Saturday, January 4, 2014

A South Italy Lemon -- Rage

Character: South Italy

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Lucia Morales, loud, fun loving, represents Mexico

Inspiration: Stuck in a broken down car~  ;3

It happened because of an accident.  Spain had invited a couple of countries over to celebrate Christmas with him.  Lucia had wanted to go but was having trouble figuring out how to get herself there.  So Antonio made Romano go pick her up.  Over an hour's drive away in a snowstorm.  Needless to say, Romano was not happy.  At all.
"Fuck," he muttered, hunched up over the steering wheel as he tried, and failed, to stay on the road.  Snow was coming down in heavy flurries that coated the landscape and made driving altogether impossible.  There were no cars out besides theirs, and it felt like they were in some eternal purgatory.  Romano cursed again and tried his best to ignore his companion, who was fiddling with the heat controls and managing to annoy him just by her presence.
"Relax, Romano.  It's Christmas Eve," Lucia gave him a crooked smile that he ignored, and then suddenly turned to the radio and hit the 'on' button.  The loud, hearty Christmas music that blasted through the car nearly made him swerve into a snow bank. 
He glared at her and angrily turned the radio off.  "Fuck, exactly, it's Christmas Eve and I have to spend it in a car with you - "
"I know, right!  It's such a wonderful way to spend the holidays," and she turned the radio back on before he could send her another one of his curdling retorts. 
He growled and they began a rather childish battle of turning the radio on and off.  But they were hardly a minute into it when suddenly the car lurched forward and then spluttered out.  They both stopped.  Romano's hand was stretched out toward the radio and a random Christmas song was blasting through the car, "It's a holly, jolly Christmas, it's the best time of the year…I don't know if there'll be snow, but have a cup of ch-"  "FUCK!" and the music shriveled up and died and Romano banged his head against the steering wheel and shouted curses that would make a grown man cringe.
And it was in this way that Romano jerked the car door open and struggled through the heavy wind and snow to the hood.  He slammed it open and disappeared behind it.  And Lucy sat there wondering if he would be really angry if she turned that song back on, cause it was one of her favorites.
"Oh well," she sighed, digging into her purse.  She already knew she wouldn't have service in this storm, but she checked her cell phone anyway.  Unsurprisingly, she had no bars at all, and she sighed again before dropping it back out of sight.  Then she leaned forward and peered through the windshield at the vague, shadowy figure of Romano.  She could barely see him but she could tell that he was furious, perhaps more so than she'd ever seen him.
A few long minutes later, he stumbled back and she could see his fury, plain as day as it loomed darkly over his expression.  She remained silent for a moment as he blew warmth over his hands, which were bare, but then she couldn't stop herself from asking, "So?  Can you fix it?"  And he sent her a glare that would have made a normal person wither away in seconds.  But it seemed to have the adverse effect on her, and that happened to make Romano even angrier.
"I'm not a fucking mechanic," he muttered.  He shoved his fingers against the heater, which was thankfully still working, but gave no other response.  And Lucy frowned and blurted out a despaired, "But you've got The Italian Job and Giuseppe Farina and Formula One - "
Romano raised an eyebrow at her in slight surprise, probably because she seemed to know more than he'd thought about his culture.  "We're stuck here.  We'll just have to wait out the storm."  He muttered something beneath his breath, but Lucy wasn't listening.  She glowered at him and did something she'd long ago learned not to do: provoke an already angry Romano.
"So you're saying your not a man," she said idly, casually, and he swiveled around to stare at her with dark, threatening eyes.  She ignored them.  "You're not an Italian man, actually, at least not a decent one."  She could already hear his fury escalating.  Could feel it crash against her, curdle over her skin, sink into her bone.  And it was very strange, but Lucy actually found herself excited about his anger, excited to see where it would go.  She glanced at him and caught his eye, smirked, and slowly said, "You can't even figure out what's wrong with the car."
His eyes flashed like stolen dimes.  There was that anger welling up within them, and Lucy wanted to peel back the layers of it and see what lay beneath.  They stared at each other for a dreadfully long moment, like two animals waiting to see who would strike first.  And then, finally, Romano spoke.  Slowly, with twisted, enraged bitterness, "You don't think I'm a man?"  And he waited to see how far she would burrow down into the hole she had dug for herself.  He wasn't sure if he was very surprised when she raised an eyebrow and said, "Nope."  And she was officially under his skin.
