Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Hibari Kyouya Lemon -- Cuffed Like Love

Character: TYL!Hibari Kyouya

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn [TYL!]

OC: Mayu Yukimura, formal, elegant, long black hair and gray eyes

Inspiration: There are handcuffs and a phone call and Hibari being a non-romantic.  What else is possibly needed?  :3

Valentine's Day is supposedly a day of love, but love happens to be a semi-unknown feeling to Hibari Kyouya.  Something that only herbivores partake in.  He prefers feelings that are fiercer, more poetic and angry.  And he knows that Mayu prefers them too, as much as she might complain or try to prove otherwise.
"This is hardly romantic," she muses as she watches him handcuff her wrists to the bedpost.  She is already half undressed, her shirt open to reveal her skimpy see through bra, her jeans low on her hips and already unbuttoned.  Kyouya hovers above her fully dressed and fully hard.  
He 'tsk's and mutters darkly, "Romance is for herbivores, herbivore."  And then his mouth descends on hers with such bruising force that it's like he's trying to prove to her how much she likes him rough.  She does, but Mayu also likes to put up a fight, cause she knows he likes that, too.  She smirks.
"Maybe.  But since you completely forgot it's Valentine's Day, make more of an effort."  He grits his teeth and glowers down at her, then scoffs again and jerks her head back, lowering his mouth to her neck and devouring her flesh with quick, harsh bites.  
She lets out a breathlessly pleased moan and he moves onto her pants, pulling them the rest of the way off in one fluid movement.  His fingers work so quickly that Mayu barely even registers the fact that he is undoing his own belt next, unzipping his pants, dragging his cock out.  He is still fully clothed, and the sight of his member curling into the air creates a high contrast against his black trousers.  Kyouya grabs her ankle, shoves it aside, and grinds his erection against her wet folds.  His dominance is a quick strike of power that drills right through her and makes Mayu arch high into the air.  She feels a moan bubble up within her when he starts pushing himself into her entrance.
She hadn't expected him to warn her, so much as ask her if she is ready for him, but it doesn't matter anyway.  Kyouya doesn't ask permission to do things, sex included.  He takes what he wants from her and in the process, lets her take what she needs from him in return.  It is a finely balanced drive that has them both lurching forward for more.  He's hilted completely and it's rough, having him insider her when she isn't fully ready to take the stretching and the stress against her inner walls.  But the pain is pleasure too and she loves it, craves it, yearns for more of him. 
"Ah~  K-Kyouya…" she gasps and he watches her through half lidded eyes.  His face is expressionless save for those eyes of his, which are startlingly clear in their shower of passion.  He heaves her hips up roughly and takes her harder, shoving his cock in and out of her and enjoying the way she squirms and pulls on the handcuffs.  She likes being chained to the bed.  She won't ever admit it but Kyouya knows she likes it.  He smirks wickedly down at her and bruises her hips from the force of his thrusts.
He reaches down to grasp at one breast, squeezing none too gently on the soft globe of her flesh.  The harshness of his touch only further excited her, and she's racing all at once toward the finish line of what might be the quickest orgasm ever.  But then suddenly…  "Midori tanabiku namimori no…Dai naku shou naku nami ga ii…" [1]  Kyouya pauses mid-thrust and frowns.
Mayu raises an eyebrow, the high from her would-be orgasm fading quickly as she watches her lover abandon his hold on her thigh and reach into his pocket.  He glances at the screen in total disinterest and Mayu thinks he'll probably throw it on the floor and ignore it.  Except that he doesn't.
His eyes flicker to hers darkly, sinfully, and he smirks.  Then Kyouya is picking up his thrusts again and flipping his phone open.  Mayu bites her lip to stop the surprised (and reluctantly turned on) moan from spilling into existence.  "What do you want, herbivore?" Kyouya asks into the phone.  His eyes flash as he stares at Mayu, then uses his only free hand to grab her thigh and shoves forward, dragging his cock against her inner walls like it's the reason for his existence.  And she can't possibly stop the next moan from making itself known.  She is so turned on that it isn't even funny, and the fact that Kyouya's voice is flat and isn't shaking even once makes her want to come so badly.
"Ehh?  Hibari-san, did I call at a bad time?" Tsuna asks, hearing the sound in the background.  His innocent mind doesn't make him suspect anything is out of the ordinary, but he's learned long ago that Hibari is the type of man who is only accessible when he wants to be.  "…I, uh, wanted to ask how your mission went."
Mayu moans again and Kyouya shoves his hand over her mouth, muffling the increasingly loud and breathless noises she's making.  Her reaction to the situation is making him insanely horny but Kyouya is nothing if not controlled.  He smirks down at her and she grasps his hand tightly, closing her eyes as she feels her orgasm building and breaking her down. 
"It was fine," Kyouya says shortly, then says, "…I'll send Kusakabe with my report tomorrow.  Is that all, herbivore?"  Because he can feel Mayu coming, can feel her muscles contracting around his cock and he'd like to have both hands free right about now.  "U-uh, yes, thank y-" Kyouya clicks the phone shut and throws it onto the floor, dragging both hands to Mayu's legs and bruising her, watching her gasp and moan loudly.  She comes hard and fast on his shaft, but before she can really appreciate it Kyouya is pulling away, shoving her legs to the side, ordering a swift, "Kneel.  Now."
And she sluggishly rolls over onto her knees, twisting the handcuffs as she does.  Kyouya is inside her before she has even settled and she's crying out again because she's so sensitive and he's being so rough and it feel amazing.
"Kyouya…ugh…you bastard…answering the phone…right in the middle - Oh!  Fuck, ah…"  he lowers a hand against her ass and she moans again when he pushes her legs farther apart and thrusts himself deeper within her. 
"Che.  It turned you on so much that you actually came," he scoffed, smirking vividly.  He watches the muscles of her back shift and reaches up to smooth a hand over her spine, against her side, then clutches her breast in his hand again and leans forward.  His other hand slams onto the headboard beside hers, his thumb brushing over her fingers.  It is an oddly sincere gesture in the midst of all this rough dominance, and Mayu clutches that hand tightly. 
She's going to come again.  Kyouya knows it and so does she.  But this time, he is ready for her.  Three thrusts later, her back is arching fitfully and she's moaning loudly, his name a thankful mantra against her tongue.  And he's pushing harder, faster, making her take him as deeply as she can as he feels his own orgasm rip through him.  They come together with shaking, trembling gasps and Mayu hangs her head in exhaustion.  Then, Kyouya's phone starts to go off again from its place on the floor.
Mayu turns to look at it, then blinks over at him.  "Aren't you gonna answer it?" she wonders, but he only scoffs and leans forward to undo the handcuffs.  "Stupid herbivores…calling me all the time…" Kyouya mutters, and proceeds to ignore both her question and her soft smile as he collapses beside her on the bed, clearly without any intention of getting up.
Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day of romance, but Hibari Kyouya is not romantic, or soft, or sweet.  Mayu thinks it's alright though.  After all, she's not exactly romantic, soft, or sweet either.

[1] Midori tanabiku namimori no…Dai naku shou naku nami ga ii…: The green that trails Namimori…Not large, not small, Nami is best…



  1. Holy mother of Jashin-sama, this was freaking awesome!!!

  2. Perfect. just. . . .Amazing. *applauds wildly*

  3. I love your work it's so awesome, but if Mayu was handcuffed how was she able to grasp Kyouya's hand when it was covering her mouth?