Monday, December 30, 2013

A Sakura Haruno Lemon -- Endure

Character: Sakura Haruno

Fandom: Naruto Shippuden

OC: [Name], blunt, a little shy

Inspiration: Meet me by the Mistletoe.  And my first Yuri lemon~  :D 

They say love conquers all things.  It is the ultimate reward and the final price.  And it happens to be blind.  Blind like you'd never know.
"[Name], I thought you said you didn't want to brave the storm!" Naruto grinned at you and pulled your coat away, chattering off about the weather and the way their party had the entire restaurant because of it and how awesome that was.  But though [Name] nodded and looked interested, her mind was actually very far away.  Because she was now closely studying a pair of legs wrapped up in stockings, a skirt that was entirely too short, a face and eyes that made her heart ricochet through her chest.  Those green eyes turned on her and [Name] felt her lips pull back into a smile.  It was dangerous, exceptionally so, and it made Sakura blink in something between surprise and delicious excitement. 
"Naruto, could you get me a drink?" she asked him, turning her eyes back to his and giving him a flirty smile.  It was a smile she gave everyone, mostly.  And it had the desired effect on her friend.  He spluttered just a little, his cheeks reddened, and he nodded.  Then he took off with a grin, as though he couldn't wait to please.  Manipulation, that's what her parents called it, but she much preferred the term, 'controlled handling.'  It felt nicer.
"You know, every time you do that, he talks about it for weeks.  It's so annoying," a voice casually said to the side.  [Name] hummed and turned, her eyes sparkling with that mischief, that coated desire.  She supposed that it was pretty obvious what she wanted to do, at least to Sakura.  They hadn't seen each other in nearly a month, after all, due to their recent mission schedules clashing.
"What's annoying?" [Name] purred, striding up to Sakura and giving her a seemingly lazy smirk.  She was two inches taller than the pink haired kunoichi, and more endowed in certain areas.  Sakura always told her that she was sometimes jealous of her for that, but there was no jealousy in her eyes as they jerked over [Name]'s breasts, which were skimmed with red and white fabric and pushed up.  There was only desire, the shards of it, the soft kind that couldn't be shown in their present company but would have to wait for closed doors. 
[Name] slid her hand over Sakura's waist, not caring in that moment if she was seen.  She brought the girl into a seemingly friendly embrace, but there was nothing friendly about it.  It was maliciously passionate, in that subtle, hidden way.  And it had Sakura shivering when she felt [Name]'s breasts push against hers, when she felt [Name]'s breath ghost over her ear.
"Do you get jealous when Naruto talks about me?" she whispers hotly into Sakura's ear.  There was a soft but sharp inhalation from her that pleased [Name], and she splayed her hand out over the younger girl's back, pushing her in closer, closer.  "But you know you're the only one, Sakura."  Another nearly violent shiver, probably from the husky tone of Sakura's name, the way [Name] almost growled it out.  Her lips barely brushed over Sakura's earlobe, but it was enough to make her give a barely coherent moan, all breathless and wanting more, more, more.  More of those lips, more of that touch, those fingers, this woman. 
"You're the only one I want," [Name] whispered, and then she pulled away and the spell was broken, shattered by the sudden sounds of the party, of their friends drinking and laughing and joking.  And then the curious voice of Naruto, who had been standing off to the side watching them, "You sure must have missed each other.  I didn't know Sakura and you were such good friends, [Name]."  There was no sort of suspicion in his voice though, nothing that sounded at all arbitrary.  He smiled and handed a delicate flute of champagne to [Name].  He brought one for Sakura, too.
[Name] smiled bluntly at Naruto, a little disappointed that her moment with Sakura had ended.  She turned to the pink haired woman and said lightly, all traces of desire gone from her voice, "Can you meet me over there in an hour or so?  I've got something to show you that I picked up on my last mission."  And the implications of her voice and her eyes and her words all made Sakura raise an eyebrow and grin.  The two secret lovers shared smiles.  And they got swept up into the party.
It was a little over an hour later that [Name] was finally able to pull herself away from the drinking game she was having with Kiba and an unwilling Shikamaru.  Sakura was already waiting for her by the doors that lead farther inside the building.  She was leaning up against the wall, just out of sight from the others.  And the way she was standing, all demurely with her hands behind her back, well, it made [Name] want to drag her into her arms.  And because no one was watching them now, she decided that it couldn't hurt.
