Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An Aomine Daiki Lemon -- Roadkill

Character: Aomine Daiki

Fandom: Kuroko no Basket

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Stuck in a Broken Down Car

It hadn't been Aomine's idea, and so he claimed (loudly,) relentlessly each and every time the engine hiccupped and released another volley of gray smoke.  But then these types of things were rarely his idea anyhow and you didn't blame him or even care.  It wasn't your fault either, so you claimed after every annoyed grunt and foul curse and withering, deadened silence.  But then you'd never been very good at lying.
"Oh stop whining," you muttered over his growling profanities, massaging your temple with two slender fingers.  At least it wasn't snowing.  There happened to be a lot of 'at leasts' in fact.  (At least they had cell phone service, at least they were on a fairly main road, at least you weren't that far from the apartment.)  But Aomine didn't like being optimistic.
"Stop whining?!" he cut out, his voice like a sharp blade.  He was annoyed, oh so annoyed and it was so obvious.  His eyes were dark with that fierce anger, a navy color that swallowed all other emotions whole.  His voice choked out the words in mild disbelief -- mild because mostly his voice filled with fury and didn't leave room for anything else.  But somehow you knew that he was slightly less angry at you and more angry at the situation as a whole.  You hoped.
"Fucking great," he glared.  His voice seared, leveling out over the apparent damage that the car seemed to have taken as it rumbled once more and gave out entirely.  Looking back on the situation, you weren't sure why you'd been so surprised at the abrupt death of the car.  It had been hinting at its demise for months before that but Aomine had either been too busy (yeah, right) or too lazy to take it into the shop.  And you didn't believe in doing stuff like that when you had a perfectly capable, if not lethargic, man who could do it in your stead.
You pulled out your wallet and searched for the AAA card you kept in it.  Since Aomine was still muttering out annoyed curses that you were fairly sure were mostly aimed at you, you stepped out of the car to dial the number of the towing service.  The crisp wintry air was cold but somehow reassuring, and pulled you back down to the reality of your stranded situation with an almost opaque sort of acceptance. 
They said they'd be there within the hour but you had a feeling it would take longer, it usually did.  So you just sighed and put your phone back into your pocket, staring off at the road beside you and watching the odd car trickle past.  Even in the wind, with the sounds of the road and the wildlife, you could still hear your lover's angry voice from within the automobile.  You stayed put.  Aomine didn't.
The driver's door was opening a moment later and you watched with slightly idle eyes as Aomine joined you at the other side of the car, glowering but surprisingly silent.  "When will the tow truck get here?" he gruffly asked without preamble.  You saw this as his vague way of making peace with you, and it momentarily surprised you that you knew him well enough to understand that.  But then you were sort of alike him in that way.  Unable to really say the words necessary to smooth things over, you just slipped a hand around his arm and sidled closer, murmuring a short, "An hour," and hoping he wouldn't pull away.  He didn't.
He grunted and dragged you closer, tucking an arm around you waist and pushing your back suddenly against the cold rim of the car.  His face loomed into yours and his hot breath had you leaning into him, craving the warmth his hulking frame supplied.  You weren't that surprised at the sudden twist of his touch.  He was still in the 'making peace' mood, but now there was something else, too, that captured his eyes.  A shift between making peace and making something more passionate.
"Aomine?" you wondered, fingering his collar as he stared down at you.  His lips were inches away and you were curious at the way he wouldn't cross over the distance.  His hips surged forward and pinned yours to the metal.  His leg slipped between the both of yours and all at once his warmth was hot, stiflingly so and it was wonderful, being caught between hot and cold, him and everything else. 
"This is all your fault," he told you lowly, eyes flashing into yours.  His mouth barely twisted over yours, moving delightfully as the words reformed them.  His fingers jerked down to hook into the belt loops of your jeans and he finally kissed you, but not long enough to be anywhere close to sufficient.  You whined when he dragged his mouth back.  "If you think you'd getting away with it without punishment, you've got another thing coming," he warned, and his voice was a threat and a promise and a dangerous shift of passion.  And it drilled you down into that cold metal and made you burn with feverish excitement. 
You smirked because you knew it would push him further, because you knew the way your lips curled up like that always had him on edge.  Your fingers ran through his soft, short hair and you tilted your head, "So kinky~  Are you planning on punishing me in the middle of the road then?"  Because the fact that there were still cars tinkering along the road didn't escape your notice.
He scoffed and glared down at you, his eyes hard and soft at the same time.  You felt his hands sidle over your waist, nestling into the fabric of your shirt, molding over the back of your pants.  And you really should've expected him to do something totally unexpected and downright heart-wrenching.  Seconds later Aomine was slipping his hand into the handle of the passenger door and shoving you out of the way as he pulled it open.  Then he was shoving you inside with equal force, and you considered yourself lucky that you didn't bang your head against the top of the car on your way down.
"Aomine!" you gasped, your voice threaded with a whine and something that hinted at arousal.  You grasped the headrest of the seat, uncomfortable because you were sitting sideways in the car, but your lover didn't seem to care about his rough handling of you and just grinned a scary, wolfish grin.  A grin he only wore when he was about to make you see stars.
He pushed your legs around so you were facing the right direction and then proceeded to climb over you, fiddling with the seat and forcing it down.  Then, as you scrambled to get your balance back, Aomine reached backwards and shut the door with a loud, semi angry bang.  When he turned to face you, you let out a shaky laugh because really, you should have expected this. 
"Not in the middle of the road," he roughly murmured to you with that wild smirk.  "I'm not that kinky."  And you scoffed because yes he was that kinky and that was the reason you were in your current position, clutching at his shirt and thanking the heavens that your useless, broken car had blessedly tinted windows.
You gave out a breathless laugh because even though there were many things wrong with this position (the tow truck would be there soon, it was damned cramped, Aomine was heavy, the front window wasn't that tinted, Aomine would shake the whole Goddamn car) it was surprisingly exciting.  In a dangerous-this-is-insane-why-am-I-doing-this sort of way.  Which, you figured with unanticipated mellowness, wasn't all that odd for someone like Aomine.  He'd done stranger things, made love to you in stranger places. 
"You are that kinky," you told him with a smile, half amused and half affectionate, and ran your fingers through the short tufts of his hair.  He chuckled down at your for a moment and hummed against your mouth, lowering a kiss to you as one hand snugly wrapped around your waist.  The other slipped around your head, his fingers gently running over your scalp and he threaded your hair through his hand.  And all the while his mouth got hotter, more demanding, and you began to lose track of time.
"Mmm…the tow truck…it'll be here soon Aomine - a-ah!" you arched your back a little as he dragged his lips down your neck, nibbling on an area of it that had you yearning for more.  His hips forced yours down and you felt him against you, moving his clothed, slowly hardening cock against your core with the slightest bit of stimulation.  But it was enough, for now, to feel him moving against you, to know that he was getting aroused. 
He didn't answer you, probably because Aomine was preoccupied with peppering kisses over every visible (and invisible) area of your skin as possible.  His large hand lifted from around your waist and instead dipped into your shirt, lightly drifting his calloused touch over your sensitive flesh.  Your skin spiked from the cold and he chuckled against your neck, because he could feel little bumps rise from his touch and it made him feel a little powerful.  That he had made you so sensitive to him, that you reacted so easily, wanted him so badly within only moments. 
