Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Hibari Kyouya Lemon -- The Dawn Is Ferocious

Character: TYL!Hibari Kyoya

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! [TYL!]

OC: Victoria, half Korean-half English, doll-like

Inspiration: Reborn is throwing a ball and Hibari is forced to attend…so in his boredom/annoyance he decides to entertain himself ;)

Reborn enjoys outdoing himself.  Everyone knows it, so it is no surprise that, when he decides to throw a ball for Tsuna's birthday, he has stepped up his game yet again. 
It is very impressive, the layout and the finer details, such as the music and the food and the lighting.  Reborn definitely put a good amount of time in setting it all up.  (Or, more likely, paying someone else to do it for him.)  He is also enjoying taking all the credit for it, and is smiling smugly as he surveys his work.  Beside him, Tsuna looks happy but a little lost, as he always is in these social situations.  And rightfully so.  Everyone who is anyone to the Vongola has shown up.  Even the people who usually don't show up unless there is a promise of a good time.  (I.e. a fight.)
Hibari Kyouya hates social calls, gatherings, get togethers, parties, or any manner of public affairs.  That is perhaps why he is standing off to the side, trying to melt into the shadows, glaring at any who dares to come near him.  He has little choice, though.  Not attending the herbivore's party would be inciting the baby's wrath, and leaving said party early would reap similar results.  So he just blinks out from his secluded place and turns his eyes around the room, bored and annoyed out of is mind.
Everyone else seems to be enjoying the festivities, though.  Dino Cavallone and his men are laughing (too loudly) a few tables over.  Takeshi Yamamoto is grinning (too happily) while he dances with a girl in a blue dress.  Even Hayato Gokudera seems less pessimistic than usual, and he stands beside the 10th Vongola boss looking far too pleased to be there.  It makes Kyouya extremely annoyed and he moves his eyes somewhere else, anywhere else as his twisted boredom and anger rise to the surface of his expression.
There's a flash of yellow out of the corner of his eye and he latches onto it, turning his gaze to the dance floor.  Figure are twirling and dipping and gracefully shifting over it, and it's crowded so it takes him a moment to catch sight of that yellow dress again.  But when he does, Kyouya isn't entirely disappointed by the sight he is met with.  In fact, he wonders how he hadn't noticed that woman before now.
Victoria looks subtly stunning, in a way few women can successfully pull off.  Her dress is simple, but colorful, and it enchants her like a spell as it crashes to the floor in waves of lightweight fabric.  Because she is dancing, her cheeks are flushed and her eyes are bright.  A little twist of hair has fallen from her elegant hairstyle and now hangs delightfully against her neck.  As she's pulled along by her dance partner, her long earrings bounce against her cheeks and she laughs, laughs like she's having the most amazing night.
Kyuoya stares at that smile, wonders at the way it makes her eyes into diamonds, at the way it makes her skin glow.  Perhaps he has never realized how lovely she is before this moment.  Perhaps he has, but he just never cared to admit it.  But now, in his boredom, Kyouya muses over this scintillating fact.  He's got little else to occupy his time with.
She looks nice in yellow.  It reminds him of Hibird.  It's almost the exact same shade, only her dress is a little bit lighter and paler, like dawn.  Her figure looks good, too.  Kyouya doesn't remember ever noticing it before, though this seems hard to believe now that he's looking at it now.  But her waist is small (perfect to grasp and drag and clutch), and her legs are long (long enough to curl around him), and her neck is arching (the best place to kiss, and bite and growl).  And of course all this isn't very surprising, because Victoria is a Vongola agent and is naturally very fit from her work, but tonight it makes Kyouya's interest pique.  He wonders how this has gone unnoticed by him.  It certainly hasn't gone unnoticed by many others, he realizes.
There are many pretty women here tonight, but Victoria stands out because she rarely dresses up or makes herself pretty.  That side of her, which is ferocious and firm, has always secretly interested Kyouya in the past.  But tonight she is a doll, dressed in her finest set of clothes, hair carefully brushed, set in a special place to be looked over.  Many people are doing exactly that.