"[Name]!" Sakura whispered, surprised, "They'll see us!"  But [Name] only chuckled and shook her head, glancing up at the ceiling with a conspiring look.  Sakura slowly followed her gaze, and when she saw the mistletoe someone had latched to the wood above them, she giggled.  "I didn't even see that."
[Name] smirked down at her, her eyes suddenly wicked.  She pushed Sakura into the wall and pressed her body against hers.  Her fingers played with the hem of Sakura's skirt, which drifted over those stocking-ed thighs delightfully.  "No?" [Name] purred, her lips hovering just over Sakura's.  "Well I did," she told her, and it was really too much.  All of it was.  The proximity, the teasing touches, the looks.  Sakura couldn't stop herself from jerking forward and pressing her mouth against [Name]'s.  And though they had both dreamt of this for the past month, it couldn't compare to those dream kisses.  The stark reality of their romance, the rawness of it, the bareness of it, it made them both want to sink down to the floor and give up on everything but their love.
[Name] moaned lightly and her hands flew into action, jerked into Sakura's skirt, up her legs to rub circles into her inner thighs.  She darted one hand to a breast, gently squeezing it between hasty, dominant fingers.  "Sakura," she whispered, her voice muffling into the rough kiss.  The girl moaned in response because it felt so amazing, finally feeling her touch, hearing her voice murmur her name like it was the most sacred word in all the world.
Sakura's fingers tangled up into [Name]'s hair, pulling her closer.  The kiss was hot, heavy, deep.  It rattled up against the two lovers with powerful harmony.  It made them ache, pound, long for more privacy, more time.  [Name] felt her lover slip her hands under her own skirt and she blushed, just a little, just enough to make Sakura notice and smirk.  [Name] was always so brave, so courageous, so loud.  She was the first person to say what she thought and usually didn't care if other people didn't approve.  And yet, when it came to matters of the heart -- and in this case, the flesh -- she was a different person.  Brave but unsure, courageous but hesitant, beautiful but self conscious.  It was endearing, and Sakura loved her all the more for it.  Loved the way her cheeks would explode when she touched her, even as [Name] tried to push away those feelings of embarrassment and nervousness and just be.
Sakura's fingers traced along the edge of [Name]'s bra, and then before [Name] knew what was happening, it was no longer tight around her chest.  And then suddenly Sakura was flipping her hands beneath the cups and feeling her.  [Name] swallowed a loud moan and buried her face into Sakura's hair, hot breath delving over her neck.  It felt nice, lovely even, in a half erotic-half innocent way.  She clutched Sakura harder as the pink haired kunoichi began kissing along her jaw.  She wrapped a leg around [Name]'s waist and the heat of her, the way she could almost feel her throbbing through all those clothes, made [Name] shiver and moan again, this time muffled against skin.
"[Name]…I want you," Sakura admitted in a low, soft voice.  A feminine voice, a voice that was bordered and threaded with lust.  A voice that had [Name] holding her breath as she let it wash over her, through her, within her.  I want you, I want you, I want you.
[Name] looked at Sakura.  She bite her lip when the younger woman rolled her fingers over her breasts, tweaking her nipples.  What must they look like, she wondered, in their current position.  How erotic did they appear, hands stuffed into clothing and lips bruised and wet, chests heaving and limbs wrapped hastily around each other like their lives depended upon it. 
[Name] smiled a little because they'd been doing so well, hiding the nature of their relationship from everyone else.  She was surprised they'd been able to keep it up for so long.  And she knew, knew that answering Sakura's plea would have consequences, but she couldn't possible say no to her in that moment.  Not when she was staring up at her with those eyes, deep green and piercing, shaded over with darkness and such agony.
She kissed Sakura again, gently, softly, and Sakura grinned because when [Name] kissed her like that, it meant she was giving into her.  And sure enough, moments later, [Name] murmured, "There's a room over there.  I think we'll be safe there." 
The room was more of a lounge.  It looked like it used to be some kind of a VIP area, but now was used for storage.  There were boxes stacked in one corner, and a thin layer of dust was washed over much of the furniture.  A white sheet was thrown over what looked like a piano.  And best of all, the door locked.  [Name] grinned.
"I've been meaning to tell you," [Name] said casually, leaning up against the closed door.  Sakura turned to her and smirked when she saw the state of [Name]'s clothes, all loose in the front because of her unhooked bra.  [Name] laughed a little and said, in a voice that was suddenly wrought with dark desire, "That skirt is way too short."  She stalked forward and Sakura stepped backwards, playing the game that [Name] happened to be well versed in.  She reached Sakura when the younger girl bumped into the back of a leather couch, her arms caging her in, her lips hovering inches from hers.  "It could just flip up without you even noticing."  And [Name]'s fingers did just that, flipping it up her thighs until it was bundled around Sakura's waist.
