Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An Aomine Daiki Lemon -- Roadkill

Character: Aomine Daiki

Fandom: Kuroko no Basket

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Stuck in a Broken Down Car

It hadn't been Aomine's idea, and so he claimed (loudly,) relentlessly each and every time the engine hiccupped and released another volley of gray smoke.  But then these types of things were rarely his idea anyhow and you didn't blame him or even care.  It wasn't your fault either, so you claimed after every annoyed grunt and foul curse and withering, deadened silence.  But then you'd never been very good at lying.
"Oh stop whining," you muttered over his growling profanities, massaging your temple with two slender fingers.  At least it wasn't snowing.  There happened to be a lot of 'at leasts' in fact.  (At least they had cell phone service, at least they were on a fairly main road, at least you weren't that far from the apartment.)  But Aomine didn't like being optimistic.
"Stop whining?!" he cut out, his voice like a sharp blade.  He was annoyed, oh so annoyed and it was so obvious.  His eyes were dark with that fierce anger, a navy color that swallowed all other emotions whole.  His voice choked out the words in mild disbelief -- mild because mostly his voice filled with fury and didn't leave room for anything else.  But somehow you knew that he was slightly less angry at you and more angry at the situation as a whole.  You hoped.
"Fucking great," he glared.  His voice seared, leveling out over the apparent damage that the car seemed to have taken as it rumbled once more and gave out entirely.  Looking back on the situation, you weren't sure why you'd been so surprised at the abrupt death of the car.  It had been hinting at its demise for months before that but Aomine had either been too busy (yeah, right) or too lazy to take it into the shop.  And you didn't believe in doing stuff like that when you had a perfectly capable, if not lethargic, man who could do it in your stead.
You pulled out your wallet and searched for the AAA card you kept in it.  Since Aomine was still muttering out annoyed curses that you were fairly sure were mostly aimed at you, you stepped out of the car to dial the number of the towing service.  The crisp wintry air was cold but somehow reassuring, and pulled you back down to the reality of your stranded situation with an almost opaque sort of acceptance. 
They said they'd be there within the hour but you had a feeling it would take longer, it usually did.  So you just sighed and put your phone back into your pocket, staring off at the road beside you and watching the odd car trickle past.  Even in the wind, with the sounds of the road and the wildlife, you could still hear your lover's angry voice from within the automobile.  You stayed put.  Aomine didn't.
The driver's door was opening a moment later and you watched with slightly idle eyes as Aomine joined you at the other side of the car, glowering but surprisingly silent.  "When will the tow truck get here?" he gruffly asked without preamble.  You saw this as his vague way of making peace with you, and it momentarily surprised you that you knew him well enough to understand that.  But then you were sort of alike him in that way.  Unable to really say the words necessary to smooth things over, you just slipped a hand around his arm and sidled closer, murmuring a short, "An hour," and hoping he wouldn't pull away.  He didn't.
He grunted and dragged you closer, tucking an arm around you waist and pushing your back suddenly against the cold rim of the car.  His face loomed into yours and his hot breath had you leaning into him, craving the warmth his hulking frame supplied.  You weren't that surprised at the sudden twist of his touch.  He was still in the 'making peace' mood, but now there was something else, too, that captured his eyes.  A shift between making peace and making something more passionate.
"Aomine?" you wondered, fingering his collar as he stared down at you.  His lips were inches away and you were curious at the way he wouldn't cross over the distance.  His hips surged forward and pinned yours to the metal.  His leg slipped between the both of yours and all at once his warmth was hot, stiflingly so and it was wonderful, being caught between hot and cold, him and everything else. 
"This is all your fault," he told you lowly, eyes flashing into yours.  His mouth barely twisted over yours, moving delightfully as the words reformed them.  His fingers jerked down to hook into the belt loops of your jeans and he finally kissed you, but not long enough to be anywhere close to sufficient.  You whined when he dragged his mouth back.  "If you think you'd getting away with it without punishment, you've got another thing coming," he warned, and his voice was a threat and a promise and a dangerous shift of passion.  And it drilled you down into that cold metal and made you burn with feverish excitement. 
