Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Midorima Shintaro Lemon -- Green

Character: Midorima Shintaro

Fandom: Kuroko no Basket

OC: Lavender Walker, white hair, blue eyes

Inspiration: Wrapped up in Ribbons…except that prompt sort of walked out on me halfway through.  D':

The locker rooms were empty save him.  The rest of the team had slowly filed out after their game but Midorima had remained, taking his time as he toweled off his hair, wet from the shower he'd taken.  And that was where Lavender found him, sitting with his back to her with a towel hanging over his head.
She crept inside and quietly shut the door.  Her eyes were a myriad of wicked, crazy ideas that would no doubt see the light very soon.  She stared at him for a moment before silently stepping forward, but he already knew of her presence.  He scoffed and muttered, "I thought this was the boys locker room."  And the pointed look he sent her from over his shoulder would have made anyone else cringe.  But not her, never her, and it infuriated him to no end.
She scoffed too and swung her leg over the bench behind him so that she sort of straddled the seat.  Then she pushed her body into his and circled her arms around his waist, cutting off all forms of escape.  Smirking, she murmured, "Technicalities.  Besides, you'll like the reason I'm here.  Promise."
He was stiff beneath her touch, as always.  Midorima ignored her with a short roll of his eyes and instead turned his attention to his wet hair.  But Lavender intercepted him before he could completely write her off, pushing her hands up to his head and brushing his away.  He sighed but let her, trying not to admit how nice it felt, having someone else touch him. 
She pouted and wondered, "You're not gonna ask what the reason is?"  His silence didn't particularly surprise her.  He closed his eyes and said, "I refuse to bargain with you like a child."  And Lavender hummed a little, amused at his response but a little impatient, too.  Because he'd like the surprise.  Maybe not at first, but definitely in the end.  She'd make sure of it.  With a rather rough push of the towel, she chuckled and said, "But it has to do with your horoscope for today~"
He was interested, she could feel it in the way he paused before attempting to ignore her again.  He was interested but Midorima wouldn't ever show it.  But she'd already laid the groundwork of her plan and the rest of it would be easy.  With an amused smile, Lavender leaned in to press a kiss against the back of his neck.  Then she let the towel fall to the floor and once again curled her arms around his waist, running her hands up his chest as she pushed herself into his back.  He stiffened but didn't pull away, and that was what told her that she'd won, this time around. 
"Green," she whispered against the shell of his ear.  She could feel him trying his best to hold back a shiver but it didn't work, and his hands were shaking just a little as he clenched them into fists on his lap.  He inhaled sharply and said in a surprisingly steady voice, "…What?"  But really, he couldn't really think about words right now because her hands were slipping beneath his shirt and her lips were kissing down his neck.  And he could feel her very intimately.  Feel her breasts pressing into his shoulder blades and her core pressing against his rear and her legs pressing just outside his thighs. 
She chuckled and he swallowed at the way it sounded, all musk and low, deep fragrance and sex.  And when she spoke it went right to his head, all that musk and fragrance and sex, and made his thoughts spin wildly and very, very uncharacteristically.  And that was what made everything so delicious.
"Green, Midorima.  It's your lucky color today.  That's why…I decided to make my entire outfit green."  Her tongue flickered out to lick over the shell of his ear and she slowly lifted her hands to his face, showing him what he probably should have already seen but didn't, because he was too distracted.  Green ribbon, tied in a bow at her wrists, looping along her arms, making her skin luscious and pale.  He frowned because it confused him, a little, why she would do something like that.  But everything was made clear a moment later when she stood up and walked around to face him, letting him see the rest of her outfit. 
Green, everywhere.  He stared in surprise as she knelt before him, pushing his legs apart to nestle between them.  In the back of his mind, he knew what she was going to do, but the rest of him was still surprised when she idly played with the zipper of his pants and then dragged it down.  She peered up at him and smiled, "You'll never guess what I'm wearing underneath all this."  And she laughed because his face turned pink at the thought, just a little, and it looked good on him. 
"Wait - " he tried to say, because suddenly things were going much faster than he was comfortable with.  But she was already pulling his member out and the sight of her hovering above it did silly things to his head.  And he really couldn't stop her when she lowered her mouth down and took him against her tongue.  He really couldn't stop her and didn't want to, after that.  Because even though he would never, ever admit it, he loved the feel of her around the most sensitive part of him.  Loved it so much that he often found himself reluctantly wishing for it at random intervals of the day.
She didn't look away from his eyes as she began pumping him in and out of her mouth.  They stared at each other like they were under some sort of spell, as though looking away for even a second would make them shatter painfully apart.  She slid a hand to clutch at the hem of his shirt, and moved the other to wrap around the base of him.  And all the while he watched her, watched her, watched her. 
It was delicious in ways he couldn't possibly explain.  The sight of her and the feel of her tongue.  She pulled her mouth away and tilted his cock to the side, licking a path from the base to the tip and back down.  He shivered and tore his eyes away, finally.  His head fell back and his eyes closed and he just immersed himself in the way she was making him feel.  She pressed open mouthed kissed up the base of him.  Then she took the tip of him into her mouth and sucked, and it made him jerk his hips forward just a little, just enough to completely embarrass himself.  He blushed and cleared his throat, looking to the side even as she chuckled.
"Do you like my surprise, Midorima?" she asked lightly, her eyes twinkling with mirth and desire.  Seeing him like this, grudgingly aroused as he was, made her own arousal spike through her.  She laughed a little and licked his tip, tasting pre cum.  He was very hard now and it was a delicious sight.  She hummed against his erection and he cleared his throat again, but this time she could hear the edge of a moan in that scoff, and she knew he was just trying to hid it from her.  She smirked and murmured, "You can come, you know." 
His eyes clashed into hers in surprise, and she raised an eyebrow.  "What?  You're already this hard."  And, as though annunciating her words, she took him once more into her mouth and pumped, hard.  The sentence Midorima was preparing to say dragged off into a small moan.  His hips jerked forward again but this time Lavender was ready.  She pushed them back as best she could and took him deeper, pressing herself against him to compensate.  And the way she began to quickly pump him in and out of her mouth made his orgasm bloom at a ridiculously fast pace.
"S-stop, you're g-going too fast - !" he shut his eyes tightly, tunneled his fingers into her hair and dragged her closer.  He was going to come and it was all her fault, all her fault.  And his orgasm was almost painful as it tore through him, so quickly that he couldn't stop it even if he'd pushed her away and freed himself.  It ripped a delirious path under his skin and made him grit his teeth as he silently released into her mouth, hovering over her as he gasped and tried not to moan.  He watched her drink him in and it was a glorious sight, and when she drew back a moment later, he watched a drop of his cum slide down her chin. 
She hummed and encircled her arms around his waist, smiling up at him.  She stayed silent for a long moment, and then murmured, "Did you like it?"  And Midorima scoffed and looked away, refusing to give in and say it out loud, that he actually did like it, but he would punish her for going so insanely fast at the end.  She seemed to know where his thoughts were and laughed, snuggling into his stomach and sighing, "Sorry.  But the next game is supposed to start soon so we were running out of time." 
He didn't say anything.  He just ran his fingers through her hair silently, blushing just a tiny bit.  After a moment, she looked up at him and he was surprised to see how wicked her eyes had become, like little sinful diamonds.  "You know, Midorima," she whispered in a conspiring voice, "I really am wearing a lot of green today.  I was hoping I'd get to show you all of it."
And really, even he was powerless against the harsh spike of desire that shot its way through his body.  He was exposed, to her and to the feelings she gave him and to his own desires, which crashed against his skin like little hidden secrets.


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