Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Spain Lemon -- Flight

Character: Spain

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Maria, sweet, cheerful

Inspiration: Wrapped up in Ribbons

Whatever Maria had been expecting when she entered her house that day, it certainly hadn't been the sight of her lover, sitting on her couch watching TV and bare as the day he was born.  Well, except for the silken strips of ribbon casually tied around his body.
She stopped and stared, dropping her bags as her surprise worked its way onto her face.  The sound of her entrance made Antonio look up and grin cheekily.  "Hola, amor," [1] he said, throwing his arm onto the back of the couch and blinking at her.  And really, it was all too much.  Moments later Maria was bursting into uncontrollable laughter and Antonio's smile was quickly turning into a pout.
"W-w-what ar-are you wear-ing?!" she gasped, flicking tears out of her eyes.  Her laughter only intensified when her lover stood, a determined look on his face, and marched over to her.  He scoffed and pulled her up, then without warning he dragged her against him and her laughter fizzled out like a fire in the rain.  All at once her heart was thumping madly in her chest and she was blushing, blushing because the situation was ridiculous but she still felt aroused.  At the sight of his naked, beautiful form.  At the feel of him pressed diligently to her.
"What am I wearing?" he asked lowly, repeating her question as though he was trying to figure it out, to understand her.  He raised his eyebrows and grinned, his mouth hovering very near hers.  "But can't you see for yourself, amor?"  His eyes softened gently and the splinter of danger fell from his eyes.  Maria splayed her hands out over his chest and smiled a little, feeling both flustered and excited.  Their lips met softly, in a raw sort of way that dissolved much too quickly for Maria's liking.  Then Antonio was pulling away, drawing her back towards the couch with a smirk.
She chuckled again, but this time it was at herself.  For being so stupid when it came to loving, for not thinking how her reaction might have hurt him.  And now that she thought about it, Maria rather liked where this situation was going.  After all, it wasn't every day that Antonio treated her to such an erotic pursuit.  She let him push her onto the couch and straddle her hips, but his soft brown eyes pinned her down far better than his body.
"Is this my Christmas present?" Maria wondered lightly as Antonio got to work on her clothes.  He pulled them off piece by piece, not stopping until she was utterly bare.  He grinned a grin that didn't really match the situation, and said, "Mmm…one of them.  Do you like it so far?" 
He slid his hands over her body and she relaxed at his touch, enjoying his skin on hers, his fingers drifting over her more sensitive areas.  She raised her eyes to his and saw his desire curdling inside his gaze.  "Yes…I'm liking it more and more…"  Their lips met and she smiled.
"That's good," he whispered, idly massaging her chest with one casual hand.  Their lips quickly became heady and needy, tongues clashing together in an earnest battle.  She pulled him closer, dropping her hands to his butt and squeezing him against her.  She could feel his cock hardening in the space between them and it was steadily making her desire skyrocket.  And the way he was kissing her wasn't helping.  That gentle but delirious, greedy way, with his eyes half open and filled with all sorts of emotions that had the startling potential to utterly shake her down.
"Mmm…Antonio…I think…" she paused and so did he, watching her in slight confusion as he wondered what she was doing.  Then she smirked and her hand dropped to wrap around his shaft, and she whispered words that made him feel like he was going to explode.  "Poséeme." [2]
His native words on her tongue had him shivering violently and diving back to her lips, kissing her harder and rougher.  And all the while she touched him, fingering his arousal and making him harder and harder until he was panting and jerking into her hand, gasping against her mouth.  "Por Dios, me estás volviendo loco." [3]  His lips surged down her neck and, as his hot breath and kisses washed over her, Maria moaned and tilted her head back. 
"Insane?" she murmured shakily, her breathing sharp and unsteady.  His tongue lapped over her skin with a certain vengeance, as though he couldn’t possibly get enough of her.  His fingers rolled over her breast and his lips lowered to kiss the tops of them, before descending and taking one pert nipple into his mouth.  He moaned against her skin, cupping her fully in his hand and he listened with baited breath to her his lover's voice.  She didn't disappoint.
"Antonio…you know I don't like foreplay."  She laughed a strained sort of laugh and tugged his head up to hers.  Their eyes met, a melding of green and brown, and she tilted her forehead against his.  "So fuck me already," she whispered, eyebrows raised as she watched his expression change beautifully, from surprise to dangerous desire to determination.  He smirked.
