Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A James T. Kirk Lemon -- Starry Eyed

Character: James T. Kirk

Fandom: Star Trek

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Because yes, Chris Pine is just that hot.  And okay, young William Shatner was nice to look at too.  ;3

There is one distinctive advantage of working on a ship as massive as the Enterprise: there are plenty of nooks and crannies that can be used for multiple purposes.  This particular purpose being the seduction of a particular Captain.  (On your part, not his.  A little fact that you are more than willing to remind him about.)
"You know I have to get back to the bridge soon, right?" Jim growls into your ear.  He's got you pressed up in a corner of a deserted hallway, in the sliver of an alcove that doesn't offer nearly as much protection as you'd prefer.  But it was a split of the second decision, hiding here, and you'd be a fool to regret it.  Especially when your rather stubborn lover is already hard and wanting after only a few minutes.
His leg is shoved between the both of yours and it looks like he's got the upper hand in this little game, but that's not true.  You're controlling all the shots, even if he doesn't realize it.  That's why he hasn't pulled you into an actual room with actual privacy, that's why he hasn't properly touched you yet even though he desperately wants to.  You smirk and press soft, delightful kisses over his jaw, which flexes as he strains against you.  You'd like to go farther, kiss him in other places, taste him and feel him more sincerely, but even you aren't that bold.  Not right here, in the middle of the hallway where literally anyone could walk in on you.
"What's your point?" you drawl, slipping your hands into Jim's shirt.  He grunts and watches you with eyes blown through with dark passion.  When your fingers trace up his chest and brush over his nipples, he closes his eyes and gives you a half-smile, like he can't believe he's letting you distract him so badly.  To be honest, you can't either.
He takes his job very seriously.  It's about the only thing he takes seriously, actually.  That's why you're surprised that he's allowed so much time to pass in this little alcove.  You hadn't expected him to be this willing, but then again, it's not as if you're really that surprised.  Your hands slip around to splay against his back and you blink lazily up at him, pushing your head back against the wall behind you.  Cool metal invades your senses, dampening the strong desire that sparks between you and him.
Jim follows you back, his breath hot and steady against your mouth, which is suddenly parched.  You stare at him, watching him watch you, wondering what he's thinking.  And then he's whispering a low, calloused, "My point is…that you're not making this easy for me."  Not at all, he wants to say, but instead Jim opts to just roll his hips against yours and show you the effects you've forced upon him.  The feel of his hard on makes you smirk the most mischievous, sexy smirk Jim has ever seen.  He growls again and his mouth jerks to yours and he tries his very best to kiss that smirk off of you before it makes his condition even worse.
"Mmm…" you breathe, clutching the back of his shirt tightly.  The fabric bundles up in your hands and wrinkles it, like creases in a planetary atmosphere.  His mouth slows against yours and he kisses you softer now, his tongue dragging along your bottom lip before taking it into his mouth and nipping it playfully.  The leg he's shoved between yours raises up farther, pressing against your core as he pushes more of his weight on you.  It's a thankful, beautiful feeling that makes you feel infinite.
He's hard and you can feel his erection burning through the fabric of his pants.  His lips move with a sort of desperate yearning, mirroring the way his hips grind slowly against yours.  And if there's one thing you know, it's that there's no way he's leaving without having you fix his problem.  This is a sentiment that is apparently shared between the two of you.
"You know…that I can't go back to work like this…" he gasps against your mouth, into the kiss, and you swallow his words because they sound so despairingly delicious.  His mouth fervently pushes against yours, his fingers digging beneath your shirt and splaying out over your bare back.  If anyone were to stumble upon you at this point, it would be utterly embarrassing and Jim would probably be furious with you for starting this whole mess.  But he's right of course: he can't go back to the bridge with a hard on.  It would be crossing a line that even the infamous Jim Kirk would never cross.
You gasp and pull back from the scorching kiss.  For a moment, you just stare up at him, at the aroused state he's in, and you wish you had a little more time to find a room and deal with this problem in a more classy way.  But time is something you definitely don't have, and you know you'll have to make due.  You give him a crooked smile and murmur, "You'd better have your fill of me now then."
He raises an eyebrow and dryly says, "[Name], we're in the middle of the hallway.  I'm not doing that right here -- "
"Who says I want to do that with you?" and you hook one leg firmly around his hips, dragging him against your core and peering up at him to see if he understands what you're trying to say.  You think he does.  He's looking down at you with those blown-chocolate eyes and you can see all his emotions burning holes through his pupils.  You know it won't be nearly as fulfilling as it would if you'd both been bare, but it's something at least. 
He sighs and presses his forehead against the metal wall by your head.  "This is a bad idea…" he mutters, but still, his hips give in and crush against yours, revolving in a firm circle that drags his clothed erection over your core and has you humming in pleasure.  He does it again, and again, until a numb satisfaction overtakes your bodies and turns your arousals into flustered, aching reminders.
