Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Germany Lemon -- Transform

Character: Germany

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Lydia, blond hair, blue eyes, sarcastic, creative

Inspiration: A nice slow evening as a married couple~  :)

Lydia was aware of a number of things as she opened the front door and stepped into the house, bags of grocery's in her arms.  First, the entire atmosphere seemed different, altered in some way that she couldn't initially identify.  Second, there was soft Christmas music playing idly in the background a few rooms over.  Third, her husband was nowhere to be found.
She frowned but shrugged, stepping out of her heels and putting one grocery bag down so she could drop her purse and keys on the table by the door.  Then she heaved it back up and stepped into the kitchen.  And that was when Lydia understood the strange atmosphere of the house.
Ludwig was standing over the stovetop.  He didn't seem to notice her at first.  The little kitchen table was set beautifully and there was a bottle of champagne chilling in a tabletop wine cooler.  She raised her eyebrows at the scene, because it was so uncharacteristic of her normally stoic husband, and cleared her throat.  Ludwig swiveled around to look at her in surprise, and then he blushed a little, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. 
"A-ah, Liebling [1], I didn't hear you come in."  He paused a moment then blushed harder when he realized he was still wearing the apron and Lydia had definitely noticed.  Moments later he was tugging it hurriedly away and flinging it onto the counter like it was a disease.  Then he seemed to realize that his wife was still balancing two large bags of groceries, and he rushed forward to help her.
"I thought we agreed on eating those leftovers from last night," Lydia raised an eyebrow at him, but then smiled and inhaled the scent of her husband's cooking.  "It smells delicious though.  What did you make?"  And he smiled back as he began to take the food items out of the brown bags.
"It's a linguini dish Italy told me about," he said, and then suddenly pulled her into him.  Because she wasn't expecting it, Lydia made a surprised noise that quickly turned into laughter when her lover began pressing gentle, playful kisses over her cheek and nose.  He chuckled as well and then finally kissed her mouth, and the playfulness shifted to raw longing.  Against her mouth, he murmured, "I thought tonight…we could just relax.  You've been so busy lately…"  And Lydia tugged him closer with a soft moan, tangling her fingers into his hair and sighing against his mouth.
"Sounds wonderful," she whispered to him, opening her eyes slowly as the kiss dissolved.  He hummed and slid his hands up and down her back, rubbing warmth into her clothes and skin.  And then Ludwig kissed her temple and pulled back, just enough to fit her against his side and stir the pot of cooking linguini. 
Minutes later, they were sitting down to a finished meal.  The champagne was opened and Lydia began describing the immense crowds at the grocery store.  She hadn't meant to go on Christmas Eve of all days, but some extended relatives called up at the last moment and told them they'd be stopping by, and Lydia decided they didn't have enough food.  Ludwig chuckled at her annoyed description of the cashier, and watched as Lydia took a sip of the champagne.  Her head tilted back and Ludwig skimmed his fingers over her hand, surprised at his sudden, harsh desire to kiss up that pale neck.  The fact that he wanted her wasn't what amazed him, but the level of his desire, the way it seemed to utterly overcome him, that was what had him on the edge of his seat.
She noticed his blush and the way he stared at her, with those intense blue eyes.  Noticed the passion behind them, they way they drilled into her and pinned her down.  And all at once Lydia wanted him, wanted him so badly that she could hardly take another breath.
"Lydia," he slowly said, standing up.  Two steps got him to her seat and then he was tilting her chin up, his large hand shifting over her neck and jaw.  His mouth lowered to hers, trembled, and kissed her.  And all she could do was sit back and close her eyes and sigh.
His lips were hot on hers.  His tongue pushed against hers and she shivered from the feeling of his slippery taste invading her senses.  She hummed against his mouth and whispered a half surprised, half teasing, "Do you want me so badly?"  And Ludwig opened his eyes to stare down at her, burning ash and desire and truth into her skin.
"Always," he breathed, and slid his hands around her waist to pull her up against him.  She went into his chest with a sigh and their lips met again, slow and passionate but with increasing need.  Her fingers slid up his chest and tugged at the buttons of his dress shirt, and the kiss dissolved as Ludwig watched her.  He pressed his forehead against hers and she smiled.
Lydia loved this part.  The unveiling.  Even though she'd already seen her husband so many times in the past, it never got old.  The sight of his bare skin always had the same effect on her.  It always made her into dust, dust that would blow far far away without purpose or direction.  Dust that would shake and quiver as it was flung into the sky.