Sakura watched with dark, smiling eyes, enjoying where [Name] was taking this.  She enjoyed it even more when she felt [Name] dip her fingers into her stockings and drag them slowly down her legs, not looking away from her green eyes for a moment. 
"It's a good thing that door locks," Sakura said in a low voice.  She smirked at [Name] and wriggled out of the stockings, then threw a leg around her lover's waist and blinked casually up at her, like she was waiting.  And she was, waiting that is.  For [Name] to lower herself onto her knees and do what she'd been longing to do since she'd laid eyes upon that skirt.  Sakura watched as [Name] did, kissing her soft thighs as she went, her eyes and smile nothing but pure mischief.  
"Isn't it?" [Name] whispered, and Sakura shivered when she felt her hot breath against her core.  She was inches away and the anticipation was killing Sakura like a slow poison.  She swallowed thickly and looked down at her lover, only to see [Name] smirk right back as she took Sakura's leg and let it rest upon her shoulder.  "Because I won't be letting you leave this room for a while.  If ever."  And with that, [Name] went in for the kill. 
Sakura gasped and arched her back, nearly tumbling backwards over the couch.  [Name] grasped her hips and held her down, pinning her against leather and making her gasp all the louder.  Her tongue buried itself into that aching core, tasting that arousal, the coated desire.  Her thumb jerked down to press against the top of her clit and it made Sakura crazy, deliriously so.  She moaned breathlessly and tried pushing her hips forward, but [Name] just pushed them back down with that delicious force. 
"I've been wanting to do this for so long," [Name] whispered against her clit.  The vibrations of her voice rolled up over Sakura's body and made her swallow back another loud moan.  She held onto her lover's words like they were the one thing that would bring her release.  She wanted more of that voice, which was cut through with spiked passion like a double edged blade.  [Name] chuckled, dipping two fingers inside and thrusting them slowly, idly.  She smirked wickedly, "All throughout my mission.  I couldn't stop thinking about what I would do to you.  How I would fuck you."  She lowered her mouth to the top of her clit and ran her tongue over her, watching Sakura fall apart into loose, ragged shivers a breathless gasps.
"[N-Name]…!"  Sakura cried out and tossed her head back, spreading her legs farther and feeling relieved when [Name]'s fingers pumped faster.  Release was close, very close, and [Name] wanted to see it very badly.  Wanted to see Sakura cry out and come, shaking haphazardly, gasping her name, giving in to ultimate pleasure. 
"F-Fuck, fuck, [Na-Name] - nngmm!" with a harsh cry, Sakura tumbled down into the bliss that [Name] was giving her, feeling herself shattering so deliciously that it would take ages for her to recover from it.  Her hips bucks forward and this time, [Name] gave her a little more freedom to act out her release.  Her tongue flickered over her, pressing kisses over her skin as her fingers flew and guided her lover down, down into that sweet darkness, into those slivers of half formed emotions and incoherent thoughts.
And when it was over, when Sakura was nothing but a mess of searing nerves, chest heaving, eyes sightless and blind, [Name] couldn't help but stare up at her in amazement.  Because she looked beautiful in the trappings of passion, but even more so when she was sated and pleasured.  And all because of [Name].  All because of her.
[Name] smiled and rose shakily to her feet.  Her lips were on Sakura's moments later, and the younger girl was wrapping her arms and legs around [Name] and kissing her back with equal force.  There was a certain thankfulness in that kiss, an emotion that loosely translated into love. 
"We should go back," [Name] whispered, frowning.  Sakura pulled away a little and frowned as well, hands drifting idly over her lover's body, "What about you?"  Because [Name] was probably aching, ready for more than just Sakura's touch, more than anything they could give each other here, in this room. 
[Name] smiled gently and kissed Sakura's cheek, "We can think about that later.  But right now, they're probably wondering where we got off to."  Before they were caught.  Sakura sullenly agreed.
Minutes later, it was like nothing had even happened.  Their clothes were fixed and they were walking back into the heart of the party like they were only best friends, and nobody bothered asking where they'd been.  Later that night, they would return to [Name]'s apartment and fall deeper in love.  Later, they would discover that pleasure was more important than sleep.  But for now, they would pretend, laugh, drink.  For now they would endure.



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