Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Ryohei Sasagawa Lemon -- Snowed

Character: TYL!Ryohei Sasagawa

Fandom: Katekyo HItman Reborn! [TYL]

OC: Kamina Makuro, brown eyes, long black hair, laid back

Inspiration: Being snowed in and trying to decide how on earth they should pass the time~

That morning, Kamina opened her eyes to snow.  Everywhere.  Almost two whole feet of it crashing up against the house, spilling into the gutter, blowing against the windowpanes.  And it wasn't even close to stopping.  By the afternoon, it was still going steady and Kamina was starting to worry about food shortages.
"Don't worry," Ryohei said, crossing his arms and glancing over at her.  They were standing in the kitchen watching the storm from the little window.  From her place in Ryohei's arms, it didn’t seem nearly as bad as it did before.  She looked up at him, biting her lip, and said, "Did you call Tsuna?  Is he doing alright?"  Then she glanced at the refrigerator and murmured, "I really hope we have enough food to last -- "  And that was when Ryohei decided it was high time to silence her.
"Don't worry," he insisted against her lips, tugging her closer into his arms and trapping her against his chest and the counter.  He towered over her like some great monument, and Kamina suddenly couldn't remember what had made her so worried.  And why on earth she was thinking of something other than Ryohei, of being snowed in with him, of how it was maybe a little bit romantic.  She laughed.
She tunneled her fingers into his short hair and dragged him down harder, kissing him more forcefully.  Ryohei made an appreciative noise against her lips and grinned, drawing away just a little to look into her eyes.  He raised an eyebrow, "Since we're snowed in…we should make use of the fact that no one will be able to bother us."  Tsuna wouldn't be able to call because the phone lines were dead.  There would be no mission orders because they couldn't even open the front door.  The car was stuck around walls of heavy snow and the driveway was nothing but a deep blanket of white.  No, they would not be receiving any visitors today.  The thought had Kamina smiling.
"I want you to kiss me," she told him, idly twisting the fabric of his shirt collar and pulling him close again.  He let her, the corner of his mouth tilting up, the edges of his eyes crinkling.  Then he asked in a too-casual voice, "Is that all you'd like me to do?"  And she scoffsd, brushes his mouth with hers, shivers into his hulking frame.  He was gonna play with her, she could see it in his eyes, in the slow, teasing way he responded to her kiss.  And it excited her just as much as it made her want to scream.  But two could play at his little game. 
She pulled away and he wasn't expecting it, the distance.  His lips followed her for a split second before he realized it and drew back.  Kamina smirked, "I want much more than a little kiss."  And then she pushed forward, kissing his jaw, dragging her lips to his ear, capturing the flesh of it between her teeth and roughly pulling.  He bit his lip hard, trying not to reveal the desperate way he wanted her, but Ryohei happened to be fairly transparent, and the next words that Kamina whispered into her ear had him crushing her in his arms, rubbing their lower bodies together, breathing heavier in the wake of his intense passion.
"That's very dirty of you," he muttered, but the eager smile in his voice was proof that he enjoyed the kinky words she spoke, the dirty things she wanted him to do with her.  "Mmm…" she breathed in agreement, then drew back, pulled away, and started walking slowly into the living room.  Ryohei followed, stalking behind her with a molten expression, dark lusty eyes, stark desire blazing through him.  He really couldn't help himself after that. 
The next moment was crushed passion and despair and hapless need all mixed together like a cocktail.  It was a searing pit of pleasure and relief.  It was him lurching forward, dragging her forcefully into his arms, ducking down to kiss her hard, dragging his hands over every inch of her that he could reach.  It was her surprise and the way she moaned and pulled at his clothes and kissed him back.  Being coy was one thing; being terribly, desperately, passionately in love was quite another.
Somewhere amid the tangle of their bodies, clothes came off.  A hasty pull of buttons, the sound of a zipper, and then skin.  Glorious bared and raw, pressed against the warmth of another.  And then the couch, falling back onto it, pressed suddenly against rough fabric and no more skin.  Ryohei towered over her, curled his hands around her thighs, and pulled her to the edge of that couch  Then he smirked and looked up at her, taking a moment the enjoy the haphazard sight she made.  "I think this was one of those things you wanted me to do?"  And before she could say another word, he was shoving her legs apart and thrusting his tongue against her aching core.
"Oh…!" she moaned, twisting her fingers into his hair, around his neck.  He glanced up at her and the sight of him, licking at her like that, was enough to make Kamina buck her hips forward and moan again.  She felt him chuckle a little and the vibrations of it had her whispering his name, tugging him closer, spreading her legs farther.  She trembled and bit her lip and closed her eyes.  And the sight of her made Ryohei groan low, a rumble of sound that splintered through his chest.  He raised his head and idly rested his chin on his palm, peering up at her.  "You look extremely turned on."  She laughed in surprise and asked with a slight whine, "Why'd you stop?"  Because she was enjoying that, enjoying that tongue of his and the lovely way it made her shudder and quiver and ache.
He lifted himself up, nudging her legs apart and crawling between them.  The action gave her a pretty good insight into what his next plans were, and Kamina leaned back to accommodate him into her arms.  He swooped down to kiss her, murmuring a soft, "I want to fulfill that other thing you said you wanted."  Then he kissed her deeper, dragging her hips against his and grinding his erection against her, caging one arm behind her head and enjoying the way she moaned and clutched him tightly.
He opened his eyes to look at her and whispered, "I don't think I can wait."  He was hard and aching and he really needed her.  They could do all those other little foreplay things later.  Right now he just wanted to fuck her senseless. 
He was hilted inside her moments later, roughly stretching her inner walls without waiting for her to adjust.  She liked him like this though, liked him rough and dominant.  And she was moaning wildly before he'd even gotten three thrusts in.  His hips surged forward and pinned hers against the couch, again and again as he delved deeper inside her. 
His breathing came out raspy and hard.  His chest heaved against her as he pressed himself close.  Kamina moaned and dragged her mouth over his neck before burying her face against him.  She dug her nails into the skin of his back and watched the muscles move beneath his flesh.  And then she shut her eyes and immersed herself in the simple but intricate way he made love to her.
"Mmm…I'm not gonna last much longer," he murmured against her hair.  He thrust faster, shoving into her, propelling his hips so hard against hers that she was sure there'd be bruises come later.  She tightened her legs around him and moaned, "God, Ryohei, I think I'm coming -- g-go faster…!"  And when he grunted and strained to quicken his already fast pace, pushing and pulling his cock against her inner walls, it made Kamina arch and cry out as her orgasm ripped through her.
He watched her come, watched the way her body trembled and unfurled, felt the way she sagged against him but kept moaning, because she was now ridiculously sensitive and he was still bucking into her at a pace that made her delirious.  And Ryohei couldn't stop himself from spilling into her after that.  He gritted his teeth and moaned long and hard and gave a powerful thrust that jerked her hips right up against the back of the couch.  And she gasped against him when she felt him filling her up, the heat of his release curling within her and making her crazy.
He gasped and held her close, thrusting slower, drawing out the intense passion.  Kamina held him tight and listened as he started whispering little things against her skin.  She smiled at the full feeling of making love to him and watched the snow fall outside.  And when he murmured, "I love you," very very softly, reverently against her cheek, she drew back and pressed her forehead against his.  "Me too," she breathed, then leaned forward to kiss him in that gentle way lovers often do.
And she decided that she quite liked being snowed in, just as long as she wasn't alone.


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