His eyes were drowning her and she watched him as she pumped two fingers inside.  Watched as the crimson got deeper and deeper, melting slowly away into dark, intense passion.
He growled and splayed a hand out over her stomach, and she shuddered from the simplicity of his touch.  When he dragged his hand down to join hers, forcefully thrusting a long digit into her and taking over, Charlotte gasped out harshly.  "Oh!" she moaned, grasping the sheets beside her head.  Her hips rocked forward just a little, trying vainly to force Sebastian deeper.  But he merely chuckled and watched her with those amused eyes.  "Sebastian…pl-please…!" she whispered, eyes searching for his.  When she found them, the blistering passion within them made her almost come right then and there.
Her shameless plea seemed to break something in his iron control, and Sebastian's eyes flashed.  A moment later, he was dragging his hand away from her heat and replacing it with the rest of him.  He jostled her over, threw her legs around him and rubbed his cock tantalizingly against her hole.  Then he watched her shatter deliciously as he slowly made her take him, inching his length into her at a crawling, delirious pace.
"S-Seb…astian…" she moaned.  Her voice was delightfully broken and he liked to hear it, liked to watch her expression tremble with wanton lust and the desire for more of him.  He liked it so much that as soon as he'd hilted himself completely within her, he didn't hesitate to rock back out and begin a series of quick, relentless thrusts that he knew she loved.
And she did.  The way he ground her hips into that mattress, the way he reached up to pin her wrists high above her head.  The way his kisses were pressed everywhere, over her neck, mouth, breasts.  And that furious expression that alighted his eyes, not in anger but in blissful, searing, rough passion, it made her crazy. 
"I'm gonna come," she moaned, louder than she meant to.  Her body was on fire and she could already feel the coil of her orgasm snapping through her, shooting into her veins the most delicious, intense power that one only got from moments like these.  She arched her back and Sebastian blinked down at her through calculating eyes, eyes that were debating on if he should let her come or not.  But it was already too late.  The thrumming of his hips, the girth of his cock as it jerked along her sensitive flesh, it had already initiated a reaction that could not be quenched, could not be paused.  Her finish was already making her toes curl and her vision dizzy and her body flush with drawn out, hot pleasure.
"Sebastian!" she gasped, eyes wide as she stared sightlessly at the ceiling.  He grunted and ducked his head, not kissing her but just hovering close.  He drove his length faster into her, straining against her body in his quest to uncover more intimate parts of her.  He watched her come undone with eyes that saw everything, every tense flex of her muscles, every choked, breathless moan.  Nothing escaped him.
And yet it wasn't enough.
He pulled out of her and she gasped at the sudden coldness that chilled her body.  When she blinked up at him though, Charlotte was completely unprepared for the sight he made, towering above her with that hard expression and that equally hard erection.  She made a surprised noise and he watched her sit up, take his shoulders, push him onto his back.  Then, before he was even situated, she was rolling his cock into her again and sighing out in renewed pleasure as he groaned, shifted his hips and pulled her down onto his thick shaft.  She wasn't quite spent yet.  Her first orgasm had made her slick and wetter than ever and Sebastian couldn't get enough of her, of the way she slide over his cock.  It was delicious in a totally different way and it made him ache.
"That's good…" he muttered, eyes drifting shut and then opening again when he felt her hands shift over his chest.  He couldn't bear not watching her.  She moved atop him like she owned him and though he didn't often allow this position, tonight it was refreshing and new, just what he needed.  And so he let her grind her hips over his, let her take him to new levels of passion, let her burn him with all the fire that seared over her skin and veins and blood.  And he came like that, moments later, driving her hips upwards from the force of his and spilling into her with a ferocity that made them both fall, quake, come.  A second orgasm tore through her and her muscles clenched around his cock and Sebastian rather felt like he was flying.
He groaned, his pleasure rumbling through his chest as he blinked up at the woman he often loved like this.  She stared back down with those secretive eyes, smiling in a sort of childish mirth which didn't suit her very well at that instance.  Not when she had just brought him to possibly the best end he'd ever had.  Not when she was still trembling from the force of her own, still pulsating around him and shifting just a little, tiny little thrusts that drew out the sizzling landscape of their pleasure.
He chuckled and opened his arms to her and she laughed, falling down into them.  And as they snuggled together on the bed, smiling for no reason at all, Sebastian wondered idly, "Did I succeed?  In tainting you."
And she giggled because she'd forgotten she said that, and those words seemed so silly now that everything was said and done.  She shrugged, pressing her mouth against his chin and murmuring, "I don't think so.  You'll have to try again tomorrow night."
He hummed and raised an eyebrow.  "Tomorrow?"  His eyes flashed darkly down at her and she rose herself up a little to study them in more detail.  And the promise that dwelled within them made her raise her eyebrows and smirk.  "What's wrong?" she asked, dragging her lips down to taste his, "You don't think you can wait that long?"
His hands shifted over her body, slipping beneath her knee and pulling it over his leg.  He smirked and kissed her long and hard, then after a moment he rolled them over, hovering above her and pressing his body down into hers. 
"I can't wait that long," he admitted, not sounding at all bashful.  Then he took her again, and again, tainting her with more than just the darkness of his soul.  And when the sun found them the next morning, tangled up within each others arms, Charlotte decided that she rather liked playing the angel, just as long as it made Sebastian feel that overpowering need to tear away all her would-be innocence and replace it with dark, iron power, which rose up within her like an ocean.



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