Monday, February 17, 2014

A Spain Lemon -- Stacked Like Tiles

Character: Spain

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Spain forgets about Valentine's Day.  You decide to remind him.  Passionately.  :)

To say that Spain had not expected this would be an understatement, but he isn't one to let good chances go to waste.  And he supposes that maybe, sort of, in the very back of his mind, he deserves it.  One doesn't just forget about Valentine's Day, after all.  It's such an obnoxious holiday that it's impossible for it to go unnoticed.  But as always, Spain manages to surprise you with his erratic, hairbrained forgetfulness.  (And just plain ignorance.)  No, Spain hadn't expected this, but he isn't anywhere near complaining.
"A-ah…hahaha…ahhmng~" his eyes are melting into dark brown and he is a mess.  It's all your fault, of course, it usually is and you'll be the first to admit it.  But you consider this a just punishment.  Antonio forgot Valentine's Day and you're reminding him.  Rather roughly.  You smirk.
There are wet splotches over his shirt, which you've long ago pushed aside, and his pants.  Curtsey of the sink that you had dragged him away from.  His back is pressed against slowly warming tiles, his hair is splayed out over the crisp white.  He is prone beneath you, helpless in the face of your passion-fueled anger.
"Oh~  Mm…y-you're not be-ing fair, cariño -- " [1] he moans loudly when you roll your hips over his hard shaft and shudders into the floors, like he's trying to sink beneath the tiles and wood and into the earth itself.  You kiss over his chest, tongue flickering out over his nipple and taking it into your mouth.  Against his skin you murmur, "Don't be ridiculous.  This is completely fair.  And besides…" you take a moment to trace the tip of your tongue around that taut nipple and peer up at him.  He is watching you with wide, hazy, blown eyes, hanging on your every word and actions and touch.  You finish with a soft purr, "you love it when I top you.  I can see it in your eyes.  It makes you so horny~"
It's like the word opens the flood gates of his passion.  He slams his head back down against the tiles and mutters something in Spanish, something you can't quite hear.  Then his hands are dragging your hips down, and he's shoving his hips up, and the resulting clash of delicious friction makes you cry out in overwhelming desire.  You glare down at him because you don't appreciate the move (even though it certainly feels good), and he smiles a little.  It's the smile he uses when he believes he has gained the upper hand.  Which is, of course, utterly ridiculous.
"Che," you mutter, frowning down at him.  Then you're reaching between you to tug at his pants, and he's letting you because somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows you're right about him.  He does like seeing you on top of him.  He's aroused because you're being rough, handling him with that delightful array of fury and dark desire.  And that's why he lets you pull out his cock and wrap your fingers around it and make him utterly breathless.
"Ohh, que bueno - !"  [2]  You give him a rough tug and lean down to kiss him, hard.  Against his mouth you whisper darkly, "Shut up, Antonio."  And he swallows thickly and lets you kiss him and touch him, but though he lets you dominate his body, he doesn't give you the same power over the kiss.  His mouth meets yours in a wicked battle, his tongue slipping and rubbing against yours.  It becomes a clash of teeth and muttered curses but it's delicious, because it's a prime example of your lovely anger. 
His cock is hard in your palm and you know he likes it, being touched like this.  You aren't gentle like you usually are but you know he likes that, too.  For someone so soft, Spain has something of a bitter streak, and he is surprisingly adaptable when it comes to this sort of loving.  You bit down on his bottom lip and he moans lowly, eyes fluttering.  At the same time, you drag your thumb up the bottom of his cock and his hips buck into the air all on their own.  His body has gotten very sensitive.  So has yours.
"I want to fuck you," you whisper into the kiss.  Your words become molded against his skin.  His eyes jerk open in surprise and twisted passion and he soaks in those words, waits until they dissolve into his mind before grinning and nodding.  His eyes are delighted, as though he's been waiting for you to say it.  He probably has.  You nuzzle against his neck and kiss him softly.  He swallows and whispers throatily, eagerly, "Then do it."  And he almost cries out in relief when you lean back and tug at your pants.
He helps.  He drags them down swiftly, wrestling them off your legs and chuckling when you start to laugh at the apparent difficultly he's having.  But then he's dragging you back over him and you're not laughing anymore.  His cock is pressed against your inner thigh and you're suddenly hypersensitive to him, to every move he makes, to every part of him that wants you.  His hands encompass your bottom and he drags your core slowly over his shaft, watching you whimper softly at the friction and the sight of his arousal bending against you.  Then you take that arousal and guide it up, taking the tip of him into you.  After that, it's surprisingly simple.
You take as much of him as you can and set a pace that leaves him gasping.  He pushes himself up onto his elbows and then his hands, so that his face is inches from yours, so that you're in a sort of sitting position.  Then he flings an arm around your waist and pushes his forehead against yours, panting heavily as you move his cock in and out, in and out.
You throw your arms around his neck and hold him tightly, moving your hips wildly.  Antonio peers down the smooth expanse of your back and watches your hips move.  His hands slide back down to squeeze your ass and he moans low, pushing his face into your hair as he watches every move your lower half makes.  It is astoundingly erotic, to an extent that has him utterly throbbing for you.
"I…don't think I can…oh! hold off [N-Name] - " he clenches his teeth and pants hotly against your ear.  His lips barely skim over it but it makes you clutch his tighter, move your hips faster and harder.  "'S okay, I can't…either - !" and you cry out because you really can't, you can feel your orgasm building up a fire within you and you're already letting it go.  But it's okay because Antonio is bucking into you suddenly, roughly, and the bruising effects of his force makes you want to drown against him and never wake up again.
He is being forced back down onto the tiles a moment later, and you're hovering over him and thrusting hard and fast and he's bucking up into you and you're both coming.  And it's the most sinful, delicious experience you've ever had, and you know for sure that he thinks so too.  Because he's looking at you now and smiling the smile he uses when he's fully satiated and feeling fine.
"Fuck," you moan, when it's all over and you're lowering yourself down against his skin.  He chuckles and rolls you over, pinning you below him and leaning down to kiss you softly, reverently.  "Mmm…" he agrees, skimming a hand over your waist and grinning.  There's a sheen of wickedness to his grin.  You raise an eyebrow and study it curiously.
"We're going to make love again," he says decisively, and you laugh because it's straight to the point and oh so delicious, the thought of spending the entire day wrapped up in his arms and white sheets.  And later that evening, when you wake up from a short nap you'd unknowingly fallen into, Spain walks into the bedroom and slips off his shoes, dropping a bag onto the bed beside you.  You smile because he must have spent a small fortune on chocolate, and there's one of those stupid teddy bears nestled among the boxes.  And then you raised your eyebrows in surprise because he even bought one of those cheap lingerie outfits, and it's really too much but you love him all the more for it.
"Happy Valentine's Day," he says with a smile, and leans over to kiss you gently.  You push the bag away and settle for him, instead, dragging him back to you and never letting go.

[1] Cariño: Darling
[2] Que bueno: That's good



  1. Truly i love Spain's different personality like he is soft but when angry damn he is sexy. Spain is freaking sexy!
    More more Darling! keep feeding my addiction to your stories!

  2. Could you make a Spain baby daddy at some point?