Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Rin Matsuoka Lemon -- Stranger Things

Character: Rin Matsuoka

Fandom: Iwatobi Swim Club

OC: Yukimura Sora, gray eyes, messy black hair, introvert

Inspiration: Storms, black outs :3 Lots of things~  

It is late, at least late to go on a run.  But Rin enjoys his evening running.  It clears his mind and puts him at ease, makes him feel strangely alive from the cool burn of the air and his body.  Perhaps tonight he should have stayed home.  It is colder than usual.  The Autumn evening is clouded by gray skies.  The sun is just curving over the edge of the world but it isn't pretty, not like a summer sunset.  No, the sky tonight is bathed in mystery, fitted through with puzzles and questions.  But still Rin runs, runs, runs.  Because he has somewhere he'd like to be.
It isn't a place he needs to be.  Not somewhere particularly beautiful or inspiring.  It's just a simple outcrop of rocks by the sea.  But he doesn't go there for the scenery, at least not the landscape brought on from the waves and the shore and the earth.
He pants but pushes forward.  His body is pleasantly aching, searing just a little as it screams for him to stop.  He turns the corner and suddenly the world opens up in front of him.  The trees clear and the ocean is introduced to his eyes, spreading out so far, so wide that it seems endless.  But his eyes just barely brush over the imperfect sight before landing on the figure of a woman sitting off to the side.  He heaves in a deep lungful of air, unsure if he's relieved that she's here tonight or annoyed that she'd be out in this awful weather, clearly not taking care of herself.
He stops to watch her, for a moment.  He watches the wind catch her clothes and her hair and toss them into the air.  He watches her watch the sea, the tumultuous waves, the screeching howl of the incoming storm.  Then Rin watches her take a step forward, and another, until she is a foot into those angry waves, which lap and pull her in like a dangerous welcome.
"Stop!" he yells, almost without realizing.  She doesn't hear.  The wind takes his voice and threads it to little, insignificant pieces.  He curses and glares at her back, wondering what the hell she's doing.  Is she trying to kill herself?  Trying to make him worry like this?  "Crazy.  She's crazy," he mutters, and runs forward just as a particularly large wave splashes all over the front of her.  And he watches her laugh.  Laugh with such abandonment that even as he grabs her by the arm and pulls her away from those dangerous waves, he is struck by the angle of her smile.
"Are you trying to get killed?!" he yells, and even then she can barely hear him.  Her smile fades and her expression turns slightly confused.  Sora lets him pull her onto the beach, but it is a few moments before she realizes who he is.  She's seen him before, even exchanged a few greetings here and there.  He often runs this way but rarely speaks to her.  She watches him curiously as he drags her angrily toward a small outhouse.  The wind is slightly less loud now, but the rain that is beginning to fall fills all forms of silence.
Rin curses and eyes her carefully.  She stares at him, then raises an eyebrow in question.  The sight of her bland expression seems to make something inside him break, because the next moment, he's grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her hard against the building's wall.  His eyes are angry slits that only make her more curious.  His voice is low like the wind, ghosting over her with a vengeance.  "Why did you do that?  Do you know how dangerous that is?  Fuck - Look, we're both wet.  Let's go find someplace dry."  He mutters something else that sounds like the edge of an insult, and she sighs, like she thinks she's dealing with a child.  Rin narrows his eyes.
"My place isn't far from here."  Sora pushes off the building and turns away, but glances at him from over her shoulder.  "Come on," she says, and he watches her walk away.  Inside, his heart is suddenly hammering wildly because they're going to her place.  Her place.  He most certainly is not a child and the thought of entering her apartment makes his mind turn ferociously, with reckless, delicious abandon.
The rain forces them to run, and Rin quickly passes her by.  She looks tired, exhausted even.  He wants to ask her why she was out there, why she felt it was okay to risk her life.  He wants to know if she'd even been aware that it was so dangerous.  But instead Rin just turns around to face her and lurches forward to grab her hand, trying to write off his reddening face as a result of the chill which has swept through his body. 