It was like some of the storm from outside suddenly blew into him.  He turned to face her, his eyes spinning with ferocious heat.  He sneered at her and then darted his hand forward to curl around her upper arm.  She was pulled toward him roughly, until his face was looming over hers and she could feel his breath, hot and steady against her.  The excitement that came from his anger blossomed beneath her skin like wildfire, and nearly shook her down when he growled out a biting, "Get in the back.  Now."
She couldn't move fast enough and wasn't really sure why.  Why was she so excited to see his fury radiating from him like that?  Why did she want to see it directed at her?  But still she went, twisting one leg then the other over the front seat.  She was halfway there when two large hands slid over her ass and shoved her forward, and Lucy fell in a heap on the back seat, unsure whether she was feeling aroused or angry.  The odd combination coiled through her like poison, and she cried out a muffled, "Romano!" that was slightly indignant, slightly turned on.
He was pulling her up moments later, having followed her back.  He clutched her shoulders and pushed her against the seat, hooking his leg over the both of hers and pinning her beneath him.  When she looked up into his eyes, he was power and devilish, vicious destruction.  And she found herself craving him even as her common sense questioned it.
He snatched up her chin with three long fingers and suddenly his face was once more looming near hers.  Her breath spilled from her lips in hasty, fast exhalations and Romano found himself smirking at the sight of her.  He narrowed his eyes into slits and said deliberately, "Then should I show you?  That I'm a man?"  But really, even though he technically asked her, Lucy knew that there was no question in his voice.  He was going to show her.  He was going to give her very solid, very real proof.  And she ached at the thought of it, ached in such a potent, impressive desire that she thought it might drown her.
He didn't wait for her to stutter out a response.  Didn't even wait for her to nod her head.  He wanted to punish her, wanted to show her that he was more of a man than anyone she'd ever met.  And so he leaned forward and burned a searing kiss against her mouth, breaking the shaky balance and shifting his hands roughly over her body.
His touch was a mixture of anger and desire and it plunged right through her, lurching her against the seat and him.  Her head fell back from the force of his kiss, which utterly dominated her, bruised her.  His fingers sought out the buttons of the pretty blouse she'd put on earlier and, in his quest to overpower her, some of the buttons were ripped away and fell loosely on the floor. 
But neither stopped or even cared.  There was a slight indignant protest that left Lucy's mouth, but Romano swallowed it up and moments later, everything was forgotten.  Because then his hands were ripping the blouse away and heaving up the cups of her bra and touching her intimately, more intimately than he ever had before.
"Oh~  R-Romano-mphn!" his tongue raced over her lip and sunk into her mouth, rubbing tantalizingly against hers.  That, coupled with the intense feel of his fingers pinching over her nipples, had her mind fizzing out and dying.  She surrendered then, clenching her hands into the fabric of his shirt, dragging him closer, closer, moaning wildly against his mouth.  And Romano felt a spike of pleasure shoot through him at the manner in which she appeared to be giving herself up.
His mouth jerked away from hers and was pressing kisses against her breasts seconds later.  It was such an abrupt change that Lucy was left feeling cold and yet hot, incomplete and yet whole.  Her lips burned with the desire to have him kiss her again, but at the same time she couldn't possibly want anything but this.  His tongue sunk against her skin and his fingers squeezed her roughly but gently in a way that was utterly him.  His teeth scraped over her but it didn't hurt, not really.  And all the while, he was jerking at her pants, harshly tugging at them.
"Lift yourself up," he muttered at her, turning all his attention to those pants.  She was still reeling from his kiss and barely heard him, so Romano heaved an annoyed sigh and slid his hands beneath her butt, hauling her into the air and doing it himself.  She blinked at him in surprise and he smirked wickedly at her, his lips like danger, hot and sinful and perilous. 
She could feel his hands dig beneath the layers of her pants and underwear, could feel him work his way against the underside of her thighs as he tore the remainder of her clothes away.  And she'd never admit it, but it was that moment which stuck out the most in her memory.  Not the kiss that stole every last bit of her emotions away, not the way he kissed down her body, but the look in his eyes as he uncovered her and handled her. 
