Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Kanda Yuu Lemon -- Swallow The Sky

Character: Kanda Yuu

Fandom: D. Gray Man

OC: Emi Calder, blunt, has short black hair and a nice figure

Inspiration: Kanda is being a bit reluctant so Emi pushes him into it.  And then he surprises her with his hidden kinky side.  Or something to that extent :3

"So?  Are you gonna answer me or not?" Emi asks, crossing her arms as she stands in the threshold of Kanda's room.  He makes a dissatisfied noise and doesn't look up from polishing Mugen, which he's been doing for the past fifteen minutes without fail.  Emi sighs, the sort of sigh that sounds like a 'God, I'm dealing with a baby', and Kanda finally glances up at her sharply, lips pulled back in a frown.
"What the fuck are you still doing in here anyway?" he scoffs, but there is no anger behind his voice.  Just blunt curiosity, because he knows that Emi's got a mission tomorrow and she should probably be preparing, but is instead wasting her time talking to a wall.  Him, of course, playing the part as said wall. 
Emi shrugs and pushes off his closed door, taking a seat on his bed.  He watches her suspiciously for a moment or two before going back to polishing Mugen.  But he doesn't ignore her for long.  Mainly because Emi is suddenly pulling her shirt up over her head and Kanda is spluttering out in surprise and (dare he think it) interest.
"W-what the fuck - !" in his shock, Mugen clatters to the floor and Kanda swears and bends to retrieve it.  When he lifts his head again, Emi is smirking vividly and has risen her hands to her bra, too.  And that is when Kanda lurches forward, throwing Mugen on the bed in his quest to grasp her hands before any more harm can be done.  (To his self control, to his willpower.)  But neither of them expect the force of his body to push Emi roughly onto her back and him above her.  Not that either of them were complaining, a lot.
"You should be grateful you've even got a girlfriend, Kanda," Emi says with a smirk.  He grinds his teeth together and she chuckles, "Don't you know what couples do on Valentine's Day?"  He only glares down at her with those fiercely blown eyes, and though his gaze had the crippling potential to freeze hell itself over, Emi was surprisingly immune to his fury.  He growls, but instead of saying something deliciously erotic he only insists, "We're not a couple."  Like it's the most disgusting phrase he's ever heard.  And Emi can't really help it: she bursts out into laughter.  Something that Kanda does not appreciate.
"Fuck," he grits out, because he's angry and doesn't know what else to say.  He's angry at Emi for barging in here and spewing shit about what he wants for Valentine's Day (what the fuck does he know what he wants for fuck's sake), and he's furious because he's a man and he's got desire and right now she is treading very close to it.  So he shuts her up with a technique he's found works the best.
His mouth sears over hers and she's pushed back in surprised enjoyment.  Kanda never initiates anything and when he does, it's usually fueled by anger, but Emi isn't complaining because passion and anger mixed together is the best kind, especially coming from him.  She makes a small, whimpering noise against his lips but he doesn't let up.  If anything, he pushes down on her harder, sinks his teeth into her bottom lip and tugs, and then the rest of his body is contributing and it feels wonderful.  His hips are grinding a rough, steady pace against her core, his hands are forcing her legs tight around his hips.  His other hand still grasps the both of hers, which are still settled between her breasts.
When he finally pulls away, breathing hard, eyes wild, Emi gasps below him.  "That's more like it," she mutters, closing her eyes.  She wriggles her hips against Kanda's and he swears because in the heat of the moment, he maybe hadn't realized just how hot she is and how the heat of her is making his cock jerk to attention.  So he pulls back, rocking onto his heels and staring down at her.  He finally lets go of her hands and Emi stretches them lazily above her head, blinking up at him expectantly.  And fuck if it doesn't make Kanda want to tear away those stupid clothes and make her pay for this entire afternoon.
He watches her eyes turn casually down his figure, landing finally on the stretched fabric of his pants.  The fact that she's being so obvious about it makes his face redden.  He starts untangling her legs from his waist but Emi only tightens them harder, not letting him go.  She gives him a crooked smile and says, "Don't be like that, Kanda~  I really just want you to let me seduce you."  And she smiles like it's perfectly natural for the man to be seduced by the woman.  And maybe it is in some cases but Kanda doesn't appreciate it and that's what ultimately makes him turn back to her with a glare.
"Seduce me?" he scoffs, "You barged into my room and started stripping, that's not the same thing - nng!"  His face reddens again when Emi cuts him off, circling her hips against his erection.  She seems ridiculously pleased from the fact that he made a noise (unthinkable!), and Kanda just looks like he wants to die.  He masks the sentiment with anger, his back-up emotion.
"For fuck's sake," he mutters, leaning over her again and resting his weight on one hand.  And whatever Emi is expecting, whatever blunt and angry reaction she thinks he'll give her, she certainly doesn't expect him to casually trace between her breasts and unhook her bra.  Slowly.  She blinks up at him in surprise and watches as he pushes the fabric away.  And the way he studies her curves, even though he's already seen them before, makes her strangely embarrassed. 