Kyouya doesn't like it.  Victoria has been a middle man, of sorts, between Tsuna and the Cloud branch for many years.  He has seen a lot of her because of that, and has slowly gotten to know her mannerisms and personality.  If anyone deserves to look at her, it should be him.
And he does, look at her that is.  He crosses his arms and leans against a pillar and watches her through seemingly lazy eyes.  And after a few minutes of this, the dance comes to an end and Victoria turns and their eyes clash into each other's.  Kyouya isn't really embarrassed to be caught staring.  He blinks at her languidly, watching her stare at him.  Victoria pauses, then walks slowly toward him as if approaching a wild beast.  And he doesn't glare at her when she nears him.  The thought doesn't even cross his mind.
She sidles up beside him with an almost victorious smile, like she's proud that the infamous recluse isn't snapping her head off just for standing next to him.  It's an impressive feat, to her, and Victoria stands tall and proud as she looks out over the crowd of people.  She can feel Kyouya giving her a sideways look, but she doesn't say anything.  He seems to appreciate the silence, so she lets him be the first to break it.  After a few minutes, he does.  "Herbivore.  What are you doing over here?" 
Finally, she looks at him, and he's taken aback at the full force of her bright eyes.  Up close, she looks even prettier.  Her dress creates perfect accents over her figure, and he has to force himself to keep his eyes trained on hers. 
She's very flippant.  It's her usual personality.  She likes to do things her own way, always unconventional.  Most of all, she's unafraid, and it both amuses and infuriates him.  Her lack of fear also makes him extremely curious.  He watches as she gives him an almost predatory smirk and murmurs, "You told me to come over here, Kyouya." 
Disrespectful.  No one has ever dared to say his name like that.  But from her it sounds oddly delicious, and Kyouya stares at her mouth for a moment before turning his eyes into glaring shifts of darkness that pin her down, down against the marble floor.  How she loves those eyes of his, the strength and power and dominance of them.  She smirks.
"I didn't," he denies, because he doesn't fully understand what she means.  He never made any gesture or voiced any words.  His very presence should have made her turn and run, and yet here she is.  She lilts out a small laugh and raises an eyebrow, responding with a quirky, "You were staring at me.  That means you want me…" she pauses, letting the first half of her sentence sink into him, letting him take those words and decipher them as he sees fit.  Then she smirks wider and finishes with a smooth, "…To come over here, of course."  Of course.
He makes a noise in the back of his throat that sounds like disagreement, and turns away from her.  His brush off has little effect, however.  Victoria just takes it into stride and uses the moment to look him over.  He doesn't notice because he's staring adamantly into the party.
Victoria doesn't like to admit these kinds of things, but she's noticed Kyouya long before he'd noticed her.  The eager, wilder side of her had been looking for him even since the beginning, when she'd first stepped into the room.  But he'd taken his time to arrive, as per usual.  This is the first proper look she's gotten so far.  She takes advantage of it.
To say that Kyouya looks good in a suit would be a pathetic understatement.  If anything, he looks positively devilish and extremely careless at the same time.  Like he knows he looks good and doesn't care anymore.  She likes that.  She also likes the way those trousers hug his legs and how his tucked in shirt shows off the lean muscle of his abdomen and -- "What do you want?" Kyouya suddenly cuts in, and Victoria realizes with a jolt that he'd been watching her watch him.  And she should feel embarrassed but really, all she can muster is a hurried, excited anticipation. 
He takes her in silently, demandingly, blinking realities at her from where he stands.  The purple of his tie seems to make his black hair and eyes all the darker, like she could fall into them at any time and never get out again.  That even the little parts of him could be so powerful is riveting, and it makes Victoria wonder about other things, other parts.  A devious smile creeps over her mouth and she simpers just a little, goes back to looking him over, murmurs, "What do I want?"  She peeks up at him with a smirk.  "This party," she finishes, "I'd like it to end."  She's bored.  So bored and filled with ideas to stop the boredom, if only Kyouya would stop being such a prude.  She idly reaches out and drags her hand down his arm.  The feel of his suit, the texture of it, the hint of muscle beneath fabric, makes her almost sigh out with pleasure.  Except she doesn't get that far.
