Friday, December 27, 2013

A Rei Ryugazaki Lemon -- Mire

Character: Rei Ryugazaki

Fandom: Iwatobi Swim Club

OC: Midori, eccentric, outgoing, tall and curvy~

Inspiration: Midori gives Rei some pointers and ends up going home with him~  :3

Playful.  It is a good way of describing her.  But Rei would be lying to himself if he thinks that there is nothing else to Midori.  He sees her in an impish light.  She is always shrouded in an air of mischief, her eyes always crinkled up around the edges, her lips always spread out in the barest hint of a smirk.  He finds himself looking at her and thinking about her more often than is normal.  He doesn't blame himself for it.  Doesn't think it's weird to admire the woman two years older than him.  Doesn't even consider it strange that she seems to almost, almost admire him as well.
It has crossed his mind that maybe she's only playing with him.  Midori likes to play with people, likes to push past barriers and social lines.  It amuses her, makes her eyes light up like stars, makes her laugh as she tells her latest stories to them at the edge of the school pool.  But when she's around him, her eyes don't light up like stars but rather burn like coals; her laugh doesn't ring out over other people, but instead is caged between them like a secret promise that even he doesn't fully understand.
It is impossible to understand her.  It drives him crazy.  He, who survives on calculations and mathematics and logic.  He has this delicious little urge to unravel the mechanics of her and study her like he would study an organism under a microscope.  But he is only a fly on the wall of her grand, infinite vivacity, and he can't get close enough to so much as graze the edges of her.  Or so he thinks.
"You need to relax more," she tells him, leaning casually against the edge of the pool.  He doesn't look at her.  If he does, he won't be able to stop looking at her, at those legs, at the way her breasts almost spill over the top of her suit.  He swallows thickly and tries to relax, but really, it's an impossible feat when the object of his infatuation is lazily taking all his breath away in one fell swoop.
He'd been surprised when she offered to give him some tips about swimming.  He is good at the butterfly stroke but still very much lacking in many other things.  Midori often comes to help with their club activities.  She is in the same class as Haru and Makoto and is good friends with Ko, but she's not actually on the team.  She'd given up swimming after middle school but Rei isn't stupid.  He's seen the way she can cut through the water, just as good as Makoto and the others.  It had made him jealous, at first, but now it just makes him…well, aroused isn't quite right.  This desire is stronger than something physical.  It is accompanied by a brilliant admiration, a heart stopping veneration that borders on worship. 
She laughs, the sort of laugh that always makes him wonder.  It is different than when she laughs at Haru or Makoto or anyone else.  It is lower, like the edge of a growl, the sweetest, barest, rawest hint of pleasure.  It makes him explode into shivers every time he hears it.
"I told you to relax," she drawls.  Her eyes burn right through him, right through skin and bone and Rei can't breathe.  It's like she's looking at the parts of him that make him unique, the parts of himself that even he isn't aware of.  The murky areas around his heart.  He clears his throat.
She pushes off the wall of the pool.  Rei keeps his eyes trained to her face, but he desperately wants to look down at the rest of her as she sashays through the water like a siren.  Her breasts are level with the water and it takes every inch of his willpower not to stare at the way they are being caressed by that cool wetness.  And yet all of this is nothing compared to the burn and crush of his lungs when she reaches out and touches him.
She must know!  Is all he can think.  She must know what her touch does to him.  How it makes him quake and shiver and feel like his very skin is splintering apart.  He clenches his jaw and is glad when Midori pushes him around and stands behind him.  Her hands splay out along his back, tickling up to his shoulders and neck, and she begins to massage away some of the delicious tension in his body.  But really, her touch only makes it worse.
"It's getting pretty late," she says, glancing up at the sky.  The sun is inches from the horizon and threatening to shroud them in darkness at any moment.  They'd been practicing for hours now, ever since school got out.  Rei is proud that he has lasted this long without embarrassing himself too much, but it is getting increasingly difficult for him to keep the burning of his body at bay.  He is glad when he hears her and, though he doesn't really want to stop being with her, Rei jumps at the chance to return to what is familiar.  Before she can see the traces of his desire through his swim suit, which certainly isn't made for hiding something of that scale.