You whispered out his name and it was a shaky cadence on your tongue, which he suddenly wanted to feel against his own.  Aomine lifted his mouth from your neck and brought it back down to your lips, thankfully sinking into your kisses and grunting out in something that bordered relief and unrest.  He was happy but he wanted more.  It was a feeling he had grown steadily used to over the last year, and a feeling you had learned to combat with no small amount of finesse.
Your hand was reaching down and cupping his erection moments later, and Aomine let out a grateful sigh.  He moved his hips into that hand, kissing you harder as he rubbed friction into him and made him blaze with heat.  His breath pinned you down, made you kiss him harder, crave him that much more.  When you gave him a light squeeze, he gave you a soft groan in return.  Then he kissed you harder, bruising your mouth because the unexpected noise probably embarrassed him.
"Are you going to fuck me?" you gasped against his mouth, which paused for a moment as Aomine blinked down at you.  His eyes were burning with ashy smoke and you wanted to drown in it, become that smoke, make his eyes burn with you.  But he only "che'd" and leaned back, and you were confused because you hadn't thought your question would distract him to the point of pulling away.  That certainly wasn't what you wanted at this point.
"Naughty girl," he whispered throatily, shifting his hands into your shirt and thumbing over your stomach.  He felt the muscles beneath his touch clench and flex in anticipation and he smirked wickedly, like a devil or a Casanova and it was delicious.  Your hands slid over his arms and over his hands, and you dragged his touch up until his fingertips were grazing the bottom edge of your bra.  That you wanted it off wasn't surprising in the least, but Aomine seemed to have other plans. 
You whined when he pulled away, "Aomine, stop stalling - w-what are you doing - Aomine?!"  He had slid those large hands back down your body and was tugging you down, too, pulling your hips forcefully till they perfectly fit against his.  You were breathless then because you hadn't expected his manhandling (you really should have though), and because he was now grinding against your core.  And you could feel his erection and even through the maddening clothes it still had the potential to utterly shake you down.
"Ooohh!" you gasped, long and hard when you felt him pop the button of your jeans and slither a hand into them.  It was cramped, the jeans and those fingers, but after a moment of sliding over your wet clit Aomine finally, blindly found your hole and sunk two fingers into you.  And that was when it got less cramped and more fuck-this-is-amazing-why-had-you-never-thought-of-doing-this-in-a-car-before.
You whined, whimpered, moaned against the seat.  Your hands fisted in his shirt and your back arched and Aomine stared down at you.  His eyes were blurry and insistent, following the sight of your disheveled body as you tried to bump your hips up to meet his fingers.  Then, after a few moments, Aomine grabbed one of your hands and pushed it against his clothed cock.  His eyes locked with yours and he growled out a fierce, "Touch me already, woman."
It was hard to focus but somehow you managed to do just that.  His fly came down and you sunk your fingers into the opening it created, searching through his boxers until you could wrap your hand around his cock.  Then you drew it out into the air and Aomine hissed and you started pumping it at the same fast pace as he was pumping you.  And it was even harder to focus.
His thumb jerked up over the top of your clit.  In blind, breathless retaliation you did the same to him, squeezing his tip lightly and watching his eyes flutter momentarily.  Then he let out a half chuckle, half growl because he wasn't stupid, he knew what you were doing, and it only seemed to make him even more aroused.  He took your challenge with a smirk, leaning over you panting gasping rocking, then he added two more fingers.  The sudden harsh stretch had you crying out in shameful desire and wondering when pain had ever been so wonderful.
After a long moment, you let out a shaky scoff and glared at Aomine.  "Cheater," you gasped, but he only grinned, raising an eyebrow and curling his fingers and Godthatfeltsogood sogood sogood and you couldn't breathe.
"What are you gonna do about it?" he growled, whispering against your forehead as he rocked his hips into your hand.  And for a moment you were totally lost, unsure what you could possible do, unsure what could possibly make him feel the same deliriously pained, erotic pleasure that had just been yours.
But then you smirked right back and Aomine wouldn't admit it but that look in your eyes had him wary, and when you finally wracked your nails (gently, sort of) up his cock he couldn't keep his moan inside.  "Fuuuccckkkk!" he hissed, partially in pain and partially in deeply sated pleasure.  His eyes snapped open and he glared down at you, panting heavily.  He opened his mouth to say something but then you were doing it again, and this time you other hand joined the fray and snuck into his boxers to squeeze his balls and fuck if it didn't make him completely insane. 
He cried out and bit his tongue till he tasted iron but you didn't stop, didn't stop, didn't stop and he was going to - "Fuck!" he picked up his pace and drilled his fingers into you faster, harder, until he had you rolling up off the seat and pressing your breasts against him and gaping sightlessly at the ceiling.  And he knew in that moment that he was gonna come that that there was nothing he could do about it.
"Ao-Aomine!" you cried, jerking your hips forward and letting go, and he felt your muscles contracting around his fingers and suddenly wished it was his cock inside you, making you into this mess.  But there were lots of hours in a day.  He gasped silently and pushed his cock through your fingers and then spilled himself all over the front of you.  And it would have been embarrassing but Aomine couldn't feel anything but singeing relief and stabbing, aching, pounding completion.
His body crumbled down against yours.  The weight of him took your breath away, but it was a good breathlessness, and you laughed a little.  "Aomine…now your shirt is all dirty," you told him.  He mumbled something about not giving a shit but then seemed to realize what you were saying and jerked up.  He stared down at the navy blue shirt and his face drained of color.  Against the fabric was the remnants of his release, which he'd unknowingly pressed up against when he collapsed on top of you.
"Well fuck," he muttered, and then looked down at the mess you were.  Luckily you'd worn a white shirt, but it didn't really make much of a difference because there were damp spots staining the fabric and it was pretty obvious what went on.  "Don't suppose we've got any spare clothes?" he asked, and you bit your lip.
"Are you laughing?!" he asked incredulously, peering down at the way you were obviously trying to hid said laughter.  Then you couldn't help it and let it out, gasping against the seat because the situation was just so ridiculous and it was mostly Aomine's fault.  All of it.  When you told him this, he didn't appreciate it.
"My fault?  How the hell is this my fault - "
"You're the one who shoved me into the car and started this whole mess," you told him, leaning over into the back seat and grabbing a box of tissues to clean yourselves up. 
He stared, "What else were we supposed to do?  Fuck, besides, don't you have anything else to wear?  You just spent the last fucking three hours dragging me across a Goddamn shopping mall - "
"Oh yeah, good thinking," you laughed, and conveniently grabbed the bag behind you.  After rummaging around it for a moment, you pulled out a new sweatshirt, pulled your shirt off, and tugged on the new clothing.  Then you looked at Aomine, who was looking at you expectantly, and you smirked.  "What?  I don't have anything for you.  You bit my head off whenever I tried to get you into a dressing room, remember?" the dry humor in your voice wasn't making him feel any calmer.
He rubbed his temples and let out a stream of profanities.  And the pitiful sight of him made you hold back another laugh.  You leaned in to kiss him gently and murmured, "Don't worry.  Maybe no one will notice.  Or you can just say that you spilled your drink."  You then proceeded to grab the tissue box and try to clean up his appearance as best you could. 

