Friday, February 14, 2014

A Pavel Chekov Lemon -- New Worlds

Character: Pavel Chekov

Fandom: Star Trek: 2009, 2013

OC: Isabella Hadley, gray eyes, red hair, eager to please

Inspiration: Pavel is frustrated so he decides to do something about it :)

Isabella is just settling down for the night when she hears the telltale beep of her door.  She's got a good feeling she knows who it is, given the fact that the evening shift just ended.  She is right.  When she calls, "Come in," the door slides open and reveals Pavel.  He takes one look at her, short nightgown and all, and blushes.  She finds it endearing that he still gets nervous about seeing her like this.
"You look stressed," she says idly, putting her book down and stretching her legs out in front of her.  She notices how his gaze lingers on those legs for half a second before he turns toward her and crawls onto the bed.  She laughs when he sighs out noisily and collapses into her arms.  "It's been a long day!  Nobody takes me seriously even now -- the keptin still calls me 'kid' and laughs when I can't pronounce things in perfect Standard -- "  he quiets only when he feels Isabella's fingers gently thread through his hair.  The relaxing sensation makes him nuzzle his face against her neck and hold her tighter.
The calm breaks when Isabella chuckles and mutters, "Well you are a kid, Pavel.  Compared to the senior crew."  She knows it probably isn't the right thing to say but can't help it, and her heart bursts in excitement when he raises his eyes to hers and glowers.  "I'm older than you," he says, all petulant, and she bites back a grin.
"That's true," she says quietly.  Her hands run down his shoulders, over his chest.  He looks down at her, wondering at the sudden eagerness of her touch, the way his own body reacts to her hands.  When he feels her peeling back his shirt and slinking her fingers against his bare skin, Pavel shivers and clenches his fists into the sheets.  She's gonna play dirty and he's ready for it.  The anticipation invigorates him.
"What do you think you're doing?" he asks even though he knows full well.  The edge of his mouth is tilted upward and she wants to kiss his smile off, imprint it against her own mouth.  She makes a soft noise and raises herself up into a sitting position.  The way his body careens directly in front of her has her very much wanting more of him.
His shirt comes off.  She casually murmurs, mouth centimeters from his, "I'm seducing you.  Is it working?"  She runs her hands down his chest again and traces the hem of his pants.  Then she slowly, reverently reaches down to cup the growing erection between his legs and gently squeezes it.  He watches closely and can't stop the shiver from ripping through him.
"Yes," he whispers honestly, though it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  His entire body it reacting to her.  He suddenly feels alive and mature and not like a kid at all.  When his lips drop to hers, when Isabella moans and shivers into him, Pavel feels like a man.  "It's working…"  he groans, pressing closer, closer to her.  His hands can't stop moving, can't stop shifting over that silky nightdress which feels amazing against her skin. 
He stuffs his hands into it, drags it up her back.  His lips move deeply against her, tongue clashing out and tasting her, teeth drawing her lip into his mouth and sucking.  She is putty in his hands and he loves it, craves the way she whimpers and clutches at him.  His fingers sidle over her spine, reach around to her front, slide up her sides, thumb over her breasts.  Then the silk is being forced over her head, tossed away, and Pavel is shoving her down onto her back and kissing her harder, deeper, moving his body against hers.
"Pavel…" she moans.  She feels beautiful beneath his touch.  Like a woman instead of a girl.  And she knows that it will only get brighter, hotter, this feeling of power.  She clutches at his hair and he drops kisses down her body, licks over her hipbone, hooks his fingers into her underwear and eases them down over her thighs, knees, calves.  Then he kisses up those calves, knees, thighs, and even though she sort of expects it, sort of knows where he's going with all this, Isabella is not at all ready when his tongue dips against her clit.
"Oh God!" she cries, fisting her hands in the sheets.  Her hips tilt toward his face and he chuckles, pins her hips down, and traces circles into her thighs.  His tongue is doing things to her Isabella has only dreamt of and the new experience of his touch has her blushing and moaning.  She feels his tongue jerk into her and clenches her eyes shut, arches her back, lets out a breathless whimper that makes Pavel incredibly aroused. 
All he wants to do is crawl back up her body and fuck her senseless but he keeps at it for a few more minutes, dragging his tongue against her, into her, until she's gasping and on the verge of an orgasm.  Then he lifts his head, grins boyishly, and sits back. 
"You liked that?" he asks.  He knows she had but still can't help the trickle of hesitation.  It's the first time he's done anything like that to her and doesn't know if he'd done it right.  But when she nods, opens her eyes to look at him like she's just experienced the best sensation in the entire galaxy, his worries turn to dust and fly away.
"Mm…" Isabella moans in lea of a 'yes'.  He smiles and starts undoing his pants, and she watches him all the while until he is as naked as her and equally aroused.  When he goes to nestle between her legs, she slides a hand up to his shoulder and brings him down to kiss him.  She can taste herself on his tongue and though it should disgust her, it only makes Isabella even more aroused.  She moans and breathes, "I really want you Pavel…"  And her words make him shiver and nod.  Because the feeling is perfectly mutual.
He lines himself up, rubs his tip against her soaking folds, and when he starts to ease his cock into her, Isabella gasps and arches her back.  It doesn't really hurt but there is a certain amount of discomfort coupled with the intense pleasure of being one with him.  When he's fully sheathed inside her, she sinks down against the sheets and reaches for him.  He takes it as a sign that she's ready and doesn't hesitate when he drags his cock out of her and slams it back in.
The cry that bursts from her mouth sets him on fire.  Pavel's pace is quick and defiant, like he's trying to shake all his frustrations out.  He hovers above her and watches her react to his thrusts, feels her legs clench around his waist.  She is already so wet from his previous ministrations that making love to her tonight is a breeze.  And Pavel doesn't feel reserved about being rough because she is molten heat beneath him and moans in pleasure every time he forces his cock deeper, with more of those bruising thrusts.
"P-Pavel!  Y-you're gonna make…make me come!"  Her back tips into a beautiful arch and her hips push against his and she clenches around his shaft tight.  It feels good to thrust into her when she's that tight.  He moans and goes faster, craving every push and pull, loving the way it makes him feel like he's about to burst.  It really isn't any surprise that he does, moments later, as he watches an orgasm tear through Isabella.  As he feels her tighten even more against him and forces his release.
He lets out a strangled sort of moan that reverberates all throughout his body and kisses her.  It starts fast but morphs into a slow, deep kiss as his thrusts become sporadic.  And all Isabella can do is lay there and kiss him back, too tired to move.  Pavel sighs out in satiation and slowly pulls out of her, reaches for the light, and nestles down against her gasping body.  The full feeling that only comes from making love to someone dear to you hits him hard and makes him pull Isabella close.  She quietly curls into his arms and kisses his cheek.  Then whispers, "Will you be here in the morning?"
"Mmm…my shift starts at 0700.  I'll try not to wake you," he murmurs, threading his fingers into her hair.  And he feels very much like a man now.  A man who is full of the world, who has seen all there is to see and felt all there is to feel.  A man who is ready to pack his things and maybe even turn to experience new worlds.  And as he drifts off to sleep, Pavel's got a pretty good idea as to which new world he'd like to see first.



  1. This turned out.. So much more amazing than I could've imagined. My god. I'm sorry and I know you probably don't find this a panty-wettingly sexy as I do but... DAMN

  2. Can we get another for Pavel!? An XReader one! Pretty plase wit sugar on top?

  3. You know, over two years later, I am still coming back to this and reading it. I can't believe how well this turned out and can't wait to see if you post more Pavel x Reader