"We should go home soon," he says, trying to sound casual.  They should.  It's almost dinnertime and they have school tomorrow, and Rei has to prepare for his classes and God, another moment with her will surely make him crazy.  He'll end up doing something terrifyingly bold, like grab her and press her against the edge of the pool or something, and that won't go well, not at all.
Midori laughs that laugh, the one that sounds like sex and power, and Rei has to bite his tongue to stop himself from moaning.  She doesn't stop massaging him.  In fact, after a second of silence, she's suddenly pushing herself up against the back of him, playfully skimming her hands down his sides and around his stomach.  She chuckles again and he feels his manhood twitch anxiously.  He's on fire even in the coolness of this water and it's all her fault.  Her hands splay out against the toned muscles of his chest and he presses his tongue harder against his teeth until he tastes iron.
"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you just wanted to be rid of me," she purrs, and the way her voice is cast in that mischievous, delicious darkness makes Rei catch his breath.  He can't stand her teasing, can't make himself not react to her.  He desperately hopes that she doesn't notice the fairly obvious bulge of his swimsuit.  His cheeks blush like wildfire and he swallows again, trying to dispel the harsh desire that has swept through him.  He can't, not when she's pressed against him and he can feel her.  Her breasts against his back, her hard nipples through the restraints of her suit, her hips and her smooth legs curled around his.  It is utter torture.
He doesn't trust himself to speak.  He knows his voice will sound awfully husky, and he knows he will give himself away, so he just stands there and tries to think of something, anything, else.  Anything other than her body against his, her hands tickling over his chest, her hips pressuring over his backside, her breath ghosting over his wet skin -- he clears his throat again and Midori laughs, probably amused at him.  He blushes even more, shame plucking at his heart, and when Midori finally pulls away Rei is left with that strange in between feeling of relief and despair.
"Oh alright," she says playfully.  Rei hears the swish of water and turns his head to see that she's heading back to the edge.  His eyes are dark with lust and desire, his pupils blown into a mess of nerves.  He dips his gaze over her and his fingers twitch at the sudden desire to push her roughly against him, spread his hands over her perfect ass and show her exactly what she has made him into.  He has to close his eyes when she lifts herself out of the pool, water streaking over her skin.  It is only when Midori says, "See you in a few!" and disappears into the women's changing rooms that Rei gets out.
He spends more time than usual in the showers and he knows that Midori is probably waiting for him.  He goes as fast as he is able, focusing desperately on the erection that is giving him so much trouble.  When he has dealt with himself properly, Rei drags an exhausted hand over his face and sighs.  This is what he is condemned to.  Pleasuring himself in the shower rooms, forced to turn to his traitorous thoughts to find release.  He frowns and hurriedly finishes up, pulling on his clothes and grabbing his bag.  When he gets outside, Midori is waiting, dressed in her uniform with her wet hair thrown up into a ponytail.
"What took you so long?" she asks, laughing.  Rei gives her a smile but doesn't say anything.  She would either be completely embarrassed or completely amused if she knew the truth.  And Rei would rather die than admit that he was jerking off while imagining her all spread out for him in something skimpier than that swimsuit.
She curls an arm around his and smiles up at him, leading him toward the entrance of the school.  "I can't believe it's already 6:30!  It'll be almost 8:00 by the time I get home," she frowns, and Rei realizes that she's right.  Midori lives over an hour from the school.  That's why she rarely stays as long as the rest of them.  Rei looks at her in concern and then glances at his watch.  His mind whirls with an idea that he might very well regret, but it is his fault that she's stayed so long, after all.  He frowns.
"I live fifteen minutes away.  Do you want to stay the night?"  He wonders very briefly if it's appropriate.  If his parents will even allow it.  If she'll think he's coming onto her or something.  But their friends, right?  And he's relieved when he sees her smile up at him, her eyes sparkling like the stars that will soon be painting the sky.
"That's a great idea!  Do you think you're family would mind?" she asks, knocking her body into his as she drags him off the campus.  They start down toward the bus station and Rei shrugs, "I think it'll be fine.  They know you help out with the club and everything." 
