Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Hibari Kyouya Lemon -- Tied

Character: Hibari Kyouya

Fandom: Katekyo HItman Reborn!

OC: Chiyo Kotori, innocent, long brown hair, pale

Inspiration: Wrapped up in Ribbons :3

Chiyo was sweet, innocent.  She wasn't well-versed in matters of the heart or the flesh.  She often felt those boundaries collide with the rest of her.  It was more poignant as she began to grow into a woman.  Her naivety became her backdrop, the area of herself she would rely upon, and it was one of the things she hated most about herself.  Which was why she decided to do something about it.
She'd asked Kyoko for ideas, and Bianchi ended up getting involved.  Hibari Kyouya was a difficult man to please and she needed all the help she could get.  And yet the idea they'd settled upon somehow seemed a lot better when it was being discussed around the table at their favorite coffee shop.  
Ribbons.  They were everywhere.  Long red strips of silk tied around pale, flushed, quivering skin.  A big, festive bow wrapped it all up, pushed a little off to the side as it lay atop her head.  And skin.  Skin everywhere, skin and silk and hardly anything else, and it had Chiyo's heart pumping feverishly in nervous abandonment.  This was not like her, not at all.  This was crass and bold and amusing.  And there wasn't anything sweet or innocent about it.
Those were the first thoughts that slammed into her lover's head when he opened their bedroom door and saw her sitting there.  Surprise, that she was not being her usual self.  Intrigue, because he wanted to know why.  And then came the darker thoughts, the ones trapped up in heat and the barest hint of desire.  The ones that centered around pushing away all that stupid ribbon, tilting her chin back and kissing her hard, bruising passion into that pale, delicate skin.
Kyouya dropped the leather work case he'd taken to work that morning.  It landed with a heavy thud, which appeared to snap him out of the daze he'd fallen into.  Then he crossed his arms and dropped his eyes, haughtily looking her over with a gaze that seemed like he was judging her.  It made Chiyo's embarrassment skyrocket.  She curled in on herself and looked anywhere but at him, suddenly all too aware of the fact that she was basically naked.  If not for the slash of ribbon across her breasts, circling her thighs, covering up the rest of her, she'd be completely bare.
"What's this?" Kyouya asked, watching her carefully.  He saw the grimace that flashed through her eyes and wondered at it.  His voice was low like it usually was, but even lower somehow.  Like it had shifted from bitter to dark chocolate.  Like it was composed of all the sharp and flat keys on a piano.  He raised an eyebrow when she didn't immediately reply, and scoffed a little.  The noise made her peer up at him with too-innocent eyes, eyes that didn't suit the current situation at all. 
He remained silent for another painfully long moment, then stepped into the room and said, "Those female herbivores put you up to this, didn't they."  It wasn't a question because he already knew, it was already obvious.  His sweet, innocent Chiyo wouldn't think of doing this on her own, so it had to be a set up.  He leaned down to pick up his work case and then moved to put it on a nearby chair, completely ignoring her as he loosened his tie and slid it off.
Chiyo watched him tug his suit jacket off and hang it over the chair.  Watched him step out of his shoes.  Watched him pop the first few buttons of his shirt.  And then she straightened her back and told herself to be strong.  She could seduce Hibari Kyouya.  She knew, because she'd done it before. 
"Yes," she admitted, and he paused and looked at her, as though surprised that she actually spoke.  She swallowed back another harsh wave of nervousness and said, "But I…I wanted to do something for you this Christmas.  So I went to ask them…you know, what I should…do."  She laughed a humorless little laugh because she still managed to sound nervous, and the corner of Kyouya's mouth curled up in the rawest, briefest smirk.
He turned toward her and stepped forward slowly, slowly, until his knees were grazing the mattress.  She looked up at him with those impossibly wide eyes, and he looked down at her in a dangerous, wicked way that told her this was far from over.  Then, he pushed a bent knee onto the bed, crawling up her body until his mouth hovered above hers.  She all but shook beneath him, shivering violently, a mass of nerves and shifting emotion.
The tables were so drastically turned in his favor that Chiyo could only lay there beneath him, wondering at his next move.  She almost yelped when once large hand slipped around the back of her knee and pushed up her thigh.  The strangled noise of surprise made her blush darkly and close her eyes, and Kyouya gave another one of those sinisterly amused smirks.  But he didn't relent.  He traced up the curling mass of ribbons and drifted up her hipbone, finally sliding around her waist as his lips lowered slowly.
His breath hit her hard and shook her down, pinning her just below him.  His proximity was making her heart wildly beat against her chest and she was sure he could hear it.  But he only smirked, his eyes flashing, his fingers flexing over her skin.  And then he spoke, and his voice was a symphony of cascading danger and pleasure and desire that was so dark, so endless it made her gasp.  "You're my present?  I get to unwrap you?"  his mouth brushed over hers and her lips quivered in response.
But then she smiled, still nervous and aching but a tiny bit more confident, because he wasn't completely ignoring her like he was doing before.  "There's not much to unwrap," she told him, just a little cheeky, and he made a noise that was partially agreement but mostly something else, something that matched the swirling smoke of his eyes.
