Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Johanna Mason Lemon -- Efflorescence

Character: Johanna Mason

Fandom: The Hunger Games

OC: Bethany Carpenter

Inspiration: This is possibly one of my most shameless lemons yet, so prepare yourselves ;3

Johanna made love like she was roughly scratching away at dried paint.  She had a certain way about her that made all her movements seem poignant and raw.  And she always said that Bethany was a mushy romantic, at least compared to her own pragmatic dynamism.  Bethany was alright with falling into this category.  She liked to consider it a balance, as perfect as it was going to ever get, between two souls who couldn't help but careen into one another.  Johanna would scoff at the thought, but Bethany knew that inwardly she was pleased.
"Would you just hurry up?" Johanna grumbled, her head cushioned into crossed arms that were strewn up and behind her hair.  Forest green eyes blinked down to watch the unhurried ministrations of her lover, who was nestled comfortably between legs, her lips tracing a slow path down Johanna's abdomen.  The musky scent of arousal set the scene in the lightest of ways, like the taste of a dream playing with the senses.
Bethany raised her head to glance at Johanna, a dry expression hooking itself onto her features.  This was another difference between them: Johanna's patience ran out extremely quickly, whereas Bethany liked taking her time.  It made for a lot of interesting scenarios, if nothing else.
Bethany kissed the top of her lover's thigh.  Against her skin, she murmured, "Do you have somewhere else to be?"  The response she received was a scoff and a rough twist of fingers in Bethany's hair, impatiently lifting her head again.  Green dashed into articulate eyes. 
Instead of answering Bethany's question, though, Johanna merely asked one of her own.  "Did you bring the strap on?"  The bluntness of her words almost had Bethany blushing, but she held it at bay because she knew it would only amuse Johanna. 
With a disgruntled sigh, Bethany lifted herself up and glowered down at her lover.  "Are you sure you're ready for that?  We only just got started."  The last part came out as a whine, because Bethany had wanted to drag out the initial pleasure as long as possible.  The petting, the touching, it thrilled her.  But Johanna preferred a more brash, direct approach.
"Just put it on," Johanna said, settling her head back into her arms.  In that position, her breasts were pushed up into the air just a tiny bit.  It drew Bethany's attention and made her want to lean down and caress that scarred, flawed body.  But instead she just rolled her eyes and slid off the bed, reaching for the bag she'd brought and tossed on the ground earlier that evening.  When she returned to the bed, she was reluctantly buckling the contraption around her hips.  Johanna watched with heady eyes, her mouth curved into the hint of a delicious smirk.
"You look so sexy with that on," the older woman purred, slowly pushing herself up.  Her eyes lingered on the straps that clung around Bethany's thighs.  The primal, predatory way Johanna smiled made a thrill of uneven pleasure rush through her, like a waterfall of heady passion.
Bethany tilted her head and reached down to fondle with the fleshy strap on, pumping it like she would a real cock.  She watched Johanna's eyes light up in interest as she watched her every movement.  Then Bethany smirked and murmured, "Aren't you gonna touch me, 'hanna?"  And the older woman scoffed and sat up, gently pushing Bethany onto her back and muttering, "Che.  Maybe I should be the one wearing it.  You deserve some punishment, you rude wench."  She drew out the last word and it sounded like sticky honey was saturating every letter.
Bethany beamed.  "D'you wanna ride me or something?  Shouldn't I make sure you're ready for it first?"  But her words were careless and backless, because she knew that Johanna was more than ready, and besides, the older woman liked a little pain mingled in with the pleasure.  Something that Bethany learned early on.
"Shut up," Johanna muttered, and then she kissed her younger lover hard, her fingers tugging into Bethany's hair and pulling at her scalp.  Bethany let out a little whimpering sound that made Johanna feel full of power, and she pushed Beth further into the mattress whilst pressing a knee between her legs.  The dildo shifted against Johanna's leg and the reminder of it made the kiss that much hotter, wetter, deeper.
"Mmm…" Bethany moaned, hooking a leg around Johanna's slim waist.  She pushed herself onto her elbows and kissed Johanna harder, their tongues meeting and rubbing against each other.  Then the kiss dissolved when Johanna gently pushed Beth back down, hooked her legs up around her waist, and curled her fingers around the dildo.
Johanna had this way of taking what she wanted first and leaving Bethany gasping with a pounding arousal.  But she always paid Bethany back tenfold later on, so Bethany wasn't about to complain as she watched Johanna rub the strap on against her folds.  Instead, she just got comfortable, settling herself against the pillows and watching with heady, fascinated eyes as Johanna began to push the cock into her core.  Then, when the older woman had taken all of it, Johanna let out a deep sigh and started shifting her hips against Bethany's.  It was this moment that Beth enjoyed the most, because it meant she could touch Johanna as much as she wanted and the older woman wouldn't stop her.
She raised her hands to Johanna's waist, rubbed over the tops of her thighs for a moment before reaching up to trace the underside of her breasts.  Then, because she still dearly wanted to taste that skin, Bethany gently pushed herself into a sitting position and lowered her mouth to Johanna's breast.  Johanna watched, swallowing down her moans and rocking against the strap on faster, faster.  And when Bethany gently tugged her nipple between tongue and teeth, Johanna let out the most mesmerizing moan that made Bethany utterly ache.