It is not a romantic gesture.  It's not even gentle.  She is pulled harshly behind him as Rin increases his speed.  She feels like a ragdoll, but there is something else lingering behind all of her haphazardly built emotions.  Something that has to do with the way this boy is gripping her hand, as though the mere thought of letting her fall behind distresses him.
Minutes later, with a few questioning glances and vague gestures of directions, the two slow down their pace.  Their hands fall away from each other and Rin wants to snatch her back up again, except this time take more of her, as much as he can carry.  He watches her with shaded eyes as Sora fiddles with a key and slams it into the lock of her front door.  After three tries, he gets impatient and pushes her out of the way to do it himself.  She smiles tiredly at him, her eyes crinkling in thanks.
As soon as the door shuts behind them, the atmosphere alters.  It isn’t necessarily a good alteration.  Rin stares at her and she at him, and a sort of strange awkwardness begins to weave a path between them.  Suddenly Sora is realizing that she knows nothing about the man she's just invited into her home.  Suddenly Rin is wondering if perhaps this entire evening has been one huge mistake.  Because what does he have to gain from it all? 
Sora gives him another tired smile and gestures into the hallway.  She waits for him to take his shoes off before she starts to show him around the small space.  They get as far as the kitchen, two rooms over, when she sees the trail of water they've introduced and decides it would be a better idea to give him the tour later, after they're dry.
"Here," she says suddenly, ducking quickly into a little side room which houses her shower.  "You can take the first one.  I'll find some spare clothes and leave them outside the door."  And before Rin can so much as protest - because he wants to, definitely - she has slipped away from him yet again and he is left gaping in the entrance of the bathing room.  Rin finds himself scoffing quietly but acquiescing to her hastily built terms.  But he goes through the motions with discomfort, unable to fully relax under the hot water when he knows that the woman he's been secretly pining over is waiting in the other room.
Sora is waiting, and when Rin finally appears in front of her wearing her father's old clothes, she gives him a not so quick look over, just to see if they are a good fit on him.  They are, and she fiercely ignores the little voice in the back of her mind, which screams out at the unnecessary moments spent ogling him.  Sora doesn't ogle.
"Well?" Rin drawls, trying not to be affected at the way her eyes linger on his body.  He tugs a bit on the shirt, which is two sizes to big.  To be honest, he feels like a child again, forced into some terrible outfit by his mother.  And yet…beneath those eyes, he feels nothing like a child. 
Sora laughs, just a little, a light giggle that floats past her lips before she can stop it.  Rin glares at her, sure that she's laughing at him, at the sight he makes.  She doesn't bother to correct him.  "I'll be back in a few.  You better not have used up all my hot water."  The look she sends him then makes his eye twitch involuntarily. 
When she has disappeared yet again, he sighs and falls back onto the couch.  The room is small, just large enough to fit the couch in the center of it and a few other pieces of furniture against the walls.  Since the couch faces the large French doors that lead some a tiny balcony, Rin guesses that perhaps she spends much of her time here, looking outside.  It is relaxing, he decides, especially with the rain pelting against the windows and when the sky is awash with more shades of gray than he knew existed.
The relaxation doesn't last, of course, and Rin isn't really surprised by this.  What he is surprised at is what emotion replaces it.  He hears Sora pad into the room and turns to give her a sideways glance.  He is completely composed, lazy even.  His face exemplifies that laziness, his eyes half-lidded are nearly closed, his hair pushed into his eyes.  When he sees Sora, the entire nature of him makes a 180 degree flip and he jerks up, eyes wide as he stares at her.
His initial thought is, 'is she trying to seduce me or something?'.  Because what she's wearing, those short shorts, that tank top which is too smooth across her chest for her to be wearing anything beneath it…it makes his blood pound angrily through him.  All at once he can feel himself burn, burn with a pain that he knows will only get worse.
"What?" she asks dryly, giving him a confused look.  His second thought centers around that look, those eyes of hers as they question him.  Does she really not know that those legs could fatally charm him?  Does she not realize how delicious she looks with her hair dripping a wet, cascading sheen around her face?  He swallows back the burn and tries to get it under control, because nothing, nothing good will come of it. 