They stared at each other for a long moment, and then Chiyo blushed and whispered out an unsure, "…Do you like it?"  Because she hoped he did.  She went so far out of her comfort zone to do this for him and she hoped it was worth it.  Kyouya didn't say yes or no.  Didn't give any sort of verbal response.  Instead, he erased the distance between their mouths and kissed her, and the emotions behind his lips was all the answer she needed.
Her fingers tangled into his hair and she gave a little breathless moan.  His mouth was hot against hers and rough, rough and raw and dominant.  He often kissed her like that, with that harsh control, and it always left her weak in the knees.  She tilted her head to deepen the kiss and he acquiesced, pining her down against the pillows as his mouth burned over hers. 
His hand shifted up her waist and, before Chiyo knew what was happening, he was sliding the ribbon away from her breast and taking it into his palm.  She blushed but let him touch her, enjoying the feel of his rough fingers skimming over one of the most sensitive areas of her body.  And when his knee suddenly shoved her leg aside and pushed up against her core, Chiyo could only sink against him and moan. 
He lips broke from hers and for a moment, Kyouya stared down at her bruised mouth and flushed cheeks.  Then he made a noise in the back of his throat, like he was pleased at how obviously she wanted him, and ducked his head down to kiss her breasts.  He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked, hard but gentle in a manner that was his alone, and Chiyo arched her back and cried out in pleasure.
His tongue was hot and steady against her skin and he drank her up, pulling her to his mouth with strong hands that lifted her right off the mattress.  Chiyo grasping the fabric of his shirt, shifted her hands to cup his neck and bring him closer.  She felt like she was on fire and it only got worse, only burned brighter when his knee moved roughly over her core, jerking against her in an almost painful way.  But painful or not, pleasure still managed to shot through her like pointed stars that clung to her skin, and Chiyo cried out again because this never got old, having him above her and controlling every single aspect of her desire.  It never got old and it never would.
Kyouya hummed against her breast and ducked his lips down to kiss over her stomach.  His free hand tore a path in front of his searching mouth, ripping away as much ribbons as he could.  He pulled back onto his knees and both hands slid down her thighs, taking all the curled satin along with him and tossing it over his shoulder.  He was unwrapping her in the most commanding way possible and it was delicious, delicious even as he hooked a finger between her pounding core and the last bit of ribbon and jerked it away.
She didn't move an inch.  Her heart was ricocheting through her body without direction or warning.  Her thoughts were spinning haphazardly through her head and washing away the little common sense she had left.  All she could do was lay there and blush as Kyouya's eyes drank her in, drifting over her wet arousal as his hands forced her thighs apart.
"K-Kyouya…" she gasped, her voice a breathless heap of jagged emotion.  She didn't like when he stared at her like that, like he was seeing her for the very first time.  It made her nervous and embarrassed and all sorts of other things which left her unsure of herself.  But he ignored her.  His stared at her until he felt satisfied, until the sight of her trembling body was locked away in his mind, and then he gave her that sinful little smirk that always set her nerves afire and lowered his head.
The moment his mouth descended on her, she was gone.  It was like the skies opened up on her and swallowed her whole.  Like her body burst into flames that endlessly caged her with heat.  Her veins were on fire.  Her eyes were on fire.  Her legs, her thoughts, her breasts, they were all on fire and there was nothing she could do about it.  Not with Kyouya's tongue lapping her up, not with his fingers pumping idly into her core, not with his lips sucking and kissing and thrumming over her.
Her fingers jerked into his hair and pulled him roughly closer, and Kyouya would never admit it but he loved it.  The moment when all her innocence would be drown out and extinguished by desire.  When she would shed away those silly fears and become just as rough as him.  And he kissed her harder, pumped faster as a reward of sorts.  The taste of her musky arousal had him craving more and she was eager for him to take it all, and he would.  He would take everything she had and make her into someone new, and little by little he would erase that innocence and make her completely, utterly his.
She cried out and her hips bucked forward.  He caught them easily and forced them back down.  The manner in which she moved made it clear that she was near her end, and he hastened his pace because he wanted to see it, wanted to see her cry out his name and come for him.  Her hands tightened against his scalp and she tried to buck her hips again, but this time he was ready. 
"Kyouya!  K-Kyouya, I'm gonna come.  Gonna come - !"  she moaned loudly.  Her back arched and she saw stars carved into her eyes and the ceiling and the world fell around her in waves.  She felt only him, his hands roughly thrusting her down, his breath hot against her core, his fingers deep inside her, his tongue jerking against her clit.  Then she felt herself floating and sinking and drowning and flying, she felt herself crying out and coming, and the pleasure within her manifested in her voice as she cried out his name endlessly.
It was an ending that made her immediately want more.  She opened her eyes and looked down at him, only to see that he had already lifted his head and was staring up at her face.  And the sight of him, the wet, bruised lips, the blown eyes, the way he clearly wanted to fuck her and never stop, it all went to her head.  All at once she was throbbing again, as though she hadn't just had an orgasm that blasted right through her and left her utterly groundless.  She wanted him so fiercely that she couldn't even breathe.
