Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Nagisa Hazuki Lemon -- Secret

Character: Nagisa Hazuki

Fandom: Iwatobi Swim Club (Free!)

OC: Kuro Yoshida, mature, down to earth

Inspiration: Victoria's Secret 

Kuro was eating lunch with her friends when it happened.  School was two days away from going on break and everyone was hurrying to give teachers and friends their last minute Christmas presents.  And apparently, Nagisa was a part of that group. 
He stormed her table with a delightfully large grin and those sparkling, happy go lucky eyes.  Under his arm was a box, wrapped up in such a pretty way that it made Kuro slightly suspicious.  Because it looked like one of those boxes which held clothing.  She raised an eyebrow at Nagisa and he smiled down at her, the edges of his mouth twisting up provocatively.
"You'll want to open this away from everyone else, I think," was all he told her as he swept her off, clutching her hand in excitement.  Her friends swooned after them and began speculating what the present was.  But no one could have known that sweet, innocent Nagisa actually had an evil streak.
Kuro opened the gift and gave him a blank look.  Her eye twitched.  He tilted his head and gave her a soft smirk.  His eyes positively shone.
"You bought me underwear?" she asked blandly, not quite sure if she should laugh or yell at him.  It was nice underwear at least, something she'd actually wear, and it looked expensive -- but it was underwear.  From Victoria's Secret.  He'd gone into Victoria's Secret to buy her lingerie and they'd only been dating for a little over two months.
"The sequins caught my eye," he explained, leaning forward to pull the bra out of the tissue paper.  Kuro smacked it back down and looked furtively around, blushing lightly.  Nagisa smiled crookedly and stepped closer, and closer, until she was pressed up against the lockers and him.  He leaned in and murmured, "What's wrong, you don't like it?"  And there was something in his voice, something that hinted at twisted amusement, like he was inwardly laughing at her.  She narrowed her eyes at him, but he didn't seem to notice.  His crooked smile widened, "You should try it on.  You know, see if it fits."  And the sparkling mischief of his expression almost, almost made her laugh.
The situation was fairly ridiculous, honestly.  This was not something she'd ever thought to see Nagisa do.  He was altogether too innocent, and yet Kuro had always known that he could sometimes be anything but.  There had always been a sort of lighthearted danger about Nagisa.  Like he was seemingly transparent and yet so hard to read.  It was one of the things that happened to both infuriate and amuse Kuro, and in that moment, she hung between the two emotions, completely unsure how to react.
It was his eyes that threw her off the balance.  His eyes which struck into her with that almost heady amusement.  Like he was waiting to see if she'd play into his hands or rebel.  It made her want to show him that she was unafraid.  She raised an eyebrow and pushed herself toward the door to an empty classroom.  Nagisa followed, hands stuffed into his pockets.  He shut the door quietly and watched with widening eyes as Kuro tugged her uniform shirt up over her head, then slid out of her skirt in two fluid movements.  And when Kuro glanced up at her boyfriend, she was more than pleased to see the light blush cascading over his cheeks.
He hadn't expected her to do that.  Hadn't even expected her to accept his gift at all.  He'd bought in on a whim because he wanted to see how she reacted to the thought of being intimate with him.  They'd been dating for two months but had never gone farther than a few kisses.  He wanted to push her boundaries and make her think about going farther, but he hadn't actually anticipated that she'd take action.
She raised a flippant brow at him and purred, "Turn around, Nagisa."  And she watched the blush build in those cheeks with a short chuckle.  He turned and she finished stripping, pulling on the lingerie.  Then, with his back still turned on her, Kuro stepped up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist.
He blushed, stuttered out a surprised, "K-Kuro?!"  Because the control he had before was completely gone.  He wasn't the mischievous, wicked Nagisa of before, but rather had transformed into a more innocent, bashful, unsure one.  And it was all because of Kuro, all because he was still watching her pull her shirt off in his head, still watching her bend over as her skirt pooled at her feet.  He could feel her now, the softness of her breasts against his back, the overpowering warmth of her body.  And the fact that he knew she was wearing that sequined lingerie wasn't helping him whatsoever.
"Nagisa…" he heard her whisper, her breath seeping into the back of his shirt.  He stiffened and tried to calm his breathing, which was coming out all scratchy and hesitant.  But he couldn't, couldn't control himself because in that next moment, Kuro was pulling his shirt up from where it was tucked into his pants, and sliding her hands beneath it.
He bit his lip and his eyes fluttered closed.  He felt Kuro press a kiss against his shirt, felt her fingers tickle over his stomach.  The muscles beneath his skin flexed and relaxed, and Nagisa was left feeling unsure again.  Unsure, because even though he wanted this to continue very badly, he also had wanted this to unfold elsewhere.  In a more private setting.
But it was useless.  He'd provoked Kuro and now she was getting him back in the most delicious way possible.  His breath was permanently stolen.  He knew he wouldn't stand a chance against her when Kuro ducked one hand from beneath his shirt and slid it down, down to where the hardness of his pants was steadily growing.
