Monday, February 17, 2014

A Spain Lemon -- Stacked Like Tiles

Character: Spain

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Spain forgets about Valentine's Day.  You decide to remind him.  Passionately.  :)

To say that Spain had not expected this would be an understatement, but he isn't one to let good chances go to waste.  And he supposes that maybe, sort of, in the very back of his mind, he deserves it.  One doesn't just forget about Valentine's Day, after all.  It's such an obnoxious holiday that it's impossible for it to go unnoticed.  But as always, Spain manages to surprise you with his erratic, hairbrained forgetfulness.  (And just plain ignorance.)  No, Spain hadn't expected this, but he isn't anywhere near complaining.
"A-ah…hahaha…ahhmng~" his eyes are melting into dark brown and he is a mess.  It's all your fault, of course, it usually is and you'll be the first to admit it.  But you consider this a just punishment.  Antonio forgot Valentine's Day and you're reminding him.  Rather roughly.  You smirk.
There are wet splotches over his shirt, which you've long ago pushed aside, and his pants.  Curtsey of the sink that you had dragged him away from.  His back is pressed against slowly warming tiles, his hair is splayed out over the crisp white.  He is prone beneath you, helpless in the face of your passion-fueled anger.
"Oh~  Mm…y-you're not be-ing fair, cariño -- " [1] he moans loudly when you roll your hips over his hard shaft and shudders into the floors, like he's trying to sink beneath the tiles and wood and into the earth itself.  You kiss over his chest, tongue flickering out over his nipple and taking it into your mouth.  Against his skin you murmur, "Don't be ridiculous.  This is completely fair.  And besides…" you take a moment to trace the tip of your tongue around that taut nipple and peer up at him.  He is watching you with wide, hazy, blown eyes, hanging on your every word and actions and touch.  You finish with a soft purr, "you love it when I top you.  I can see it in your eyes.  It makes you so horny~"
It's like the word opens the flood gates of his passion.  He slams his head back down against the tiles and mutters something in Spanish, something you can't quite hear.  Then his hands are dragging your hips down, and he's shoving his hips up, and the resulting clash of delicious friction makes you cry out in overwhelming desire.  You glare down at him because you don't appreciate the move (even though it certainly feels good), and he smiles a little.  It's the smile he uses when he believes he has gained the upper hand.  Which is, of course, utterly ridiculous.
"Che," you mutter, frowning down at him.  Then you're reaching between you to tug at his pants, and he's letting you because somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows you're right about him.  He does like seeing you on top of him.  He's aroused because you're being rough, handling him with that delightful array of fury and dark desire.  And that's why he lets you pull out his cock and wrap your fingers around it and make him utterly breathless.
"Ohh, que bueno - !"  [2]  You give him a rough tug and lean down to kiss him, hard.  Against his mouth you whisper darkly, "Shut up, Antonio."  And he swallows thickly and lets you kiss him and touch him, but though he lets you dominate his body, he doesn't give you the same power over the kiss.  His mouth meets yours in a wicked battle, his tongue slipping and rubbing against yours.  It becomes a clash of teeth and muttered curses but it's delicious, because it's a prime example of your lovely anger. 
His cock is hard in your palm and you know he likes it, being touched like this.  You aren't gentle like you usually are but you know he likes that, too.  For someone so soft, Spain has something of a bitter streak, and he is surprisingly adaptable when it comes to this sort of loving.  You bit down on his bottom lip and he moans lowly, eyes fluttering.  At the same time, you drag your thumb up the bottom of his cock and his hips buck into the air all on their own.  His body has gotten very sensitive.  So has yours.
"I want to fuck you," you whisper into the kiss.  Your words become molded against his skin.  His eyes jerk open in surprise and twisted passion and he soaks in those words, waits until they dissolve into his mind before grinning and nodding.  His eyes are delighted, as though he's been waiting for you to say it.  He probably has.  You nuzzle against his neck and kiss him softly.  He swallows and whispers throatily, eagerly, "Then do it."  And he almost cries out in relief when you lean back and tug at your pants.
He helps.  He drags them down swiftly, wrestling them off your legs and chuckling when you start to laugh at the apparent difficultly he's having.  But then he's dragging you back over him and you're not laughing anymore.  His cock is pressed against your inner thigh and you're suddenly hypersensitive to him, to every move he makes, to every part of him that wants you.  His hands encompass your bottom and he drags your core slowly over his shaft, watching you whimper softly at the friction and the sight of his arousal bending against you.  Then you take that arousal and guide it up, taking the tip of him into you.  After that, it's surprisingly simple.
You take as much of him as you can and set a pace that leaves him gasping.  He pushes himself up onto his elbows and then his hands, so that his face is inches from yours, so that you're in a sort of sitting position.  Then he flings an arm around your waist and pushes his forehead against yours, panting heavily as you move his cock in and out, in and out.
You throw your arms around his neck and hold him tightly, moving your hips wildly.  Antonio peers down the smooth expanse of your back and watches your hips move.  His hands slide back down to squeeze your ass and he moans low, pushing his face into your hair as he watches every move your lower half makes.  It is astoundingly erotic, to an extent that has him utterly throbbing for you.
"I…don't think I can…oh! hold off [N-Name] - " he clenches his teeth and pants hotly against your ear.  His lips barely skim over it but it makes you clutch his tighter, move your hips faster and harder.  "'S okay, I can't…either - !" and you cry out because you really can't, you can feel your orgasm building up a fire within you and you're already letting it go.  But it's okay because Antonio is bucking into you suddenly, roughly, and the bruising effects of his force makes you want to drown against him and never wake up again.
He is being forced back down onto the tiles a moment later, and you're hovering over him and thrusting hard and fast and he's bucking up into you and you're both coming.  And it's the most sinful, delicious experience you've ever had, and you know for sure that he thinks so too.  Because he's looking at you now and smiling the smile he uses when he's fully satiated and feeling fine.
"Fuck," you moan, when it's all over and you're lowering yourself down against his skin.  He chuckles and rolls you over, pinning you below him and leaning down to kiss you softly, reverently.  "Mmm…" he agrees, skimming a hand over your waist and grinning.  There's a sheen of wickedness to his grin.  You raise an eyebrow and study it curiously.
"We're going to make love again," he says decisively, and you laugh because it's straight to the point and oh so delicious, the thought of spending the entire day wrapped up in his arms and white sheets.  And later that evening, when you wake up from a short nap you'd unknowingly fallen into, Spain walks into the bedroom and slips off his shoes, dropping a bag onto the bed beside you.  You smile because he must have spent a small fortune on chocolate, and there's one of those stupid teddy bears nestled among the boxes.  And then you raised your eyebrows in surprise because he even bought one of those cheap lingerie outfits, and it's really too much but you love him all the more for it.
"Happy Valentine's Day," he says with a smile, and leans over to kiss you gently.  You push the bag away and settle for him, instead, dragging him back to you and never letting go.