"N-nothing," he says forcibly, falling back onto the couch and crossing his arms.  A moment of silence passes them by before Sora shrugs idly and goes to sit beside him.  His eyes graze over those legs before he can stop himself, and he clears his throat.  But even as he tries to force his thoughts to innocence, he can't stop imagining himself between those legs, thrusting them apart to see the entirety of her, ducking his head to kiss every inch of her, pushing away fabric in his pursuit to taste the musk of her arousal.  Rin tightly closes his eyes and clenches his hands into fists.  He can see those desires against the back of his lids and it's making him insane.
For a while, they just listen to the sound of rain slamming against glass.  It is peaceful, at least to Sora.  But Rin is anything but at peace.  He is a bundle of pent up energy beside her, stiff and unyielding and suffering.  And he is burning again, because he can feel the heat of her body mold against his and it's setting his heart to racing.
And then, thankfully, she speaks.  "Why'd you get so upset earlier?  On the beach," she clarifies, as if she even needs to.  It isn't the sort of question Rin is expecting though, and he turns to stare at her in surprise and maybe a little bit of anger.  The burn is forgotten as he faces her, and she finds that she can't look away from his eyes.  They blind her, pin her down with their ferocity, pull and tug at her lungs and manipulate her very breath. 
"You were about to get yourself killed!" he exclaims roughly, and she blinks up at him.  The confusion on her face makes him angrier.  He narrows his eyes at her and says lowly, "Do you even know how dangerous the ocean can be?"  And his voice suggests that while she doesn't know, he does. 
She tilts her head in curiosity and wonders, "Do you?"
This makes him stop, for a moment, to ask himself if he should tell her something so personal.  If he knows her well enough to let her into that particular memory.  He stares at her and finally scoffs and looks away, haltingly saying, "My father…he died during a storm like this."  A pause.  And then a bitter, "The ocean swallowed him up in seconds."  He stares outside at the rain with eyes that seem so unsure that Sora can't stop herself from touching him.  She drags a hand over his arm and he swings back to face her, surprised. 
She isn't sure why she feels the need to protect him from those memories.  But she likes his eyes, the golden color of them, the wilderness that makes her catch her breath.  She likes to see those eyes blazing with that determination she'd seen so many times tonight.  When they are sad like they are now, it makes her sad, too.  She can't describe her emotions or even understand them.
The burn is back, fueled by the touch of her fingers over his skin.  Rin stares at the connection for a moment, before lifting his eyes to hers.  There is no pity mixed into those gray eyes, nothing that could make him upset or self-conscious.  He sees nothing but shrouded emotion that he can't quite place, doesn't quite understand.  But it makes his heart jump, his skin tingle, his body shiver like it has been caught by the wind and tossed away.
He wants to stare into those eyes for forever, study the way the light and the dark changes the colors of them.  She has the ocean in her eyes and he suddenly craves it, wishes it would wash over the entirety of him, wishes it would drown him against her, make them both forget.  Forget about everything, all their earthly ties, all their promises and hopes, all the strange feelings that seem to build a wall between them.  He wants to remember only gray, pulsating, radiating, dragging him down into the depths of gradient desire.
But he can't follow up on those wishes, can't follow the burn and see where it leads.  The dim lights around them flicker and then the room is suddenly doused by darkness as they go out.  The rain has taken control of them and the moment shatters like glass against a hardwood floor.  Rin feels Sora jerk away, and he can just see her expression through the gray of the storm.  She is a blank canvas again, and he can't read her for anything. 
He watches the outline of her stand up, and she mutters something about candles before stumbling not so gracefully to the other side of the room.  He stands too, hands shoved into his pockets.  He can just make out the bend of her body as she leans over a drawer.  He feels himself burn again, but this time the burning is more of a sear, a dull ache that he can physically feel.  The dim sheen of gray light captures her legs and makes them glow.  He pushes away the fierce desire to run his hands all over them and then the rest of her, but he can't ignore the starkness of his passion for much longer.
Sora is muttering quietly to herself as she opens another drawer and finally finds what she's looking for.  She sets it on the surface of the small table, but before she can do anything else, Rin growls and crosses the room in two swift strides, wrapping his arms around her waist and hauling her against him like she's made of fluctuated glass.