"…Kanda?" she asks, curious now.  He lazily draws his fingers around the soft flesh of her left breast, rolling it over against his palm.  Then he ducks his head to her and slowly licks a trail around her nipple before engulfing her into his mouth.  After spending a moment or two doing this, he starts kissing down the valley of her breasts, tugging and removing buttons in his way.
"Che.  What do couples do on Valentine's Day…" he mutters, oddly calm.  His fingers play with the button of her pants.  She stares.  "If we were a couple, we'd probably just have sex."  He tugs her pants away, hooking his fingers into her panties as he takes them off.  She's not nervous or embarrassed when he's got them all the way off.  Kanda glances up at her and casually presses his thumb against her clit.  His eyes flash darkly.  "But since we're not a couple, I'm gonna fuck you till you're aching inside and out."  Then he jerks his thumb inside her and, since she's not expecting that, Emi lets out a surprised moan and grips the sheets hard. 
He shoves his thumb as deeply into her as he can, rubbing his other fingers against the top of her clit as he blinks down at her.  He likes the way she's making those breathlessly noises, likes the way her body is tilting toward him.  His cock twitches against his pants and he hurries to unbutton them.  There isn't any time to take off his other clothes.  He just pulls his erection out and pumps it once, twice in his hands, relieving a bit of the stress that is almost crippling.
Emi watches him with heady eyes, liking the show.  He growls down at her and pushes forward, hovering above her with both hands near her head.  Then he mutters, "Fucking touch me, onna." [1]  And when she doesn't immediately, Kanda 'che's and grabs her hand, forcing it around his cock and then guiding it up and down, up and down.  Emi watches all the while, but when he circles her clit with his fingers again, she stops watching and gasps, spreading her legs for him and trembling against the sheets.
His hips surge forward into the small space between her fingers, but it isn't enough.  Kanda swears and mutters, "Fuck.  Come here.  I want your mouth."  Emi blinks at him in surprise, but quite sure she heard him right.  He never talks like this.  Usually he just stays silent and uses his actions to convey what he wants from her.  Because she's so surprised, she doesn't move, and Kanda glares down at her in annoyance, "Come here.  I want to fuck you in the mouth."  This time, Emi slowly sits up.
She crawls on her knees before him and bends down over his twitching cock.  She can't remember a time where Kanda actually let her do this type of thing.  He is oddly straightforward when it comes to sex and doesn't usually do anything terribly kinky.  But Emi can't deny that the abrupt change in his personality is making her very aroused.  She takes him slowly against her tongue as he tangles his fingers into her hair and drags her head against him.  For a moment, her gag reflex kicks in and she can't breathe, but after another second or two Emi gets used to the foreign feeling and starts bobbing her head.  Every movement she makes has him tightening his hold on her scalp.
"Fuck," he hisses, tilting his head back.  But he doesn't look away from her for long.  It is too erotic, seeing her swallowing his cock.  And it is so much better than her hand.  Now, he's surrounded by wet heat that blisters against his erection.  It is delicious. 
His hips surge forward without warning, pumping himself into her mouth faster cause she's going too slow.  She makes a noise, of pleasure or complaint, he can't tell.  But it feels amazing as it rolls down his shaft and he clenches her head tighter, gritting his teeth and feeling his orgasm rear inside him.  "Fuck I'm gonna come.  I'm gonna fucking come in your mouth."  And his words are so erotic that Emi moans again. 
It is the last straw and it has him snapping his hips, bucking against her mouth, tilting his head back and shuddering out his orgasm.  He releases and she swallows on reflex, and the feeling of her swallowing down his cock has him groaning and gasping, chest rising and falling rapidly as he rides out his finish.
When at last he releases his hold on her hair, Emi shoots backwards with a deep gasp and stares at him wide-eyed.  Her eyes are so astounded that Kanda thinks for a moment that maybe he went too far.  But then she lurches forward, knocking him backwards onto the mattress and kissing him deeply, and Kanda moans again because he can taste himself on her tongue and it's strangely erotic.  "That was so sexy," she gasps, still sounding surprised because she hadn't expected him to be that arousing.  He says nothing, instead dragging her mouth back to his and holding his breath when her hips come back to press against his half hard shaft.
"But damn it, Kanda," she whines, leaning back and pouting down at him.  "I'm still really horny."  He 'che's again and props his hands behind his head, looking up at her lazily.  All his clothes are still on and he wonders what she's gonna do about it.  To prompt her, he says simply, "Fuck me then."
She only smirks and leans in to kiss him again.  She is not even close to being done with him.  This time, neither of them have any reason to complain.

[1] Onna: Woman


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