At this, Midori glances up at him, her eyes amused.  She grins wolfishly and asks, "Oh?  You told your parents about me, Rei?"  The way she says his name makes him almost convulse into shivers.  He digs his hand into his pocket and tries not to blush.  He has a feeling he fails, though, because after a moment, Midori chuckles and says, "I'm just teasing you, Rei.  There's the bus station!  I think we'll just make it."  She pulls him to the bench and they collapse onto it. 
Midori stretches and Rei purposefully keeps his eyes trained to the other side of the street, because in that position, Midori almost looks the way she had in Rei's head, all stretched out and purring up at him.  He swallows back another rough wave of desire and nearly collapses out of relief when the bus comes, minutes later.  They get on and are relatively silent for the remainder of the ride.
Midori has never been to Rei's house before.  She's been to Haru and Makoto and even Nagisa's place, but never to Rei's.  It is a normal home.  A typical Japanese house, all pressed up against the neighborhood with a fenced in yard.  A pretty garden flourishes close to the house, and Midori pauses a moment to admire it.  But then Rei is opening the front door and Midori is sauntering into the house, suddenly excited to learn more about his personal life.  The strangeness of the feeling is lost of her the moment she entered.
"I'm home!" Rei calls.  His schoolbag falls off his fingers and lands with a heavy thud on the floor.  He casually slips out of his shoes and then turns to Midori, who is three steps ahead of him and already venturing slowly into the hallway.  He thinks, for a split second, that she fits into this house, that she looks like she belongs.  But then he brushes that away with logic and embarrassment.
His mother pokes her head out of the kitchen, smiling gently at her son.  Her smile turns confused but no less gentle when she realizes that Rei has brought a girl home.  The confusion is cleared up with a short explanation, and Midori offers up a polite bow and seems to get right along with Rei's mother, who ushers her into the kitchen to meet his younger brother.
"You live an hour away?" Rei's mother asks, and then clicks her tongue as though it is a shame, having to commute so early in life.  She gives Midori a dazzling smile and says, almost slyly, "Well, you're invited to stay over any time you like."  And Midori returns that sly smile with one of her own, feeling oddly pleased that Rei's mother likes her enough to want to see her more.
Rei clears his throat.  His cheeks are lightly brushed with pink, like he knows what his mother is trying to do and doesn't know how to react.  "I'll show Midori around."  He gives her a look that clearly beckons her to follow him, and Midori smiles wider and does.  The house isn't very large and the tour doesn’t take long to administer.  Soon, Rei is shoving back the remainder of his embarrassment and pushing open the door to his room, trying not to think about how often he has dreamt of doing this very thing.
Midori isn't surprised at the cleanliness of the room.  There is a bed pushed against one wall and a desk against another.  Two bookshelves, side by side, carry what looks like textbooks as well as other educational tomes.  His desk houses a laptop and a stack of notebooks.  His window faces the slowly dying sun, and the light seems to explode throughout the room in little, delicate splinters.
She sits on the bed and Rei tries not to imagine following her, pushing her down, kissing her.  He has imagined that before, many times over, and knows how it begins and how it ends.  He breaks away from those thoughts and Midori crosses her legs, tips her head back, and looks the picture of relaxation as she heaves out a soft sigh.  And Rei tries not to imagine himself shoved between those legs, kissing trails of lust up those thighs, making her sigh out in more than just relaxation.  He blushes at the lewd nature of his thoughts and she glances at him.
"Where will I sleep, Rei?" she asks, but she doesn't just ask.  She growls, purrs, whispers, melts all her words and strings them together like she's actually asking something else.  And his name, coming out of those lips, in that growling, purring, whispering voice, makes him nearly tip back from reality and into that imaginary landscape of his own making.
He stands very still when she pushes off of the bed, saunters over to him slowly.  Why is she looking at him like that, anyway?  Her eyes are molten, burning coals that have infinite power over him.  She reaches out and grazes her fingertips against his arm, but the little touch is enough to make the blood in his body rush to his core.  He stares at her and she smiles.  And he wants to kiss that smile right off her face in the roughest, most severe way possible.