You smirked because you knew it would push him further, because you knew the way your lips curled up like that always had him on edge.  Your fingers ran through his soft, short hair and you tilted your head, "So kinky~  Are you planning on punishing me in the middle of the road then?"  Because the fact that there were still cars tinkering along the road didn't escape your notice.
He scoffed and glared down at you, his eyes hard and soft at the same time.  You felt his hands sidle over your waist, nestling into the fabric of your shirt, molding over the back of your pants.  And you really should've expected him to do something totally unexpected and downright heart-wrenching.  Seconds later Aomine was slipping his hand into the handle of the passenger door and shoving you out of the way as he pulled it open.  Then he was shoving you inside with equal force, and you considered yourself lucky that you didn't bang your head against the top of the car on your way down.
"Aomine!" you gasped, your voice threaded with a whine and something that hinted at arousal.  You grasped the headrest of the seat, uncomfortable because you were sitting sideways in the car, but your lover didn't seem to care about his rough handling of you and just grinned a scary, wolfish grin.  A grin he only wore when he was about to make you see stars.
He pushed your legs around so you were facing the right direction and then proceeded to climb over you, fiddling with the seat and forcing it down.  Then, as you scrambled to get your balance back, Aomine reached backwards and shut the door with a loud, semi angry bang.  When he turned to face you, you let out a shaky laugh because really, you should have expected this. 
"Not in the middle of the road," he roughly murmured to you with that wild smirk.  "I'm not that kinky."  And you scoffed because yes he was that kinky and that was the reason you were in your current position, clutching at his shirt and thanking the heavens that your useless, broken car had blessedly tinted windows.
You gave out a breathless laugh because even though there were many things wrong with this position (the tow truck would be there soon, it was damned cramped, Aomine was heavy, the front window wasn't that tinted, Aomine would shake the whole Goddamn car) it was surprisingly exciting.  In a dangerous-this-is-insane-why-am-I-doing-this sort of way.  Which, you figured with unanticipated mellowness, wasn't all that odd for someone like Aomine.  He'd done stranger things, made love to you in stranger places. 
"You are that kinky," you told him with a smile, half amused and half affectionate, and ran your fingers through the short tufts of his hair.  He chuckled down at your for a moment and hummed against your mouth, lowering a kiss to you as one hand snugly wrapped around your waist.  The other slipped around your head, his fingers gently running over your scalp and he threaded your hair through his hand.  And all the while his mouth got hotter, more demanding, and you began to lose track of time.
"Mmm…the tow truck…it'll be here soon Aomine - a-ah!" you arched your back a little as he dragged his lips down your neck, nibbling on an area of it that had you yearning for more.  His hips forced yours down and you felt him against you, moving his clothed, slowly hardening cock against your core with the slightest bit of stimulation.  But it was enough, for now, to feel him moving against you, to know that he was getting aroused. 
He didn't answer you, probably because Aomine was preoccupied with peppering kisses over every visible (and invisible) area of your skin as possible.  His large hand lifted from around your waist and instead dipped into your shirt, lightly drifting his calloused touch over your sensitive flesh.  Your skin spiked from the cold and he chuckled against your neck, because he could feel little bumps rise from his touch and it made him feel a little powerful.  That he had made you so sensitive to him, that you reacted so easily, wanted him so badly within only moments. 
You whispered out his name and it was a shaky cadence on your tongue, which he suddenly wanted to feel against his own.  Aomine lifted his mouth from your neck and brought it back down to your lips, thankfully sinking into your kisses and grunting out in something that bordered relief and unrest.  He was happy but he wanted more.  It was a feeling he had grown steadily used to over the last year, and a feeling you had learned to combat with no small amount of finesse.
