Sunday, January 12, 2014

An Iceland Lemon -- Cold

Character: Iceland

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Aj, a tomboy

Inspiration: Lonely on Christmas Eve

It was nearing midnight and Aj was getting tired.  Tired of the blinking lights on the Christmas tree, tired of the wine she was drinking by herself.  She'd gotten a few phone calls from her close friends but that had been hours ago.  Since then, Aj had settled down to a movie, ate more cookies than she would ever admit out loud, and dozed off a number of times on the couch.  It started out as a comfortable, lazy evening, but now it was just annoying.
She sighed and blew her hair out of her eyes, staring at the clock.  In the background, the TV was on, playing the end of the second movie she'd put on.  To her left, the tree blinked at her.  To her right, snow fell outside the windows. 
Minutes passed her by like that, and she was just deciding that maybe she should go to sleep when there was a knock on her door.  Aj curiously looked toward it and stood up, padding off in subdued excitement.  And the man waiting for her behind that door was exactly who she'd been wanting to see all night.
"Emil!" she said in surprise, eyes widening.  He pushed inside, rubbing his hands together for warmth, and peered down at her.  He looked altogether freezing, like he'd been out in the storm for hours.  His nose was red and there was a layer of snow dusting his hair.
"Do you mind?" he asked, looking around the room as though he expected to see someone else in the background.  His question made her confused, and he shut the door quickly as he said, "If I stay here for a bit?  Lukas wanted me to go to his house but my car's having problems."  He muttered out something else about his older brother, but Aj didn't hear.
"Sure," she grinned, touching his shoulder.  "I'll take your coat.  I was really bored anyway so I'm glad you came."  She felt his eyes sweep over her form as he shrugged out of the coat, but his face was expressionless.  When he handed it to her, their fingers brushed together and she felt her cheeks blush.  She'd always liked Emil.  Always thought his odd charm was endearing and refreshing.
He cleared his throat and looked furtively around once more, frowning.  "Are you alone then?  I'm not interrupting - ?" 
"Don't be silly," she laughed, and he couldn't look away from that smile, the way it completely lit up her eyes and made her glow.  She gave him a little wink and he was thankful when she turned her back on him, because he couldn't stop the blush that enveloped his cheeks, couldn't control the way his heart spluttered in relief at her denial to having company.  She tossed his coat over the back of a nearby chair and then hooked her arm into his, tugging him into the living room.
They collapsed onto the couch just as the movie ends, and the fall puts them closer together than what would be considered normal.  Emil bit the inside of his cheek to stop a blush from overpowering his face.  Aj didn't seem to even notice, and she snuggled into his side like it was completely normal.  Soft silence tugged at them but neither was inclined to break it.  They just sat there, watching the credits roll, ignoring Emil's pinkish cheeks.  Then after what seemed like ages, Aj turned to him, and the proximity of their faces, lips, the way their noses barely brushed each others, made Emil jerk back in surprise and embarrassed delight.  His cheeks flared.
"Hmm?  Are you alright, Emil?" Aj wondered, tilting her head in curiosity and something else.  An unknown emotion sparked through her eyes, made them into electricity that rattled over him.  It was almost amusement, interest, mirth.  Like she knew why he was blushing, why his body was suddenly so stiff and unyielding, but she didn't want to stop her little game.  She smiled an edgy, half mischievous smile and touched his cheek with the tips of her fingers, "Do you have a fever?  Was the cold too much for you?"  But he was Iceland and the cold would never get to him, that was ludicrous, and the amused way she said those words made him realize that she had followed the exact same wavelength.  She was teasing him.
"A-Are you - ?" he spluttered, pushing her fingers away and moving back.  He couldn't say what he wanted to say, couldn't finish his train of thought because suddenly she was following him.  Crawling back, smirking, shifting her legs around his waist and pushing his shoulders down.  And suddenly she was peering down at him with that smirk, with those electric eyes, and Emil was helpless beneath her.
"Did your car really break down?  Right in front of my house?" she drawled, looking triumphant as she watched him blush harder, look away.  She laughed a little, but this time her expression was set in more of a gentle amusement, like she was thoroughly enjoying the tsundere way he denied everything.  Her hands rubbed over his dress shirt and he bit his lip.  "You weren't actually on your way to Norway's, were you?"
When he didn't answer immediately, Aj leaned forward and caught his eyes.  She was well aware of the distribution of her weight over his body, aware of the fact that when she leaned that way, she was shifting over his core.  It made Emil swallow thickly and tremble, just a little, as he struggled to keep his voice straight and emotionless.  He didn't succeed. 
"N-No," he muttered, glaring in annoyance, not at her but at himself for getting so excited in this situation.  He could already feel the spikes of arousal pelt through him, shattering over his skin like glass raindrops.  Her heat and her weight against his core was making him insane, and his fingers flexed as they rested beside her legs, struggling from the intense desire to hold onto her and drag her down against him.
Aj was pleased by his response.  She pushed forward, splaying both hands on either side of his head as she leaned down, down, down.  Her breath cascaded over his mouth but she didn't kiss him, not yet.  She just stared, studied the many emotions that dilated his eyes, made him powerful and yet strong, so strong even now.  "That's good," she whispered, and he swallowed again.  Her hair fell against his cheeks, tickling him.  Her mouth lowered, resting just above his as they trembled against each other.  "That means Norway won't come looking for you."  And with a mischievous lilt of her mouth, Aj crushed her lips against his.