He wonders if she's actually expecting an answer to her previous question, and if that's why she's decided to come and pursue it.  He tries to steady his voice when he responds, but he has a feeling he isn't fooling her.  He mutters, "My mom…she'll probably set you up in here, and I'll sleep in the living room."  He tries not to feel the way her fingers curl over his sides.  She steps closer to him and her body heat washes over him.  He tries to ignore the way he wants to drag her as close and physically possible.  But it's hard to ignore such rough, heady desires.
She hums and her hands slide up his arms, over his shoulders, down his chest.  Is she playing with him?  It is a question that is wondered very unsurely, but he receives an answer as soon as Midori starts unbuttoning the top buttons of his dress shirt.  She must be playing with him.  She must be so amused by his reactions to her.  She must be teasing him because he entertains her.
He drags his hands to stop her.  He doesn't like that she's playing with him.  Even as his cheeks redden and even as his body screams out at him to just let her continue, let her have her fun, he can't allow it.  His pride curdles up within him and even though Rei sort of wants her to manipulate him, he doesn't want to be just an amusement for her.  "What are you doing?" he asks, voice low and shaky and unsure.  Midori tilts her head curiously.
"You look uncomfortable," she explains, and then smiles again and twists her hands around his until she's holding them against his chest.  She leans in real quick to press a short kiss against his knuckles, and then darts back before he can fully understand what's going on.  But it's not over, not nearly over.
Midori takes his hand and drags him over to the bed.  They sit and Rei is blushing like mad by now, because her kiss has finally caught up with him.  And also because they're both on his bed and he can't stop imagining all his desires now, which are suddenly compounded into one.  He can hardly breathe and Midori isn't helping.  She seems to enjoy touching him because now her hand is drifting over his knee.  He wonders if she'll notice the faint hardness of his pants.
"This is much better than going home," she tells him, smiling cheekily.  Her touch has a mind of its own.  She appears to not even notice the way her fingers are drawing little circles on his thigh.  She starts talking about how she'd still be on the bus if she hadn't come back with Rei, but he can't stop to listen to her because she's getting closer, closer to his core.  A part of him wants her to touch him, wants her to realize what she's done to him.  But the larger part wins out, the side of him that would be completely embarrassed if she knows.  His fingers drag her hand away before she can discover his erection, and she blinks owlishly at him.
"What's wrong?" she asks.  Her expression is totally clear, like she actually has no idea what she's doing to him.  He wonders if it's all part of an act, if she's playing him even now.  But her eyes are too wide, too filled with confusion, and Rei knows that's not it.  He swallows and smiles at her, switching to a different topic.  "Dinner will probably be ready soon.  You'll get to meet my father."
Midori grins and bumps her shoulder with his.  "Have you told him about me, too?" she asks slyly, and laughs when Rei blushes yet again.  He's been doing that a lot lately, she's noticed.  In the back of her mind, she has a feeling she knows why.
He doesn't have time to answer because suddenly Midori is turning her hand in his and she's brushing over the edge of his erection and she's stopping, pausing, staring.  She's not stupid.  She looks up at Rei's red cheeks and horrified expression and knows.  She knows.
She doesn't laugh like he thinks she will.  No, her reaction is worse.  She pulls away and her expression fills with disbelief and maybe a little anger.  And it makes Rei feel like a child, all ashamed.  He waits for her to break the silence first.
"I…you…" she turns to glance at him but he doesn't look at her.  She stares at him for a long minute before sighing out the edge of a laugh, one filled with that disbelief, and Rei wants to bury himself and never see the light of day again.  "How long have you…?"  her voice is choppy and unsure, something Rei has never heard before because she's always so sure of herself.
He swallows and runs a hand over his face.  When he speaks, his voice is quiet like death.  "A few months."  Then he risks a glance at her and sees still staring at him, but this time her eyes aren't angry but sort of sad instead.  "Midori I … I'm sorry," he murmurs, looking away again.  There is literally nothing that can compare to the overwhelming sense of shame curdling through him. 
This time, she laughs.  But it isn't a happy laugh or an amused laugh.  It is a laugh that is still wrapped up with that disbelief, and it makes Rei somehow feel even worse.  She sighs and puts a hand on his shoulder, "It's okay, Rei.  Really.  I was probably asking for it."  With all her touching and teasing and playing.
