Monday, January 20, 2014

A Japan Lemon -- Wrapped

Character: Japan

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Nanashi Kurohana, absentminded, nonchalant

Inspiration: Lend me your coat

It was snowing, just a little.  Just enough to flutter down over the houses and the streets, just enough to bring stark contrast to Kiku's hair, eyelashes, coat.  Nanashi blinked at him as they walked toward his house, which was just coming into view.  She'd been surprised when he had agreed to see a movie with her, but hadn't let the chance skip over her.  And now, after it was all said and done, Nanashi was feeling very pleased with herself, and very curious as to what else she could make him do that night.
"What is it?" he asked, noticing her staring at him.  His eyes didn't give any of his emotions away but they would, if she had anything to say on the matter.  She leaned in and hooked her arm through his, pouting up at him, "I'm cold."  He sighed.
"We're almost there," he told her, but stopped to take his coat off anyway.  A moment later he was draping it over Nanashi's shoulders and she was smiling up at him with eyes he recognized all too well.  Mischief.  It was all over her face, made her gaze explode with brilliant light.  It made him wary.
He turned to walk down the street but her hands pulled at his arm, tugging him back.  In Kiku's surprise, he didn't stop the contact and soon found himself directly in front of her, their faces hovering barely centimeters away.  This time, his eyes showed her his curiosity.  They stared at each other for a long moment, then Kiku whispered a low, slightly unsteady, "…What is it?"  The repeated words made Nanashi smirk.
She shrugged lightly and leaned in to nuzzle her nose against his cheek.  His eyes slid half closed as he watched her bring her mouth steadily closer to his.  When she spoke, Nanashi's voice was light, like a drizzle of syrup.  "I want you to kiss me."  Her lips gingerly brushed over his and Kiku swallowed thickly.
She was playing with him, pushing his barriers and wondering how far she could get.  It didn't surprise him and it didn't particularly make him angry, either.  He wouldn't ever admit it but he liked this, the way she brought him out of his comfort zone and made him see little slices of her world, which was bright and lovely and colorful.  He liked it and he liked her, and having her so close was doing silly things to his reluctant heart.
She fingers his tie and smiled softly, looking a little defeated.  "But since I know you don't like to initiate things," she whispered, drawing ever closer, pressing her body against him, slipping her hand around his back.  Then she finished, "I'm just going to kiss you, instead."  And she did.
It was slow and startlingly comfortable.  Kiku stared at her as she moved her mouth against his, overcome by the sudden desire to kiss her back.  This was not entirely new to them, but it always managed to throw Kiku off guard whenever she kissed him like that, and he could only stand there stiffly and stare.  But Nanashi didn't seem to mind.  She smiled against his lips and her eyes slid open.  She murmured an amused, "Kiku…you're supposed to kiss me back."  She didn't say anything else but it was enough, and when she kissed him again he moved his lips with hers, gently, hesitantly.
It wasn’t the smoothest kiss but it did make her crave more of him.  The soft way his lips moved with hers had Nanashi leaning into him and kissing him harder, more insistently.  He kept up as best he could, his cheeks blossoming with tender pinks.  He slid his hands over her sides and drew her closer, their breaths intermingling so intensely that soon there was no beginning and no end.  Just the temperate, voracious middle.
More, it was all they wanted.  Kiku realized this with a start, a surprised inhalation that came and went against her lips in moments.  Then he was lost again, dragged beneath the current of his own sudden desire, struggling with the concept of being so close to her and yet so far.  And it was that thought that made him pull away and tug her towards his house.  She laughed a little and went, skipping in front of him and pulling him harder as they stumbled for the front door.
Nanashi rarely saw this side of Kiku.  It was always hidden away from her, always shrouded by his stiff personality.  But on nights like tonight, when it did resurface, Nanashi knew she'd have to take it while the chance remained within her grasp.  So when they finally made it inside and shut the door behind them, she dragged Kiku back into her arms and kissed him again, this time with all the forces of her passion, desire, love.
He was surprised by the depth of that love.  Surprised by the way it clashed and molded with stark need, bordered on impatience.  He was surprised but he could do nothing except cave into her like a sky falling down against the earth.  He slid his arms gingerly around her and let her kiss him like her life depended upon it.  There was no way he could keep up with her but Kiku enjoyed it nonetheless.  The feel of her body and the workings of her blazing emotions.
"Help me with this coat," she muttered against his lips, wiggling a little as she tried to get the clothing away.  Kiku felt himself smiling a bit at the sight.  He watched her for a very brief moment and then helped her, dropping it to the floor just as Nanashi grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him back in.  He made a startled noise against her mouth that quickly morphed into a moan as she pulled him toward the couch.
Kiku fell onto it with a light huff and looked up at Nanashi.  She hovered by his legs, wearing a vivid smirk that made her eyes shine.  For a moment, all Kiku could do was stare at her, at the sight she made, but then Nanashi started to unbutton the dress she was wearing and Kiku's mouth fell open in surprise.  "W-What are you - ?"
