Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Lavi Lemon -- Checkmated

Character: Lavi

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Iris Wei, originally from Asian Branch, smart, purple hair in chopstick bun

Inspiration: In which Lavi challenges Iris to a game of strip chess and proceeds to trick her into making all sorts of lovely deals.  ;3

He'd planned it all out.  It is a sentiment that Iris only realizes when it is too late to stop it.  When he's got her between his body and the scattered chess pieces.  Between his mouth and the shards of black and white.  And it is difficult to stop him when her body seems to want his touch so very much.
It started when Iris beat Bookman in a chess game.  After retreating idly back to her room, Iris had planned to spend the remainder of her afternoon reading and packing for her upcoming mission.  She had certainly not anticipated Lavi coming by and challenging her oh-so-casually to a chess game.  And though she had suspected he was up to something, she hadn't anticipated that it would be strip chess, of all things.  Not that she was really complaining, looking back.
Their game starts to feel less like a game and more like an evil master plan about twenty moves in.  Iris has checked Lavi a few times already and he keeps happily taking pieces of his outfit off.  Too happily.  Like he's actually winning instead of losing.  It makes Iris suspicious.  He retaliates her moves fairly skillfully in between her strikes, and when he watches her reluctantly pull her sweater over her head, his eyes glint and flash over her skin like a predator.  It is altogether shiver-inducing, because of the way he looks like he's planning something, and the way it makes her feel.  (All quivery, like a wild tremor of magnificently high piano notes.)
She's confident though, that whatever he's scheming, it won't work.  If she could beat Bookman she can beat him, and besides, Lavi doesn't seem to have an aptitude for chess.  (Or if he does, he's hiding it rather well.)  But Lavi seems to think he's gonna win anyway, despite him only wearing his socks, boxer briefs, and scarf.  (Normally the scarf and socks would be the first to go, but Lavi doesn't seem to mind making use of his ample muscles and reluctantly attractive body.)
"Should we raise the stakes?" he suddenly asks with a suave grin.  He's leaning his chin on his palm, which is pressed up against his bare knee as he leans over the board.  She's caught off guard a little cause she isn't sure why he'd want to raise the stakes when he's losing, but then shrugs and says, "Fine.  What did you have in mind?"  And the smirk he sends her makes her feel oddly aroused.
He hums a bit like he's pretending to think, and then his eyes flash into hers and he grins, "Loser has to do whatever the winner says for the rest of the day.  Deal?"  It's risky but Iris is confident and besides, she's still got most of her clothes on.  So she just nods and says, "Deal."  And doesn't notice the triumphant gleam in her opponent's eyes as she turns back to the board.
Looking back, she really should have been more careful.  Because only five moves later, Lavi is chuckling, pushing his queen directly into her king's path and drawling out an amused and victorious, "Checkmate~"  And that is when Iris realizes that she's been played, like one of the pawns haphazardly scattered around the board.  Lavi grins up at her expectantly and Iris glowers back at him, sighs, and mutters, "You want me to strip then?"  Because it's only fair, seeing how it's strip chess.
But Lavi only smirks and leans back with a shrug, eyeing her.  "I'd rather you come here and kiss me.  As my prize for winning."  The request is so unexpected that Iris blinks at him, confused, and then finally starts crawling around the chess board because there's really nothing she can do, she already made that deal with him.  So she just swoops her lips against his briefly and starts to pull away.  She doesn't expect him to grab the back of her head and drag her back in.  She also doesn't expect to like his kisses so much.  When he reaches up and fingers the bow sewed into her bra, Iris sees sense again.  "What are you - "
"You agreed to do whatever I asked for the rest of the day," Lavi smoothly cuts in, leaning back on his elbows.  He raises an eyebrow and asks sort of daringly, "Or are you too afraid to honor the deal?"  And though Iris is quiet, reserved, unassuming, she balks at the thought of letting him one up her in any way. 