Kyouya growls and lunges forward, taking her completely by surprise.  He turns her around and pushes her none too gently against the pillar, both hands grasping her shoulder.  His expression is angry and makes her reluctantly aroused.  But he's not, and he mutters a dark, "Don't touch me, Herbivore."  She waits, hanging precariously against the wall and him, and swallows.  Surely he knows what she wants.  Surely he's aware of just how crazy he's making her.  He can't really be that thick.
He's certainly not.  She realizes this as he follows her body back, suddenly pressing his hips into hers and devouring the space between their bodies with a well placed thrust.  He's a little hard, and the feel of those bulging trousers makes Victoria clutch his forearms and push her head back against the marble.  She gasps a little and Kyouya growls, but doesn't kiss her.  She wonders if he ever will.  He mutters sharply, "Don't touch me unless I give permission, Herbi- "
"Herbivore, yes, I know," Victoria hurriedly finishes, and drags herself forward, pushing her mouth onto his because she just can't help it.  She's wanted to kiss him since the first time she'd met him, years before.  And to have him so close makes her insane.  But the pleasure lasts only a moment before Kyouya's biting her lip hard, and she tastes blood, and his hand is wrapping itself around her neck and forcing her back.  She's slammed against the pillar and left gasping, exhilarated and wicked against the stone.
He's glaring down at her, but Victoria can see a hint of reluctant pleasure in those heady eyes of his.  Like he enjoyed her move but doesn't want to admit it.  And Victoria smirks, even though her lip is throbbing painfully and it's hard to breathe with his fingers around her neck like that.  She smirks and Kyouya knows that it'll be nearly impossible to dominate her completely, because she's a fighter.  But that makes the process of breaking her in even more delicious.
This is much more interesting than watching other people have fun.  He likes pressing her into the shadows and watching her tremble for him.  He likes the fact that they aren't entirely invisible to the other partiers, if only they cared to study their shaded pillar.  And somehow he realizes that he's always wanted this, ever since she first stepped into his life with her smug smile and her laughing, disrespectful eyes.  He stares at those mischievous eyes now and would like nothing more than to see her tremble in other ways, to shower her with all his dominance and desire and see if she's quite as smug after he's through with her.
"Kyouya…" she drawls, skimming her fingers up his arm.  His eyes darken at her in warning, but she fearlessly ignores it and murmurs, "Let's go back to my room and fuck, hmm?"  Then she smiles, as if she's merely commenting on some mundane aspect of the party.  As if inviting him for a quick fuck in a back room is perfectly commonplace in situations like these.  And while she's never said those words to anyone else before, the incentive to fulfill them now makes her very delirious indeed.
Kyouya doesn't seem to have a reaction, though.  He raises an eyebrow at her and looks entirely unimpressed.  But Victoria can also see the slightest hint of interest clouding over his eyes, and decides to push just a little further to make it spark in her favor.  Before Kyouya really knows what she's doing, her hand is pressing against his crotch and squeezing the bulge of his trousers, and his eyes are flashing in anger and something else, something that reminds her very much of passion. 
It makes sense, to her, that Kyouya's passion would be of the angry sort.  She isn't surprised and certainly isn't afraid.  And when Kyouya growls fiercely and fluidly tells her, "409, Herbivore.  Don't keep me waiting," Victoria nearly collapses in a relief that has to do with the nice little fact that this party happens to be taking place in a Vongola hotel.  And, of course, she's happy that Kyouya hadn't rejected her outright.  That's always a good thing.
He pushes away from her a moment later, walking smoothly from the room.  She's a little impressed by the ease of his gate, the way he moves even with that lovely arousal serving as a distraction.  But of course Hibari Kyouya wouldn't give his predicament away.  Neither does to pay his final respects to Tsuna, even though the door he exits from is in plain sight of the 10th's chair.  Seeing this as a possible hindrance that might disturb them later, Victoria decides to smooth the matter over herself, though she'd much rather follow Kyouya to his room.