"Does it feel good?" Bethany asked after a long minute of licking and sucking and tasting.  She raised her head to Johanna's, looked into those bright eyes that were filled with delirious passion.  And the answer Beth got was worth everything second spent glorifying that body.  Johanna tangled one hand into Beth's hair and forced her head back, her mouth lurching down to devour Bethany's lips.  The strength of the kiss, coupled with the increasing pace of Johanna's hips, left Bethany with the knowledge that her lover was nearly there.
"Mmm," Johanna moaned, the sound muffling into Beth's mouth.  She swallowed the sound, taking the kiss deeper and curling one hand around the older woman's waist.  Her hips rocked forward just a little, and though the position didn't allow for much movement, the small improvement sent Johanna spiraling down into a burning pit of desire.  She broke the kiss and buried her face into Bethany's neck, breathing out hard and pressing her breasts against her young lover's.  "I'm gonna come," she warned, and her voice was surprisingly strong even as the rest of her quivered and shook. 
Bethany took it all in stride.  She nodded, looked up towards the ceiling and murmured, "Whenever you're ready."  And she was barely finished with her sentence before Johanna was arching her back, pounding her hips harder, taking the strap on deeper, faster.  She let out a grumbled moan that seemed to crackle and break and shift with pleasure, and Bethany let it reverberate through her as Johanna drowned against her smaller frame.
Then Johanna was pushing Bethany onto her back, moving her hips smoothly as she dragged out her own orgasm.  She closed her eyes and Bethany could only watch, watch as the remnants of passion filtered through her expression, breath, movements.  It was lovely.  Then it was done, and Johanna was sighing out and pulling away, sliding off the fake cock and tracing the buckles that held it against Bethany's waist.
For a moment, they just stared at each other, both taken aback by the immense pleasure of being together.  Then Johanna leaned in to press her mouth against Bethany's, and into the kiss she murmured a low, "It's your turn."  The younger woman shivered at the words and let her lover unbuckle the strap on and slide it off.
"Are you gonna put that on now?" Beth asked, her voice sort of lazy even against the backdrop of intense desire.  But her lover only shook her head, smirked, and said, "I've got a better idea.  You'll like it."  The promise had Bethany sitting up and raising an eyebrow, curiosity getting the better of her.  It was only when Johanna had dug around in the drawer beside the bed that said curiosity was sated.  The toy was a hot pink and Bethany was well acquainted with it, but was usually the one who used it on Johanna and not the other way around.
She gave Johanna a crooked grin and shifted her legs apart, looking positively mischievous.  "I do like this idea," she murmured, blinking up at the older woman.  Johanna slid closer, nudged Beth's legs around her waist, and scoffed playfully.  Then she gently pressed the dildo against her lover's core and smirked, "Guess we don't need lubricant.  You're soaking wet, you little slut."
Bethany pouted up at her, probably because of the mock insult, and whined, "Hurry up, 'hanna.  This little slut needs you~"  And Johanna gave her a small shove as though to say, 'stop being so corny'.  A moment later, the older woman was rather roughly pushing the toy into her lover.
"Tch!  Go slower!" Bethany exclaimed indignantly, her back arching in discomfort.  She sent Johanna a pouting glare, but the older woman only smirked and stubbornly ignored her.  "'Hanna - ohhh!" a little buzzing sound filled the static silence and made Bethany arch her back in something that had little to do with pain.  Her fingers clutched at the sheets and she gasped loudly, feeling the vibrations of the dildo traveling to places inside her that she hadn't even known existed.  And above her, Johanna's eyes glittered.
It wasn't gentle, the movements of that toy.  Johanna knew how to combine the pleasure and the pain in the most delicious and intricate of ways.  Her long fingers brushed over the nub of Bethany's clit and, coupled with the vibrations and motions of the toy, it made her orgasm come all the faster.  Beth's hips surged forward helplessly, her mind a startlingly blank maze woven through with pleasure.  She felt herself launching into her orgasm before she could stop herself, and by then all she could do was lay there and let Johanna work her magic on her body.
"'Hanna…'hanna…!" she cried, twisting into an arch that had Johanna's mouth watering.  The older woman quickened her already fast pace, pumping the toy in and out of Bethany's core and watching her lover unravel with harsh, domineering eyes.  It wasn't until Bethany was gasping and spent, splayed out against the sheets, that Johanna slowed down and eventually tossed the toy over the edge of the mattress, not caring where it landed.
Then the older woman crawled up Bethany's body, nudging her limbs aside and collapsing against Beth's chest.  Her chin rested right above her young lover's breast, and Johanna idly slid her hand up and down Bethany's side as she listening to her lover's erratic breathing begin to slow down. 
"I'm not finished with you yet," Johanna warned, her voice low with unfulfilled passion that had yet to be released.  Bethany let out a breathless chuckle and smoothed her hand through Johanna's hair.  Their legs tangled together.
"Glad to hear it," came her soft response.  She pressed a kiss to her lover's head and closed her eyes.  They would have ample time to explore and rediscover the nature of their relationship, but for now, a little rest was more than welcome. 



  1. Holy hell, I never pegged you for someone who wrote LGBT but I love it! So passionately raw and intimate, I am definitely looking forward to more lemons like this.

    1. Thanks! I like to challenge myself. And Johanna is awesome, so ;)