She laughed and slipped the fabric off her shoulders.  "Don't think so much, Kiku."  And when the dress was nothing but cloth on the floor, Nanashi slid forward and straddled his hips, rolling her body against his and watching his eyes flutter closed in anticipation and stifled desire.  She smiled softly at him and pressed her lips to his neck.  His head leaned back to accommodate her and she chuckled a little, dragging her mouth over his skin and leaving little red marks in her wake.  Then she raised her lips to his ear and licked the lobe of it, feeling him shiver and wrap his hands around her back.  "In situations like this," she whispered, voice low and powerful, "I find it's best to just relax and let things happen."
He moaned a little when she took his earlobe between her teeth and tugged, swiping her tongue over the captured flesh.  Her fingers started over his shirt and jerked it out of his pants, where he'd tucked it in.  Then she swiftly began to undo it, leaning back to watch the results unfold beneath her hands. 
He let her take his shirt off.  There was little else Kiku could in when she was sitting nearly naked atop him, making his heart splutter weakly.  And when she lowered her lips to kiss a trail over his chest, hovering for a moment over the place where that heart of his was having so much trouble, Kiku could barely even take a breath.  He just watched.  Watched the way her mouth descended upon a nipple, watched her fingers splay out against his stomach, watched as they closed in on the hemline of his pants.
Nanashi had an impatient streak, which happened to be raging wildly within her now.  She didn't hesitate to unzip Kiku's pants, didn't hesitate to gently drag his erection out of them.  And when she brashly raised her eyes to his, Kiku was blushing heatedly and totally blown away by her boldness.  And more than a little turned on by it.
"…Are you okay with this?" she asked, sliding her hands back up his chest and kissing him softly.  She saw the hesitance in his eyes and knew that this territory was meant to be explored slowly, reverently.  Never mind that this wasn't the first time she had seen Kiku's body.  It was still special, still important.
He sighed out shakily against her lips and nodded.  With a barely coherent whisper, Kiku breathed, "I…I want this…"  And they shared bashful smiles that made everything seem much easier, much more effortless.
She curled her hand around his length and watched his expression change from the contact.  He let out a long, heavy sigh as she began to gently pump him in and out of her fingers.  Her thumb brushed over his tip and he swallowed back a moan.  Just having her touch him like that turned him on like nothing else, and Kiku was overcome by the desire to have more of her, as much as he could.  But his thoughts were buried as she picked up her pace, tugging at his hardened flesh and watching him conform beneath her touch.
Their lips met again in a heated, messy kiss that shook them both to their cores.  She ached for him, ached to feel him within her, ached to become whole with him.  His hands dragged up her back and he fiddled with her bra, unhooking it and shoving it off her shoulders.  Then his hands lightly, gently cupped her breasts and thumbed over her nipples, watching with lustful eyes as she whimpered his name and sighed.
"I don't think I can wait anymore," she murmured, looking down at him.  Kiku nodded and he tucked his hands into her panties, pushing them away.  She helped him, dropping them onto the floor without another glance.  And when she turned back to face him in all her bare glory, Kiku pushed forward and tugged her mouth back to his, eager to kiss her and feel her and take her.  Then he pulled her down and she began taking him into her, slowly with a certain reverence that left them both breathless.
Nanashi moaned and clutched at his shoulders, raising her hips into little thrusts that made the discomfort of their union ebb away.  When it was fully gone, her pace increased into a steady tempo that had Kiku gasping and pulling her closer.  He watched her body move above him, watched her eyes as they filled and overflowed with passion, watched as she directed that passion at him.  It was so erotic that he couldn't stop himself from thrusting upward, matching her in her lovemaking and surprising her yet again. 
Nanashi looked down at him, her eyes full of that surprise.  She chuckled breathlessly and leaned into him, pressing kisses over his neck and jaw.  His hands slid over her bottom and dragged her down into deeper thrusts, thrusts that had her moaning out his name in that delightfully low, honeyed voice of hers.
"Oh!" he cried, pushing faster.  He felt suspended, like he was hanging between two edges that both had the potential to make him see stars.  He was nearly there, he felt his orgasm building up deliciously within him, felt the coil of it snap and shatter over his skin like fractured glass.  "Th-this is - ah!" his head slammed back and Nanashi hurried to catch up as his finish swept through the entirety of him, making him gasp and pound and moan.  And the sight of him coming so roughly had Nanashi struggling to keep her own orgasm at bay.  So she just gave into it, feeling the waves of it push her right over the edge.  She buried her face into his shoulder and moaned loudly.
They sat there for a long time afterwards, just breathing in and out and letting their hearts slow down.  Then after what seemed like ages, Nanashi raised herself up and smiled down at him, pressing a kiss against his cheek before sliding off of him.  He watched her go, trying to ignore the stagnant loss of her warmth as it slid from his fingers. 
There would be other times, other times when he'd feel that warmth and take it all.  There would be other times but for now, Kiku was content to watch her make his life brilliant with her presence.  He smiled and slowly stood, stepping up to her and pulling her into his arms with a satisfied sigh.  Tonight, he was happy.



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