She gasps in surprise, and from the way his touch all but sears through her clothes, and feels him bury his face into her hair.  The courage that has allowed him to act in such a way courses through him, hot and needy, and it translates into something even hotter as his fingertips brush over her abdomen.  Other needs begin to spark through his body, through the smokescreen of that courage.  And when she turns in his arms, eyes wide and curious and wanting, lips parted and trembling and only inches from his own, Rin throws thought and logic away. 
He pushes forward and takes her lips with his, clamping her body against him and melding his hands over every inch of her she allows.  The fury behind the kiss, the rawness, the bareness, it all pounds a heady song through his veins.  And because Sora's guard has been down since the moment Rin took her hand and pulled her from the waves, she does little other than tremble against him and be awed at the way he is kissing her.  With that devil may care attitude, but softer too, like he's not sure if he's doing it right and doesn't want to force her.
But he's doing fine.  And Sora has never been one to allow herself to be dominated.  So when she finally decides to give into the stark passion that this near stranger is showing her, she does so with an energy and know-how that nearly catches Rin off guard. 
Her mouth molds over his and he groans from the pleasure of her tongue as it rubs tantalizingly against him.  His large hands cascade down her back and slide over her butt, which he has been wanting to touch for far longer than tonight.  She seems to like the attention and lets out a breathy half-moan that spikes more than just Rin's curiosity.  He wonders what other touches will make her moan, what other areas of her body puts her on edge.  He will find them tonight.  It is more than just a promise or the raging of his hormones. 
He hauls her forward and she tangles her fingers into his crimson hair and the kiss turns sinister, almost.  Like the slow creep of night or the dull ache of a cut or the crawling decadence of a predator slinking toward its prey.  It is a good sort of sinister, a wicked, delicious evil.  And it is responsible for a great many things, a great many feelings and desires that course through the both of them and leave them bare and aching and quivering.
"Did you plan this?" Sora finds herself wondering, shakily.  She draws her mouth away from his but Rin doesn't mind.  He takes the moment and flips it around.  He drags his kisses down her jaw and her neck, and she sighs out and twists her head back so that he can kiss more of her. 
He hums against that skin and the vibrations make her clutch at him harder, pulling at his hair.  "No," he whispers.  His voice is a medley of sin and it burns against her with a heat like no other, sinks into her flesh and leave her cold and wanting more.  More of that heat and that sin and those lips.  More of this stranger, who she barely knows.  But she will know him before the night is through, of this she is sure.
His hand slips beneath her shirt and she shivers up against him, suddenly aware of their physical limitations.  They are both wearing so little.  Him in borrowed clothes and her in an outfit that gives her little to no privacy.  Her cheeks burn as his fingers trail up her spine, splaying out over the area where her bra should have been.  But she isn't wearing a bra and she knows he'd known way before this moment. 
His other hand still clutches her butt.  He pulls her tightly to him, presses her against his body and the set of drawers, rubs himself just a little against her.  Her question, layered with just a little bit of pleased accusation, gives him a new breed of thoughts.  Rin kisses her again briefly, than asks in that voice filled to the brim with wickedness, "Did you?  Plan this?"  Because though he can guess what her response will be, Rin wouldn't put it past her.  The outfit she'd chosen could have very well been her attempt at seducing him, just as he'd initially imagined.
He isn't surprised when she laughs, and he stops to watch her for a moment, his narrowed eyes filled with heat and the thinnest shard of awe.  She tips her head back and clutches at his shoulders, and when she looks at him again her gaze is filled with more than just the depth and the graceful power of the ocean.  He is being drowned now in other ways.
"I didn't plan this," she tells him honestly, smiling up at him.  The hot passion ebbs away gently and is replaced by an almost embarrassed wistfulness.  Rin is all at once surprised by his actions thus far, and how he has managed to so expertly manage them and her.  He feels his cheeks explode into shades of red and Sora raises an eyebrow at him, also surprised, but more because of the difference in his attitude.
"What's wrong?" she wonders, sliding her hands down his chest.  She watches him shiver for a moment before his cheeks darken even more, and he mutters out a very reluctant explanation that leaves her feeling a little bit baffled.  "…I'm…I'm a - a virgin…" he says the word like it's a curse upon his very life.  That, coupled with the disgusted face he makes, is what has Sora on the edge of laughter.  He notices and doesn't appreciate it.
