Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Love Roughly Gray

 Character: Kakashi Hatake

Fandom: Naruto Shippuden

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Kakashi's excuses~ 

Kakashi had known something was going on the moment he had opened his front door and was met with the sight of your smirking, mischievous face.  Nothing good ever comes from that smirk of yours, usually.  But then again, Kakashi is also aware that some decent things come about if he knows how to cultivate your wicked personality.  And he does, with ridiculously satisfying results.
"I have a mission report to file soon," he says.  His voice is fairly breathless with the tiniest, barest hint of desperation.  But it can't be helped, not when you've got that mischievous mouth of yours wrapped up around his cock.  He watches you move with dark eyes, watches the way you devour his erection.  It is possibly one of the most erotic sights he has ever seen.  Kakashi only wishes he had more time to return the favor you are so kindly bestowing upon him.
Your eyes shoot up to lock with his and he swallows back a harsh wave of desire.  The edges of your gaze crinkles up in that telltale smile, but then he's looking back down at the union of his skin and your lips and he's watching you drag his cock out of your mouth and hum.  "Oh?  Are you choosing work over me, Kakashi?"  And maybe it's the fact that his member is centimeters away from your face, but the moment seems to get even hotter.  A blistering inferno of lust.
Still, he keeps his cool.  Kakashi is nothing if not good at being stoic, outwardly emotionless.  He raises an eyebrow and threads his hand through your hair.  Then he tugs your face back against his cock and says lowly, "Did I tell you to stop?  If you want to satisfy me, you'll have to pick up the pace."  
He watches you laugh, and when you reach up to palm his erection, he pretends like it doesn't faze him at all.  You smirk up at him with that sinful, wicked smirk and then you drag your tongue from the base of his member to the tip of it.  All the while you watch him, but his expression barely gives away the fact that he's ridiculously turned on by your display.
"So demanding…" you murmur, taking him slowly back into your mouth.  Your tongue massages over the slit of his tip and he clenches his hand into your hair.  It is the only indication that he enjoys your attention.  But then his stoicism changes when you begin to relax the muscles of your throat and take him farther, deeper than you had before.  He stares with large, emboldened eyes and his breaths shorten into tiny little gasps.  Then it's like he completely shatters against you. The sight is so flawlessly satisfying that you pick up your pace and lower a hand down to your own pounding, aching arousal in a quest to stave off that part of yourself.
His legs jerk wider, his hand presses your head farther into him.  You have him so far into your throat that your nose is brushing against that pattering of hair at his base.  When you peer up at him, his head is thrown back and his chest is rising and falling at a delicious pace that denotes his utmost appreciation for your little sacrifice.  You swallow around his cock and the tightening and clenching of your muscles make him grunt lowly and look down at you.  There is such an amazing level of lust in those eyes of his that you find yourself surprised.  Your hand shifts faster over your own arousal in a futile attempt to pleasure yourself as well.
Kakashi notices.  His eyes dart down to your arm.  His position on the couch doesn't give him a full view of your lower half, but he can guess.  You watch him watch you, study the way his lust seems to increase tenfold from the fact that you're touching yourself as you suck him off.  You can tell he's about to say something to you, probably to get you to stop so that he can help deal with your problem, so in order to keep him quiet you increase your pace and he shatters all over again. 
"Nnnggghhmm - " he groans, staring at you through dilated eyes that are about to come.  You know because his hips shift upward just a little.  You know because he's pulling your head in farther and his expression seems to be melting and hardening at the same time.  He's crumbing right in front of your eyes and it’s lovely.  You swallow him again, cup your fingers around his balls and gently squeeze him.  And just like that you're bringing him to his finish in possibly one of the most vivid, intense ways.
"Fuck - [Name], th-that's - " he cries out softly, a low grumble of passion that resonates throughout his entire body.  His hips shoot upwards and you choke a little, breathing furiously through your nose as you watch his expression change from composed to absolutely satisfied.  His seed is hot and it spreads down your throat like nothing you've ever experienced.  Your bodily reaction is to swallow it down and you do so without even thinking about the pleasure it brings to your lover.  But it does, bring him pleasure that is, and Kakashi moans again and stares at you, breathing fast and harsh, skin flushed to perfection as he watches you take everything he has to offer.
Then you're choking a little and he's dragging your head back, pulling his now softened cock out of your mouth and immediately lurching down to cover his mouth with yours.  The fact that the taste of his come is saturating your mouth doesn't even seem to register in his mind.  All he can do is kiss you fiercely, fingers threading through your hair and dragging your head up to his. 
"It's my turn now," he whispers throatily, husky when he pulls back from the intense kiss.  You stare up at him in slight awe, fingers clenching over the fabric of his pants, which still cling to his fairly spent form.  "Don't you have a mission to file?" you ask, dragging your hands around his waist as he hovers above you.  But Kakashi only chuckles and slides his gaze over your body, smirking a wicked smirk that makes you shiver in anticipation.
"Hokage-sama can wait," he growls, lifts you up, tosses you onto the couch.  And the Hokage does wait.  It is nightfall by the time Kakashi casually appears before her, smiling his usual smile and rubbing the back of his head in carefully acted embarrassment. 
"Ahaha.  Sorry I'm late, there was this black cat…"
Honestly.  The excuses he's forced to come up with…



  1. I'm really aroused right now... this stor can actually be KakashixMaleOC and KakashixFemaleOC... YAOI FOREVER!

    1. Oh mai you're right! How ingenious of me ;3

  2. Hehe I wonder if this is the true reason he's late all the time ;) Headcanon accepted!

  3. Oh wow!~ So that's what you've been doing!