"You should have just said so, mi amor," he whispered huskily, raising his body up as his hands slid beneath her legs.  A moment later he was dragging them on top of his and nestling against her core.  The sight of his erection burning against her wet folds had Maria moaning again.  He kissed her again and eased the tip of his cock into her.  Her reaction was an immediate arch of pleasure that had Antonio growl in desire.  He pushed himself farther in and muttered, "You should have just said you wanted me rough.  Like an animal, si?  Is that it?"  Her eyes fluttered from the intense passion and she dug her nails into his skin as he took off, suddenly thrusting in and out of her at a pace that was truly animalistic.
Her head fell back and she collapsed into shivers and shredded, breathless moans.  Antonio was all too often a gentle lover, who put her pleasure before his own.  But when he got like this, all powerful and dominant, it made her crazy.  She clutched at him and moaned his name.  His hands burned over her skin, taking her breasts into his palms and tweaking her nipples, diving his fingers down to rub over the top of her clit.  And all the while he stared down at her, his eyes tight with desire, strained with the dizzying effects of arousal, wanting her so badly, so badly.
"A-Ant-onio-!" she gasped and scratched at his back, her hands splaying and grasping over his skin.  His cock made her whole and beautiful, and the way he was pushing himself into her had her on the very edge of a constant orgasm that made her head pound erratically.  "I want to come, want to come, Antonio, I want to - mmmng!"  His mouth crushed against hers and her moans were muffled against his suddenly needy lips.  He heaved her thighs farther up against him and she moaned at the better access he had to her.  She could feel his shaft hitting her deeply, deeply, over the area that made her feel delirious and full, and she was all at once she was falling falling falling.  The strength of her orgasm knocked her back with abrupt force and she lost it.
Her moans made him crazy.  The way his name sounded so exotic, so spiked with need, the way her voice cascaded over him and made him thrust faster, faster.  It felt so good to be inside her.  He'd been planning this entire situation all day long and had been so excited to finally have her.  And the sight of her unraveling against him, and the feel of her core tightening, aching around him, it made him curse and rush forward.  He felt himself spill into her and didn't try to stop it, because it would have been useless to.  He just watched her through a slivered gaze, watching her expression turn from relieved to utterly satiated as he filled her up.
It was beautiful, beautiful.  And it made her want to start all over again and never ever stop.  She pulled him closer and he buried his face into the crook of her neck, panting heavily as he thrust slowly into her.  Their bodies were on fire but it was a good fire, a wholesome fire, and it left them feeling both exhausted and rejuvenated.  And yet it still wasn't enough, somehow.  But then, it hardly ever was.
"I want you again," Maria whispered, running her fingers idly through Antonio's hair.  He was still inside her, still collapsed on top of her sprawled figure, but her words made him look up at her expression.  She smiled lazily at him and he grinned, humming and pressing his lips against her bare shoulder.
"Do you?" he murmured, bringing his mouth up her neck, gently tilting her head to the side to give himself more room.  She let him, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of his touch, his kisses, his skin.  And then he was drawing back and slowly pulling his softened shaft out of her, watching closely as her face shifted with pleasure and loss.  He shakily stood, helping her up and holding her against him.  "Should we go unwrap your other Christmas presents?" he smirked.
She laughed as he pulled her away, and as they entered the bedroom and closed the door behind them, she nearly felt her heart pull away from her and shoot into the sky.

[1] Hola, amor: Hello, love

[2] Llévame: Take me

[3] Por Dios, me estás volviendo loco: My God, you make me insane.



  1. Thank you for accepting my request! It was perfect. :D I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I appreciate that you write sentences in the male's native language. :) Yay for sexy Spaniards!

  2. I love it, but two things in the translations: Take me ---> 'Llévame' not 'Me lleve'. 'Me lleve' don't exist. And 'My God, you make me insane' ---> 'Por Dios, me estás volviendo loco'. Nobody says 'Mi Dios', the translation for 'My God' is 'Por Dios' (for God, in spanish is like that). Hope you'll write more lemons, I love the way you write

    PS: I'm spanish, and I don't talk very well English, so maybe there are some errors :-S

    1. Thanks!! Always glad when someone is able to correct the language bits. :3

    2. But, I don't know if you want to say 'take me to some place' or 'take me' like 'fuck me'. In this case it would be 'poséeme'; are two very different things ;)

    3. Yeah kisshu ikisatashi is right. Llevame is like saying 'carry me or take me some place' the proper way would me "poseeme=posses me/take me" or "hazme tuya" Cuz like the previous person said those have two very Different meanings.