Sunday, February 9, 2014

An America Lemon -- Listening (to your heart)

Character: America

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Penny, shy but can be very confident, blond, freckled

Inspiration: Phone sex!  This will either be completely awesome or fail miserably in a pit of smoke and failures.  ^_^

It hadn't been Penny's idea to take up an extra two days of work in the middle of February.  And it hadn't been her idea to get stuck hundreds of miles away from home on Valentine's Day, either.  But such was the frivolous nature of her job.
"Where are you?" her boyfriend asked over the phone.  There was a pout in his voice and she could just imagine how his expression was lilting with those puppy dog eyes.  She sighed and continued to unpack her lonely duffle bag, tossing the spare clothes she'd brought onto the hotel bed and threading a hand through her hair.  "I don't even know," she told him in exasperation.  It was some tiny town in the very center of the mid-West.  "But it's in the middle of nowhere!  I'm lucky I managed to find a hotel.  I'm sorry for missing the holiday."  This she added slowly, reluctantly, with a frown that Alfred could hear.
He chuckled a little and said, "'S okay.  Never much liked Valentine's Day anyway."  But he knew that she did, knew that she'd had plans that he'd no doubt enjoy.  And he was a little upset that they didn't get to see those plans to fruition.  He rolled over on the bed and stared at the clock.  "It's almost midnight here.  What time is it where you are?"  He shuffled onto his back and listened to her breathing, and to the other background noises of her moving around.
She laughed, "Around 11:00.  We're only an hour apart."  The fact mollified them a little, for some odd reason.  It seemed like they were a million miles away from each other.  But only one hour apart.  She was in the middle of throwing her duffle bag on the floor when she heard Alfred's breathing deepen.  At first, she thought maybe he fell asleep.  "Al?  Are you awake?"  But the responding chuckle (oddly low, husky, shiver-inducing) canceled out this presumption.
If only Penny could see him now.  Truthfully, the day had been filled with anxiety for him.  He'd gone to the airport to pick her up and everything, only to find out that her flight had been canceled because of an awful snow storm and that she wouldn't be able to get home.  And now that Alfred was listening to her voice, letting it wash all over him like a comforting sheath, he was finally feeling relaxed enough to spend his time doing things other than worrying.
"I'm not asleep," he reassured her, and smirked.  His hand was wrapped around his cock and he was slowly coaxing it up.  And suddenly the thought of being away from his lover for Valentine's Day didn't seem too terrible, just as long as they managed to fulfill at least one of their plans.  He cleared his throat and murmured, "It's just…your voice.  It's making me hard."
There was silence on the other end.  For a moment, Alfred's worry hit him with full force.  Was she disgusted with him?  Or laughing?  Did she not want to do this?  He swallowed and asked unsurely, "…Penny?"  And the sound of her name brought her out of her dazed (aroused) reverie.  She splayed out over her bed, propped her chin in her open palm, and said in a voice that was very familiar to Alfred, "Tell me."  Short, to the point, accepting.  He sighed.
Alfred leaned back against the cushions and chewed on his lip for a moment, wondering what to say.  This was harder than he'd thought it would be, difficult to come up with the words that would paint just the right image in his lover's head.  He slinked a hand up his cock and teased the tip, deciding to just jump in without thinking about it too much.  "I'm half hard.  Laying on the bed.  My jeans are on and I wished you were here to help me with them.  I wish you were here to suck me off, too.  'stead, I just have my hand."  There was a pleased sound on the other end of the line as Penny digested his words.
"Your hand…?" she purred, enjoying this new experience.  He chuckled a little, humming out an agreement, and she flipped onto her back.  Then she whispered, "Close your eyes, Alfred."  He does.  She murmured, "Imagine I'm right in front of you.  My hand is your hand.  I'm jerking you off.  It's making me aroused so I touch myself."
He breathed harder.  His hand was pulling and tugging at his cock, which was fully hard now.  He could imagine her in front of him, imagine her hand circling his shaft in place of his, the way her other hand would tickle down to her core and press delicate circles against her flesh.  He moaned a little, and asked throatily, "Are you touching yourself now?"
Penny swallowed thickly.  "Yeah.  I'm so wet, Alfred…wish you could see me…wish you'd fuck me with your cock -- God, I want your cock…"  She slipped two fingers inside herself and the moan that trickled through the phone nearly made Alfred come right then and there.  This was much more erotic than he'd expected.
"You want my cock?" he found himself asking.  His voice was nothing but raw desire, coating and pushing at his words.  He listened to Penny's quick breathing, imagined her touching herself somewhere in her hotel room, splayed out over the mattress and aching for the ghost of his touch.  His hand squeezed at his balls and he wished his fingers was her tongue, sucking and nuzzling his sensitive skin.  "If you were with me…I'd be filling you with my cock right now…"  He heard her moan and thought it was the most lovely thing he'd ever heard. 
"Tell me more," she begged, back arching off the mattress, stuffing her fingers in and out of her.  It didn't fill her up nearly as much as he would have, but it was enough for now.  Enough to give her momentary satisfaction until they could be together again.  She brushed her thumb over her clit and moaned.  "I'm almost there Alfred…!"
He chuckled.  "You'd be on your knees.  I'd be taking you from behind, stretching you so bad cause I'd be so stiff.  You'd come before me so I'd have to punish you.  What sort of punishment do you want?"  She groaned and breathlessly said, surprisingly fast like she'd been thinking about it for a while, "…Make me suck you…want to swallow your cock…"  And Alfred cursed because he wasn't expecting her answer to be so fucking erotic and he was about to come now, because of her.
"Yeah…I'll make you do that as soon as you get home tomorrow," he promises, and she laughed through another moan.  Then she was arching high and muttering fast, "Alfred!  I'm coming, God I'm coming…ahh!"  He gritted his teeth and jerked himself faster, not wanting to let the moment waste away without finishing off as well.  He murmured lowly, "Me too…"  And proceeded to spill his seed through his fingers and onto the sheets, soiling the bed.
Silence for a moment, then a relieved, tired, satisfied sigh on the other end of the phone.  Penny slowly sat up.  "Now I miss you more than ever," she said, voice low and pleased.  She glanced at the clock and chuckled, "It's almost midnight here.  Must be one other there."
"Mmm…y'right," she heard Alfred say, still coming off his high.  She smiled.  "I can't wait to see you tomorrow.  Are you really gonna punish me like that?" she asked, and heard him chuckle.  "Damn right I am," he promised, "Now go to sleep.  I know you're exhausted from today."
She hummed her agreement and smiled giddily.  "Night, Alfred.  Love you."  And she was already half asleep before he returned her goodbye, the words, 'Love you too' serenading her away.   


A/N: Hoping the dialogue was...ahem, adequate enough :3


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