Extended Ending

The tow truck came fifteen minutes later.
"Had an accident?" one of the men gruffly wondered as he checked over the damage.  Aomine paused and then rubbed the back of his neck, and you laughed a little cause it was clear your lover wasn't planning on answering.
"Just a spill," you explained with a faint smirk, because technically it wasn't a lie, and Aomine turned away because he was in the process of dying with embarrassment.  It only got worse from there.
"Huh," the other trucker said, raising an eyebrow as he leaned against the hood of your car.  "Must 'a been a whole fucking lot of it to mess you up that badly."  The other man snickered a little as he hooked the car up to the tow truck, and you bit your lip because Aomine's neck was red and you could tell he was blushing.  And since he rarely blushed even in the most embarrassing situations, it kind of sort of really amused you.
You caught one of the truckers eyes and smirked wickedly, "Oh yeah.  That's an understatement."  And amid the chuckling guffaws of the two men, Aomine turned to give you a seething glare. 
He was so going to get you back for this.


Monday, January 20, 2014

A Japan Lemon -- Wrapped

Character: Japan

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Nanashi Kurohana, absentminded, nonchalant

Inspiration: Lend me your coat

It was snowing, just a little.  Just enough to flutter down over the houses and the streets, just enough to bring stark contrast to Kiku's hair, eyelashes, coat.  Nanashi blinked at him as they walked toward his house, which was just coming into view.  She'd been surprised when he had agreed to see a movie with her, but hadn't let the chance skip over her.  And now, after it was all said and done, Nanashi was feeling very pleased with herself, and very curious as to what else she could make him do that night.
"What is it?" he asked, noticing her staring at him.  His eyes didn't give any of his emotions away but they would, if she had anything to say on the matter.  She leaned in and hooked her arm through his, pouting up at him, "I'm cold."  He sighed.
"We're almost there," he told her, but stopped to take his coat off anyway.  A moment later he was draping it over Nanashi's shoulders and she was smiling up at him with eyes he recognized all too well.  Mischief.  It was all over her face, made her gaze explode with brilliant light.  It made him wary.
He turned to walk down the street but her hands pulled at his arm, tugging him back.  In Kiku's surprise, he didn't stop the contact and soon found himself directly in front of her, their faces hovering barely centimeters away.  This time, his eyes showed her his curiosity.  They stared at each other for a long moment, then Kiku whispered a low, slightly unsteady, "…What is it?"  The repeated words made Nanashi smirk.
She shrugged lightly and leaned in to nuzzle her nose against his cheek.  His eyes slid half closed as he watched her bring her mouth steadily closer to his.  When she spoke, Nanashi's voice was light, like a drizzle of syrup.  "I want you to kiss me."  Her lips gingerly brushed over his and Kiku swallowed thickly.
She was playing with him, pushing his barriers and wondering how far she could get.  It didn't surprise him and it didn't particularly make him angry, either.  He wouldn't ever admit it but he liked this, the way she brought him out of his comfort zone and made him see little slices of her world, which was bright and lovely and colorful.  He liked it and he liked her, and having her so close was doing silly things to his reluctant heart.
She fingers his tie and smiled softly, looking a little defeated.  "But since I know you don't like to initiate things," she whispered, drawing ever closer, pressing her body against him, slipping her hand around his back.  Then she finished, "I'm just going to kiss you, instead."  And she did.
It was slow and startlingly comfortable.  Kiku stared at her as she moved her mouth against his, overcome by the sudden desire to kiss her back.  This was not entirely new to them, but it always managed to throw Kiku off guard whenever she kissed him like that, and he could only stand there stiffly and stare.  But Nanashi didn't seem to mind.  She smiled against his lips and her eyes slid open.  She murmured an amused, "Kiku…you're supposed to kiss me back."  She didn't say anything else but it was enough, and when she kissed him again he moved his lips with hers, gently, hesitantly.
It wasn’t the smoothest kiss but it did make her crave more of him.  The soft way his lips moved with hers had Nanashi leaning into him and kissing him harder, more insistently.  He kept up as best he could, his cheeks blossoming with tender pinks.  He slid his hands over her sides and drew her closer, their breaths intermingling so intensely that soon there was no beginning and no end.  Just the temperate, voracious middle.
More, it was all they wanted.  Kiku realized this with a start, a surprised inhalation that came and went against her lips in moments.  Then he was lost again, dragged beneath the current of his own sudden desire, struggling with the concept of being so close to her and yet so far.  And it was that thought that made him pull away and tug her towards his house.  She laughed a little and went, skipping in front of him and pulling him harder as they stumbled for the front door.
Nanashi rarely saw this side of Kiku.  It was always hidden away from her, always shrouded by his stiff personality.  But on nights like tonight, when it did resurface, Nanashi knew she'd have to take it while the chance remained within her grasp.  So when they finally made it inside and shut the door behind them, she dragged Kiku back into her arms and kissed him again, this time with all the forces of her passion, desire, love.
He was surprised by the depth of that love.  Surprised by the way it clashed and molded with stark need, bordered on impatience.  He was surprised but he could do nothing except cave into her like a sky falling down against the earth.  He slid his arms gingerly around her and let her kiss him like her life depended upon it.  There was no way he could keep up with her but Kiku enjoyed it nonetheless.  The feel of her body and the workings of her blazing emotions.
"Help me with this coat," she muttered against his lips, wiggling a little as she tried to get the clothing away.  Kiku felt himself smiling a bit at the sight.  He watched her for a very brief moment and then helped her, dropping it to the floor just as Nanashi grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him back in.  He made a startled noise against her mouth that quickly morphed into a moan as she pulled him toward the couch.
Kiku fell onto it with a light huff and looked up at Nanashi.  She hovered by his legs, wearing a vivid smirk that made her eyes shine.  For a moment, all Kiku could do was stare at her, at the sight she made, but then Nanashi started to unbutton the dress she was wearing and Kiku's mouth fell open in surprise.  "W-What are you - ?"
She laughed and slipped the fabric off her shoulders.  "Don't think so much, Kiku."  And when the dress was nothing but cloth on the floor, Nanashi slid forward and straddled his hips, rolling her body against his and watching his eyes flutter closed in anticipation and stifled desire.  She smiled softly at him and pressed her lips to his neck.  His head leaned back to accommodate her and she chuckled a little, dragging her mouth over his skin and leaving little red marks in her wake.  Then she raised her lips to his ear and licked the lobe of it, feeling him shiver and wrap his hands around her back.  "In situations like this," she whispered, voice low and powerful, "I find it's best to just relax and let things happen."
He moaned a little when she took his earlobe between her teeth and tugged, swiping her tongue over the captured flesh.  Her fingers started over his shirt and jerked it out of his pants, where he'd tucked it in.  Then she swiftly began to undo it, leaning back to watch the results unfold beneath her hands. 
He let her take his shirt off.  There was little else Kiku could in when she was sitting nearly naked atop him, making his heart splutter weakly.  And when she lowered her lips to kiss a trail over his chest, hovering for a moment over the place where that heart of his was having so much trouble, Kiku could barely even take a breath.  He just watched.  Watched the way her mouth descended upon a nipple, watched her fingers splay out against his stomach, watched as they closed in on the hemline of his pants.
Nanashi had an impatient streak, which happened to be raging wildly within her now.  She didn't hesitate to unzip Kiku's pants, didn't hesitate to gently drag his erection out of them.  And when she brashly raised her eyes to his, Kiku was blushing heatedly and totally blown away by her boldness.  And more than a little turned on by it.
"…Are you okay with this?" she asked, sliding her hands back up his chest and kissing him softly.  She saw the hesitance in his eyes and knew that this territory was meant to be explored slowly, reverently.  Never mind that this wasn't the first time she had seen Kiku's body.  It was still special, still important.
He sighed out shakily against her lips and nodded.  With a barely coherent whisper, Kiku breathed, "I…I want this…"  And they shared bashful smiles that made everything seem much easier, much more effortless.
She curled her hand around his length and watched his expression change from the contact.  He let out a long, heavy sigh as she began to gently pump him in and out of her fingers.  Her thumb brushed over his tip and he swallowed back a moan.  Just having her touch him like that turned him on like nothing else, and Kiku was overcome by the desire to have more of her, as much as he could.  But his thoughts were buried as she picked up her pace, tugging at his hardened flesh and watching him conform beneath her touch.
Their lips met again in a heated, messy kiss that shook them both to their cores.  She ached for him, ached to feel him within her, ached to become whole with him.  His hands dragged up her back and he fiddled with her bra, unhooking it and shoving it off her shoulders.  Then his hands lightly, gently cupped her breasts and thumbed over her nipples, watching with lustful eyes as she whimpered his name and sighed.
"I don't think I can wait anymore," she murmured, looking down at him.  Kiku nodded and he tucked his hands into her panties, pushing them away.  She helped him, dropping them onto the floor without another glance.  And when she turned back to face him in all her bare glory, Kiku pushed forward and tugged her mouth back to his, eager to kiss her and feel her and take her.  Then he pulled her down and she began taking him into her, slowly with a certain reverence that left them both breathless.
Nanashi moaned and clutched at his shoulders, raising her hips into little thrusts that made the discomfort of their union ebb away.  When it was fully gone, her pace increased into a steady tempo that had Kiku gasping and pulling her closer.  He watched her body move above him, watched her eyes as they filled and overflowed with passion, watched as she directed that passion at him.  It was so erotic that he couldn't stop himself from thrusting upward, matching her in her lovemaking and surprising her yet again. 
Nanashi looked down at him, her eyes full of that surprise.  She chuckled breathlessly and leaned into him, pressing kisses over his neck and jaw.  His hands slid over her bottom and dragged her down into deeper thrusts, thrusts that had her moaning out his name in that delightfully low, honeyed voice of hers.
"Oh!" he cried, pushing faster.  He felt suspended, like he was hanging between two edges that both had the potential to make him see stars.  He was nearly there, he felt his orgasm building up deliciously within him, felt the coil of it snap and shatter over his skin like fractured glass.  "Th-this is - ah!" his head slammed back and Nanashi hurried to catch up as his finish swept through the entirety of him, making him gasp and pound and moan.  And the sight of him coming so roughly had Nanashi struggling to keep her own orgasm at bay.  So she just gave into it, feeling the waves of it push her right over the edge.  She buried her face into his shoulder and moaned loudly.
They sat there for a long time afterwards, just breathing in and out and letting their hearts slow down.  Then after what seemed like ages, Nanashi raised herself up and smiled down at him, pressing a kiss against his cheek before sliding off of him.  He watched her go, trying to ignore the stagnant loss of her warmth as it slid from his fingers. 
There would be other times, other times when he'd feel that warmth and take it all.  There would be other times but for now, Kiku was content to watch her make his life brilliant with her presence.  He smiled and slowly stood, stepping up to her and pulling her into his arms with a satisfied sigh.  Tonight, he was happy.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Midorima Shintaro Lemon -- Green

