Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Naruto Lemon -- Devour

Character: Naruto Uzumaki

Fandom: Naruto Shippuden

OC: Samantha, amber eyes, long brown hair

Inspiration: Silver Tinsel

Decorating the house was one of the things Samantha took very seriously during Christmastime.  She loved making her apartment look cheery, beautiful.  Little fairy lights hung throughout the hallways and a small tree glowed from the corner of her living room.  The radio in her kitchen was serenading her with Christmas music and the only thing missing was the snow that was supposed to be falling outside. 
Well, that wasn't the only thing missing, but Samantha understood how busy Naruto's life had gotten during the last few years.  He was still searching for Sasuke and the people of Konoha looked up to him like never before.  He was tired, exhausted even.  And the threat of another war was putting quite a damper on the festivities that year.  She sighed and picked up a long string of silver tinsel, trying to take her mind off those dark thoughts.  Moments later, Samantha was pulling on her boots, coat, and scarf and was padding outside to hang the tinsel up over the front door.
It was too high.  She had to get a stool or -- "Need help?" someone asked, and Samantha spun around with wide eyes to stare at Naruto, who was dawdling only feet away with a shy grin on his face and his hands stuffed into his pockets.  Samantha cried out and gleefully ran down to throw her arms around him, and he laughed and brought her closer, his breath mingling with hers.
"I thought you were out on a mission?" she wondered, her voice lilting from the cold and from the hot excitement at seeing him again.  He smiled and pressed his forehead against hers, "Just got back.  I thought I'd stop in and see you."  There was a soft, lingering silence that settled between them for a moment.  The perfect setting for a kiss.  A kiss that Naruto was fairly determined to get.  He smiled crookedly and leaned in to take her lips with his, kissing her softly, gently.  She sighed out and held him tighter.
"Let's go inside," she murmured when the kiss dissolved.  He seemed all too happy to follow her.  The silver tinsel was tossed beside the door on the way in, and Samantha was beginning to undo her coat when two hands suddenly stopped her.  Naruto turned her towards him and smiled, undoing her coat himself.  When it fell to the floor, he slid his hands around her waist and dragged her closer.  There was a promise in those eyes of his, and Samantha knew that she'd see it answered tonight.
She leaned up to kiss him again and was surprised to discover how needy his lips were against hers.  He pushed her backwards, pressing her against the wall, and then broke to kiss in favor of sweeping his mouth down her jaw, neck, collar.  His fingers pushed her shirt aside and he leaned down to kiss the top of her chest.  All the while she watched him, lightly holding his shoulders.
"Naruto…are you alright?" Because she liked his needy kisses, his hasty touches, but something in them made her concerned.  Like he was trying to brush away his other worries and ignore them.  He looked up at her, mouth bruised, eyes blown, and stared at her for a moment.  Then he slid his hands around her wrists and dragged her off the wall, silently leading her to the fire that roared in the hearth. 
"it's just…been a long day," he murmured, drawing her in again.  When his mouth met hers, Samantha accepted his kiss and circled her arms around his waist.  She hummed against him and then gently pushed him onto the couch, "Should I help you relax, then?"  And the way his eyes flashed pleasantly made her sear from something other then the heat the fire supplied.
She sunk to the floor between his legs and pushed them open.  His cheeks exploded with red but he didn't make a move to stop her.  He wanted this, wanted pleasure, wanted warmth and joy and her in the center of it all.  So he only watched with heady eyes as Samantha reached up to unbutton his pants. 
He wasn't very hard.  His member was only beginning to stir with desire, but she would soon change that.  Already, she could feel him hardening as she pulled him out of his pants.  And she couldn't wait.  To see him at his peak, to watch him cry out for her and find release.  It would be a beautiful sight.  She smiled idly up at him and traced her nails over his thighs.  He shivered almost violently, but it was nothing compared to the way he reacted when she curled her fingers around his cock and pumped.
Naruto hissed and threw his head back, swallowed hard.  His cheeks were a delicate red.  He bit back a moan when he felt her tongue dash against his tip.  Samantha watched his flexed body through coy eyes that saw everything.  Every muscle move, every shaky inhalation, every swallow, every jerk of his fingers.