Slowly he crawled up her form, slowly he kissed her, but with lips that weren't gentle and weren't soft.  He kissed her with lethargic control, lazy dominance that swept through her and made her want him all the more.  And then, against her aching, trembling lips, Kyouya growled out a single word, low and hot and heavy.  "Shirt."
It was an order that had her on the edges of shivers, an order that he knew she would follow unconditionally.  She shakily raised her hands up his chest and began tugging at the buttons of his dress shirt.  And as she undid them one by one, he hovered above her and watched her progress, his lips barely a centimeter away.
Chiyo pushed the starchy fabric over his shoulders and it dropped away like water.  Then she slowly dragged her hands from his shoulders to his chest and lower, lower, until she was unzippering his pants and sliding her fingers into the hem of them.  His eyes were dilated and bathed with desire as she did, so so ready to be rid of the fabric restraints that kept him and her apart.  And when she finally got both his trousers and his boxers down his thighs, Kyouya took matters into his own hands as he jerked the clothing away. 
He was hard and ready for her, curled up against his stomach.  And suddenly his cock was pressing against her thigh, barely brushing over her core as Kyouya leaned down to kiss her again.  One hand came up to gruffly skim over a breast, then he clutched her chin and tipped her head back and dominated her mouth once more.  And all the while, his shaft was making her pound something awful for him, all too aware at his proximity and what it could do to her.
The kiss dissolved and Kyouya eased forward.  "Spread your legs," he muttered, his voice a myriad of lustful, aching passion.  The order nearly made Chiyo collapse into shivers, but she managed to obey him.  Shakily she did so, wrapping her legs around his waist as he dove forward.  His tip pushed into her, then before she knew it, the rest of him followed.  When he was sheathed fully inside her, Chiyo let out a shaky moan that didn't give her pleasure justice.
She was already wet and he slid into her easily.  His hardened flesh pinned her down in quick, smooth strokes that had her gasping and moaning.  She clutched at him, scrabbled at his shoulders for a hold, and Kyouya lowered his head against her neck as he rocked forward and back, forward and back.
The pleasure became an extreme balance that shifted and pulled at them, like waves or a storm or fervent winds.  Kyouya growled out a moan and it thrummed over her skin.  Her legs tightened around him and she sought to bring him closer, closer. 
"Kyouya," she moaned, pushing her head back against the pillows.  He let out a sharp exhalation and moved to kiss at her neck, beneath her jaw, over her ear.  Her hands shifted down to grasp at his lower back, scraping her nails gently up his spine and making him shiver into her.  He rarely voiced his passion but she could feel it build within him, and she knew that he was on the edge of it, placed precariously on a thread that was about to snap. 
His lips rose up to kiss her again and she was drowning suddenly against him.  An orgasm spiked through her and she clung to him, feeling the beginnings of it burn right through her.  "Kyouya!  Nng!" she gasped and it was a muffled burst of noise against his insistent mouth, which took her lips in such a primal way that it left her forgetting everything.  Herself, her name, the ribbons that littered the floor.  She remembered only him as he shifted above her and made her his and his alone.
Her release coiled within her and she cried out as it rushed through her fingers, pushing off that thread and that cliff, that edge which ran between him and her.  She cried out his name and arched her back and he pulled back to stare at her.  And his eyes were flashed through with thunder and passion and a twisted mess of vigorous hunger.  And the throbbing of her core around his cock, the vibrations of her release, the tightness of her end, it all made him curse and push forward, thrusting faster, racing toward his own finish.
"Ah~" Chiyo breathed.  Her hips bucked into his and he forced them down with the force of his thrusts, pushing his throbbing member into her even as he came.  His heat shot through her like melted metal and melded through her veins.  She clutched at his shoulders and watched him through blurry eyes, watched as his expression turned from lustful to relieved to something in between.  Watched as his eyes opened and his thrusts turned to slow, sporadic shifts.  Watched as he sighed out and brushed his mouth against hers, as though thanking her in that silent way of his.
They lay like that for a while, and then he made a soft noise and pushed off of her.  She turned to him and watched as he closed his eyes and threw his arms behind his head, the image of relaxation.  And she smiled, happy that she'd gone to seek Kyoko and Bianchi's help, happy that he seemed to enjoy the results of it, and happy that he was there with her.  That he liked, perhaps even loved her enough to let her stay by his side.
She crawled against him and he slid an eye open a bit to stare at her.  Then Kyouya sighed out and pulled her close, roughly pinning her to his side.  Her cheeks blossomed with red but she came closer anyway, splaying her hand against his chest and heaving out a pleased sigh.
Then she gave a secretive smile.  She'd have to go back and get more ideas from the other two girls.  After all, New Years was just around the corner~



  1. That was amazing good idea with the silk ribbon.

  2. Aww, this was AWESOME! It kinda reminds me of Walter from Hellsing for some weird ass reason (guess it's the red ribbon somehow.)