[1] Cariño: Darling
[2] Que bueno: That's good


Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Love Roughly Gray

 Character: Kakashi Hatake

Fandom: Naruto Shippuden

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Kakashi's excuses~ 

Kakashi had known something was going on the moment he had opened his front door and was met with the sight of your smirking, mischievous face.  Nothing good ever comes from that smirk of yours, usually.  But then again, Kakashi is also aware that some decent things come about if he knows how to cultivate your wicked personality.  And he does, with ridiculously satisfying results.
"I have a mission report to file soon," he says.  His voice is fairly breathless with the tiniest, barest hint of desperation.  But it can't be helped, not when you've got that mischievous mouth of yours wrapped up around his cock.  He watches you move with dark eyes, watches the way you devour his erection.  It is possibly one of the most erotic sights he has ever seen.  Kakashi only wishes he had more time to return the favor you are so kindly bestowing upon him.
Your eyes shoot up to lock with his and he swallows back a harsh wave of desire.  The edges of your gaze crinkles up in that telltale smile, but then he's looking back down at the union of his skin and your lips and he's watching you drag his cock out of your mouth and hum.  "Oh?  Are you choosing work over me, Kakashi?"  And maybe it's the fact that his member is centimeters away from your face, but the moment seems to get even hotter.  A blistering inferno of lust.
Still, he keeps his cool.  Kakashi is nothing if not good at being stoic, outwardly emotionless.  He raises an eyebrow and threads his hand through your hair.  Then he tugs your face back against his cock and says lowly, "Did I tell you to stop?  If you want to satisfy me, you'll have to pick up the pace."  
He watches you laugh, and when you reach up to palm his erection, he pretends like it doesn't faze him at all.  You smirk up at him with that sinful, wicked smirk and then you drag your tongue from the base of his member to the tip of it.  All the while you watch him, but his expression barely gives away the fact that he's ridiculously turned on by your display.
"So demanding…" you murmur, taking him slowly back into your mouth.  Your tongue massages over the slit of his tip and he clenches his hand into your hair.  It is the only indication that he enjoys your attention.  But then his stoicism changes when you begin to relax the muscles of your throat and take him farther, deeper than you had before.  He stares with large, emboldened eyes and his breaths shorten into tiny little gasps.  Then it's like he completely shatters against you. The sight is so flawlessly satisfying that you pick up your pace and lower a hand down to your own pounding, aching arousal in a quest to stave off that part of yourself.
His legs jerk wider, his hand presses your head farther into him.  You have him so far into your throat that your nose is brushing against that pattering of hair at his base.  When you peer up at him, his head is thrown back and his chest is rising and falling at a delicious pace that denotes his utmost appreciation for your little sacrifice.  You swallow around his cock and the tightening and clenching of your muscles make him grunt lowly and look down at you.  There is such an amazing level of lust in those eyes of his that you find yourself surprised.  Your hand shifts faster over your own arousal in a futile attempt to pleasure yourself as well.
Kakashi notices.  His eyes dart down to your arm.  His position on the couch doesn't give him a full view of your lower half, but he can guess.  You watch him watch you, study the way his lust seems to increase tenfold from the fact that you're touching yourself as you suck him off.  You can tell he's about to say something to you, probably to get you to stop so that he can help deal with your problem, so in order to keep him quiet you increase your pace and he shatters all over again. 
"Nnnggghhmm - " he groans, staring at you through dilated eyes that are about to come.  You know because his hips shift upward just a little.  You know because he's pulling your head in farther and his expression seems to be melting and hardening at the same time.  He's crumbing right in front of your eyes and it’s lovely.  You swallow him again, cup your fingers around his balls and gently squeeze him.  And just like that you're bringing him to his finish in possibly one of the most vivid, intense ways.
"Fuck - [Name], th-that's - " he cries out softly, a low grumble of passion that resonates throughout his entire body.  His hips shoot upwards and you choke a little, breathing furiously through your nose as you watch his expression change from composed to absolutely satisfied.  His seed is hot and it spreads down your throat like nothing you've ever experienced.  Your bodily reaction is to swallow it down and you do so without even thinking about the pleasure it brings to your lover.  But it does, bring him pleasure that is, and Kakashi moans again and stares at you, breathing fast and harsh, skin flushed to perfection as he watches you take everything he has to offer.
Then you're choking a little and he's dragging your head back, pulling his now softened cock out of your mouth and immediately lurching down to cover his mouth with yours.  The fact that the taste of his come is saturating your mouth doesn't even seem to register in his mind.  All he can do is kiss you fiercely, fingers threading through your hair and dragging your head up to his. 
"It's my turn now," he whispers throatily, husky when he pulls back from the intense kiss.  You stare up at him in slight awe, fingers clenching over the fabric of his pants, which still cling to his fairly spent form.  "Don't you have a mission to file?" you ask, dragging your hands around his waist as he hovers above you.  But Kakashi only chuckles and slides his gaze over your body, smirking a wicked smirk that makes you shiver in anticipation.
"Hokage-sama can wait," he growls, lifts you up, tosses you onto the couch.  And the Hokage does wait.  It is nightfall by the time Kakashi casually appears before her, smiling his usual smile and rubbing the back of his head in carefully acted embarrassment. 
"Ahaha.  Sorry I'm late, there was this black cat…"
Honestly.  The excuses he's forced to come up with…


Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Ryohei Sasagawa Lemon -- Snowed

Character: TYL!Ryohei Sasagawa

Fandom: Katekyo HItman Reborn! [TYL]

OC: Kamina Makuro, brown eyes, long black hair, laid back

Inspiration: Being snowed in and trying to decide how on earth they should pass the time~