They are both silent for a long, drawn out minute that seems to transcend time itself.  And then Midori is turning to him, and her hand is slipping down his back, and she leaning in and saying haltingly, hesitantly, "We should … you know, probably deal with the situation.  Take responsibility."
Take responsibility.  He stares at her in surprise, because he never would have imagined she'd say something like that.  Never in a million years.  Especially not now, now that she knows the full extent of what she does to him. 
She smiles and leans closer, so that he can feel her body heat crash against his.  She presses her lips against his shoulder and they burn right through his shirt.  "It's my fault so I'll deal with it, okay?"  And as though to annunciate her words, she loops a leg over the both of his and straddles him.
It is a dream.  That is what Rei thinks at first.  He is sleeping through a very good dream, which feels starkly realistic and utterly delicious.  He stares up at Midori with eyes that scream out all his desires, finally letting her see the way they curl darkly within his gaze, like mirrored smoke, like the pallid backdrop of a summer sky at dusk.  And she looks into those eyes and feels her entire body begin to burn like nothing else.  She is suddenly overcome by a numbing desire, powerful and raw as it takes her and drags her down, down.
She shifts and Rei's eyes flutter, he bites his lip, he stifles a low groan.  Her core is pressed sinfully against his erection and, the longer she keeps her position, the more fiercely she feels the need to dominate.  It is a wild, gratifying realization and it makes her purr out and drag her fingers through his hair, roll her hips forcibly against his, lower her mouth to brush against the skin of his cheek.
His fingers curl tightly around her shirt.  He is immobile.  Powerless in the face of the sudden ocean of passion that Midori is inflicting upon him.  And unsure, too, because he has never done this before and he's certain she has.  She, who seems to know exactly what to do to make his brain go into what he can only describe as a complete breakdown. 
"W-What are you doing?" he asks, and his voice is a low husk of raw, pent up energy.  He watches her watch him, wonders vaguely if she really wants this or if she's just playing again.  Taking his heart and throwing it around, but in the most delicious way that he doesn't even know she's got it.  Maybe he's right.  Maybe it's all just a game to her.  But there is a sincerity in her eyes that makes him stop and rethink.  Midori smiles a soft smile that has just a little bit of twisted mischief in it.
She pushes him suddenly and Rei is on his back before he even knows what's going on.  "You know what I'm doing," she tells him, shifting her body until it is hovering above his.  Her hands sink down into the mattress above his head.  Her legs are folded alongside his body and she is still pressed wickedly against his hardened core, a fact that certainly doesn't go unnoticed by Rei.  She brushes her mouth over the corner of his and feels him shiver delightfully beneath her.  "I'm seducing you," she whispers, as though it's some great, big secret that she's been keeping for forever.  He shivers again because the mere sound of her voice cuts away all his logic and mathematics and knowledge and leaves him feeling bare, like he's been stripped away, eroded.
Her lips descend upon his and Rei can't breathe.  He allows himself to be pinned beneath her, tries to force his body to be still, unyielding even.  He doesn’t kiss back because he doesn't really know how.  His cheeks explode into a brilliant array of reds and Midori giggles against his lips.  Her laughter only makes him blush harder.
"Do you not want me to seduce you?" she asks him, her voice a whisper against his skin.  He can feel her words filter over him on her way down to his neck.  As she presses kisses over his skin, she whispers, "We'll take it slow, Rei.  I'll be gentle with you."  And her eyes dart wickedly up to his, a vivid smirk plastered over her mouth, a sinful promise in his eyes.
Her words thrill him.  An almost impatient feeling arises in his chest and he struggles to understand the unnamed emotion.  It is the sort of feeling you get when all your waiting pays off, the sort of breathless, gasping, drowning feeling which makes your lungs feel like they're convulsing in on themselves.  Like pure adrenaline.  His fingers tighten around her waist and she moves again, rocking her hips into his and making pleasure roll generously up his body.
"You know," Midori muses, dragging her lips away from the base of his throat, "I've imagined doing this before.  To you."  The admission makes Rei baffled.  He can't question her because suddenly her fingers are playing with the top buttons of his shirt and she's expertly undoing them.  Her lips lower themselves back down to his chest and she kisses every inch of revealed skin that she can.