"Are you really?" she wonders, after she gets control of her voice.  It manages not to shake, and she turns her attention back to those cheeks of his, which are steadily getting darker and darker.  She pushes herself up to brush a kiss over one, leaning against his body.  But after one kiss, she craves more, and Sora can't pull herself away.  She feels an inexplicable need to be near him, as close as he'll allow, and so she kisses him again and drags her mouth to his ear, gently curving her tongue over the delicate skin.  The way he shivers violently and careens into her makes everything worth it.
He makes a noise that's somewhere between a breathy moan and the response to her rhetorical question.  She tangles her fingers into his hair again and drags his head to the side.  She begins to kiss down his neck.  "You seem pretty experienced.  But don't worry," she grins up at him, snarky, wickedly, "I'll help you along."  And his cheeks all but burn at her implication, at the way she practically tells him that she's going to fuck him and that there's nothing he can do about it.  Not that he's all that interested in doing anything about it. 
The amount of times he's imagined this moment, it's all an endless trace of numbers that weave through his brain.  He's imagined this, this warmth, this delicious ache, the way she presses against his hardening cock and isn't afraid of him.  He's imagined what it would feel like but he never thought it'd be this good.  He's overcome by the sheer, raw power of his own need intermingled with hers, and it throws him so far off balance that he's blind and breathless.
He doesn't move, so Sora moves for him.  She catches his wrists and drags his hands over her waist.  His fingers splay out and she shudders a little from the overwhelming heat that pools against her.  "Touch me," she whispers to him, softly, and she watches his eyes light up and burn holes right through her.  He wants to, she can see it.  In the way his shifts toward her, surges against her, immediately acquiesces to her obvious plea.
He slips his hand beneath her shirt again, but this time she's ready for him.  His fingertips drift up her spine, traces the ridges of it one by one, flattens his palm against her, and then he curls around to her front to slide over her bare breasts.  Immediately, she gasps and her eyes flutter closed.  His touch holds none of the hesitance he'd exhibited minutes before.  It is raw power, aching over her, touching every inch of her skin, brushing over her nipples and almost angrily molding her breasts to his hands.
Rin stares down at her as he does, watching her expression closely.  She likes this, he knows.  She likes the sliver of domination he is showing her now.  He likes it too, likes the way her skin is velvety soft and warm, likes the way her nipples stand hard against his palm, likes the little noises she makes as she tosses her head back and sighs into him.
But even as she sighs and moans and trembles, Sora wants more.  She is selfish, but only for the rest of him.  She wants to feel the bareness of him pressing against the bareness of her.  She wants to see him laid out beneath her, raw, burning his way toward release.  So she bumps her hips forward, gently rolling into his.  She can feel the growing hardness in his pants and it excites her like nothing else.  Thrills of exhilaration spike through her when she hears the strangled, surprised sound of his moan.  She opens her eyes to look at him and the sight he makes, expression needy and pupils dilated like blown glass, it makes her curl her arms around his waist and whisper, "Take it off, Rin."  The shirt, the rest of their clothes.  Take it off.
He shivers and clutches her tightly for a moment, and then his hands are slinking down her stomach and he's clutching the hem of her shirt and dragging it up over her head.  And the sight she makes is so much better than anything his own mind could have come up with.  The gray, rainy light washes her into a Goddess. 
Before Rin can fully appreciate the new sight, Sora is moving again, splaying her hands beneath his own shirt and feeling his chest.  The coil of muscle, the way he flexes and sighs out lightly, makes her hurry to remove his shirt, too.  It slides over his head and musses up his hair, and Sora swears she's never seen a male body that is so strikingly built before.  The ache that paces along with her heart intensifies and curdles within her like a parasite.
Their bodies take control, push them forward, wrap limbs around limbs as lips seek each other out.  Soon, they are kissing almost harshly, angrily, and the kiss flashes with teeth and bites and breathy moans that plead for more.  Rin hauls her closer, gripping her ass again and pressing her tight to his core.  He is at his peak now and he doesn't think he can get harder.  It hurts, almost, and yet against the warmth of Sora's body, there is relief and something more.  Something that makes his body turn to ash and smoke and just float away.