That morning, Kamina opened her eyes to snow.  Everywhere.  Almost two whole feet of it crashing up against the house, spilling into the gutter, blowing against the windowpanes.  And it wasn't even close to stopping.  By the afternoon, it was still going steady and Kamina was starting to worry about food shortages.
"Don't worry," Ryohei said, crossing his arms and glancing over at her.  They were standing in the kitchen watching the storm from the little window.  From her place in Ryohei's arms, it didn’t seem nearly as bad as it did before.  She looked up at him, biting her lip, and said, "Did you call Tsuna?  Is he doing alright?"  Then she glanced at the refrigerator and murmured, "I really hope we have enough food to last -- "  And that was when Ryohei decided it was high time to silence her.
"Don't worry," he insisted against her lips, tugging her closer into his arms and trapping her against his chest and the counter.  He towered over her like some great monument, and Kamina suddenly couldn't remember what had made her so worried.  And why on earth she was thinking of something other than Ryohei, of being snowed in with him, of how it was maybe a little bit romantic.  She laughed.
She tunneled her fingers into his short hair and dragged him down harder, kissing him more forcefully.  Ryohei made an appreciative noise against her lips and grinned, drawing away just a little to look into her eyes.  He raised an eyebrow, "Since we're snowed in…we should make use of the fact that no one will be able to bother us."  Tsuna wouldn't be able to call because the phone lines were dead.  There would be no mission orders because they couldn't even open the front door.  The car was stuck around walls of heavy snow and the driveway was nothing but a deep blanket of white.  No, they would not be receiving any visitors today.  The thought had Kamina smiling.
"I want you to kiss me," she told him, idly twisting the fabric of his shirt collar and pulling him close again.  He let her, the corner of his mouth tilting up, the edges of his eyes crinkling.  Then he asked in a too-casual voice, "Is that all you'd like me to do?"  And she scoffsd, brushes his mouth with hers, shivers into his hulking frame.  He was gonna play with her, she could see it in his eyes, in the slow, teasing way he responded to her kiss.  And it excited her just as much as it made her want to scream.  But two could play at his little game. 
She pulled away and he wasn't expecting it, the distance.  His lips followed her for a split second before he realized it and drew back.  Kamina smirked, "I want much more than a little kiss."  And then she pushed forward, kissing his jaw, dragging her lips to his ear, capturing the flesh of it between her teeth and roughly pulling.  He bit his lip hard, trying not to reveal the desperate way he wanted her, but Ryohei happened to be fairly transparent, and the next words that Kamina whispered into her ear had him crushing her in his arms, rubbing their lower bodies together, breathing heavier in the wake of his intense passion.
"That's very dirty of you," he muttered, but the eager smile in his voice was proof that he enjoyed the kinky words she spoke, the dirty things she wanted him to do with her.  "Mmm…" she breathed in agreement, then drew back, pulled away, and started walking slowly into the living room.  Ryohei followed, stalking behind her with a molten expression, dark lusty eyes, stark desire blazing through him.  He really couldn't help himself after that. 
The next moment was crushed passion and despair and hapless need all mixed together like a cocktail.  It was a searing pit of pleasure and relief.  It was him lurching forward, dragging her forcefully into his arms, ducking down to kiss her hard, dragging his hands over every inch of her that he could reach.  It was her surprise and the way she moaned and pulled at his clothes and kissed him back.  Being coy was one thing; being terribly, desperately, passionately in love was quite another.
Somewhere amid the tangle of their bodies, clothes came off.  A hasty pull of buttons, the sound of a zipper, and then skin.  Glorious bared and raw, pressed against the warmth of another.  And then the couch, falling back onto it, pressed suddenly against rough fabric and no more skin.  Ryohei towered over her, curled his hands around her thighs, and pulled her to the edge of that couch  Then he smirked and looked up at her, taking a moment the enjoy the haphazard sight she made.  "I think this was one of those things you wanted me to do?"  And before she could say another word, he was shoving her legs apart and thrusting his tongue against her aching core.
"Oh…!" she moaned, twisting her fingers into his hair, around his neck.  He glanced up at her and the sight of him, licking at her like that, was enough to make Kamina buck her hips forward and moan again.  She felt him chuckle a little and the vibrations of it had her whispering his name, tugging him closer, spreading her legs farther.  She trembled and bit her lip and closed her eyes.  And the sight of her made Ryohei groan low, a rumble of sound that splintered through his chest.  He raised his head and idly rested his chin on his palm, peering up at her.  "You look extremely turned on."  She laughed in surprise and asked with a slight whine, "Why'd you stop?"  Because she was enjoying that, enjoying that tongue of his and the lovely way it made her shudder and quiver and ache.
He lifted himself up, nudging her legs apart and crawling between them.  The action gave her a pretty good insight into what his next plans were, and Kamina leaned back to accommodate him into her arms.  He swooped down to kiss her, murmuring a soft, "I want to fulfill that other thing you said you wanted."  Then he kissed her deeper, dragging her hips against his and grinding his erection against her, caging one arm behind her head and enjoying the way she moaned and clutched him tightly.
He opened his eyes to look at her and whispered, "I don't think I can wait."  He was hard and aching and he really needed her.  They could do all those other little foreplay things later.  Right now he just wanted to fuck her senseless. 
He was hilted inside her moments later, roughly stretching her inner walls without waiting for her to adjust.  She liked him like this though, liked him rough and dominant.  And she was moaning wildly before he'd even gotten three thrusts in.  His hips surged forward and pinned hers against the couch, again and again as he delved deeper inside her. 
His breathing came out raspy and hard.  His chest heaved against her as he pressed himself close.  Kamina moaned and dragged her mouth over his neck before burying her face against him.  She dug her nails into the skin of his back and watched the muscles move beneath his flesh.  And then she shut her eyes and immersed herself in the simple but intricate way he made love to her.
"Mmm…I'm not gonna last much longer," he murmured against her hair.  He thrust faster, shoving into her, propelling his hips so hard against hers that she was sure there'd be bruises come later.  She tightened her legs around him and moaned, "God, Ryohei, I think I'm coming -- g-go faster…!"  And when he grunted and strained to quicken his already fast pace, pushing and pulling his cock against her inner walls, it made Kamina arch and cry out as her orgasm ripped through her.
He watched her come, watched the way her body trembled and unfurled, felt the way she sagged against him but kept moaning, because she was now ridiculously sensitive and he was still bucking into her at a pace that made her delirious.  And Ryohei couldn't stop himself from spilling into her after that.  He gritted his teeth and moaned long and hard and gave a powerful thrust that jerked her hips right up against the back of the couch.  And she gasped against him when she felt him filling her up, the heat of his release curling within her and making her crazy.
He gasped and held her close, thrusting slower, drawing out the intense passion.  Kamina held him tight and listened as he started whispering little things against her skin.  She smiled at the full feeling of making love to him and watched the snow fall outside.  And when he murmured, "I love you," very very softly, reverently against her cheek, she drew back and pressed her forehead against his.  "Me too," she breathed, then leaned forward to kiss him in that gentle way lovers often do.
And she decided that she quite liked being snowed in, just as long as she wasn't alone.


Friday, February 14, 2014

A Pavel Chekov Lemon -- New Worlds

Character: Pavel Chekov

Fandom: Star Trek: 2009, 2013

OC: Isabella Hadley, gray eyes, red hair, eager to please

Inspiration: Pavel is frustrated so he decides to do something about it :)