She gently lowered her mouth to kiss at the revealed skin of his chest, pressing open mouthed kisses to him every time she loosened another button.  Then she sunk down onto her knees and pulled his shirt out from where it had been tucked into his pants, and her lips trailed along the edge of his waistline in a teasing caress.  Ludwig stared hard at her, his eyes pools of iron and impatience.  He stepped back to press his weight against the table and tightly grasped the edges of it.  But no matter how hard he tried, he wasn't at all composed enough to deal with what came next.
Lydia nuzzled his with her nose, pressing hot kisses over the fabric of his pants.  Her eyes darted up to his in slight surprise, and she smirked, "You're already half hard."  And the way she said it, the position she was currently in, the rough desire in her eyes, they all had Ludwig biting his lip hard to stop from moaning.  He watched with blurry eyes as she rubbed him, cupping him in her palm and brushing her thumb over his growing hardness, kissing him.  Her other hand curled around his thigh and held him in place, and though Ludwig could have easily overpowered her, in that moment he felt utterly incompetent.
"We should probably do something about that, don't you think?" she whispered, smiling up at him.  But her smile wasn't a smile.  It had the edge of a smirk, the sharp bite of mischief, the promise of deadly, wicked passion.  And it made Ludwig want to fall into the ground and never come up for air.  He watched her undo his pants, hook her fingers into them, tug them off.  He watched them land with a soft swoosh upon the flood, watched her take in the sight of his erection, watched her lean into taste it.  And that was when he stopped watching her.
His head tilted back as he felt her slide her lips around his girth, taking him into her mouth.  His eyes fluttered and he moaned lowly, a husk of desperate need.  One hand tangled into her hair but he was unsure if he was pulling her closer or pushing her away.  Tonight he was supposed to be pleasing her, making her feel like a queen, taking all her worries and crushing them.  And yet here they were, and Ludwig was completely powerless against that mouth and those fingers and the way she was sucking -- "Mein gott," he gasped, and his eyes flew open.  He stared down at her in surprise and delirious arousal, watching as she tilted his cock up against his stomach and kissed the underside of him, sucking and squeezing and grinning and teasing.
"Ah!" he moaned, gulping.  He couldn't look away, not from those fingers which pulled and pushed at his hardened flesh, not at those lips which knew exactly how to pleasure him.  Not at the way she pulled his cock back down and licked over his tip, drinking up the taste of his precum and then taking him suddenly into her mouth, pumping roughly and quickly and making him buck his hips forward and come -- "Ficken, Ich komme!  A-Ahh!" [2]
He gasped and stared at the ceiling, amazed at the speed of his release and a little ashamed too.  Because he wasn't supposed to come so soon, he was supposed to put her first.  He turned his eyes to her, panting heavily.  She still had him shoved into her mouth, and she blinked up at him lazily, in a sort of casually sadistic pleasure.  Her eyes sparkled with mirth and for some reason it made him want to punish her, almost.  Throw her down and show her that he could make her come even faster, even harder.  He narrowed his eyes down at her and tugged her head back.  He tried not to react to the feeling of her lips sliding off his cock.
"You're still so hard," she whispered, amazed.  It was true.  Even though he just came, he was still at half mast, still stiff and ready for more.  He smirked down at her and she blinked in surprise and arousal, enjoying the sight of power he made.  "It's your fault," he muttered, and dragged her up.  He chuckled darkly and kissed her, hands dropping to grasp her butt and pull her roughly against his cock.  She let out a harsh whimper and kissed him harder, tugging at his hair.  Ludwig opened his eyes and said lowly, his voice a crashing symphony of desire, "I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you."  And when he kissed her next, it was layered with overwhelming sentiment, affection, reverence.
He chuckled again and then dragged her shirt up over her head in one fluid movement.  Then he stepped out of his pants and brushed his dress shirt away.  "Come on," he told her, and suddenly pulled her up into his arms.  She went with a surprised laugh and he walked them to the bedroom.
Lydia was not expecting the sight she was met with when they entered said room.  Ludwig was not a romantic.  He didn't often buy her flowers or take her out, and she had grown accustomed to quiet nights at home.  But tonight the bedroom was changed, made beautiful by fluttered rose petals and the gentle sway of candles.  The lights were set down low, the room was tidier than Lydia had left it that morning, and everything seemed to be perfect.  She laughed and Ludwig carefully set her down, smiling softly at her as she took in his work.
"Do you like it?" he asked her, even though he already knew her answer.  She curled her arms around his waist and leaned up to kiss him, breathing out a tender, "Yes," against his mouth.  He smiled wider and pulled her closer, splaying his hands out against her back and sighing.  "…That's good," he breathed.  And the kiss grew steadily faster, headier, more insistent.
Ludwig sighed out again, but this time there was an edge in his eyes.  He blinked down at her and then eased his hands around her to unhook her bra.  Slowly he slid it away, and gazed down at her breasts with barely concealed veneration that made Lydia shiver into him.  His hands continued their path down her spine, slipping into the waistline of her pants and tugging them down, down her long legs.  And then she was as naked as him, when no remaining clothing covered her from his gaze, Ludwig pushed her gently back, back towards the bed.
