Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Canada Lemon -- One

Character: Canada

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Alexandria Zooklov, professional artist, stubborn, assertive

Inspiration: Rented out cottage ;D haha

Alexandria hadn't wanted a busy Christmas this year.  She usually enjoyed when her whole family came over and made things wonderfully hectic, but this year she'd wanted something different.  Something more peaceful, like being stuck in a cottage on the shore of a country she'd barely knew existed, with only the sky and her lover as company.  And no hectic Christmas shopping or family dinners in sight.
"What are you making?" Matthew asked as he padded into the kitchen.  He'd just gotten out of the shower and had a towel flung over his head.  His glasses were a little askew and Alexandria thought he looked wonderful.  She smiled at him and responded, "Roast beef."  She would have expanded on her explanation, but then her lover was stepping up behind her and she was pulled into his arms. 
Matthew had gotten a bit more assertive over the last few days.  Alexandria figured it probably had something to do with their removal from society, and decided that they should really do this sort of thing more often.  She liked when he'd kiss her without blushing, liked when he'd initiate other, more wicked antics that would leave her breathless and yearning for more.
"How long will it take to cook?" he wondered lowly as she turned in his arms.  Her hands drifted up over his shoulders and she looked into his eyes.  One look at them had her on edge, knowing exactly where his thoughts were circulating amid all that darkness and sinful anticipation.  She hummed and leaned in to kiss his jaw idly.  Against his skin she whispered, "Long enough."  Long enough, to do what he wanted to do.  Long enough to have their momentary fills of each other.  Long enough, for now.
His cheeks turned just a little bit rosy, but otherwise Matthew didn't seem terribly embarrassed that she'd guessed at his little game.  Normally he would have been, but tonight he seemed to be ready.  Ready for her and for the desires that were already pulling at his heart, at his body.
Their lips met and the world paused.  He ducked his head to deepen the kiss, pulling her closer and moaning a little against her mouth.  She pressed herself against his body, as close as possible, and splayed out one hand against his back.  The other gently slid beneath his shirt, feeling up his toned chest.  He sighed as she did, and the kiss became more insistent, demanding.
"Take this off," Alexandria murmured, tugging at the hem of his shirt.  He lifted the fabric up his skin and off his head, dropping it on the tiles.  Their kiss broke momentarily as the clothing came off.  Then, he felt Alexandria push him backwards, her lips crashing once more against his, her hands shifting freely over his chest.  His lower back was pressed against the edge of the counter, and all Matthew could do was kiss her back and try to steady the burning race of his heart.
He was powerless in the face of her, at least when she got like this, and he didn't really mind having her take the reigns and lead him through their passion.  His nature was perhaps the polar opposite of hers.  Where he was submissive, she was dominant.  Where he lacked, she blossomed.  And during their lovemaking escapades, though Matthew was getting better, he was glad that at least one of them knew what they were doing.
He moaned when she bucked her hips forward, surging them against his.  He was getting deliciously hard, and Alexandria was a bit surprised at how quickly things had progressed.  She gave him a wicked smirk that had his insides boiling, and shifted her fingers down that chest of his.  When she got to the hem of his pants, Matthew swallowed thickly and tried not to react too obviously. 
But he needn't have even tried to hold back his emotions.  Alexandria knew him, she could read his expressions as though she were reading words on a page.  She knew the shifts of his eyes, the lights and darks of them, she picked up on all his subtle reactions to her and understood them for what they truly were: relentless, hard desire.
She jerked his pants down but didn't go farther, because then he was pulling her back up, and his eyes were broadened, sharpened spires of that desire.  He pushed his mouth to hers and the way he kissed her, the manner in which he moved his lips over hers, had her gasping and clutching at him for dear life. 
The cottage had changed him.  It was a good change, a delicious change.  It was what had him turning her around, pushing her against the counter in his stead, caging her in his arms and kissing her in that heady way.  It was what had him rolling his hips into hers and kicking his pants off once and for all and spreading his fingers against her breasts.  And it made Alexandria surprised but pleased, because she loved it when Matthew turned the tables on her like that.
She moaned when he jerked her shirt away, adding it to the slowly growing pile on the floor.  She moaned again when his fingers eased around to unhook her bra.  It slid off her shoulders and before it was even fully gone, Matthew was descending upon her, taking her into his mouth and sucking gently.  She clutched his shoulders, tunneled her fingers through his hair, and her head sank back as the pleasure softly blossomed through her.