Isabella is just settling down for the night when she hears the telltale beep of her door.  She's got a good feeling she knows who it is, given the fact that the evening shift just ended.  She is right.  When she calls, "Come in," the door slides open and reveals Pavel.  He takes one look at her, short nightgown and all, and blushes.  She finds it endearing that he still gets nervous about seeing her like this.
"You look stressed," she says idly, putting her book down and stretching her legs out in front of her.  She notices how his gaze lingers on those legs for half a second before he turns toward her and crawls onto the bed.  She laughs when he sighs out noisily and collapses into her arms.  "It's been a long day!  Nobody takes me seriously even now -- the keptin still calls me 'kid' and laughs when I can't pronounce things in perfect Standard -- "  he quiets only when he feels Isabella's fingers gently thread through his hair.  The relaxing sensation makes him nuzzle his face against her neck and hold her tighter.
The calm breaks when Isabella chuckles and mutters, "Well you are a kid, Pavel.  Compared to the senior crew."  She knows it probably isn't the right thing to say but can't help it, and her heart bursts in excitement when he raises his eyes to hers and glowers.  "I'm older than you," he says, all petulant, and she bites back a grin.
"That's true," she says quietly.  Her hands run down his shoulders, over his chest.  He looks down at her, wondering at the sudden eagerness of her touch, the way his own body reacts to her hands.  When he feels her peeling back his shirt and slinking her fingers against his bare skin, Pavel shivers and clenches his fists into the sheets.  She's gonna play dirty and he's ready for it.  The anticipation invigorates him.
"What do you think you're doing?" he asks even though he knows full well.  The edge of his mouth is tilted upward and she wants to kiss his smile off, imprint it against her own mouth.  She makes a soft noise and raises herself up into a sitting position.  The way his body careens directly in front of her has her very much wanting more of him.
His shirt comes off.  She casually murmurs, mouth centimeters from his, "I'm seducing you.  Is it working?"  She runs her hands down his chest again and traces the hem of his pants.  Then she slowly, reverently reaches down to cup the growing erection between his legs and gently squeezes it.  He watches closely and can't stop the shiver from ripping through him.
"Yes," he whispers honestly, though it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  His entire body it reacting to her.  He suddenly feels alive and mature and not like a kid at all.  When his lips drop to hers, when Isabella moans and shivers into him, Pavel feels like a man.  "It's working…"  he groans, pressing closer, closer to her.  His hands can't stop moving, can't stop shifting over that silky nightdress which feels amazing against her skin. 
He stuffs his hands into it, drags it up her back.  His lips move deeply against her, tongue clashing out and tasting her, teeth drawing her lip into his mouth and sucking.  She is putty in his hands and he loves it, craves the way she whimpers and clutches at him.  His fingers sidle over her spine, reach around to her front, slide up her sides, thumb over her breasts.  Then the silk is being forced over her head, tossed away, and Pavel is shoving her down onto her back and kissing her harder, deeper, moving his body against hers.
"Pavel…" she moans.  She feels beautiful beneath his touch.  Like a woman instead of a girl.  And she knows that it will only get brighter, hotter, this feeling of power.  She clutches at his hair and he drops kisses down her body, licks over her hipbone, hooks his fingers into her underwear and eases them down over her thighs, knees, calves.  Then he kisses up those calves, knees, thighs, and even though she sort of expects it, sort of knows where he's going with all this, Isabella is not at all ready when his tongue dips against her clit.
"Oh God!" she cries, fisting her hands in the sheets.  Her hips tilt toward his face and he chuckles, pins her hips down, and traces circles into her thighs.  His tongue is doing things to her Isabella has only dreamt of and the new experience of his touch has her blushing and moaning.  She feels his tongue jerk into her and clenches her eyes shut, arches her back, lets out a breathless whimper that makes Pavel incredibly aroused. 
All he wants to do is crawl back up her body and fuck her senseless but he keeps at it for a few more minutes, dragging his tongue against her, into her, until she's gasping and on the verge of an orgasm.  Then he lifts his head, grins boyishly, and sits back. 
"You liked that?" he asks.  He knows she had but still can't help the trickle of hesitation.  It's the first time he's done anything like that to her and doesn't know if he'd done it right.  But when she nods, opens her eyes to look at him like she's just experienced the best sensation in the entire galaxy, his worries turn to dust and fly away.
"Mm…" Isabella moans in lea of a 'yes'.  He smiles and starts undoing his pants, and she watches him all the while until he is as naked as her and equally aroused.  When he goes to nestle between her legs, she slides a hand up to his shoulder and brings him down to kiss him.  She can taste herself on his tongue and though it should disgust her, it only makes Isabella even more aroused.  She moans and breathes, "I really want you Pavel…"  And her words make him shiver and nod.  Because the feeling is perfectly mutual.
He lines himself up, rubs his tip against her soaking folds, and when he starts to ease his cock into her, Isabella gasps and arches her back.  It doesn't really hurt but there is a certain amount of discomfort coupled with the intense pleasure of being one with him.  When he's fully sheathed inside her, she sinks down against the sheets and reaches for him.  He takes it as a sign that she's ready and doesn't hesitate when he drags his cock out of her and slams it back in.
The cry that bursts from her mouth sets him on fire.  Pavel's pace is quick and defiant, like he's trying to shake all his frustrations out.  He hovers above her and watches her react to his thrusts, feels her legs clench around his waist.  She is already so wet from his previous ministrations that making love to her tonight is a breeze.  And Pavel doesn't feel reserved about being rough because she is molten heat beneath him and moans in pleasure every time he forces his cock deeper, with more of those bruising thrusts.
"P-Pavel!  Y-you're gonna make…make me come!"  Her back tips into a beautiful arch and her hips push against his and she clenches around his shaft tight.  It feels good to thrust into her when she's that tight.  He moans and goes faster, craving every push and pull, loving the way it makes him feel like he's about to burst.  It really isn't any surprise that he does, moments later, as he watches an orgasm tear through Isabella.  As he feels her tighten even more against him and forces his release.
He lets out a strangled sort of moan that reverberates all throughout his body and kisses her.  It starts fast but morphs into a slow, deep kiss as his thrusts become sporadic.  And all Isabella can do is lay there and kiss him back, too tired to move.  Pavel sighs out in satiation and slowly pulls out of her, reaches for the light, and nestles down against her gasping body.  The full feeling that only comes from making love to someone dear to you hits him hard and makes him pull Isabella close.  She quietly curls into his arms and kisses his cheek.  Then whispers, "Will you be here in the morning?"
"Mmm…my shift starts at 0700.  I'll try not to wake you," he murmurs, threading his fingers into her hair.  And he feels very much like a man now.  A man who is full of the world, who has seen all there is to see and felt all there is to feel.  A man who is ready to pack his things and maybe even turn to experience new worlds.  And as he drifts off to sleep, Pavel's got a pretty good idea as to which new world he'd like to see first.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Lavi Lemon -- Checkmated

Character: Lavi

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Iris Wei, originally from Asian Branch, smart, purple hair in chopstick bun

Inspiration: In which Lavi challenges Iris to a game of strip chess and proceeds to trick her into making all sorts of lovely deals.  ;3