Character: Midorima Shintaro

Fandom: Kuroko no Basket

OC: Lavender Walker, white hair, blue eyes

Inspiration: Wrapped up in Ribbons…except that prompt sort of walked out on me halfway through.  D':

The locker rooms were empty save him.  The rest of the team had slowly filed out after their game but Midorima had remained, taking his time as he toweled off his hair, wet from the shower he'd taken.  And that was where Lavender found him, sitting with his back to her with a towel hanging over his head.
She crept inside and quietly shut the door.  Her eyes were a myriad of wicked, crazy ideas that would no doubt see the light very soon.  She stared at him for a moment before silently stepping forward, but he already knew of her presence.  He scoffed and muttered, "I thought this was the boys locker room."  And the pointed look he sent her from over his shoulder would have made anyone else cringe.  But not her, never her, and it infuriated him to no end.
She scoffed too and swung her leg over the bench behind him so that she sort of straddled the seat.  Then she pushed her body into his and circled her arms around his waist, cutting off all forms of escape.  Smirking, she murmured, "Technicalities.  Besides, you'll like the reason I'm here.  Promise."
He was stiff beneath her touch, as always.  Midorima ignored her with a short roll of his eyes and instead turned his attention to his wet hair.  But Lavender intercepted him before he could completely write her off, pushing her hands up to his head and brushing his away.  He sighed but let her, trying not to admit how nice it felt, having someone else touch him. 
She pouted and wondered, "You're not gonna ask what the reason is?"  His silence didn't particularly surprise her.  He closed his eyes and said, "I refuse to bargain with you like a child."  And Lavender hummed a little, amused at his response but a little impatient, too.  Because he'd like the surprise.  Maybe not at first, but definitely in the end.  She'd make sure of it.  With a rather rough push of the towel, she chuckled and said, "But it has to do with your horoscope for today~"
He was interested, she could feel it in the way he paused before attempting to ignore her again.  He was interested but Midorima wouldn't ever show it.  But she'd already laid the groundwork of her plan and the rest of it would be easy.  With an amused smile, Lavender leaned in to press a kiss against the back of his neck.  Then she let the towel fall to the floor and once again curled her arms around his waist, running her hands up his chest as she pushed herself into his back.  He stiffened but didn't pull away, and that was what told her that she'd won, this time around. 
"Green," she whispered against the shell of his ear.  She could feel him trying his best to hold back a shiver but it didn't work, and his hands were shaking just a little as he clenched them into fists on his lap.  He inhaled sharply and said in a surprisingly steady voice, "…What?"  But really, he couldn't really think about words right now because her hands were slipping beneath his shirt and her lips were kissing down his neck.  And he could feel her very intimately.  Feel her breasts pressing into his shoulder blades and her core pressing against his rear and her legs pressing just outside his thighs. 
She chuckled and he swallowed at the way it sounded, all musk and low, deep fragrance and sex.  And when she spoke it went right to his head, all that musk and fragrance and sex, and made his thoughts spin wildly and very, very uncharacteristically.  And that was what made everything so delicious.
"Green, Midorima.  It's your lucky color today.  That's why…I decided to make my entire outfit green."  Her tongue flickered out to lick over the shell of his ear and she slowly lifted her hands to his face, showing him what he probably should have already seen but didn't, because he was too distracted.  Green ribbon, tied in a bow at her wrists, looping along her arms, making her skin luscious and pale.  He frowned because it confused him, a little, why she would do something like that.  But everything was made clear a moment later when she stood up and walked around to face him, letting him see the rest of her outfit. 
Green, everywhere.  He stared in surprise as she knelt before him, pushing his legs apart to nestle between them.  In the back of his mind, he knew what she was going to do, but the rest of him was still surprised when she idly played with the zipper of his pants and then dragged it down.  She peered up at him and smiled, "You'll never guess what I'm wearing underneath all this."  And she laughed because his face turned pink at the thought, just a little, and it looked good on him. 
"Wait - " he tried to say, because suddenly things were going much faster than he was comfortable with.  But she was already pulling his member out and the sight of her hovering above it did silly things to his head.  And he really couldn't stop her when she lowered her mouth down and took him against her tongue.  He really couldn't stop her and didn't want to, after that.  Because even though he would never, ever admit it, he loved the feel of her around the most sensitive part of him.  Loved it so much that he often found himself reluctantly wishing for it at random intervals of the day.
She didn't look away from his eyes as she began pumping him in and out of her mouth.  They stared at each other like they were under some sort of spell, as though looking away for even a second would make them shatter painfully apart.  She slid a hand to clutch at the hem of his shirt, and moved the other to wrap around the base of him.  And all the while he watched her, watched her, watched her. 
It was delicious in ways he couldn't possibly explain.  The sight of her and the feel of her tongue.  She pulled her mouth away and tilted his cock to the side, licking a path from the base to the tip and back down.  He shivered and tore his eyes away, finally.  His head fell back and his eyes closed and he just immersed himself in the way she was making him feel.  She pressed open mouthed kissed up the base of him.  Then she took the tip of him into her mouth and sucked, and it made him jerk his hips forward just a little, just enough to completely embarrass himself.  He blushed and cleared his throat, looking to the side even as she chuckled.
"Do you like my surprise, Midorima?" she asked lightly, her eyes twinkling with mirth and desire.  Seeing him like this, grudgingly aroused as he was, made her own arousal spike through her.  She laughed a little and licked his tip, tasting pre cum.  He was very hard now and it was a delicious sight.  She hummed against his erection and he cleared his throat again, but this time she could hear the edge of a moan in that scoff, and she knew he was just trying to hid it from her.  She smirked and murmured, "You can come, you know." 
His eyes clashed into hers in surprise, and she raised an eyebrow.  "What?  You're already this hard."  And, as though annunciating her words, she took him once more into her mouth and pumped, hard.  The sentence Midorima was preparing to say dragged off into a small moan.  His hips jerked forward again but this time Lavender was ready.  She pushed them back as best she could and took him deeper, pressing herself against him to compensate.  And the way she began to quickly pump him in and out of her mouth made his orgasm bloom at a ridiculously fast pace.
"S-stop, you're g-going too fast - !" he shut his eyes tightly, tunneled his fingers into her hair and dragged her closer.  He was going to come and it was all her fault, all her fault.  And his orgasm was almost painful as it tore through him, so quickly that he couldn't stop it even if he'd pushed her away and freed himself.  It ripped a delirious path under his skin and made him grit his teeth as he silently released into her mouth, hovering over her as he gasped and tried not to moan.  He watched her drink him in and it was a glorious sight, and when she drew back a moment later, he watched a drop of his cum slide down her chin. 
She hummed and encircled her arms around his waist, smiling up at him.  She stayed silent for a long moment, and then murmured, "Did you like it?"  And Midorima scoffed and looked away, refusing to give in and say it out loud, that he actually did like it, but he would punish her for going so insanely fast at the end.  She seemed to know where his thoughts were and laughed, snuggling into his stomach and sighing, "Sorry.  But the next game is supposed to start soon so we were running out of time." 
He didn't say anything.  He just ran his fingers through her hair silently, blushing just a tiny bit.  After a moment, she looked up at him and he was surprised to see how wicked her eyes had become, like little sinful diamonds.  "You know, Midorima," she whispered in a conspiring voice, "I really am wearing a lot of green today.  I was hoping I'd get to show you all of it."
And really, even he was powerless against the harsh spike of desire that shot its way through his body.  He was exposed, to her and to the feelings she gave him and to his own desires, which crashed against his skin like little hidden secrets.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Kuroko Tetsuya Lemon -- Distant