Her knees hit the edges of it and then Lydia was falling onto the mattress with a surprised gasp.  Ludwig didn't give her any time at all to adjust to the situation.  He merely hooked his hands around her thighs and dragged her to the very edge of the bed, kneeling in front of her and immediately descending upon her throbbing flesh. 
Her reaction pushed him over the edge.  She arched her back almost violently and moaned, loudly in surprise and pleasure.  "Ludwig!" she gasped, clutching onto the sheets and bucking her hips forward.  But he intercepted them and pushed them back down, roughly.  His tongue lapped her up and he inhaled the delicious scent of her musky arousal.  He was so aroused by the sight and sounds of her that he muttered a curse against her and dragged one hand down to palm his own erection.
He went fast and hard, his mouth whirring against her in such a way that it was impossible to stop her release from quickly overtaking her.  Her orgasm ripped her up and tore her to pieces.  It happened so brutally that Lydia couldn't even make a sound as she lay there, prone on the bed.  Her mouth opened in a silent scream and she bucked her hips roughly into his face, but the only noise she made was a strangled sort of whimper that went right to Ludwig's head.  He moaned for her, drinking her up and pumping his cock through his fingers as he watched her unravel.  It was a sight he wouldn't soon forget, and it made him harder than ever as she gasped and collapsed back against the sheets.
For a brief moment, Ludwig couldn’t do anything but watch her.  Watch the way she was gasping sharply, breasts heaving, trembling.  The way she seemed completely out of it, like she'd forgotten he was even there at all.  But then he couldn't stop himself any longer.  He pushed himself onto the bed and crawled up her form, and she blinked at him in lazy desire as he gently kissed her.
"Are you still hard?" she laughed, her voice strained but easy.  She glanced down at his cock, feeling it brush over her skin.  He chuckled as well and his kisses turned playful, lighthearted but powerful as he dragged them along her jaw and then down to the underside of her chin.  And further, further down her neck as he littered her with soft nibbles and teasing caresses.
"If you're asking me whether or not I still want to fuck you, the answer is yes," he told her, and watched her cheeks redden just a little.  His amusement must have played out over his expression, because she laughed and slapped his on the shoulder, rolling her eyes.  But then she was growing serious again and she curled her legs around his waist and jerked him against her, and Ludwig stopped because it felt good, really good.  She drew her hands down his spine and then back up, dragging her nails over his skin.  Then she purred out an inviting, "Then stop stalling and fuck me, Ludwig."  And the way she said his name had him erupting into delicious little shivers that, if possible, made him even harder.
"Ja, Frau," [3] he said with a smile, and took her words to heart.  A moment later, he was lining himself up and pushing his cock into her, and Lydia was sighing out as he hilted himself.  And then there was no such 'stalling' involved, whatsoever.  Ludwig was harder than ever and he wanted only one thing, and he pushed them forward at a pace that Lydia couldn't really complain about, because it felt delicious having him rush in and out of her like that. 
She came quickly after that.  Her already sensitive flesh didn't stand a chance against him, and soon Lydia was throwing herself into his arms and gasping out his name, moaning and coming and throbbing around his cock, and making him grit his teeth and race after her.  The sensations of her release was really too much for him to handle at this point, and it was soon after that Ludwig finished.  He moaned low and pressed his face into her neck, thrusting into her harshly and then more languidly, relaxed as he drew out the remnants of his orgasm.
He dragged himself out of her after a while, and Lydia raised an eyebrow at him in shock when she realized that he wasn't as pliable as he normally would be.  "Don't tell me you're still hard," she said, lifting herself up on her elbows.  Her husband chuckled in embarrassment and blushed, laying on his back.  When he didn't answer her, she laughed, "Did you take Viagra or something?"  But her joke had the adverse effect on him.  Ludwig scoffed but grinned, pushing her down below him as he suddenly rolled onto her.  She giggled and pushed him playfully, but didn't complain when he lowered his mouth to hers.
"You'll pay for that," he warned her huskily, and Lydia hummed out a pleased, "I'm sure I will."  And they settled down once more in each other's arms, lips moving lazily as their love grew and grew and grew.

[1] Liebling: Love

[2] Ficken, Ich komme!: Fuck, I'm coming!

[3] Ja, Frau: Yes, ma'am



  1. OH MY SWEET LORD YOU DID MY REQUEST I'M SCREAMING THANK YOU SO MUCH. It was perfect perfect I've never gotten this aroused/excited over a lemon it Holy crap. I saw there was a new Germany lemon cause i was needin' one and i opened it and was like OHMYCRAP she actually did MINE and now I am dead someone send help. Send a Germany. Right now. Schiebe.

  2. Wow...... can i have some more?