Rei swallows thickly and watches her, feeling something between amazement and confusion.  Has she really imagined this?  He blushes again and asks, "Really?"  Because he'd like to hear more, he'd like to know how long she's been imagining it and if perhaps he isn't the only one longing hopelessly, haplessly after someone who is seemingly out of reach.
Midori hums in agreement and jerks his shirt out from his pants, where it was tucked in.  She finishes with the last button and spreads the fabric away from his body, drinking in the sight of his haphazard appearance.  When she smiles at him, it is full of wild abandon and it makes him more than just excited.
"Sure," she says, in a slightly non-committal tone.  But there is nothing of that laziness in the rest of her, not at all.  Her body is a honed weapon and she's directly everything she has toward him.  She shrugs, splaying her hand out over the muscles of Rei's stomach, tracing little shapes against his skin.  Beneath her touch, his muscles clench and flex.  "You've got this passion…it's different from the other's.  It's more calculated.  It's what I first noticed about you."  She surges upward, until her face is hovering over his.  The look in her eyes suggests that she wants to kiss him, badly.  "I like that about you.  You fascinate me."
She kisses him softly and he breathes out, moves his hands up her back without thinking.  She seems to like his touch because she leans in closer, kisses him harder, touches the edge of his hairline and brushes a rebellious bit of hair away.  His fingers graze the bottom of her bra and Rei drops them in surprise, suddenly unsure, hesitant.  Midori opens her eyes to look at him.  When she sees his red cheeks, she smiles again.
"I told you we'd go slow," she murmurs, threading her fingers over his forehead and into his hair.  She kisses him again, briefly, before moving her lips in a similar manner over his jaw and neck and chin.  He swallows and blushes hard, "I…don't really…know what to do…"  Admitting that makes his cheeks look like they're on fire.
Midori pulls away.  She takes his hands and rests them on the tops of her thighs, threading her fingers with his.  She looks at him and says, "I'll tell you what to do."  She shifts her fingers to the bottom of her shirt and he stares with wide eyes when she suddenly lifts the fabric up over her head in one smooth movement.  The sight he is met with, those perfect breasts melded in gray lace, makes him curl his fingers into fists.
She giggles down at him because he looks so stiff, laying beneath her like he is.  Half of him looks like he wants to be ten miles away and the other half is melting, searing desire that pours right through her clothes.  She reaches down to pull at the button of her skirt and whispers a smooth, "Help me, would you?" which doesn't go unheeded.  Moments later, Rei can't stop his hands from acting on their own as he drags them down her butt and pulls the fabric away.
He doesn't blush this time.  His face is already tinted in a seemingly permanent pink, but other than that he is beyond that sort of inhibition.  His fingers shake and his shallow breath threatens to slowly wound him, but he doesn't blush.  Midori looks vaguely pleased by this.  But the pleasure lasts only as long as it takes her to realize that he won't touch her, either.  Even though the situations more than allows for it.  Even though she wants to feel his fingertips brushing over her skin.
"Rei," she whispers, and her voice is more than power and sex now.  It is ten times grander, and darker, and twisting up the edges of his own emotions like untraceable poison.  He stares at her and tries to remember how on earth he'd gotten into this situation.  How is she there, sprawled out on top of him in nothing but slivered lace that powders over her skin like ash, threatens to drip-drop right off of her at any given moment.  How did this happen and how is it not a dream?
"Rei, please calm down," he hears her murmur, then feels her breath and her lips hover over his jaw.  He also hears the vague sound of stuttered, shallow panting and knows that it's coming from him and that it's making Midori worried.  And yet he can't stop, can't relax or calm down, not when he's so afraid of rejection and messing up and the awkward but beautiful, venerated taste of being with her.  She presses kisses over his jaw and they bloom against his skin like flowers, pale and hesitant and papery, delicate.  Her fingers gently, calmly shift over his body and he holds his breath, unable to watch her even though he desperately wants to.  He feels her lips shifting down his neck and he can't stop her.  Feels her kisses drifting over his chest and can't pull her away.  He is useless and she overpowers him easily.