Character: Kuroko Tetsuya

Fandom: Kuroko no Basket

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: I apologize in advance for this one.  It was ridiculously hard to write.  Hope I kept Kuroko in character!

"How did you like it?" you asked curiously, staring at your boyfriend as took a final bite of the dinner you had cooked.  He blinked at you from across the small table and shrugged, "It was good."  You scoffed and nudged his leg with your foot, making him stare at you for a moment and then look down, his cheeks very slightly pink. 
It was the first blush of the day and it made you smile.  Today was the first of many things, in fact, considering how you just arrived in your home town after four months in your boarding school.  It felt like ages since you'd last seen him, and you knew you had a lot of catching up to do before you went back in two weeks. 
"I heard you joined the basketball team," you said, standing up to clear the dishes.  He stood too, stacking the plates and putting them in the sink.  As he turned the water on and began washing them, Kuroko hummed and responded, "Mm.  I'm starting to like it again.  Basketball." 
You stared at his back and frowned, noting the way his voice was sort of sad, like he was remembering why he'd stopped liking the sport to begin with.  With a soft sigh you went to him, wrapping your arms around his waist and pressing yourself against his back.  He paused for a second and glanced at you from over his shoulder.  "[Name]?"  But the question in his eyes was put to rest when your hands began to rub over his chest, soothingly at first but with an increase of passion, and he sagged against the counter because he wasn't expecting it.  Wasn't expecting how much he seemed to want it.
You pressed a kiss against his back and hummed, gently slipping your fingers beneath his shirt.  You had dreamt of touching him for so long, of his reaction and of the way it would make you feel, and now that you were home it felt like all your wishes had opened up and fallen straight into your outstretched hands.
"Kuroko, you missed me, right?" you whispered, splaying your hands out over his bare chest.  Your thumb brushed over a taut nipple and he bit his lip hard, feeling his cheeks turn pink from nervousness and desire.  The odd mix of emotion made his head spin.  But he couldn't possibly stop you, couldn't turn you away because he'd wanted this too, this touch and the feel of you pressed against him so intimately.  And even though he would never admit it, it made Kuroko so happy.
"A-ah…yes," he murmured, swallowing thickly as he felt your fingers slide down his abdomen and trace hem of his pants.  He felt sharp desire tear through him as you slowly undid the button of his jeans.  The heat of your body and the insistence of your fingers made him grip the edges of the counter and close his eyes tightly.  He couldn't focus on washing the dishes anymore.  All his attention was fixated on you, on the way you slipped those fingers into his boxers and touched him, and he couldn't breathe or do anything but let the essence of you sink against the essence of him.
"Turn around," you half whispered, half growled at him.  There was a husk in your voice, a certain earthy desire that left him hanging in the center of his own hesitant passion.  Slowly he turned, eyes locking onto yours at the first chance he had.  And he saw fire, a gentle sort of burning that ricocheted through him, as well.  He softly pulled you closer and then his eyes fluttered shut again, because your hand had circled his member again and it felt ridiculously good.
"You're getting harder," you smiled, and kissed his cheek.  Your words made a heady blush spread over his pale skin.  You couldn't stop yourself from kissing the edges of that heat, dragging your lips over his skin until you reached his mouth.  And when you pushed a rather persistent kiss to his lips, you were rather surprised at the way Kuroko immediately responded to you.  He deepened the kiss and pulled you closer, closer.
You couldn't explain or even understand the nature of your urgent handling of him.  All you knew was that it had been months.  Months since you'd last seen him or touched him or held him.  Months since the last time you'd seen that particular expression on his face.  And you selfishly wanted more.
So you slowly broke the kiss, slowly began to lower yourself to the ground.  Kuroko watched silently, his cheeks a vibrant display of red.  He knew what was coming and knew what it would make him feel, but he was utterly unprepared for the results of your touch regardless.  And when you began to take him into your mouth and gently pump him, it made him unravel far faster than he thought possible.
"O-ohhh," he bit his lip but couldn't hold back his moan, and his cheeks turned darker in his embarrassment.  But it only pleased you, only made you want to touch him more.  You bobbed your head a little and hummed, sending vibrations over the growing length of him and making him curl his fingers into your hair. 
You drew your tongue over the base of him, slowly tracing the bulging vein that ran beneath his erection.  When you reached his tip, you licked over it and took it into your mouth, softly sucking on it.  You peered up at him and the face he was making, all desire and heady passion, made you go faster.  A moment more and you were once again taking the entirety of him into your mouth and pumping hard.  And you knew he was beginning to feel the final effects of your touches, because his hips bucked forward just a little and he was panting out your name.
You brought him to a slow but definite finish.  Kuroko couldn't stop his release as it pushed and pulled its way through him.  He tightened his grasp on your hair and gently pulled you closer.  You went, sucking eagerly on him as you drew him closer and closer to release.  And when at last he came, it was with a surprised, delicious moan that sounded vaguely like you name.
He gasped and stared down at you, wondering at the way you so easily turned him on.  It always surprised him, always shook him down and caught him off guard when he realized the full extent of his affection for you, and the way it went right to his head when you were like this.  You slowly drew back and looked up at him.  He studied your bruised mouth, your dilated eyes, your mussed up hair.  And he suddenly wanted to bruise your mouth further, make your eyes positively explode. 
You raised your eyebrow at the look in his eyes, curious at the way he stared at you.  Then you grinned because you knew that look, knew that he was silently telling you that this was far from over, in his own quiet way.  And it made you more than excited, more than pleased.  You slowly stood and he marveled at the easy quality of your smile and at the relaxed way you leaned into him.
You kissed his cheek and murmured, "Should we take a shower?"  And he blushed just a little, because even though he had gotten used to being intimate with you, it still made him a little nervous every time.  But tonight it didn't matter.  Kuroko slowly nodded and let you drag him away.  And that was how you spent the rest of the evening, warm and happy and making full use of your limited time together.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