His reaction was immediate.  His mouth moved with hers, his hands swung up to hook around her thighs.  Their kiss made him shatter delightfully, switched him over from cold to hot, emotionless to passionate.  It showed in the way their mouths moved, deeply, warmly.  It showed in the way he let her touch him, pushing aside the fabric of his shirt to feel his chest.
He had never felt this way before.  This pleasant, feverish heat, the way it burned over his skin and made him feel raw but whole.  And it only got worse, more callous and imperfect, when Aj jerked her hips down and shifted them over his growing erection.  It had him throwing his head back and gasping, eyes wide from the way his entire body splintered with pleasure.  Like clockwork, Aj dragged her lips down his exposed neck, taking full advantage of the way he was careened backwards.  Her tongue licked a trail of heady fire over his skin, her mouth pressing rushed kisses down, down, until she reached his shirt.  But she didn't stop there.  She hurriedly got to work unbuttoning the remainder of it and continuing her trail of kisses.  And the further she got, the more aroused Emil became.
"You've gotten hard," she murmured in slight amusement, slight awe.  He peered down at her and swallowed thickly at the sight she made, hovering above his pants like that.  His shirt was haphazardly strewn across his chest and the top of his pants were already undone.  He was hard, almost numbingly so, and he ached with the desire to be touched.  So when he got his wish, his reaction was really no surprise.  He let out a breathlessly strained moan and his head fell back again as he panted.  Her hand rubbed at his through his pants but it most definitely wasn't enough, and he was happy when she did something about it.
She didn't take his pants off.  They had plenty of time and all the privacy in the world, but to Aj it would take too long.  She wanted to see him now, wanted to have him now, and didn't want to waste a single second.  So instead of dealing with all those clothes, she simply twisted her hand into his pants and pulled him out, watching as his erection curled up on its own because he was already so aroused.  Then she peered down at him and saw how hard he was blushing, and decided that maybe she should go easy on him.  She also decided that it was about time to deal with some of her clothes as well.
In one smooth movement, her shirt was on the floor.  Emil stared openly, in surprise and desire, because of the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra.  He was surprised because he hadn't realized this before even though it probably should have been obvious.  And he couldn't stop staring at her perfect chest, the lovely curves, the way she sat on top of him and looked so imperious and beautiful.
"Help me with these," she said lowly, tugging at her pants.  Her voice was a cascade of desire, which shaded all corners of her and farther.  She had her pants halfway down her thighs before Emil helped, and together they eased the fabric away until it had joined her shirt on the floor.  And then she was bare and he couldn't look away.  And if he thought she was perfect before, it was nothing compared to how she looked now.
She leaned in to kiss him again, hotly pressing her mouth to his and running a hand through his hair.  His hands slowly, hesitantly eased over her waist and pulled her closer.  His cock was imprisoned between their bodies and every shift of her form had him swallowing back a moan.  The strength of his desire had him aching into her, pulling her closer, kissing her harder.
"I want you now," she whispered against his mouth, and he drew away to look at her.  She probably wasn't ready yet.  It would hurt her.  But she was already guiding his member to her entrance, and Emil could only watch with wide, aroused eyes as she began to take him.  It felt amazing, hot and full and delicious.  And when he was fully hilted inside her, Emil couldn't stop himself from thrusting, bucking his hips and dragging his cock against her inner walls.
She gasped and threw her head back, following him thrust for thrust.  There was a bit of pain but she could deal with it, and it was gone soon anyway, replaced by the sheerness of their union, the way it shook them both down and made them gasp, moan, move.
"I w-wanted this," she moaned, fisting her hands over his chest and arching her back.  He stared at her openly, so turned on from the way her body was bending, the way her expression melted over her desire.  Her eyes were like raw pillars of her emotions and they made him want to come so badly, so badly.  His thrusts increased.  His hands clutched her tighter and dragged her down to his hips.  It was a delirious meeting of passion and something lighter.
He wanted this too.  Emil could clearly remember the first time he'd been taken over by the desire to be near her.  At first, that desire hadn't been shrouded in passion and arousal.  It had been an innocent wish to get to know her, to understand her strange flickers of mischief that made her so mysterious.  But he'd wanted this for a long time too.  Wanted to be with her intimately, wanted to see her like this and know that it was because she wanted him just as badly.
He moaned and she thrust faster, jerking her hips over his quickly, leaning down to press her chest against his and kiss him.  The kiss was sloppy but it didn't matter.  Their tongues clashed and they gasped together, panting as the throes of release became all too obvious.  "I'm gonna come," she moaned, burying her head against his neck and moving faster.  He gasped when she did, moments later, because the vibrations of her release, the way her lower body clenched at his cock, threw him towards his own release.  It was haphazard but delicious.
And then it was silent.  Silent, but for the hasty way they gasped, chests heaving, shaking.  Then Aj raised her head to his and she smiled, a tired, satiated smile.  When she snuggled back against him, Emil curled his arms around her back and sighed, keeping her firmly in place.
And the night gently slid by, leaving them alone but together, taking away all their loneliness and throwing it to the snowy winds outside.



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