Your hand was reaching down and cupping his erection moments later, and Aomine let out a grateful sigh.  He moved his hips into that hand, kissing you harder as he rubbed friction into him and made him blaze with heat.  His breath pinned you down, made you kiss him harder, crave him that much more.  When you gave him a light squeeze, he gave you a soft groan in return.  Then he kissed you harder, bruising your mouth because the unexpected noise probably embarrassed him.
"Are you going to fuck me?" you gasped against his mouth, which paused for a moment as Aomine blinked down at you.  His eyes were burning with ashy smoke and you wanted to drown in it, become that smoke, make his eyes burn with you.  But he only "che'd" and leaned back, and you were confused because you hadn't thought your question would distract him to the point of pulling away.  That certainly wasn't what you wanted at this point.
"Naughty girl," he whispered throatily, shifting his hands into your shirt and thumbing over your stomach.  He felt the muscles beneath his touch clench and flex in anticipation and he smirked wickedly, like a devil or a Casanova and it was delicious.  Your hands slid over his arms and over his hands, and you dragged his touch up until his fingertips were grazing the bottom edge of your bra.  That you wanted it off wasn't surprising in the least, but Aomine seemed to have other plans. 
You whined when he pulled away, "Aomine, stop stalling - w-what are you doing - Aomine?!"  He had slid those large hands back down your body and was tugging you down, too, pulling your hips forcefully till they perfectly fit against his.  You were breathless then because you hadn't expected his manhandling (you really should have though), and because he was now grinding against your core.  And you could feel his erection and even through the maddening clothes it still had the potential to utterly shake you down.
"Ooohh!" you gasped, long and hard when you felt him pop the button of your jeans and slither a hand into them.  It was cramped, the jeans and those fingers, but after a moment of sliding over your wet clit Aomine finally, blindly found your hole and sunk two fingers into you.  And that was when it got less cramped and more fuck-this-is-amazing-why-had-you-never-thought-of-doing-this-in-a-car-before.
You whined, whimpered, moaned against the seat.  Your hands fisted in his shirt and your back arched and Aomine stared down at you.  His eyes were blurry and insistent, following the sight of your disheveled body as you tried to bump your hips up to meet his fingers.  Then, after a few moments, Aomine grabbed one of your hands and pushed it against his clothed cock.  His eyes locked with yours and he growled out a fierce, "Touch me already, woman."
It was hard to focus but somehow you managed to do just that.  His fly came down and you sunk your fingers into the opening it created, searching through his boxers until you could wrap your hand around his cock.  Then you drew it out into the air and Aomine hissed and you started pumping it at the same fast pace as he was pumping you.  And it was even harder to focus.
His thumb jerked up over the top of your clit.  In blind, breathless retaliation you did the same to him, squeezing his tip lightly and watching his eyes flutter momentarily.  Then he let out a half chuckle, half growl because he wasn't stupid, he knew what you were doing, and it only seemed to make him even more aroused.  He took your challenge with a smirk, leaning over you panting gasping rocking, then he added two more fingers.  The sudden harsh stretch had you crying out in shameful desire and wondering when pain had ever been so wonderful.
After a long moment, you let out a shaky scoff and glared at Aomine.  "Cheater," you gasped, but he only grinned, raising an eyebrow and curling his fingers and Godthatfeltsogood sogood sogood and you couldn't breathe.
"What are you gonna do about it?" he growled, whispering against your forehead as he rocked his hips into your hand.  And for a moment you were totally lost, unsure what you could possible do, unsure what could possibly make him feel the same deliriously pained, erotic pleasure that had just been yours.
But then you smirked right back and Aomine wouldn't admit it but that look in your eyes had him wary, and when you finally wracked your nails (gently, sort of) up his cock he couldn't keep his moan inside.  "Fuuuccckkkk!" he hissed, partially in pain and partially in deeply sated pleasure.  His eyes snapped open and he glared down at you, panting heavily.  He opened his mouth to say something but then you were doing it again, and this time you other hand joined the fray and snuck into his boxers to squeeze his balls and fuck if it didn't make him completely insane. 