An Iceland Lemon -- Cold

Character: Iceland

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Aj, a tomboy

Inspiration: Lonely on Christmas Eve

It was nearing midnight and Aj was getting tired.  Tired of the blinking lights on the Christmas tree, tired of the wine she was drinking by herself.  She'd gotten a few phone calls from her close friends but that had been hours ago.  Since then, Aj had settled down to a movie, ate more cookies than she would ever admit out loud, and dozed off a number of times on the couch.  It started out as a comfortable, lazy evening, but now it was just annoying.
She sighed and blew her hair out of her eyes, staring at the clock.  In the background, the TV was on, playing the end of the second movie she'd put on.  To her left, the tree blinked at her.  To her right, snow fell outside the windows. 
Minutes passed her by like that, and she was just deciding that maybe she should go to sleep when there was a knock on her door.  Aj curiously looked toward it and stood up, padding off in subdued excitement.  And the man waiting for her behind that door was exactly who she'd been wanting to see all night.
"Emil!" she said in surprise, eyes widening.  He pushed inside, rubbing his hands together for warmth, and peered down at her.  He looked altogether freezing, like he'd been out in the storm for hours.  His nose was red and there was a layer of snow dusting his hair.
"Do you mind?" he asked, looking around the room as though he expected to see someone else in the background.  His question made her confused, and he shut the door quickly as he said, "If I stay here for a bit?  Lukas wanted me to go to his house but my car's having problems."  He muttered out something else about his older brother, but Aj didn't hear.
"Sure," she grinned, touching his shoulder.  "I'll take your coat.  I was really bored anyway so I'm glad you came."  She felt his eyes sweep over her form as he shrugged out of the coat, but his face was expressionless.  When he handed it to her, their fingers brushed together and she felt her cheeks blush.  She'd always liked Emil.  Always thought his odd charm was endearing and refreshing.
He cleared his throat and looked furtively around once more, frowning.  "Are you alone then?  I'm not interrupting - ?" 
"Don't be silly," she laughed, and he couldn't look away from that smile, the way it completely lit up her eyes and made her glow.  She gave him a little wink and he was thankful when she turned her back on him, because he couldn't stop the blush that enveloped his cheeks, couldn't control the way his heart spluttered in relief at her denial to having company.  She tossed his coat over the back of a nearby chair and then hooked her arm into his, tugging him into the living room.
They collapsed onto the couch just as the movie ends, and the fall puts them closer together than what would be considered normal.  Emil bit the inside of his cheek to stop a blush from overpowering his face.  Aj didn't seem to even notice, and she snuggled into his side like it was completely normal.  Soft silence tugged at them but neither was inclined to break it.  They just sat there, watching the credits roll, ignoring Emil's pinkish cheeks.  Then after what seemed like ages, Aj turned to him, and the proximity of their faces, lips, the way their noses barely brushed each others, made Emil jerk back in surprise and embarrassed delight.  His cheeks flared.
"Hmm?  Are you alright, Emil?" Aj wondered, tilting her head in curiosity and something else.  An unknown emotion sparked through her eyes, made them into electricity that rattled over him.  It was almost amusement, interest, mirth.  Like she knew why he was blushing, why his body was suddenly so stiff and unyielding, but she didn't want to stop her little game.  She smiled an edgy, half mischievous smile and touched his cheek with the tips of her fingers, "Do you have a fever?  Was the cold too much for you?"  But he was Iceland and the cold would never get to him, that was ludicrous, and the amused way she said those words made him realize that she had followed the exact same wavelength.  She was teasing him.
"A-Are you - ?" he spluttered, pushing her fingers away and moving back.  He couldn't say what he wanted to say, couldn't finish his train of thought because suddenly she was following him.  Crawling back, smirking, shifting her legs around his waist and pushing his shoulders down.  And suddenly she was peering down at him with that smirk, with those electric eyes, and Emil was helpless beneath her.
"Did your car really break down?  Right in front of my house?" she drawled, looking triumphant as she watched him blush harder, look away.  She laughed a little, but this time her expression was set in more of a gentle amusement, like she was thoroughly enjoying the tsundere way he denied everything.  Her hands rubbed over his dress shirt and he bit his lip.  "You weren't actually on your way to Norway's, were you?"
When he didn't answer immediately, Aj leaned forward and caught his eyes.  She was well aware of the distribution of her weight over his body, aware of the fact that when she leaned that way, she was shifting over his core.  It made Emil swallow thickly and tremble, just a little, as he struggled to keep his voice straight and emotionless.  He didn't succeed. 
"N-No," he muttered, glaring in annoyance, not at her but at himself for getting so excited in this situation.  He could already feel the spikes of arousal pelt through him, shattering over his skin like glass raindrops.  Her heat and her weight against his core was making him insane, and his fingers flexed as they rested beside her legs, struggling from the intense desire to hold onto her and drag her down against him.
Aj was pleased by his response.  She pushed forward, splaying both hands on either side of his head as she leaned down, down, down.  Her breath cascaded over his mouth but she didn't kiss him, not yet.  She just stared, studied the many emotions that dilated his eyes, made him powerful and yet strong, so strong even now.  "That's good," she whispered, and he swallowed again.  Her hair fell against his cheeks, tickling him.  Her mouth lowered, resting just above his as they trembled against each other.  "That means Norway won't come looking for you."  And with a mischievous lilt of her mouth, Aj crushed her lips against his.
His reaction was immediate.  His mouth moved with hers, his hands swung up to hook around her thighs.  Their kiss made him shatter delightfully, switched him over from cold to hot, emotionless to passionate.  It showed in the way their mouths moved, deeply, warmly.  It showed in the way he let her touch him, pushing aside the fabric of his shirt to feel his chest.
He had never felt this way before.  This pleasant, feverish heat, the way it burned over his skin and made him feel raw but whole.  And it only got worse, more callous and imperfect, when Aj jerked her hips down and shifted them over his growing erection.  It had him throwing his head back and gasping, eyes wide from the way his entire body splintered with pleasure.  Like clockwork, Aj dragged her lips down his exposed neck, taking full advantage of the way he was careened backwards.  Her tongue licked a trail of heady fire over his skin, her mouth pressing rushed kisses down, down, until she reached his shirt.  But she didn't stop there.  She hurriedly got to work unbuttoning the remainder of it and continuing her trail of kisses.  And the further she got, the more aroused Emil became.
"You've gotten hard," she murmured in slight amusement, slight awe.  He peered down at her and swallowed thickly at the sight she made, hovering above his pants like that.  His shirt was haphazardly strewn across his chest and the top of his pants were already undone.  He was hard, almost numbingly so, and he ached with the desire to be touched.  So when he got his wish, his reaction was really no surprise.  He let out a breathlessly strained moan and his head fell back again as he panted.  Her hand rubbed at his through his pants but it most definitely wasn't enough, and he was happy when she did something about it.
She didn't take his pants off.  They had plenty of time and all the privacy in the world, but to Aj it would take too long.  She wanted to see him now, wanted to have him now, and didn't want to waste a single second.  So instead of dealing with all those clothes, she simply twisted her hand into his pants and pulled him out, watching as his erection curled up on its own because he was already so aroused.  Then she peered down at him and saw how hard he was blushing, and decided that maybe she should go easy on him.  She also decided that it was about time to deal with some of her clothes as well.
In one smooth movement, her shirt was on the floor.  Emil stared openly, in surprise and desire, because of the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra.  He was surprised because he hadn't realized this before even though it probably should have been obvious.  And he couldn't stop staring at her perfect chest, the lovely curves, the way she sat on top of him and looked so imperious and beautiful.
"Help me with these," she said lowly, tugging at her pants.  Her voice was a cascade of desire, which shaded all corners of her and farther.  She had her pants halfway down her thighs before Emil helped, and together they eased the fabric away until it had joined her shirt on the floor.  And then she was bare and he couldn't look away.  And if he thought she was perfect before, it was nothing compared to how she looked now.
She leaned in to kiss him again, hotly pressing her mouth to his and running a hand through his hair.  His hands slowly, hesitantly eased over her waist and pulled her closer.  His cock was imprisoned between their bodies and every shift of her form had him swallowing back a moan.  The strength of his desire had him aching into her, pulling her closer, kissing her harder.
"I want you now," she whispered against his mouth, and he drew away to look at her.  She probably wasn't ready yet.  It would hurt her.  But she was already guiding his member to her entrance, and Emil could only watch with wide, aroused eyes as she began to take him.  It felt amazing, hot and full and delicious.  And when he was fully hilted inside her, Emil couldn't stop himself from thrusting, bucking his hips and dragging his cock against her inner walls.
She gasped and threw her head back, following him thrust for thrust.  There was a bit of pain but she could deal with it, and it was gone soon anyway, replaced by the sheerness of their union, the way it shook them both down and made them gasp, moan, move.
"I w-wanted this," she moaned, fisting her hands over his chest and arching her back.  He stared at her openly, so turned on from the way her body was bending, the way her expression melted over her desire.  Her eyes were like raw pillars of her emotions and they made him want to come so badly, so badly.  His thrusts increased.  His hands clutched her tighter and dragged her down to his hips.  It was a delirious meeting of passion and something lighter.
He wanted this too.  Emil could clearly remember the first time he'd been taken over by the desire to be near her.  At first, that desire hadn't been shrouded in passion and arousal.  It had been an innocent wish to get to know her, to understand her strange flickers of mischief that made her so mysterious.  But he'd wanted this for a long time too.  Wanted to be with her intimately, wanted to see her like this and know that it was because she wanted him just as badly.
He moaned and she thrust faster, jerking her hips over his quickly, leaning down to press her chest against his and kiss him.  The kiss was sloppy but it didn't matter.  Their tongues clashed and they gasped together, panting as the throes of release became all too obvious.  "I'm gonna come," she moaned, burying her head against his neck and moving faster.  He gasped when she did, moments later, because the vibrations of her release, the way her lower body clenched at his cock, threw him towards his own release.  It was haphazard but delicious.
And then it was silent.  Silent, but for the hasty way they gasped, chests heaving, shaking.  Then Aj raised her head to his and she smiled, a tired, satiated smile.  When she snuggled back against him, Emil curled his arms around her back and sighed, keeping her firmly in place.
And the night gently slid by, leaving them alone but together, taking away all their loneliness and throwing it to the snowy winds outside.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Germany Lemon -- Transform