And yet, Midori doesn't want to overpower him.  She sighs against his chest and leans back a little, hovering over him until her lips are once more nearing his.  "Look at me, Rei," she says, and he does.  What he sees in her eyes makes him ache in places he hadn't known existed, and he's once more falling head over heels for her before he can stop himself.  She gives him a crooked, playful smile and his eyes trace the edges of it.  "You can touch me if you want to," is what she tells him next, sincere even when cast in that playful mold.  She lifts his wrists up so that his hands are splayed around her waist, and he blinks.
"A-Are you sure?" he wonders, blushing again.  He wants to, dearly.  He's never wanted anything else in that moment.  His fingers flex against her skin and she nods, whispering something that Rei has heard many times, at least in his dreams.  "I want you to touch me."  And she presses her lips to the corner of his mouth in a brief, reassuring kiss.
He doesn't know what to do but he lifts his hands anyway, slowly tracing the bottom edge of that gray lace.  Midori pulls away just a little and watches him through lazy, pleased eyes.  When he doesn't touch her more fully, she actually finds herself laughing a little.  She knew Rei would be nervous, that he's probably never done anything of this caliber before, but his nervousness has completely transcended into something mind-bogglingly maddening
He hears her laugh and his cheeks obtain a lovely shade of red.  His fingers almost fall away, they would have if hers weren't still nearby.  She catches his in hers and pulls his hands up, to splay out over the full entirety of her breasts.  And Rei looks like he's going to pass out.
She doesn't laugh again, though she'd like to.  Midori just flexes her fingers around his and looks down at him.  Her eyes drill into him like spikes and Rei feels his arousal throb in his pants.  He gulps and she smiles.  "Touch me like this," she tells him, gently squeezing her breasts with her own hands, which still rest atop of his.  He watches her with that determined, calculating expression and she's about to ask him why he's thinking so hard, but then he starts to copy her ministrations and the thoughts in Midori's head are blown away.
It's not a wild, heady pleasure but it still makes Midori gasp and dip her head back.  She's not totally sure why it feels so ridiculously good, but she has a feeling that it's simply because Rei is the one touching her.  For a first timer, he has surprisingly knowing fingers, which gently handle her and burn right through the gray lace of her bra.  Her hands drop slowly away from his, letting him take over, and rest on his arms.  After a moment, she opens her eyes and sees that Rei has been watching her and that his blush is now just a brush of pink across his cheeks. 
She smiles down at him a little and then she reaches back up to guide his thumb over her nipple.  His touch is powerful and even though she's the one whose momentarily in charge, it still shakes her down and makes shivers erupt over her skin.  And it's even better when Rei copies that movement, too, albeit with that hesitant look in his eyes.  "L-Like this?  Am I doing it right?" he asks, but Midori only moans breathlessly and nods, clutching at his wrists tightly in support. 
She blinks down at him after she's gathered herself back up, and then shifts over him suddenly, jerking her core against his.  She's slightly surprised by at hard he is, but Midori is more excited than shocked.  Her body burns and she longs to hurry him out of those pants and feel him for what he really is, but instead she just settles for watching his own reaction, which makes her arousal surge through her in an eclectic, overpowering way.
His eyes scrunch up and he moans, a sudden, short sound that makes Rei seem embarrassed.  His fingers pause, and she whispers at him to keep going, keep touching her.  And when she rolls her hips over his again, Rei is ready for the wave of passion that sweeps over his form.  As ready as he'll ever be, at least.
"I want you, Rei," she moans, and Rei thinks he's died and gone to heaven.  Those words are ones he'd never thought he'd hear and they make him throb, ache.  He swallows tightly and moans again when she rocks forward and presses her heat against his pounding erection.  And then suddenly her fingers are lurching down to unzip his trousers and Rei can't stop her, doesn't want to stop her as she pulls them halfway down his thighs.  Then her hips are circling his again, but it's hotter now, because only their undergarments separate them.  He can feel her around him and even though he's still wearing his briefs, it is amazing.
Midori laughs in surprise and murmurs, "You're really hard."  And he blushes because the way she said that made it seem like she didn't think he would be this aroused for her.  But he is, so so aroused, and he's wanted her for so long, and he isn't surprised at all how hard he's gotten.  Not when the situation they're in has been one he's imagined, dreamt about for a long time.