He'd planned it all out.  It is a sentiment that Iris only realizes when it is too late to stop it.  When he's got her between his body and the scattered chess pieces.  Between his mouth and the shards of black and white.  And it is difficult to stop him when her body seems to want his touch so very much.
It started when Iris beat Bookman in a chess game.  After retreating idly back to her room, Iris had planned to spend the remainder of her afternoon reading and packing for her upcoming mission.  She had certainly not anticipated Lavi coming by and challenging her oh-so-casually to a chess game.  And though she had suspected he was up to something, she hadn't anticipated that it would be strip chess, of all things.  Not that she was really complaining, looking back.
Their game starts to feel less like a game and more like an evil master plan about twenty moves in.  Iris has checked Lavi a few times already and he keeps happily taking pieces of his outfit off.  Too happily.  Like he's actually winning instead of losing.  It makes Iris suspicious.  He retaliates her moves fairly skillfully in between her strikes, and when he watches her reluctantly pull her sweater over her head, his eyes glint and flash over her skin like a predator.  It is altogether shiver-inducing, because of the way he looks like he's planning something, and the way it makes her feel.  (All quivery, like a wild tremor of magnificently high piano notes.)
She's confident though, that whatever he's scheming, it won't work.  If she could beat Bookman she can beat him, and besides, Lavi doesn't seem to have an aptitude for chess.  (Or if he does, he's hiding it rather well.)  But Lavi seems to think he's gonna win anyway, despite him only wearing his socks, boxer briefs, and scarf.  (Normally the scarf and socks would be the first to go, but Lavi doesn't seem to mind making use of his ample muscles and reluctantly attractive body.)
"Should we raise the stakes?" he suddenly asks with a suave grin.  He's leaning his chin on his palm, which is pressed up against his bare knee as he leans over the board.  She's caught off guard a little cause she isn't sure why he'd want to raise the stakes when he's losing, but then shrugs and says, "Fine.  What did you have in mind?"  And the smirk he sends her makes her feel oddly aroused.
He hums a bit like he's pretending to think, and then his eyes flash into hers and he grins, "Loser has to do whatever the winner says for the rest of the day.  Deal?"  It's risky but Iris is confident and besides, she's still got most of her clothes on.  So she just nods and says, "Deal."  And doesn't notice the triumphant gleam in her opponent's eyes as she turns back to the board.
Looking back, she really should have been more careful.  Because only five moves later, Lavi is chuckling, pushing his queen directly into her king's path and drawling out an amused and victorious, "Checkmate~"  And that is when Iris realizes that she's been played, like one of the pawns haphazardly scattered around the board.  Lavi grins up at her expectantly and Iris glowers back at him, sighs, and mutters, "You want me to strip then?"  Because it's only fair, seeing how it's strip chess.
But Lavi only smirks and leans back with a shrug, eyeing her.  "I'd rather you come here and kiss me.  As my prize for winning."  The request is so unexpected that Iris blinks at him, confused, and then finally starts crawling around the chess board because there's really nothing she can do, she already made that deal with him.  So she just swoops her lips against his briefly and starts to pull away.  She doesn't expect him to grab the back of her head and drag her back in.  She also doesn't expect to like his kisses so much.  When he reaches up and fingers the bow sewed into her bra, Iris sees sense again.  "What are you - "
"You agreed to do whatever I asked for the rest of the day," Lavi smoothly cuts in, leaning back on his elbows.  He raises an eyebrow and asks sort of daringly, "Or are you too afraid to honor the deal?"  And though Iris is quiet, reserved, unassuming, she balks at the thought of letting him one up her in any way. 
"…You're appalling," she murmurs, but is already sinking back into his lips.  She feels his hand cup her small chest and blushes a little, but doesn't stop him from engulfing her breast in his hand and squeezing.  He drags her up on top of him and when she's pulled up his body, Iris feels the bulge of his cock growing against her abdomen.  She shivers.
"Mmm…" Lavi sighs, enjoying the thankful weight of her body on his.  His hands drag down her skin and gently tug at her pants, shuffling them slowly off her hips as her mouth moves against his.  She doesn't complain.  His kiss has made her resolve weaken and Iris suddenly doesn't care anymore.  She just wants to feel more of his gentle touch, lovingly embracing all the parts of her that she herself doesn't appreciate.
She shifts her core accidentally over his growing erection and Lavi moans, head falling back onto the floor.  The strip chess has already sufficiently removed the majority of their clothes, so Lavi is near to bare beneath her.  He is lovely splayed out like that, eyes fluttering, lips bruised.  She leans down again to press her mouth to his and he sighs against her, moving his hands down to slip into her underwear and press her hips into his. 
"You're really wet…" Lavi whispers throatily, chuckling.  "Your panties are all damp."  And then suddenly his fingers are smoothing around her thighs and pressing little circles against the dampening cloth, and Iris is breathing harder, tilting her hips into those fingers, swallowing her moans back and murmuring, "Mm~  Don't…don't stop…" 
He watches her closely, cock twitching in anticipation as he feels her arch against him.  And he really doesn't think he can continue on like this.  So he breathes out a shaky, "I'll make you feel even better."  And Iris blinks down at him.  He sits up and gently rolls her onto her back, kneeling between her legs and spreading them around his waist.  Then he starts wriggling out of his boxer briefs and Iris realizes just how hard he actually is.  His cock stretches up and when he rubs against her panties she can hardly breathe.  The sight of him does silly things to her heart, which flutters like wispy clouds against her chest.
"Are you ready?  I don't think I can wait," he murmurs, thumbing idly over her core as he looks down at her.  She bites her lip and nods, "I'm ready."  And Lavi gives her a small smile before pushing the slip of her underwear to the side and guiding himself into her.  He goes slowly, slowly, watching her carefully for signs of pain.  Then he snaps fully into her and moves to hold his weight above her head.  Iris slips her arms around his head and Lavi leans down to kiss her again, moving his hips gently until he feels her start to relax in his arms.
"Go faster," she urges, wrapping her legs around his waist.  He nods and buries his face against her neck, surging his hips forward at a faster pace.  He is more forceful now, and he pushes her right into the ground, skidding her a little bit in his eagerness.  But it feels good, having him stretching her out, feeling him hitting her just right, and Iris is moaning into his hair and clutching harder.
He kisses her again.  It is sloppy but perfect, and Iris feels like she's floating somewhere, someplace.  There is an urgency in the way he takes her, like he can hardly believe they are together at all.  Like he's waiting to wake up from a dream but is holding on as fiercely as he possibly can.  He dives into her wildly, gasping, moaning, holding her in place beneath him, and it doesn't take long for Iris to shatter against him.
"Lavi!" she cries, bucking her hips forward.  He watches her come like he's studying some great masterpiece in a gallery.  He holds himself above her and shakes her down, thrusting roughly, hips snapping, spearing into her at a pace that makes him want to shatter, too.  And he does, moments later when he feels her clenching powerfully on his cock, milking him for everything he's worth and more.  He tilts his body and grabs her hips and feels his orgasm take him down.  He spills himself into her in a dizzying array of heat and then sighs, lowers himself into her arms, and curls up around her.
Minutes pass idly.  Then, "I think I'll challenge you to games of chess more often."  And Iris rolls her eyes, spinning circles over his back and scoffing, "I'm going to get you back for this, you know.  Sometime when you're least expecting it."  Her promise makes his eyes light up.  He absolutely can't wait to sample her revenge.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Kanda Yuu Lemon -- Swallow The Sky

Character: Kanda Yuu

Fandom: D. Gray Man

OC: Emi Calder, blunt, has short black hair and a nice figure

Inspiration: Kanda is being a bit reluctant so Emi pushes him into it.  And then he surprises her with his hidden kinky side.  Or something to that extent :3