It is rather erotic, you have to admit.  You're in a public place, with all your clothes on, and yet you're both still able to find this much pleasure from each other.  You give Jim a shaky sort of smile that silently tells him how good this feels, and he threads his fingers through your hair and pulls your head back.  When his mouth descends on yours, it is with a very slow passion that makes your body feel astoundingly alive, like a sparking wire.
"Mmm…" you sigh, immersing yourself into the movements on his mouth.  He's kissing you like he'd kiss a glass doll, all deep-gentle-sensual-like.  His teeth and tongue are doing silly little things to your head and you can barely keep up with him even though he's going so slowly.  You kiss him back softly, curl your fingers around his neck and into his hair and clutch at his shirt.  And then he's suddenly thrusting his hips hard against yours and using the momentum to lift your other leg up.
You moan again because you hadn't expected the move, and it makes him into the dominant, devil-may-care type of lover that you know him to be behind closed doors.  And the reminder of what he can be, what he can do to you has you gasping and clenching your legs around his waist and feeling a flutter of an orgasm thrum through you.
His eyes are open and he's watching you.  The kiss dissolves and is replaced by his body, the movements of it, the way his hips are grinding and rubbing and eroding against yours.  He's so hard and it feels strange but delicious, to have him like this, in this way.  And even though you can't see him, even though you'd very much like to, it is enough to feel him and hear him and watch his expression crumble like a mountain shaken through with debris.
"I wish we had more time," Jim breathes into your ear.  His voice is all sex and low desire and despair, and it shreds right through you and has you gasping and throwing your head back.  He follows you back, his lips pressing little kisses to your temple, cheekbone, into your hairline, the shell of your ear.  His fingers are gripping your thighs tight and the rest of him is relentlessly bucking against you, so the contrast of his slow kisses make you crazy and eager.
"I know," you pant, closing your eyes briefly as his hips grind deliciously into your core.  You're so wet and pounding and you want him so badly, but this will have to do until later on, later on when your shifts are over and you can pursue things properly.  His mouth hovers just beside yours, his breath coming out in spades against your skin.  When you open your eyes again, he's still watching you and his gaze has become even more electrified, like he's holding himself back.  "Are you almost there?" you find yourself asking, your voice a desperate hum that has him gripping you harder and pressing his forehead against yours.
"Yeah…" he mutters.  His voice shoots off into a small groan that makes you that much crazier, that much more delirious, and you really can't stop yourself from leaning forward and kissing him.  You want to tell him that you're close too, except all that comes out is a strained moan and you decide it doesn't matter anyway.  He probably already knows, can already tell that you're in the same boat as him.  And it's really not surprising that the flutter of that orgasm soon turns into a full blown frenzy that has you arching up and gasping.
Jim's hand curves around your clothed breast as your back arches up.  He watches you come through dazzled, amazed eyes, and is quick to follow after because the sight of you is really too much for him to handle.  The way you're pushing your body up and jerking your hips against his and the expression you're making, like the very universe is palpitating within you and making you see more than just stars.  And Jim thinks it's divine, the way you look, that moments later he's rolling his hips faster and feeling his own release spill against the constraints of his pants.  And it's a little uncomfortable, the sticky mess that's wetting the fabric, but mostly it's just exquisite and ridiculously stunning.  Like a solar eclipse or an exploding star or the galaxy itself, spreading out into the reaches of space and time that have not yet been attained by mortal means.
Suddenly everything's hot and your body is thrumming and Jim is looking pleasantly exhausted.  You don't do anything, just let him fold his body into yours and slide his hands around your butt, holding you up.  Softly, you thread your fingers into his hair and give a little sigh.  Your legs are tight around his waist and you can feel his release, the wetness of it, and you wish you could help him get cleaned up but really, he's wasted more time than is appropriate for a captain of a starship.  When he starts to realize this, Jim drags away with a deep rumbling sigh and quirks you a smile.  You bite your bottom lip to stop a self satisfied grin from capturing your expression.  So maybe you feel a little proud of yourself for distracting him so completely.  You're not sorry.
He chuckles and gently lets you down, one leg at a time, until you're shakily leaning against him and the wall.  Then he says, all low, "I have to go change."  You give him a quick look over and smirk at the splotch of wetness darkening the front of his pants.  He definitely can't go back to work like this.  You chuckle a little and he gives you a mock-insulted glare, like he can't believe you would laugh at the state he's in when it's entirely your fault. 
"I hope you know that I'll be getting you back for this later on," he says conversationally, throwing an arm around your waist and dragging you into his side.  After a moment, he peers out of the tiny alcove and into the hallway.  After another moment, he steps out into it.
You snuggle into his side wearing a vivid and very smug grin.  "Of course you will.  Why do you think I dragged you here in the first place?"  He stops, glances at you in surprise, and then frowns his I'm-a-captain-you-have-to-obey-me frown.  "You could have just asked politely for it," he mutters, but his eyes are sparkling and you can tell he's not angry, only darkly amused.  You laugh.
"It's no fun that way," you shrug, hooking your arm around his waist and sauntering together down the hallway.  He gives you a look, one of those looks that is rife with promises and revenge, and you smile.  His eyes are all starry for the rest of the day.