He is slipping his hands into the hem of her pants before even Rin knows what's going on, molding his touch against the actual skin of her bottom, squeezing the flesh and wishing he could just tug those pants down and feel her with the constraint.  But then she's gasping because he's so close -- so close to that burning ache and suddenly she's going crazy because if he just slides his fingers down two inches he'd feel the wetness of her core --
"Ahh!" she cries.  Her entire body is arching into his, her breasts pressing against his skin, her back curving delightfully.  Her breath is pattering out haplessly over his lips, but Rin can only watch her curiously, darkly.  Watch the reactions she gives with each well timed stroke of his long fingers against sleek, hidden flesh. 
She slips her legs farther apart and clutches at him harder, like she's afraid she's going to fall.  Rin pulls one hand up to wrap around her waist, but his other hand remains right where it is.  He doesn't know Sora very well but he's never seen her like this.  There has always been a certain control that she maintains over her expression.  But this insanity, the way her voice is an octave higher as she mumbles out random, barely coherent things against his collar, it is making him equally crazy.  He wants to know what this madness feels like.
"Rin, Rin, take them off," Sora moans suddenly, for the second time that night.  Take them off, she'd said.  Rin can only assume that she means her last remaining article of clothing, and he's only too happy to obey.  He grunts and reaches down to pop the button of her pants, pull the zipper.  His fingers, wet from her arousal, grapple with the edges of the fabric and he peels it away.  He hooks his thumbs into her panties as he goes and everything is dragged down and vanishes like a trick of the light.  Rin can only see her now, standing there like a Goddess who wants him.  He can hardly believe it.
She takes a step back and he can see her that much better.  For a moment, all Rin can do is watch her; study the way her skin glows in the gray light; the way her long legs seem to go on forever; the way she's looking at him in a similar manner, like she's warning him that he's about to be dissected, but in the most blissful way possible.
"Now…it's your turn," she murmurs to him.  Her voice is low now, like the darkness under the ocean, and it coils around him and makes him feel like he's drowning and it's beautiful.  But it's also nerve-wracking because he's never done this before.  He's been holding back that hesitance all this time, but when it comes right down to it, Rin is totally blown away by his own qualms.  So he can only swallow thickly and obey when Sora drags him toward her.
Her fingers are lithe and far too fast as she undoes his pants.  She slides the zipper down over the bulge that holds his erection at bay, and takes him off guard when she palms it through his pants.  He has to bite his lip to stop the surprised moan from spilling into the air, but he knows Sora is well aware of what he is feeling.  The mischievous spark of her eyes tell him that this is payback.
She squeezes and Rin thinks he might die.  She rubs warmth into him and the numbness of his arousal makes him almost stumble backwards.  He swallows again and grabs her waist to steady himself.  His breath is dragged harshly across his lips.  He's aware that he's close to panting but he can't stop, but when she's touching him in such an intimate way.  No one's ever touched him like this before.
"Relax," Sora whispers, drawing herself closer to him.  Her thumb burns over that delicious hardness and he sucks in a breath.  His inexperience and the way he reacts to these foreign feelings make her even more aroused.  Her body is spiking from desire, but she shaves it away before it can grip her too tightly.  Instead, she turns her attention to his pants.  Rin watches her finally tug them down over his hips.  He tries to feel brave when the rest of him is exposed, but all he feels are pounding nerves, which battle through his veins and leave him ragged and torn.
Her eyes slide over him and he wonders what she's thinking.  Is she pleased?  With his body, with his touches so far?  He thinks she is, he hopes she is.  He isn't one to let his emotion completely control him, but in this moment, Rin is cast out and totally unsure of what to do.  Some of that hesitance must play out over his expression, because Sora touches his chest calmly and pushes his backwards, leading him.
"The couch," she whispers is lea of an explanation.  He steps backward until he feels the plush fabric of the couch behind him, and then he's falling back and Sora's following him down.  The way she straddles him allows Rin to feel everything, every curl of heat and the wetness of her arousal and God, it's amazing.  He wants to drag her down over his cock and feel that heat up close, that tightness.  He moans a little when she rolls her hips over him and Sora smiles.