Rei swallows back a harsh wave of desire and asks shakily, "Is that bad?"  Does she not like that?  Should he not want her this much?  Does she want him this much?  But Midori only leans down and kisses him, and her lips take him far away from those insecure thoughts. 
Her hips move faster against his, rubbing over his hard cock with a speed and a power that leaves Rei completely breathless.  And it doesn't help that she's kissing him like that, with those lips that seem to yearn for his, like she can't get enough of him.  He is prone beneath her form, aroused and on fire and for once, not really embarrassed.
It is probably because they are still wearing clothing.  The fact that neither of them are completely exposed puts Rei at ease, just like Midori expected it would.  She doesn't plan on removing any other bits of clothing, at least not right now.  Being with Rei in a more intimate way can come later on.  For now, she is fine with this.  Fine with feeling his body but not seeing it.  Fine with kissing him and pressing herself against him and taking it slow.
"Does it feel good?" she breathes into his ear, and her voice is her normal confidence but twisted, sheared into something devilish and hapless.  Like she knows it feels good but just wants his confirmation, wants to hear him stutter out a 'yes' and shake against her and drown.  Midori shifts her hands against the wall and pushes forward, suddenly increasing her fast tempo, rolling her hips faster, rubbing over his erection more fluidly.  And Rei gasps, clutches her tightly, arches his back just a tiny bit, stares at the sight she makes and wonders if this is what happiness feels like.
There are not calculations to her movements.  No logic behind it.  It is just a primal knowledge that comes as innately as breathing, just a greedy desire for pleasure.  And it is this greed and this desire that makes Rei gasp out a rough, low, "Yes…'t feels…really…good…!" 
Midori closes her eyes and lets his words wash over her.  She hadn't been expecting a response, but she is glad he supplied her with one.  It is so sinful, that voice, those words.  It is so unlike anything Rei would say and it only proves that he is shattering, splintering from her handling of him.  She gives a little breathless moan and lurches her hips faster, faster, feeling an orgasm slowly build up. 
"R-Rei I th-think I'm going to - ooh!  Rei…!" she cries out softly and the beginnings of her release tears through her.  Her back arches, the dove gray lace that molds over her breasts surges forward and Rei stares up at her in awe.  She is lovely and the sight of her makes him hurtle over the edge, too, which he'd been forcibly teetering on, trying not to fall before his time.  But now he does, happily.  Now he moans and lets himself go for practically the first time that day.  And his hips seem to move on their own as his orgasm burns him down.  He bucks forwards in an intrinsic pursuit of pleasure.
His first thought when it is all over is that Midori is still there, that she hasn't left him yet like she usually would.  His second thought is twisted into two paths: one, about how utterly amazing he feels; two, about when she'll leave, how much time he has to memorize these feelings and the sight of her.  But the minutes tick by and Midori doesn't move.  She's got her face buried into the crook of his neck and her core shifted over his.  They are trading heat and the wetness of release, and a great many other things, too.
And then they are trading breath, and Midori is pressing her mouth against his and kissing him, and Rei knows it's a different sort of kiss but doesn't know how, exactly.  Just that it feels softer, quieter, refreshing.  He likes this kiss, likes the way it's not playful or flirty, likes how it feels more like Midori, like how she is at her center.  He raises a hand and palms her cheek, bringing her in closer, moving his lips against hers and sighing out in pleasure.  Her fingertips shift against the skin of his neck.  She makes a little noise against his mouth and kisses him deeper, moving her fingers to tug through his hair. 
The kiss dissolves slowly, like they are waking up from a dream or even just beginning one.  Midori smiles softly at Rei and he gives a shy smile back, still trying to figure out if she's going to leave.  When she slowly sits up, he thinks that she will, but she only reaches for their clothes and says, "You should sneak back in here when your family goes to sleep."  And she gives him a look that paints a very vivid picture of where she wants her words to go. 
He doesn't know that later that night, he actually will sneak back into the room.  He doesn't know that tomorrow at school, things will be different.  Midori won't stop being playful and flirty but she'll direct much of it toward him.  He doesn't know that they'll have similar moments like this in the future.  But he doesn't need to, not now, and Rei just smiles when she shifts closer and seeks out another kiss.
Her lips catch his and he is home.



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