"…You're appalling," she murmurs, but is already sinking back into his lips.  She feels his hand cup her small chest and blushes a little, but doesn't stop him from engulfing her breast in his hand and squeezing.  He drags her up on top of him and when she's pulled up his body, Iris feels the bulge of his cock growing against her abdomen.  She shivers.
"Mmm…" Lavi sighs, enjoying the thankful weight of her body on his.  His hands drag down her skin and gently tug at her pants, shuffling them slowly off her hips as her mouth moves against his.  She doesn't complain.  His kiss has made her resolve weaken and Iris suddenly doesn't care anymore.  She just wants to feel more of his gentle touch, lovingly embracing all the parts of her that she herself doesn't appreciate.
She shifts her core accidentally over his growing erection and Lavi moans, head falling back onto the floor.  The strip chess has already sufficiently removed the majority of their clothes, so Lavi is near to bare beneath her.  He is lovely splayed out like that, eyes fluttering, lips bruised.  She leans down again to press her mouth to his and he sighs against her, moving his hands down to slip into her underwear and press her hips into his. 
"You're really wet…" Lavi whispers throatily, chuckling.  "Your panties are all damp."  And then suddenly his fingers are smoothing around her thighs and pressing little circles against the dampening cloth, and Iris is breathing harder, tilting her hips into those fingers, swallowing her moans back and murmuring, "Mm~  Don't…don't stop…" 
He watches her closely, cock twitching in anticipation as he feels her arch against him.  And he really doesn't think he can continue on like this.  So he breathes out a shaky, "I'll make you feel even better."  And Iris blinks down at him.  He sits up and gently rolls her onto her back, kneeling between her legs and spreading them around his waist.  Then he starts wriggling out of his boxer briefs and Iris realizes just how hard he actually is.  His cock stretches up and when he rubs against her panties she can hardly breathe.  The sight of him does silly things to her heart, which flutters like wispy clouds against her chest.
"Are you ready?  I don't think I can wait," he murmurs, thumbing idly over her core as he looks down at her.  She bites her lip and nods, "I'm ready."  And Lavi gives her a small smile before pushing the slip of her underwear to the side and guiding himself into her.  He goes slowly, slowly, watching her carefully for signs of pain.  Then he snaps fully into her and moves to hold his weight above her head.  Iris slips her arms around his head and Lavi leans down to kiss her again, moving his hips gently until he feels her start to relax in his arms.
"Go faster," she urges, wrapping her legs around his waist.  He nods and buries his face against her neck, surging his hips forward at a faster pace.  He is more forceful now, and he pushes her right into the ground, skidding her a little bit in his eagerness.  But it feels good, having him stretching her out, feeling him hitting her just right, and Iris is moaning into his hair and clutching harder.
He kisses her again.  It is sloppy but perfect, and Iris feels like she's floating somewhere, someplace.  There is an urgency in the way he takes her, like he can hardly believe they are together at all.  Like he's waiting to wake up from a dream but is holding on as fiercely as he possibly can.  He dives into her wildly, gasping, moaning, holding her in place beneath him, and it doesn't take long for Iris to shatter against him.
"Lavi!" she cries, bucking her hips forward.  He watches her come like he's studying some great masterpiece in a gallery.  He holds himself above her and shakes her down, thrusting roughly, hips snapping, spearing into her at a pace that makes him want to shatter, too.  And he does, moments later when he feels her clenching powerfully on his cock, milking him for everything he's worth and more.  He tilts his body and grabs her hips and feels his orgasm take him down.  He spills himself into her in a dizzying array of heat and then sighs, lowers himself into her arms, and curls up around her.
Minutes pass idly.  Then, "I think I'll challenge you to games of chess more often."  And Iris rolls her eyes, spinning circles over his back and scoffing, "I'm going to get you back for this, you know.  Sometime when you're least expecting it."  Her promise makes his eyes light up.  He absolutely can't wait to sample her revenge.



  1. nice. i dont know who Lavi is, but it was great writing nonetheless.