"So?  Are you gonna answer me or not?" Emi asks, crossing her arms as she stands in the threshold of Kanda's room.  He makes a dissatisfied noise and doesn't look up from polishing Mugen, which he's been doing for the past fifteen minutes without fail.  Emi sighs, the sort of sigh that sounds like a 'God, I'm dealing with a baby', and Kanda finally glances up at her sharply, lips pulled back in a frown.
"What the fuck are you still doing in here anyway?" he scoffs, but there is no anger behind his voice.  Just blunt curiosity, because he knows that Emi's got a mission tomorrow and she should probably be preparing, but is instead wasting her time talking to a wall.  Him, of course, playing the part as said wall. 
Emi shrugs and pushes off his closed door, taking a seat on his bed.  He watches her suspiciously for a moment or two before going back to polishing Mugen.  But he doesn't ignore her for long.  Mainly because Emi is suddenly pulling her shirt up over her head and Kanda is spluttering out in surprise and (dare he think it) interest.
"W-what the fuck - !" in his shock, Mugen clatters to the floor and Kanda swears and bends to retrieve it.  When he lifts his head again, Emi is smirking vividly and has risen her hands to her bra, too.  And that is when Kanda lurches forward, throwing Mugen on the bed in his quest to grasp her hands before any more harm can be done.  (To his self control, to his willpower.)  But neither of them expect the force of his body to push Emi roughly onto her back and him above her.  Not that either of them were complaining, a lot.
"You should be grateful you've even got a girlfriend, Kanda," Emi says with a smirk.  He grinds his teeth together and she chuckles, "Don't you know what couples do on Valentine's Day?"  He only glares down at her with those fiercely blown eyes, and though his gaze had the crippling potential to freeze hell itself over, Emi was surprisingly immune to his fury.  He growls, but instead of saying something deliciously erotic he only insists, "We're not a couple."  Like it's the most disgusting phrase he's ever heard.  And Emi can't really help it: she bursts out into laughter.  Something that Kanda does not appreciate.
"Fuck," he grits out, because he's angry and doesn't know what else to say.  He's angry at Emi for barging in here and spewing shit about what he wants for Valentine's Day (what the fuck does he know what he wants for fuck's sake), and he's furious because he's a man and he's got desire and right now she is treading very close to it.  So he shuts her up with a technique he's found works the best.
His mouth sears over hers and she's pushed back in surprised enjoyment.  Kanda never initiates anything and when he does, it's usually fueled by anger, but Emi isn't complaining because passion and anger mixed together is the best kind, especially coming from him.  She makes a small, whimpering noise against his lips but he doesn't let up.  If anything, he pushes down on her harder, sinks his teeth into her bottom lip and tugs, and then the rest of his body is contributing and it feels wonderful.  His hips are grinding a rough, steady pace against her core, his hands are forcing her legs tight around his hips.  His other hand still grasps the both of hers, which are still settled between her breasts.
When he finally pulls away, breathing hard, eyes wild, Emi gasps below him.  "That's more like it," she mutters, closing her eyes.  She wriggles her hips against Kanda's and he swears because in the heat of the moment, he maybe hadn't realized just how hot she is and how the heat of her is making his cock jerk to attention.  So he pulls back, rocking onto his heels and staring down at her.  He finally lets go of her hands and Emi stretches them lazily above her head, blinking up at him expectantly.  And fuck if it doesn't make Kanda want to tear away those stupid clothes and make her pay for this entire afternoon.
He watches her eyes turn casually down his figure, landing finally on the stretched fabric of his pants.  The fact that she's being so obvious about it makes his face redden.  He starts untangling her legs from his waist but Emi only tightens them harder, not letting him go.  She gives him a crooked smile and says, "Don't be like that, Kanda~  I really just want you to let me seduce you."  And she smiles like it's perfectly natural for the man to be seduced by the woman.  And maybe it is in some cases but Kanda doesn't appreciate it and that's what ultimately makes him turn back to her with a glare.
"Seduce me?" he scoffs, "You barged into my room and started stripping, that's not the same thing - nng!"  His face reddens again when Emi cuts him off, circling her hips against his erection.  She seems ridiculously pleased from the fact that he made a noise (unthinkable!), and Kanda just looks like he wants to die.  He masks the sentiment with anger, his back-up emotion.
"For fuck's sake," he mutters, leaning over her again and resting his weight on one hand.  And whatever Emi is expecting, whatever blunt and angry reaction she thinks he'll give her, she certainly doesn't expect him to casually trace between her breasts and unhook her bra.  Slowly.  She blinks up at him in surprise and watches as he pushes the fabric away.  And the way he studies her curves, even though he's already seen them before, makes her strangely embarrassed. 
"…Kanda?" she asks, curious now.  He lazily draws his fingers around the soft flesh of her left breast, rolling it over against his palm.  Then he ducks his head to her and slowly licks a trail around her nipple before engulfing her into his mouth.  After spending a moment or two doing this, he starts kissing down the valley of her breasts, tugging and removing buttons in his way.
"Che.  What do couples do on Valentine's Day…" he mutters, oddly calm.  His fingers play with the button of her pants.  She stares.  "If we were a couple, we'd probably just have sex."  He tugs her pants away, hooking his fingers into her panties as he takes them off.  She's not nervous or embarrassed when he's got them all the way off.  Kanda glances up at her and casually presses his thumb against her clit.  His eyes flash darkly.  "But since we're not a couple, I'm gonna fuck you till you're aching inside and out."  Then he jerks his thumb inside her and, since she's not expecting that, Emi lets out a surprised moan and grips the sheets hard. 
He shoves his thumb as deeply into her as he can, rubbing his other fingers against the top of her clit as he blinks down at her.  He likes the way she's making those breathlessly noises, likes the way her body is tilting toward him.  His cock twitches against his pants and he hurries to unbutton them.  There isn't any time to take off his other clothes.  He just pulls his erection out and pumps it once, twice in his hands, relieving a bit of the stress that is almost crippling.
Emi watches him with heady eyes, liking the show.  He growls down at her and pushes forward, hovering above her with both hands near her head.  Then he mutters, "Fucking touch me, onna." [1]  And when she doesn't immediately, Kanda 'che's and grabs her hand, forcing it around his cock and then guiding it up and down, up and down.  Emi watches all the while, but when he circles her clit with his fingers again, she stops watching and gasps, spreading her legs for him and trembling against the sheets.
His hips surge forward into the small space between her fingers, but it isn't enough.  Kanda swears and mutters, "Fuck.  Come here.  I want your mouth."  Emi blinks at him in surprise, but quite sure she heard him right.  He never talks like this.  Usually he just stays silent and uses his actions to convey what he wants from her.  Because she's so surprised, she doesn't move, and Kanda glares down at her in annoyance, "Come here.  I want to fuck you in the mouth."  This time, Emi slowly sits up.
She crawls on her knees before him and bends down over his twitching cock.  She can't remember a time where Kanda actually let her do this type of thing.  He is oddly straightforward when it comes to sex and doesn't usually do anything terribly kinky.  But Emi can't deny that the abrupt change in his personality is making her very aroused.  She takes him slowly against her tongue as he tangles his fingers into her hair and drags her head against him.  For a moment, her gag reflex kicks in and she can't breathe, but after another second or two Emi gets used to the foreign feeling and starts bobbing her head.  Every movement she makes has him tightening his hold on her scalp.
"Fuck," he hisses, tilting his head back.  But he doesn't look away from her for long.  It is too erotic, seeing her swallowing his cock.  And it is so much better than her hand.  Now, he's surrounded by wet heat that blisters against his erection.  It is delicious. 
His hips surge forward without warning, pumping himself into her mouth faster cause she's going too slow.  She makes a noise, of pleasure or complaint, he can't tell.  But it feels amazing as it rolls down his shaft and he clenches her head tighter, gritting his teeth and feeling his orgasm rear inside him.  "Fuck I'm gonna come.  I'm gonna fucking come in your mouth."  And his words are so erotic that Emi moans again. 
It is the last straw and it has him snapping his hips, bucking against her mouth, tilting his head back and shuddering out his orgasm.  He releases and she swallows on reflex, and the feeling of her swallowing down his cock has him groaning and gasping, chest rising and falling rapidly as he rides out his finish.
When at last he releases his hold on her hair, Emi shoots backwards with a deep gasp and stares at him wide-eyed.  Her eyes are so astounded that Kanda thinks for a moment that maybe he went too far.  But then she lurches forward, knocking him backwards onto the mattress and kissing him deeply, and Kanda moans again because he can taste himself on her tongue and it's strangely erotic.  "That was so sexy," she gasps, still sounding surprised because she hadn't expected him to be that arousing.  He says nothing, instead dragging her mouth back to his and holding his breath when her hips come back to press against his half hard shaft.
"But damn it, Kanda," she whines, leaning back and pouting down at him.  "I'm still really horny."  He 'che's again and props his hands behind his head, looking up at her lazily.  All his clothes are still on and he wonders what she's gonna do about it.  To prompt her, he says simply, "Fuck me then."
She only smirks and leans in to kiss him again.  She is not even close to being done with him.  This time, neither of them have any reason to complain.

