Monday, February 10, 2014

A Kiba Inuzuka Lemon -- Crossed

Character: Kiba Inuzuka

Fandom: Naruto [Shippuden]

OC: Haruki Koizumi, cocky, blunt, but innocent when it comes to sex

Inspiration: Kiba is being an instigator once again :3

Haruki is used to Kiba's antics.  They've been dating for long enough that she doesn't mind his rough-and-tumble attitude.  She only actually minds when it comes to --
"Sex.  Let's do it."  Kiba grins one of his 'I know I'm sexy and I know you know it too' grins.  He leans against the kitchen counter with his arms crossed, dressed for once in normal civilian clothes.  (It's Valentine's Day and he doesn't have a mission.)  His jeans are low and Haruki doesn't believe he's wearing anything underneath them.  He never does when he invites her over for a fuck.
She rolls her eyes and goes back to washing the dishes in his sink.  This is a normal happening for Haruki, cause she usually can't stand the messiness of his apartment whenever she drops by.  She tries not to react when his arms loop around her waist and drags her against the bulge in his pants.  But she blushes a bright red anyway because for all her harping and complaining, Haruki is a total introvert on the matters of sex.
"Kiba, stop acting like a dog in heat and get off of me," she mutters, and feels him grinning against her neck.  Probably because he knows he's acting exactly like that and it amuses him to be compared to a dog.  He sinks his teeth gently into her neck, his tongue licking at the sensitive flesh immediately after.  His hands are starting to pull her away from the sink and Haruki groans in annoyance (reluctant interest).  She just manages to turn the water off before turning around in his arms and flicking her wet hands at his face, happy when he flinches a little.
"Do you even know how horny I am right now?" he whines, rubbing his hips against hers.  She does know, actually, she has for quite a while now, considering how he'd already been half hard by the time she arrived at his apartment.  Haruki clutches at his shirt and mutters in embarrassment, "I know -- I can feel your…ah…"  She won't say it because it's too nerve-wracking, and it seems to amuse Kiba.  He smirks.
"My erection~" he supplies, swooping down to kiss her, nibbling on her mouth, dragging her bottom lip between his teeth.  She blushes even more and he chuckles.  "I want you so bad," he bites her ear, feeling her tremble into him.  His hands slip into her shirt and smooth over her back, unhooking her bra before she can complain.  His tongue licks over the shell of her ear, "I want to fuck you hard…like an animal…want you so bad my cock actually hurts."  He chuckles throatily and watches her face explode into a fierce red.
"D-Don't say stuff like that," she says, trying to pull away.  But he clutches her tighter, drawing his hands around to cup her bare breasts underneath her shirt.  And the rough way he massages over them, pinches her nipples, presses her against the counter, makes her shiver and moan.
Her shirt is being lifted up over her head a moment later and his mouth is descending on her breasts.  Haruki grabs his hair and tips her head back.  Kiba is suddenly touching her everywhere.  Licking at her chest, kissing over her skin, rubbing his fingers against her core and loosening the fabric of her pants to slip them inside…  She can't breathe and doesn't know if she even wants to.
"You're so shy," he murmurs, dragging his tongue once more over her nipple before raising casually back up to kiss her mouth.  His hand is now stuffed into her pants and she's unconsciously spreading her legs, letting him stroke her wet heat.  "But you're just as horny as me.  Admit it," he says, but though his voice is light, his words are nothing short of an order. 
He's got three fingers jerking into her now.  Haruki is clutching him tight and thinks she might fall down at any moment.  She doesn't want to admit it but this is making her really aroused.  So it's only natural for her to give in.  she whimpers out a gasping, "Y-You're right."  And Kiba chuckles.  He pushes her pants down and nods at his erection, then tells her to, "Get these off."  And she does, fingers trembling all the while.  When his jeans are pooling at his feet and his cock is curling into the air, Kiba decides that he really can't wait any longer.
"Turn around," he tells her, nudging her aside.  Haruki swallows thickly but does as he asks, bending over the counter and spreading her legs.  He settles between them and runs his hands over her back, smoothes his touch over her bottom, pulls apart the globes of flesh and then touches her core.  He watches lustfully as her back arches into a lovely tilt, and then growls, "Do you want my cock?"  Haruki whimpers when he rubs his stiff member against her ass, his fingers jerking against her clit.  He smirks, "I want to hear you say it, Haruki…"
He knows she's blushing because she buries her head against her stretched out arm.  But by now, Haruki is aching fiercely and doesn't care about her pride or her shyness.  So she just mumbles out a soft response that Kiba can barely hear, and moans when she feels his tip pressing into her.  "Louder," he growls breathlessly, "Say it louder."  She does, with a harsh tremble just as he pushes completely into her.  "Y-Yes!  I w-want your c-cock~"  Then her words turn into a muffled, drawn out moan when he immediately pulls out and rams back into her.
Kiba is rough but it's okay, it's delicious, and Haruki likes him like this even though she won't ever admit it.  He grips her waist hard, with tight bruising fingers, pulls her up against him every time he thrusts.  He nudges her legs farther apart and sets a startlingly fast pace that really does remind her of a dog.  His hips snap fitfully into hers like a puzzle piece and Haruki can't stop herself from moaning loudly.  She pants against her arm and is vaguely aware that she keeps saying Kiba's name.
He likes hearing her begging like that.  Likes it so much that he's already halfway there.  His hand reaches in front of her and he rubs at her clit, intent on having her finish before him so he can watch her unravel.  He knows she's nearly at her finish too, knows it because Haruki only ever acts this way when she's about to come all over his hard cock.  Knows it because it's primarily what makes him follow after her, cause the way she whimpers his name and pushes her hips against him makes him crazy.
"Fuck, you're gonna make me come," Kiba mutters, pounding into her hard.  His fingers fly against her clit faster and Haruki cries out, bracing herself against the counter and murmuring deliriously, "Me too!  Me too, I'm gonna come, Kiba - God, I'm coming - !"  And the way she trails off, babbling insanely about how good she feels, has Kiba cursing again and spilling his load into her without warning.
His hips fit against hers once, twice, deep and satisfying.  Then he sighs and his pace slows and then stops altogether.  He rubs his hand soothingly over her side and then pulls his softened member out of her.  Haruki stands up shakily and turns into his arms, wrapped a hold around his neck and nuzzling up against his bare body.  They stand there like that for a long moment, then Kiba grins and kisses her neck, biting jauntily.  "Since it's Valentine's Day, I think we should go to bed and never get up again."  And from the way he kisses her, all suggestive and flirty, Haruki has a pretty good idea what he wants to do when they get to that bed.
She bites her lip and blushes through a smile.  Then she lets him chuckle and pull her through his apartment.  They proceed to go to bed, but sleep doesn't come till much, much, much later. 



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