The clothes came off and Romano forced her legs apart so as to nestle between them.  He blinked casually down at her, taking in the gasping form of her, the way she was spread out for him and obviously aroused.  If he liked what he saw he didn't show it.  Didn’t say anything at all, in fact.  He only slid his hands back over her, roughly squeezing at her breasts before ducking down to slide a finger against her slick clit.
Her reaction was a powerful, heady gasp that made Romano surprisingly breathless.  He swallowed back a hard wave of desire and smirked, drawing his finger back and letting his tongue lap up the essence of her.  It was so hot she thought she might float away, but then he was sinking to the floor of the car, hoisting her to the edge of the seat, and the sight and feel of his tongue drinking her in had her moaning and gasping and arching and flying.
He hummed against her and then jerked a finger into her hole without warning.  Pain infiltrated her senses but it was clouded, shielded from the way his tongue was lapping at her.  She could hear the sloppy noises of him sucking at her folds and it would normally have made her blush but she couldn't, not then.  She could only lean back and try not to come after hardly a minute of his sinful, delirious touch.
"Am I a man yet?" he growled, lifting his mouth from her to stare into her eyes.  She stared back, overcome by the wicked sight of his bruised lips and the way they gleamed with her juices.  He lazily ducked his finger deeply into her and watched her fall back with a gasp, stomach and thighs trembling.  When she wouldn't immediately submit, Romano scoffed and slowly crawled up her form, caging his arms around her head and lowering his mouth against hers.  His breath was hot and heady and the nearness of him went straight to her head and made it spin, spin, spin.  And she could only clutch at his clothes and whisper and barely coherent, desire coated, "R-Romano…I-I w-want, want you t-to - "
"What?" he asked harshly, engulfing her breasts in his hands once more.  He rolled his thumbs over her nipples and she bit back a moan.  His mouth rested on hers but he didn't kiss her, he just waited.  Waited for her to say the words that would be music to his ears.
"Che cosa vuoi che io faccia per voi?" [1] he whispered, and his voice was strained like netted wire, slinking over her skin in a gravelly, rocky manner.  She shivered and her fingers tightened on his shirt, creasing the starch between her insistent grip.  He finally lowered his mouth harder against hers but pulled away before she could lose herself.  Open mouthed kisses were dragged down her jaw, and when he reached her ear, Romano gently took her lobe into his teeth and ran his tongue over it.  When he next spoke, she was collapsing with shivers that dryly ricocheted through her body.  "Devo fottere?" [2]
She wasn't blind to his words.  She knew what he was saying even though she didn't speak fluent Italian.  His language and hers were very similar anyway, and she was shivering diligently against him by the time he was sinking his lips down her neck and exploring the skin of her shoulder.  And then, as though he was trying to make her respond to him, to his words, Romano once more slid his hands beneath her and heaved her up against his hips, pressing his hard erection against her throbbing arousal and shifting, rolling, pressing against her.
"A-Ahh!  Y-You…- Romano-!"  she cried out again and he relentlessly bucked his hips into hers, letting her feel the full results of his arousal through the fabric of his pants.  He raised his eyes to hers and fire bulleted against her like smoking, ashy, incinerated passion.
"Answer me.  Should I fuck you or am I not man enough?"  The last part was growled out with that strange mixture of fury and desire, and it sunk against her like waves trying to pull her under.  She swallowed and shook her head, hardly able to form words when he kept pressing himself against her in such a dominating, delicious way.
"Y-You're a..a man, s-such a - ohh!  R-Romano, pl-please," she gasped silently and he watched her with dark, delirious, pleased eyes.  She tugged weakly at his shirt and spluttered out a despaired, "Please f-fuck me.  Pl - "  His lips crashed against hers and he swallowed those words, tucking them into a little area of his mind for him to revisit later on.  And then he suddenly couldn't go fast enough.
His grasp slid from her butt and she fell back down with a moaned sigh.  He tore at his shirt, ripping it open and leaving it hanging there, cause it was too much trouble to do anything else with it.  Then Romano was tugging his belt loose and shoving his pants and boxers out of the way, cursing because there was such little space in the car.  His cock sprang up and Lucy stared at it in something akin to awe, because he was really such a man, so much more than she'd given him credit for.  And when he was nestled back between her legs, his hard member curled against her stomach, Lucy couldn't even breathe she was so turned on.