[1] Onna: Woman


Monday, February 10, 2014

A Kiba Inuzuka Lemon -- Crossed

Character: Kiba Inuzuka

Fandom: Naruto [Shippuden]

OC: Haruki Koizumi, cocky, blunt, but innocent when it comes to sex

Inspiration: Kiba is being an instigator once again :3

Haruki is used to Kiba's antics.  They've been dating for long enough that she doesn't mind his rough-and-tumble attitude.  She only actually minds when it comes to --
"Sex.  Let's do it."  Kiba grins one of his 'I know I'm sexy and I know you know it too' grins.  He leans against the kitchen counter with his arms crossed, dressed for once in normal civilian clothes.  (It's Valentine's Day and he doesn't have a mission.)  His jeans are low and Haruki doesn't believe he's wearing anything underneath them.  He never does when he invites her over for a fuck.
She rolls her eyes and goes back to washing the dishes in his sink.  This is a normal happening for Haruki, cause she usually can't stand the messiness of his apartment whenever she drops by.  She tries not to react when his arms loop around her waist and drags her against the bulge in his pants.  But she blushes a bright red anyway because for all her harping and complaining, Haruki is a total introvert on the matters of sex.
"Kiba, stop acting like a dog in heat and get off of me," she mutters, and feels him grinning against her neck.  Probably because he knows he's acting exactly like that and it amuses him to be compared to a dog.  He sinks his teeth gently into her neck, his tongue licking at the sensitive flesh immediately after.  His hands are starting to pull her away from the sink and Haruki groans in annoyance (reluctant interest).  She just manages to turn the water off before turning around in his arms and flicking her wet hands at his face, happy when he flinches a little.
"Do you even know how horny I am right now?" he whines, rubbing his hips against hers.  She does know, actually, she has for quite a while now, considering how he'd already been half hard by the time she arrived at his apartment.  Haruki clutches at his shirt and mutters in embarrassment, "I know -- I can feel your…ah…"  She won't say it because it's too nerve-wracking, and it seems to amuse Kiba.  He smirks.
"My erection~" he supplies, swooping down to kiss her, nibbling on her mouth, dragging her bottom lip between his teeth.  She blushes even more and he chuckles.  "I want you so bad," he bites her ear, feeling her tremble into him.  His hands slip into her shirt and smooth over her back, unhooking her bra before she can complain.  His tongue licks over the shell of her ear, "I want to fuck you hard…like an animal…want you so bad my cock actually hurts."  He chuckles throatily and watches her face explode into a fierce red.
"D-Don't say stuff like that," she says, trying to pull away.  But he clutches her tighter, drawing his hands around to cup her bare breasts underneath her shirt.  And the rough way he massages over them, pinches her nipples, presses her against the counter, makes her shiver and moan.
Her shirt is being lifted up over her head a moment later and his mouth is descending on her breasts.  Haruki grabs his hair and tips her head back.  Kiba is suddenly touching her everywhere.  Licking at her chest, kissing over her skin, rubbing his fingers against her core and loosening the fabric of her pants to slip them inside…  She can't breathe and doesn't know if she even wants to.
"You're so shy," he murmurs, dragging his tongue once more over her nipple before raising casually back up to kiss her mouth.  His hand is now stuffed into her pants and she's unconsciously spreading her legs, letting him stroke her wet heat.  "But you're just as horny as me.  Admit it," he says, but though his voice is light, his words are nothing short of an order. 
He's got three fingers jerking into her now.  Haruki is clutching him tight and thinks she might fall down at any moment.  She doesn't want to admit it but this is making her really aroused.  So it's only natural for her to give in.  she whimpers out a gasping, "Y-You're right."  And Kiba chuckles.  He pushes her pants down and nods at his erection, then tells her to, "Get these off."  And she does, fingers trembling all the while.  When his jeans are pooling at his feet and his cock is curling into the air, Kiba decides that he really can't wait any longer.
"Turn around," he tells her, nudging her aside.  Haruki swallows thickly but does as he asks, bending over the counter and spreading her legs.  He settles between them and runs his hands over her back, smoothes his touch over her bottom, pulls apart the globes of flesh and then touches her core.  He watches lustfully as her back arches into a lovely tilt, and then growls, "Do you want my cock?"  Haruki whimpers when he rubs his stiff member against her ass, his fingers jerking against her clit.  He smirks, "I want to hear you say it, Haruki…"
He knows she's blushing because she buries her head against her stretched out arm.  But by now, Haruki is aching fiercely and doesn't care about her pride or her shyness.  So she just mumbles out a soft response that Kiba can barely hear, and moans when she feels his tip pressing into her.  "Louder," he growls breathlessly, "Say it louder."  She does, with a harsh tremble just as he pushes completely into her.  "Y-Yes!  I w-want your c-cock~"  Then her words turn into a muffled, drawn out moan when he immediately pulls out and rams back into her.
Kiba is rough but it's okay, it's delicious, and Haruki likes him like this even though she won't ever admit it.  He grips her waist hard, with tight bruising fingers, pulls her up against him every time he thrusts.  He nudges her legs farther apart and sets a startlingly fast pace that really does remind her of a dog.  His hips snap fitfully into hers like a puzzle piece and Haruki can't stop herself from moaning loudly.  She pants against her arm and is vaguely aware that she keeps saying Kiba's name.
He likes hearing her begging like that.  Likes it so much that he's already halfway there.  His hand reaches in front of her and he rubs at her clit, intent on having her finish before him so he can watch her unravel.  He knows she's nearly at her finish too, knows it because Haruki only ever acts this way when she's about to come all over his hard cock.  Knows it because it's primarily what makes him follow after her, cause the way she whimpers his name and pushes her hips against him makes him crazy.
"Fuck, you're gonna make me come," Kiba mutters, pounding into her hard.  His fingers fly against her clit faster and Haruki cries out, bracing herself against the counter and murmuring deliriously, "Me too!  Me too, I'm gonna come, Kiba - God, I'm coming - !"  And the way she trails off, babbling insanely about how good she feels, has Kiba cursing again and spilling his load into her without warning.
His hips fit against hers once, twice, deep and satisfying.  Then he sighs and his pace slows and then stops altogether.  He rubs his hand soothingly over her side and then pulls his softened member out of her.  Haruki stands up shakily and turns into his arms, wrapped a hold around his neck and nuzzling up against his bare body.  They stand there like that for a long moment, then Kiba grins and kisses her neck, biting jauntily.  "Since it's Valentine's Day, I think we should go to bed and never get up again."  And from the way he kisses her, all suggestive and flirty, Haruki has a pretty good idea what he wants to do when they get to that bed.
She bites her lip and blushes through a smile.  Then she lets him chuckle and pull her through his apartment.  They proceed to go to bed, but sleep doesn't come till much, much, much later. 