Character: Germany

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Lydia, blond hair, blue eyes, sarcastic, creative

Inspiration: A nice slow evening as a married couple~  :)

Lydia was aware of a number of things as she opened the front door and stepped into the house, bags of grocery's in her arms.  First, the entire atmosphere seemed different, altered in some way that she couldn't initially identify.  Second, there was soft Christmas music playing idly in the background a few rooms over.  Third, her husband was nowhere to be found.
She frowned but shrugged, stepping out of her heels and putting one grocery bag down so she could drop her purse and keys on the table by the door.  Then she heaved it back up and stepped into the kitchen.  And that was when Lydia understood the strange atmosphere of the house.
Ludwig was standing over the stovetop.  He didn't seem to notice her at first.  The little kitchen table was set beautifully and there was a bottle of champagne chilling in a tabletop wine cooler.  She raised her eyebrows at the scene, because it was so uncharacteristic of her normally stoic husband, and cleared her throat.  Ludwig swiveled around to look at her in surprise, and then he blushed a little, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. 
"A-ah, Liebling [1], I didn't hear you come in."  He paused a moment then blushed harder when he realized he was still wearing the apron and Lydia had definitely noticed.  Moments later he was tugging it hurriedly away and flinging it onto the counter like it was a disease.  Then he seemed to realize that his wife was still balancing two large bags of groceries, and he rushed forward to help her.
"I thought we agreed on eating those leftovers from last night," Lydia raised an eyebrow at him, but then smiled and inhaled the scent of her husband's cooking.  "It smells delicious though.  What did you make?"  And he smiled back as he began to take the food items out of the brown bags.
"It's a linguini dish Italy told me about," he said, and then suddenly pulled her into him.  Because she wasn't expecting it, Lydia made a surprised noise that quickly turned into laughter when her lover began pressing gentle, playful kisses over her cheek and nose.  He chuckled as well and then finally kissed her mouth, and the playfulness shifted to raw longing.  Against her mouth, he murmured, "I thought tonight…we could just relax.  You've been so busy lately…"  And Lydia tugged him closer with a soft moan, tangling her fingers into his hair and sighing against his mouth.
"Sounds wonderful," she whispered to him, opening her eyes slowly as the kiss dissolved.  He hummed and slid his hands up and down her back, rubbing warmth into her clothes and skin.  And then Ludwig kissed her temple and pulled back, just enough to fit her against his side and stir the pot of cooking linguini. 
Minutes later, they were sitting down to a finished meal.  The champagne was opened and Lydia began describing the immense crowds at the grocery store.  She hadn't meant to go on Christmas Eve of all days, but some extended relatives called up at the last moment and told them they'd be stopping by, and Lydia decided they didn't have enough food.  Ludwig chuckled at her annoyed description of the cashier, and watched as Lydia took a sip of the champagne.  Her head tilted back and Ludwig skimmed his fingers over her hand, surprised at his sudden, harsh desire to kiss up that pale neck.  The fact that he wanted her wasn't what amazed him, but the level of his desire, the way it seemed to utterly overcome him, that was what had him on the edge of his seat.
She noticed his blush and the way he stared at her, with those intense blue eyes.  Noticed the passion behind them, they way they drilled into her and pinned her down.  And all at once Lydia wanted him, wanted him so badly that she could hardly take another breath.
"Lydia," he slowly said, standing up.  Two steps got him to her seat and then he was tilting her chin up, his large hand shifting over her neck and jaw.  His mouth lowered to hers, trembled, and kissed her.  And all she could do was sit back and close her eyes and sigh.
His lips were hot on hers.  His tongue pushed against hers and she shivered from the feeling of his slippery taste invading her senses.  She hummed against his mouth and whispered a half surprised, half teasing, "Do you want me so badly?"  And Ludwig opened his eyes to stare down at her, burning ash and desire and truth into her skin.
"Always," he breathed, and slid his hands around her waist to pull her up against him.  She went into his chest with a sigh and their lips met again, slow and passionate but with increasing need.  Her fingers slid up his chest and tugged at the buttons of his dress shirt, and the kiss dissolved as Ludwig watched her.  He pressed his forehead against hers and she smiled.
Lydia loved this part.  The unveiling.  Even though she'd already seen her husband so many times in the past, it never got old.  The sight of his bare skin always had the same effect on her.  It always made her into dust, dust that would blow far far away without purpose or direction.  Dust that would shake and quiver as it was flung into the sky.
She gently lowered her mouth to kiss at the revealed skin of his chest, pressing open mouthed kisses to him every time she loosened another button.  Then she sunk down onto her knees and pulled his shirt out from where it had been tucked into his pants, and her lips trailed along the edge of his waistline in a teasing caress.  Ludwig stared hard at her, his eyes pools of iron and impatience.  He stepped back to press his weight against the table and tightly grasped the edges of it.  But no matter how hard he tried, he wasn't at all composed enough to deal with what came next.
Lydia nuzzled his with her nose, pressing hot kisses over the fabric of his pants.  Her eyes darted up to his in slight surprise, and she smirked, "You're already half hard."  And the way she said it, the position she was currently in, the rough desire in her eyes, they all had Ludwig biting his lip hard to stop from moaning.  He watched with blurry eyes as she rubbed him, cupping him in her palm and brushing her thumb over his growing hardness, kissing him.  Her other hand curled around his thigh and held him in place, and though Ludwig could have easily overpowered her, in that moment he felt utterly incompetent.
"We should probably do something about that, don't you think?" she whispered, smiling up at him.  But her smile wasn't a smile.  It had the edge of a smirk, the sharp bite of mischief, the promise of deadly, wicked passion.  And it made Ludwig want to fall into the ground and never come up for air.  He watched her undo his pants, hook her fingers into them, tug them off.  He watched them land with a soft swoosh upon the flood, watched her take in the sight of his erection, watched her lean into taste it.  And that was when he stopped watching her.
His head tilted back as he felt her slide her lips around his girth, taking him into her mouth.  His eyes fluttered and he moaned lowly, a husk of desperate need.  One hand tangled into her hair but he was unsure if he was pulling her closer or pushing her away.  Tonight he was supposed to be pleasing her, making her feel like a queen, taking all her worries and crushing them.  And yet here they were, and Ludwig was completely powerless against that mouth and those fingers and the way she was sucking -- "Mein gott," he gasped, and his eyes flew open.  He stared down at her in surprise and delirious arousal, watching as she tilted his cock up against his stomach and kissed the underside of him, sucking and squeezing and grinning and teasing.
"Ah!" he moaned, gulping.  He couldn't look away, not from those fingers which pulled and pushed at his hardened flesh, not at those lips which knew exactly how to pleasure him.  Not at the way she pulled his cock back down and licked over his tip, drinking up the taste of his precum and then taking him suddenly into her mouth, pumping roughly and quickly and making him buck his hips forward and come -- "Ficken, Ich komme!  A-Ahh!" [2]