He cried out and bit his tongue till he tasted iron but you didn't stop, didn't stop, didn't stop and he was going to - "Fuck!" he picked up his pace and drilled his fingers into you faster, harder, until he had you rolling up off the seat and pressing your breasts against him and gaping sightlessly at the ceiling.  And he knew in that moment that he was gonna come that that there was nothing he could do about it.
"Ao-Aomine!" you cried, jerking your hips forward and letting go, and he felt your muscles contracting around his fingers and suddenly wished it was his cock inside you, making you into this mess.  But there were lots of hours in a day.  He gasped silently and pushed his cock through your fingers and then spilled himself all over the front of you.  And it would have been embarrassing but Aomine couldn't feel anything but singeing relief and stabbing, aching, pounding completion.
His body crumbled down against yours.  The weight of him took your breath away, but it was a good breathlessness, and you laughed a little.  "Aomine…now your shirt is all dirty," you told him.  He mumbled something about not giving a shit but then seemed to realize what you were saying and jerked up.  He stared down at the navy blue shirt and his face drained of color.  Against the fabric was the remnants of his release, which he'd unknowingly pressed up against when he collapsed on top of you.
"Well fuck," he muttered, and then looked down at the mess you were.  Luckily you'd worn a white shirt, but it didn't really make much of a difference because there were damp spots staining the fabric and it was pretty obvious what went on.  "Don't suppose we've got any spare clothes?" he asked, and you bit your lip.
"Are you laughing?!" he asked incredulously, peering down at the way you were obviously trying to hid said laughter.  Then you couldn't help it and let it out, gasping against the seat because the situation was just so ridiculous and it was mostly Aomine's fault.  All of it.  When you told him this, he didn't appreciate it.
"My fault?  How the hell is this my fault - "
"You're the one who shoved me into the car and started this whole mess," you told him, leaning over into the back seat and grabbing a box of tissues to clean yourselves up. 
He stared, "What else were we supposed to do?  Fuck, besides, don't you have anything else to wear?  You just spent the last fucking three hours dragging me across a Goddamn shopping mall - "
"Oh yeah, good thinking," you laughed, and conveniently grabbed the bag behind you.  After rummaging around it for a moment, you pulled out a new sweatshirt, pulled your shirt off, and tugged on the new clothing.  Then you looked at Aomine, who was looking at you expectantly, and you smirked.  "What?  I don't have anything for you.  You bit my head off whenever I tried to get you into a dressing room, remember?" the dry humor in your voice wasn't making him feel any calmer.
He rubbed his temples and let out a stream of profanities.  And the pitiful sight of him made you hold back another laugh.  You leaned in to kiss him gently and murmured, "Don't worry.  Maybe no one will notice.  Or you can just say that you spilled your drink."  You then proceeded to grab the tissue box and try to clean up his appearance as best you could. 

Extended Ending

The tow truck came fifteen minutes later.
"Had an accident?" one of the men gruffly wondered as he checked over the damage.  Aomine paused and then rubbed the back of his neck, and you laughed a little cause it was clear your lover wasn't planning on answering.
"Just a spill," you explained with a faint smirk, because technically it wasn't a lie, and Aomine turned away because he was in the process of dying with embarrassment.  It only got worse from there.
"Huh," the other trucker said, raising an eyebrow as he leaned against the hood of your car.  "Must 'a been a whole fucking lot of it to mess you up that badly."  The other man snickered a little as he hooked the car up to the tow truck, and you bit your lip because Aomine's neck was red and you could tell he was blushing.  And since he rarely blushed even in the most embarrassing situations, it kind of sort of really amused you.
You caught one of the truckers eyes and smirked wickedly, "Oh yeah.  That's an understatement."  And amid the chuckling guffaws of the two men, Aomine turned to give you a seething glare. 
He was so going to get you back for this.



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