Sunday, February 9, 2014

An America Lemon -- Listening (to your heart)

Character: America

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Penny, shy but can be very confident, blond, freckled

Inspiration: Phone sex!  This will either be completely awesome or fail miserably in a pit of smoke and failures.  ^_^

It hadn't been Penny's idea to take up an extra two days of work in the middle of February.  And it hadn't been her idea to get stuck hundreds of miles away from home on Valentine's Day, either.  But such was the frivolous nature of her job.
"Where are you?" her boyfriend asked over the phone.  There was a pout in his voice and she could just imagine how his expression was lilting with those puppy dog eyes.  She sighed and continued to unpack her lonely duffle bag, tossing the spare clothes she'd brought onto the hotel bed and threading a hand through her hair.  "I don't even know," she told him in exasperation.  It was some tiny town in the very center of the mid-West.  "But it's in the middle of nowhere!  I'm lucky I managed to find a hotel.  I'm sorry for missing the holiday."  This she added slowly, reluctantly, with a frown that Alfred could hear.
He chuckled a little and said, "'S okay.  Never much liked Valentine's Day anyway."  But he knew that she did, knew that she'd had plans that he'd no doubt enjoy.  And he was a little upset that they didn't get to see those plans to fruition.  He rolled over on the bed and stared at the clock.  "It's almost midnight here.  What time is it where you are?"  He shuffled onto his back and listened to her breathing, and to the other background noises of her moving around.
She laughed, "Around 11:00.  We're only an hour apart."  The fact mollified them a little, for some odd reason.  It seemed like they were a million miles away from each other.  But only one hour apart.  She was in the middle of throwing her duffle bag on the floor when she heard Alfred's breathing deepen.  At first, she thought maybe he fell asleep.  "Al?  Are you awake?"  But the responding chuckle (oddly low, husky, shiver-inducing) canceled out this presumption.
If only Penny could see him now.  Truthfully, the day had been filled with anxiety for him.  He'd gone to the airport to pick her up and everything, only to find out that her flight had been canceled because of an awful snow storm and that she wouldn't be able to get home.  And now that Alfred was listening to her voice, letting it wash all over him like a comforting sheath, he was finally feeling relaxed enough to spend his time doing things other than worrying.
"I'm not asleep," he reassured her, and smirked.  His hand was wrapped around his cock and he was slowly coaxing it up.  And suddenly the thought of being away from his lover for Valentine's Day didn't seem too terrible, just as long as they managed to fulfill at least one of their plans.  He cleared his throat and murmured, "It's just…your voice.  It's making me hard."
There was silence on the other end.  For a moment, Alfred's worry hit him with full force.  Was she disgusted with him?  Or laughing?  Did she not want to do this?  He swallowed and asked unsurely, "…Penny?"  And the sound of her name brought her out of her dazed (aroused) reverie.  She splayed out over her bed, propped her chin in her open palm, and said in a voice that was very familiar to Alfred, "Tell me."  Short, to the point, accepting.  He sighed.
Alfred leaned back against the cushions and chewed on his lip for a moment, wondering what to say.  This was harder than he'd thought it would be, difficult to come up with the words that would paint just the right image in his lover's head.  He slinked a hand up his cock and teased the tip, deciding to just jump in without thinking about it too much.  "I'm half hard.  Laying on the bed.  My jeans are on and I wished you were here to help me with them.  I wish you were here to suck me off, too.  'stead, I just have my hand."  There was a pleased sound on the other end of the line as Penny digested his words.
"Your hand…?" she purred, enjoying this new experience.  He chuckled a little, humming out an agreement, and she flipped onto her back.  Then she whispered, "Close your eyes, Alfred."  He does.  She murmured, "Imagine I'm right in front of you.  My hand is your hand.  I'm jerking you off.  It's making me aroused so I touch myself."
He breathed harder.  His hand was pulling and tugging at his cock, which was fully hard now.  He could imagine her in front of him, imagine her hand circling his shaft in place of his, the way her other hand would tickle down to her core and press delicate circles against her flesh.  He moaned a little, and asked throatily, "Are you touching yourself now?"
Penny swallowed thickly.  "Yeah.  I'm so wet, Alfred…wish you could see me…wish you'd fuck me with your cock -- God, I want your cock…"  She slipped two fingers inside herself and the moan that trickled through the phone nearly made Alfred come right then and there.  This was much more erotic than he'd expected.
"You want my cock?" he found himself asking.  His voice was nothing but raw desire, coating and pushing at his words.  He listened to Penny's quick breathing, imagined her touching herself somewhere in her hotel room, splayed out over the mattress and aching for the ghost of his touch.  His hand squeezed at his balls and he wished his fingers was her tongue, sucking and nuzzling his sensitive skin.  "If you were with me…I'd be filling you with my cock right now…"  He heard her moan and thought it was the most lovely thing he'd ever heard. 
"Tell me more," she begged, back arching off the mattress, stuffing her fingers in and out of her.  It didn't fill her up nearly as much as he would have, but it was enough for now.  Enough to give her momentary satisfaction until they could be together again.  She brushed her thumb over her clit and moaned.  "I'm almost there Alfred…!"
He chuckled.  "You'd be on your knees.  I'd be taking you from behind, stretching you so bad cause I'd be so stiff.  You'd come before me so I'd have to punish you.  What sort of punishment do you want?"  She groaned and breathlessly said, surprisingly fast like she'd been thinking about it for a while, "…Make me suck you…want to swallow your cock…"  And Alfred cursed because he wasn't expecting her answer to be so fucking erotic and he was about to come now, because of her.
"Yeah…I'll make you do that as soon as you get home tomorrow," he promises, and she laughed through another moan.  Then she was arching high and muttering fast, "Alfred!  I'm coming, God I'm coming…ahh!"  He gritted his teeth and jerked himself faster, not wanting to let the moment waste away without finishing off as well.  He murmured lowly, "Me too…"  And proceeded to spill his seed through his fingers and onto the sheets, soiling the bed.
Silence for a moment, then a relieved, tired, satisfied sigh on the other end of the phone.  Penny slowly sat up.  "Now I miss you more than ever," she said, voice low and pleased.  She glanced at the clock and chuckled, "It's almost midnight here.  Must be one other there."
"Mmm…y'right," she heard Alfred say, still coming off his high.  She smiled.  "I can't wait to see you tomorrow.  Are you really gonna punish me like that?" she asked, and heard him chuckle.  "Damn right I am," he promised, "Now go to sleep.  I know you're exhausted from today."
She hummed her agreement and smiled giddily.  "Night, Alfred.  Love you."  And she was already half asleep before he returned her goodbye, the words, 'Love you too' serenading her away.   


A/N: Hoping the dialogue was...ahem, adequate enough :3