Nagisa gasped loudly and grabbed her hand with the both of his, unsure if he was trying to restrain her or press her closer.  He heard her laugh a little, pushing her body tighter against his.  Her hand twisted out of his grasp gently, then delved back against his erection with in slow, soft exploration.  And this time he let her, because she was taking this slow and it made him feel better in this foreign situation.  And also because it felt surprisingly good, having her hand dip against him like that, feeling her fingers rub warmth into his already hot arousal.  It felt really, really good.
She wanted other things.  Like skin on skin contact, like the courage to turn him around and face him, peel off the layers of clothing that separated them and have him completely.  But Kuro couldn't, not then, not when they were still at school and facing the ever-present knowledge that someone could walk in one them at any moment. 
"Am I doing it okay?" she whispered to him, rubbing faster.  Her free hand splayed out against his nipple, feeling it peak beneath her skin.  She heard him moan a soft, strangled sort of moan.  Then he slid his hands over her arms just for something to hold onto, and muttered weakly, "Yeah…"  He wanted to tell her that she was really good, that it felt amazing, but he couldn't find his breath and opted simply for another moan.  Kuro smiled in relief and rubbed faster, feeling Nagisa jerk his hips lightly forward in response.
And then… "Kuro…?"  she paused and opened her eyes, lifted her head off his back, where she'd been resting it.  He was glancing at her from over his shoulder.  "I sort of…want to kiss you."  He said it fast, rushed, like he was almost embarrassed about it, like he thought she'd reject him.  But Kuro only swallowed hard and nodded, letting Nagisa finally turn in her arms, letting him see her. 
His reaction was immediately and arousing.  His eyes, already dilated, blew up into blacks and darkened grays, and it made the desire on his face that much more evident.  He stared at her body, dragging his eyes from her legs to her breasts and finally lifting them to her eyes.  And then he slid his hands around the warm skin of her waist and he dragged her against him, nearly moaning at the feel of their embrace, the way she fit against him so intimately. 
Kuro tilted her head back and he lowered her mouth to hers, kissing her softly at first but with an increasing passion.  And that passion only got heavier when she slid her hand back down to cup his erection through his pants, squeezing his aching flesh in an almost idle manner.  Her other hand splayed over his back, feeling up his spine, down to duck an inch or two into the fabric of his pants.  But the real attention was given to his member, and Nagisa felt the very beginning traces of an orgasm start to build slowly up within him like a creeping, sinful vine.
"Go faster," he whispered throatily, his breath burning over her hair.  Kuro made a small, breathless noise and buried her face into the crook of his neck.  She was the one pleasuring him, but hearing and feeling him react to her had impacted her body, too.  She was more sensitive now, her own passion was starting to hurtle through her and elicit her own arousal.  But she turned her attention only to him, ignoring her own desires even as she brought his to life.
His hips bucked a little into hers and Nagisa moaned, blushing hotly in embarrassment and passion.  He clutched her harder and threaded his fingers into her hair tightly, shifting his body in sync with her hand as he came closer and closer to release.  He vaguely wondered if she knew how close he was, then if she minded this fact.  But Kuro didn't seem to mind.  She pressed open mouthed kisses over her neck and rubbed him faster, harder, feeling his member throb and burn through the fabric of his pants.  And then, Nagisa gave out a sudden, louder cry and began mumbling words in her ear, and Kuro felt a certain dampness seep through the fabric of his pants and knew he had come.
She gave a light chuckle as he grasped her, unwilling to let her go.  His chest was rising and falling quickly, his breaths coming out in harsh gasps.  Her fingers slowed, but still remained rubbing over him as she dragged out the remnants of his haphazard orgasm.  And when Nagisa finally rose his head to look at her, Kuro decided that he was perhaps the most loveliest creature she'd ever seen, with his hair all mussed and his eyes all a pool of melted, curdling emotion.  He was a sight.
She drifted her eyes to the wetness of his pants and Nagisa groaned, blushing, "I don't have an extra pair of pants."  But even as he muttered this, he didn’t seem too upset.  His eyes drank up the sight of her in that skimpy lingerie, in the middle of the classroom, and Nagisa began to smile.
"You look good in that," he told her cheekily, and the hint of mischief became apparent once more in those bright eyes of his.  Kuro snickered and gave him a quick look over before saying with a smirk, "You look good like that, too."  And then ducked to pick up her shirt before he could stop her.  She glanced at him as she buttoned it up, "But we should probably go.  Lunch ended ten minutes ago." 
He watched her pull on her uniform and drop her other bra and panties into the tissue paper.  When she faced him again, Nagisa knew that this was far from over.  Her eyes spoke the words that her body could not, but he wasn't blind.  With a smile, a softer one this time which reached his eyes, he reached out and grabbed her hand, tugging her into his embrace.  The warmth of her, the way she immediately hugged him back, made his heart beat pulse through his chest.  And only one thought dragged itself through his head: that he would be returning to Victoria's Secret sooner than expected.



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