She abandoned her hands in favor of her mouth and took as much of him into her as possible.  His flesh conformed to the heat of her and he gasped, eyes flying open and turning to stare at her, at the way she was devouring him.  It was a sight he wouldn't soon forget, and his head spun round and round as she began to bob her head.
He was harder now, hard enough to set her own body pounding.  Hard enough to hasten her forward.  She propelled herself onto her elbows, which pressed into the couch on either side of his thighs.  Her hands rested on his chest and they immediately began to pursue more skin.  Her fingers sunk beneath his shirt and skimmed over his muscles, feeling them flex under her touch.  All the while, her tongue raced against him and his cock flared to life, to hard desire, hot passion. 
"Nnnmg!" he moaned.  His arousal was severe, it struck him hard and unforgiving, made him ache fervently for release, for her beneath him, spread out and ready to have him inside her.  His hands jerked to her head and he pulled her in, his movements abrupt and rough.  His eyes reddened just a little bit, just enough for Samantha to notice.  She pushed herself closer and forced herself faster, feeling her own arousal spike through her with that very same severity.  She wanted him, badly, but first she wanted to bring him to release, to see him shake and shatter and come like this, to watch him unravel against her.
"S-Saman…tha…mmmm!" he gasped and hovered over her, staring at the way she moved, the way her lips wrapped around his trembling cock and the way she clutched his shirt.  His shirt had to go.  Their clothes had to go.  But that train of thought couldn't possibly be followed because God, it felt so good, too good to have her mouth around him, pulling and pushing, tugging him down into the dark abyss of release. 
"I'm gonna…you're gonna…make me - !" he cried out.  His fingers jerked her hair tightly but she didn't stop, didn't stop even when his hips suddenly thrust forward, bucking against her mouth.  The rest of his body followed the intense shattering and he came with a loud outcry, not even realizing the way he was holding Samantha tightly against him, his cock shoved relentlessly into her mouth.
When he did notice her feeble struggles, Naruto immediately let go, concern etched in his eyes.  He opened his mouth to apologize to her, for being so rough in those final moments, but Samantha cut him off with a short, breathless, "Don't say you're sorry."  And he shut up, because that voice of hers was one he only ever heard in the bedroom.  That dark, coated voice that was equivalent to passion and erotic sex.  He swallowed back another sudden wave of harsh desire and she smirked at him.
She crawled up onto the couch, straddled his hips, pressed down against his softened cock.  And he felt her, her wet heat, the demanding way she forced him to notice.  As if the rest of her was somehow deceptive, as if he didn't already know that she wanted him, that she'd been wanting him since he started wanting her.  He swallowed again and touched her then, dragging his hands up beneath her shirt and pulling it over her head.  Then he pulled her forward, kissing her deeply and tasting himself on her lips.  The erotic knowledge of this, and the sensual way his lover kissed him back made Naruto shiver as another wave of spiked desire rolled over his skin.
"It's your turn to relax," he whispered to her, and his voice was dark like the night sky outside the window.  Samantha looked into those bright blue eyes of his and smiled.  She leaned in to kiss him again, feeling whole, complete, unique.  And she let him repay the favor.



  1. Beautiful done and sexy.

  2. Very good very well executed I love your site.

  3. Hi! :) I really liked your stories. They are very well-written and every word just paints a picture while I read it. Every word has an attraction towards it. Keep up the good work! :D

    I have to ask. Do you by any chance have an account in wattpad? Because when I was looking for some naruto one shots, I found this one and another one of your story (the naruto baby daddy one) in wattpad. When I started reading the one in wattpad, I realized that I read it before in your site. It just got me wondering.

    1. Thanks! And nope, I don't have a Wattpad account. You wouldn't believe how many of my things are plagiarized on that site. I don't post anything there, but I did make a random account so I can evilly report the people who steal from me. It makes me happy. Anyway just ignore it. It ain't authentic ;)