Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Kuroko Tetsuya Lemon -- Distant

Character: Kuroko Tetsuya

Fandom: Kuroko no Basket

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: I apologize in advance for this one.  It was ridiculously hard to write.  Hope I kept Kuroko in character!

"How did you like it?" you asked curiously, staring at your boyfriend as took a final bite of the dinner you had cooked.  He blinked at you from across the small table and shrugged, "It was good."  You scoffed and nudged his leg with your foot, making him stare at you for a moment and then look down, his cheeks very slightly pink. 
It was the first blush of the day and it made you smile.  Today was the first of many things, in fact, considering how you just arrived in your home town after four months in your boarding school.  It felt like ages since you'd last seen him, and you knew you had a lot of catching up to do before you went back in two weeks. 
"I heard you joined the basketball team," you said, standing up to clear the dishes.  He stood too, stacking the plates and putting them in the sink.  As he turned the water on and began washing them, Kuroko hummed and responded, "Mm.  I'm starting to like it again.  Basketball." 
You stared at his back and frowned, noting the way his voice was sort of sad, like he was remembering why he'd stopped liking the sport to begin with.  With a soft sigh you went to him, wrapping your arms around his waist and pressing yourself against his back.  He paused for a second and glanced at you from over his shoulder.  "[Name]?"  But the question in his eyes was put to rest when your hands began to rub over his chest, soothingly at first but with an increase of passion, and he sagged against the counter because he wasn't expecting it.  Wasn't expecting how much he seemed to want it.
You pressed a kiss against his back and hummed, gently slipping your fingers beneath his shirt.  You had dreamt of touching him for so long, of his reaction and of the way it would make you feel, and now that you were home it felt like all your wishes had opened up and fallen straight into your outstretched hands.
"Kuroko, you missed me, right?" you whispered, splaying your hands out over his bare chest.  Your thumb brushed over a taut nipple and he bit his lip hard, feeling his cheeks turn pink from nervousness and desire.  The odd mix of emotion made his head spin.  But he couldn't possibly stop you, couldn't turn you away because he'd wanted this too, this touch and the feel of you pressed against him so intimately.  And even though he would never admit it, it made Kuroko so happy.
"A-ah…yes," he murmured, swallowing thickly as he felt your fingers slide down his abdomen and trace hem of his pants.  He felt sharp desire tear through him as you slowly undid the button of his jeans.  The heat of your body and the insistence of your fingers made him grip the edges of the counter and close his eyes tightly.  He couldn't focus on washing the dishes anymore.  All his attention was fixated on you, on the way you slipped those fingers into his boxers and touched him, and he couldn't breathe or do anything but let the essence of you sink against the essence of him.
"Turn around," you half whispered, half growled at him.  There was a husk in your voice, a certain earthy desire that left him hanging in the center of his own hesitant passion.  Slowly he turned, eyes locking onto yours at the first chance he had.  And he saw fire, a gentle sort of burning that ricocheted through him, as well.  He softly pulled you closer and then his eyes fluttered shut again, because your hand had circled his member again and it felt ridiculously good.
"You're getting harder," you smiled, and kissed his cheek.  Your words made a heady blush spread over his pale skin.  You couldn't stop yourself from kissing the edges of that heat, dragging your lips over his skin until you reached his mouth.  And when you pushed a rather persistent kiss to his lips, you were rather surprised at the way Kuroko immediately responded to you.  He deepened the kiss and pulled you closer, closer.
You couldn't explain or even understand the nature of your urgent handling of him.  All you knew was that it had been months.  Months since you'd last seen him or touched him or held him.  Months since the last time you'd seen that particular expression on his face.  And you selfishly wanted more.
So you slowly broke the kiss, slowly began to lower yourself to the ground.  Kuroko watched silently, his cheeks a vibrant display of red.  He knew what was coming and knew what it would make him feel, but he was utterly unprepared for the results of your touch regardless.  And when you began to take him into your mouth and gently pump him, it made him unravel far faster than he thought possible.
"O-ohhh," he bit his lip but couldn't hold back his moan, and his cheeks turned darker in his embarrassment.  But it only pleased you, only made you want to touch him more.  You bobbed your head a little and hummed, sending vibrations over the growing length of him and making him curl his fingers into your hair. 
You drew your tongue over the base of him, slowly tracing the bulging vein that ran beneath his erection.  When you reached his tip, you licked over it and took it into your mouth, softly sucking on it.  You peered up at him and the face he was making, all desire and heady passion, made you go faster.  A moment more and you were once again taking the entirety of him into your mouth and pumping hard.  And you knew he was beginning to feel the final effects of your touches, because his hips bucked forward just a little and he was panting out your name.
You brought him to a slow but definite finish.  Kuroko couldn't stop his release as it pushed and pulled its way through him.  He tightened his grasp on your hair and gently pulled you closer.  You went, sucking eagerly on him as you drew him closer and closer to release.  And when at last he came, it was with a surprised, delicious moan that sounded vaguely like you name.
He gasped and stared down at you, wondering at the way you so easily turned him on.  It always surprised him, always shook him down and caught him off guard when he realized the full extent of his affection for you, and the way it went right to his head when you were like this.  You slowly drew back and looked up at him.  He studied your bruised mouth, your dilated eyes, your mussed up hair.  And he suddenly wanted to bruise your mouth further, make your eyes positively explode. 
You raised your eyebrow at the look in his eyes, curious at the way he stared at you.  Then you grinned because you knew that look, knew that he was silently telling you that this was far from over, in his own quiet way.  And it made you more than excited, more than pleased.  You slowly stood and he marveled at the easy quality of your smile and at the relaxed way you leaned into him.
You kissed his cheek and murmured, "Should we take a shower?"  And he blushed just a little, because even though he had gotten used to being intimate with you, it still made him a little nervous every time.  But tonight it didn't matter.  Kuroko slowly nodded and let you drag him away.  And that was how you spent the rest of the evening, warm and happy and making full use of your limited time together.



  1. I have to say that you seemed to get Kuroko down with his character.

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  3. This was marvelous. Great work.

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  6. very nice 10 out of 10 would recommend (im male so this was kinda funny, i still liked it :O)

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