He gasped and stared at the ceiling, amazed at the speed of his release and a little ashamed too.  Because he wasn't supposed to come so soon, he was supposed to put her first.  He turned his eyes to her, panting heavily.  She still had him shoved into her mouth, and she blinked up at him lazily, in a sort of casually sadistic pleasure.  Her eyes sparkled with mirth and for some reason it made him want to punish her, almost.  Throw her down and show her that he could make her come even faster, even harder.  He narrowed his eyes down at her and tugged her head back.  He tried not to react to the feeling of her lips sliding off his cock.
"You're still so hard," she whispered, amazed.  It was true.  Even though he just came, he was still at half mast, still stiff and ready for more.  He smirked down at her and she blinked in surprise and arousal, enjoying the sight of power he made.  "It's your fault," he muttered, and dragged her up.  He chuckled darkly and kissed her, hands dropping to grasp her butt and pull her roughly against his cock.  She let out a harsh whimper and kissed him harder, tugging at his hair.  Ludwig opened his eyes and said lowly, his voice a crashing symphony of desire, "I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you."  And when he kissed her next, it was layered with overwhelming sentiment, affection, reverence.
He chuckled again and then dragged her shirt up over her head in one fluid movement.  Then he stepped out of his pants and brushed his dress shirt away.  "Come on," he told her, and suddenly pulled her up into his arms.  She went with a surprised laugh and he walked them to the bedroom.
Lydia was not expecting the sight she was met with when they entered said room.  Ludwig was not a romantic.  He didn't often buy her flowers or take her out, and she had grown accustomed to quiet nights at home.  But tonight the bedroom was changed, made beautiful by fluttered rose petals and the gentle sway of candles.  The lights were set down low, the room was tidier than Lydia had left it that morning, and everything seemed to be perfect.  She laughed and Ludwig carefully set her down, smiling softly at her as she took in his work.
"Do you like it?" he asked her, even though he already knew her answer.  She curled her arms around his waist and leaned up to kiss him, breathing out a tender, "Yes," against his mouth.  He smiled wider and pulled her closer, splaying his hands out against her back and sighing.  "…That's good," he breathed.  And the kiss grew steadily faster, headier, more insistent.
Ludwig sighed out again, but this time there was an edge in his eyes.  He blinked down at her and then eased his hands around her to unhook her bra.  Slowly he slid it away, and gazed down at her breasts with barely concealed veneration that made Lydia shiver into him.  His hands continued their path down her spine, slipping into the waistline of her pants and tugging them down, down her long legs.  And then she was as naked as him, when no remaining clothing covered her from his gaze, Ludwig pushed her gently back, back towards the bed.
Her knees hit the edges of it and then Lydia was falling onto the mattress with a surprised gasp.  Ludwig didn't give her any time at all to adjust to the situation.  He merely hooked his hands around her thighs and dragged her to the very edge of the bed, kneeling in front of her and immediately descending upon her throbbing flesh. 
Her reaction pushed him over the edge.  She arched her back almost violently and moaned, loudly in surprise and pleasure.  "Ludwig!" she gasped, clutching onto the sheets and bucking her hips forward.  But he intercepted them and pushed them back down, roughly.  His tongue lapped her up and he inhaled the delicious scent of her musky arousal.  He was so aroused by the sight and sounds of her that he muttered a curse against her and dragged one hand down to palm his own erection.
He went fast and hard, his mouth whirring against her in such a way that it was impossible to stop her release from quickly overtaking her.  Her orgasm ripped her up and tore her to pieces.  It happened so brutally that Lydia couldn't even make a sound as she lay there, prone on the bed.  Her mouth opened in a silent scream and she bucked her hips roughly into his face, but the only noise she made was a strangled sort of whimper that went right to Ludwig's head.  He moaned for her, drinking her up and pumping his cock through his fingers as he watched her unravel.  It was a sight he wouldn't soon forget, and it made him harder than ever as she gasped and collapsed back against the sheets.
For a brief moment, Ludwig couldn’t do anything but watch her.  Watch the way she was gasping sharply, breasts heaving, trembling.  The way she seemed completely out of it, like she'd forgotten he was even there at all.  But then he couldn't stop himself any longer.  He pushed himself onto the bed and crawled up her form, and she blinked at him in lazy desire as he gently kissed her.
"Are you still hard?" she laughed, her voice strained but easy.  She glanced down at his cock, feeling it brush over her skin.  He chuckled as well and his kisses turned playful, lighthearted but powerful as he dragged them along her jaw and then down to the underside of her chin.  And further, further down her neck as he littered her with soft nibbles and teasing caresses.
"If you're asking me whether or not I still want to fuck you, the answer is yes," he told her, and watched her cheeks redden just a little.  His amusement must have played out over his expression, because she laughed and slapped his on the shoulder, rolling her eyes.  But then she was growing serious again and she curled her legs around his waist and jerked him against her, and Ludwig stopped because it felt good, really good.  She drew her hands down his spine and then back up, dragging her nails over his skin.  Then she purred out an inviting, "Then stop stalling and fuck me, Ludwig."  And the way she said his name had him erupting into delicious little shivers that, if possible, made him even harder.
"Ja, Frau," [3] he said with a smile, and took her words to heart.  A moment later, he was lining himself up and pushing his cock into her, and Lydia was sighing out as he hilted himself.  And then there was no such 'stalling' involved, whatsoever.  Ludwig was harder than ever and he wanted only one thing, and he pushed them forward at a pace that Lydia couldn't really complain about, because it felt delicious having him rush in and out of her like that. 
She came quickly after that.  Her already sensitive flesh didn't stand a chance against him, and soon Lydia was throwing herself into his arms and gasping out his name, moaning and coming and throbbing around his cock, and making him grit his teeth and race after her.  The sensations of her release was really too much for him to handle at this point, and it was soon after that Ludwig finished.  He moaned low and pressed his face into her neck, thrusting into her harshly and then more languidly, relaxed as he drew out the remnants of his orgasm.
He dragged himself out of her after a while, and Lydia raised an eyebrow at him in shock when she realized that he wasn't as pliable as he normally would be.  "Don't tell me you're still hard," she said, lifting herself up on her elbows.  Her husband chuckled in embarrassment and blushed, laying on his back.  When he didn't answer her, she laughed, "Did you take Viagra or something?"  But her joke had the adverse effect on him.  Ludwig scoffed but grinned, pushing her down below him as he suddenly rolled onto her.  She giggled and pushed him playfully, but didn't complain when he lowered his mouth to hers.
"You'll pay for that," he warned her huskily, and Lydia hummed out a pleased, "I'm sure I will."  And they settled down once more in each other's arms, lips moving lazily as their love grew and grew and grew.

[1] Liebling: Love

[2] Ficken, Ich komme!: Fuck, I'm coming!

[3] Ja, Frau: Yes, ma'am