But she didn't want soft, not anymore.  His display of domination had made her crave more.  She wanted him rough, wanted him powerful, wanted him to know that she was a pawn in his hand, that she'd do anything he'd tell her to do in that moment.  And so it was with insistent hands that Alexandria jerked at her own pants, unzipping them and starting to tug them down her hips.  When Matthew realized what she was doing he helped her, hooking his fingers into the denim and into her panties as well, pulling them both down.  He kissed one breast then the other, almost as though saying hello or goodbye or see you soon, and then lifted his head back to hers.
Alexandria eased her arms around his neck and pulled him close, close enough to kiss.  When their mouths met, she sighed and twisted her fingers into his hair.  Her leg jerked up to circle his hip, and his hand automatically pulled her closer, enjoying the warmth of being pressed against her core.  She moaned a little when she felt him move against her, and decided that it was really high time to deal with all this pressing, aching arousal.
"I want to see you," she whispered against his lips, because he was still wearing his briefs and it was making her insane.  And he smiled a little, his cheeks blossoming with a gentle sort of pink, and let her pull the fabric away.  It was kicked aside a moment later, and Alexandria lowered her eyes to look upon him.  She already knew what he looked like, already knew exactly which angles and edges of him would bring her the most pleasure.  And yet it always felt new, looking at him like this.  She raised her eyes back to his and he smiled hesitantly, always a little embarrassed about his body even though he really shouldn't be.
She hooked her leg around his waist again, but this time, Matthew tugged at her other leg, too.  She laughed at him and a moment later, she was being pressed diligently to the counter and both her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist.  And she could feel him as clearly as the sun on a warm, summer day, all pressed up against skin and working its way right into bone.  The proximity of their bodies had both of them letting out soft, breathlessly pleased moans.
Their lips met again, but this time it was accompanied by the knowledge that they were about to cross that final barrier which separated them.  Somehow, that made things different, heavier, more wicked and delirious and maddening.  She could feel the hardness of his member pressing into her stomach, could feel her own arousal spike and ebb because of it.  And every pass of their lips made everything seem that much more amazing.
"I really want you, Matthew," she whispered, shifting her hips and feeling his gasp against her as a result.  He moaned and nodded, his cheeks flourishing with red.  It was nervousness but then it wasn't, because it was also desire and sensitivity and understanding.  And then, a moment later, he was blushing because it felt so beautiful to finally be one with her.
She gasped and pressed her forehead into his shoulder.  Her breath came out in shallow little pants that seemed to match his own.  They were both drowning against each other as they adjusted to the feeling of his flesh inside hers.  And then, a moment later, Matthew was gently thrusting into her, surging his hips forward then backwards in a sort of dance.  And the initial discomfort of their coupling all but vanished in those moments.
"Mmm…" she moaned against his neck, then shifted backwards and put most of her weight on the counter.  They'd never done it in this position before but it felt amazing.  She tilted her head back and lost herself in the rhythms of his thrusts, the way his cock was reaching parts of her that she hadn't known existed, the way Matthew was gasping and hurtling against her and making all sorts of beautiful noises.  She opened her eyes to watch him and saw that he was watching her, too, and she smiled a little.
His cheeks were lightly dusted with pink and he looked like he might come at any moment, and Alexandria wouldn't be surprised if she did, too.  There was something hasty to this lovemaking but it wasn't a bad thing.  Their movements were insistent, fast.  And Alexandria blinked down at him through hazy, delirious eyes that were already ringed with the fires of her own release.  And the heat of it only grew when Matthew suddenly pushed forward, splayed a hand against her back, and lowered his mouth to one tender breast.
"Matthew…mmm!  Th-that feels - feels so…!" her voice was drown in another moan, and she clutched at him harder as she began to race towards her release.  Her orgasm was a quickly shattering coil in her stomach and it only broke faster, faster as his lips and his tongue gently sucked.  But it was his eyes that finally did it.  His eyes, which jerked up to stare at her even as he continued to rub that tongue of his over her flesh.  His eyes, which were bathed and molded in such a delicious passion that it made her cry out and buck her hips forward and come.
He raced to follow her, thrusting faster into her, pining her delightfully to the counter.  And when he came, moments after, he came with such a powerful moan that it made Alexandria want to start all over again from the very beginning. 
They would do exactly that, soon.  Soon they would stumble through the darkness of their rented cottage and blindly search for their bed.  Soon they would rediscover themselves in all that darkness.  But for now they could only stand there, pressed up against one another, breathes intermingled and unsteady, skin still singeing from release.
Their lips moved forward, met, and rebuilt.