He wasted no time after that, and she was thankful that his teasing was finally abated.  Now, his touches were harsh and purposeful.  He heaved her thighs up over his and positioned himself, guiding his cock into her soaking core and nearly crying out in relief.  He pushed past all her barriers in one smooth, fluid stroke, hilting himself in her without even giving her time to adjust.  But it was beautiful, his roughness, and Lucy didn't want time.  She wanted him, fucking her in that rough, crass nature of his, wanted him to take her with that unforgiving gleam in his eye.  And he didn't disappoint.
He thrust in once, twice, and then pushed her thighs up with insistent hands, spreading her out for him.  His cock was pulled nearly all the way out and then he drove himself back in, so hard and so fast that Lucy saw stars looming up within her vision.  She cried out and clutched at the seat of the car, trying to keep herself together even as she drifted into a thousand different directions at once.
"A-ah," he moaned, eyes fluttering closed briefly.  He leaned closer and kissed her, and against the haphazard kiss he groaned out a broken, "F-fuck."  Before he could pull away from her, she wrapped her arms around his neck and hauled him closer, kissing him more fully on the mouth.  It was messy because of their movements, but Romano found himself enjoying the feel of her mouth moving beneath his.  He tilted his head and deepened it, tangling his fingers through her hair and tugging her head back.  She moaned into the kiss and he broke away to trail his lips down her neck and then bury his face against her.
She clutched at the back of his shirt, which still hung about him loosely.  Every pass of his hips dragged her down further, further into the heat and the passion of their bodies.  His hips were diving against hers faster now as they raced toward the dizzying sensation of release, and Lucy knew it wouldn't be long before she was pulled under from the weight of it.  She curled her legs around his waist and he heaved her closer, pressing himself against her breasts and sighing out at the pleasure of her body.
And then she was tilting, her world was tilting and she was thrown back because her body was exploding, throbbing, pounding with release.  And Romano was moaning loudly, because he could feel her pulsing over his cock and it was making him come, too, and he thrust faster because it felt so good, so good, so good. 
"Romano!"  She arched her back, pushing her breasts into the air, and Romano stared down at her body and her face, mesmerized by the way she was uncoiling against him.  "Cazzo!" [3] he cursed, growling, moaning, and his hips bruised hers as he hurtled into an orgasm of his own.  All at once she was filled with him and it felt so good, the heat of his release brimming up within her.  She cried out again and he leaned in, their mouths close but separated as they shut their eyes and lost themselves in the tremors of their combined finishes.
Lucy swallowed thickly and opened her eyes a moment later, watching him push his hips against hers in little, dragging thrusts.  His eyes were still closed, his face still caught in that expression of delirious pleasure, and Lucy couldn't think of a time where she'd found him more attractive.  And when he finally opened his eyes and looked at her, that thought cemented itself into a firm reality.
They stared at each other for a long moment.  His thrusts spluttered away gently, until it was just him and her, pressed up within each other and the warmth of the car.  And then, slowly, things began to come back to them.  Like the strength of the snowstorm that raged outside, the flurries of snow that stuck to the windows and caged them inside, and each other.  He pulled back just a little and gave her a smirk that was almost a smile.  "You said I'm a man."  And the way he spoke, with that little sliver of pride, made Lucy laugh.
"You are," she admitted, running her hands against his chest and then muttering in a softer voice, "Even though you can't even fix a car - "  And then he was lifting her chin back up and his mouth was hovering near hers, and Lucy was once again quivering with excitement and desire.
"You don't have to know how to fix cars in order to be a man," he told her in that low, warning tone, and she laughed again because he was so easy to rile up. 
"Let's open the eggnog.  I'm starving," Lucy whined, pushing at him gently until he rolled his eyes and let her up.  Moments later, they were pressed up against each other once more, cups in hand and nibbling at some of the food Lucy had intended to bring to Spain's house.  And that was how they spent their Christmas Eve.  Trapped in a car in a blizzard, bare as the day they were born and surprisingly cozy.

[1] Che cosa vuoi che io faccia per voi?: What do you want me to do to you?

[2] Devo fottere?: Should I fuck you?

[3] Cazzo!: Fuck!



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