Extended Ending

Cleaned up and newly dressed, Captain James T. Kirk strides onto the bridge wearing his usual smirk-smile, back straight with a slight spring in his step.  At once, everyone turns to him, as though wondering where he's been.  But he only waves them off and collapses into his chair with a gratified sigh.  After a moment, he addresses Sulu, "Mr. Sulu, what is our estimated time of arrival?"  The answer is an immediate, "4 hours, 37 minutes sir."  Then the pilot turns back to his station and Kirk nods, crossing his ankles.  That's when Spock walks over.
"Captain, might I inquire into what you've been up to for the last 43 minutes?" his voice is slightly saturated with his usual Vulcan-righteousness.  Kirk shrugs and says, as though he's distracted, "Hmm?  I was dealing with some personal matters."  The corner of his mouth edges upward and he has to force himself not to chuckle, because that would only make Spock feel the need to pursue the topic. 
Apparently, whether he laughs or not, Spock still feels the need to do just that.  He raises one pointed eyebrow and looks his captain over, then says quietly, "Forgive me, captain, but you seem to have forgotten that Vulcans are extremely adept at sensing the post-coital period of other species."  His words make Kirk choke loudly.  Everyone turns to their captain, wondering what's wrong, but Spock's words were soft enough so that barely anyone heard them.  Except Uhura, go figure, who is now smirking wickedly at her station, the closest to them.
As usual, whenever the two of them have a conversation, they both miss the point entirely.  "Spock!  You never told me anything like that so how on earth could I have forgotten - "
"I could have sworn that I had explained to you the advanced and highly proficient functionality of the Vulcan mind."
"Yeah, of the mind, Spock, that has nothing to do with the body."
"On the contrary, captain.  The mind and body are deeply interconnected, especially so in the human race.  It also true that the situation you were just in produced ample brainwaves and psychological activity."
There is silence for a moment.  The crew on the bridge turn back to their stations with knowing grins, because honestly it's fairly obvious now how the captain has spent the last 43 minutes.  Kirk himself is gaping at his First Commander, who is coolly blinking at him, waiting for a response.  The response comes after a drawn out moment in which Kirk decides that hell, the crew knows about his reputation and yes it's a bit embarrassing but ultimately he doesn't really care that much.
He sighs, rubs his forehead, and mutters, "It's Jim, Spock.  Call me Jim."
The Vulcan raises an eyebrow, then says, "As our shift is not yet over, I believe it would be more appropriate at this time to refer to you as 'captain', captain."
"Just return to your station, Mr. Spock."
"Certainly, captain."
Like so many times in the past, Kirk has had enough of Vulcans.



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