But she doesn't take him immediately.  Her fingers curl around his length and Rin is staring openly at her, in something between utter amazement and embarrassment.  If he'd thought her touch felt good before, it cannot even be compared to this.  This is bare skin over bare skin, this is total control.  This is heaven.
His head slams back and he moans louder.  Sora leans in to kiss his neck, to nibble at his skin, drag her tongue over him.  Her hand pumps him at a pace neither fast nor slow, surrounding every side of him.  Sometimes, she curls him up to brush over her own arousal.  When she does that, the heat of her and the way she looks at him makes him into something primal, barbaric. 
"Fuck," he moans, dragging his hands over her butt again.  He wants her badly, wants to feel her around him, lessening the ache and the burn.  He wants to make her feel as amazing as he feels now.  He wants to fuck her with all the abandonment he feels in this shredded moment.
When he suddenly pulls her roughly forward, Sora gasps, hands flying to lay on his chest.  He drags her core over his and she gasps again, the edge of a moan in her voice.  "I want you," he whispers, pressing his mouth against hers.  He kisses her hotly, deeply, and Sora is left feeling helpless.  She wants him too, so badly, so badly.
So she takes him.  One moment his cock is filling the space between them, the next it is filling space within her.  And it feels so good, so good, so good.  Rin grabs her like his life depends on it and stares at his flesh as it enters her, his eyes filled with passionate wonderment.
He could never have prepared for this, is the first thought he has.  He is fully sheathed within her and finally understands what it feels to be one with someone, and he can't breathe.  Can't see anything but her, can't feel anything but that numb, torturous pleasure that rips through him with every thrust.  Can't hear anything but his own moans as they mingle with hers and halo around them.
He throws his head backwards and pants.  The heady sensations of sex are pounding through him so steadily that he can barely reign them in.  All he can do is sit back and watch Sora move, take him in and out of her core with smooth, deep thrusts.
She patters kisses over his chest, up his neck, along his jaw.  Her fingers tangle into his red hair and she turns her mouth to his.  The kiss they share is sloppy at best, fueled by the raw desire which tears through them.  But it makes them see stars, fluttering through the hazy fog of their vision, erratically drawing them in as the passion and heat comes to breaking point.
"S-Sora - shit, I-I think I'm - mnnnmngh!  Th-that's - !"
She moans and clutches at his shoulders, thrusting harder, faster.  The stars she sees cloud over her until his face is all that registers in her head.  His face, expressively showing her all his emotions.  His desire, his need for her, to have her, to love her.  It makes her come so fast that she can't even stop it or draw it out into a softer release.  She is gasping and throwing her body against his as she shakes and trembles, and Rin clutches her tightly.  The strength of her orgasm coils around him, sending fierce vibrations over his cock and drawing out his own release.  His hips thrust upwards on their own, roughly surging into her even as she slows her pace, and soon Rin is coming so hard that he has to close his eyes so that the sensations don't completely overtake him.
The world around them, which had fallen away in the midst of their lovemaking, begins to piece itself together once more.  Sora is first to move.  She breaks the thin silence with a soft laugh, and Rin finds himself chuckling along with her.  There is nothing particularly funny about their situation, but rather their laughter is shaded with relief, satiation, like they can't believe they can feel so good after such little time together.  The thought makes Sora stop laughing.  Her eyes flash down into that crimson gaze, and a delicate smirk plays out over her mouth.  They still have the entire night and tomorrow morning.  Rin can still be hers for now, for now.
"Come on," she murmurs to him, pulling herself up and away from his warmth.  He immediately misses the weight of her, and is quick to follow her.  As he stands, the world rushes forward to greet him and his head spins, spins, spins.  But Sora is laughing again and she grabs his hand to guide him forward, into the other, unexplored parts of her little house. 
For now, he is hers and she is his.  For now, they can pretend like they've got eternity to be together, like tomorrow won't even happen.  For now, the moonlight, which is slowly beginning to cross through the storm, will be their sonnet and they will write it out with their bodies.
For now, this is good enough.



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