When she approaches her boss, Tsuna looks up at her and smiles warmly, unaware of the state she's in or of the recent happenings behind that scintillating pillar.  Reborn, however, gives her a strange little smile that says, 'I am not so oblivious.'  She clears her throat and gives a respectful bow, then smiles her usual cheeky grin, "Happy birthday, Tsuna."  She's known him for a very long time, and has never called him anything fancy even though Reborn is always telling her to do so.  But Tsuna just smiles back and mumbles a 'thank you', and she explains that she'll be making her leave of the party because she's feeling a little dizzy.  And it's not really a lie, because she is feeling dizzy.  Except that dizziness is entirely the result of her own arousal, which spikes through her even now, her skin tingling with the reminder of Kyouya's demanding touch.
She escapes fairly quickly after that, hoping that Reborn won't feel the need to look for them afterward and punish them for leaving early.  But this worry vanishes as soon as the doors close behind her, and Victoria hurries to the forth floor, to room 409.  When she gets there, Kyouya is leaning just outside the door with his arms crossed and his eyes closed.  The fact that he's waiting for her makes her warm and eager, and she steps toward him quickly.  He opens his eyes as she approaches, and for a moment they just stand there, staring at each other.  But then Kyouya pushes off the wall, kicks his door open, and walks calmly inside.  Victoria smirks and follows.
It is like entering a lion's den.  There is no equivalent emotion, nothing she has ever felt that is quite like this anticipation.  And Kyouya is the lion, sauntering around, blinking headily at her, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.  To make her his prey.  To devour her.  She swallows, closes the door, steps forward.  And, because Kyouya isn't yet making a move and she's impatient, Victoria steps forward again and reaches for him.
He doesn't bite her head off like the last time she touched him, and she hums appreciatively as her hands dance across his chest and start loosening his tie.  He watches her every move.  When she goes to tug the tie away, he lets her.  That's about as much freedom as he gives her, though.
Kyouya's in charge here.  He's always been in charge, of many things.  She is about to become one of those things.  But she doesn't mind, and when he tells her in an almost careless voice to, "Take that dress off," Victoria eagerly do so.  She unzips the dress in one fluid movement and it swishes to the floor in heaps of yellow fabric.  Her skin glows in the dim light of the room, and Kyouya takes his time in admiring her.  Her long legs, the smooth expanse of her abdomen, the small little bralette she'd been wearing under the dress, which is very nearly see through as it splays out over her breasts.
He runs his eyes over her idly, almost dismissively, as he shifts out of his suit jacket.  The restrictive suit has been annoying him for quite some time and he's relieved to be rid of it.  But he's got other ideas as to how to go about doing it.  So does she, apparently.
"Shall I help you, Kyouya?" Victoria drawls, almost in amusement.  He shoots her a glare and, after a brief moment deliberating, he says shortly, "Come here, Herbivore."  And she raises her eyebrows and steps forward, brushing her hands over the buttons of his dress shirt.  As she slowly undoes them, she decides it's a good time to set some things straight. 
"Before we get any farther," she callously says, "I'd like for you to call me something less degrading."  She raises her eyes to his and they stare at each other, silently challenging, until Victoria pulls her gaze away and eases his shirt off his chest.  She forgets about him answering her, because her attention is drawn to his bare chest and the toned muscles beneath his skin and the desire to lean down and touch him.  Kyouya watches the desire rise in her gaze and smirks very slightly.  It makes his entire expression burn like fire, and Victoria shivers when she catches sight of it.  He steps forward, his eyes threatening, challenging, until he's got her pressed into the wall.  That's when he decides to pounce.
His hands slam into the wall beside her head and his mouth comes crashing down on hers, interrupting a very surprised, "Kyou-mmmph!"  The muffled moan that her words get transformed into makes him purr in satisfaction, and he presses his entire body against hers.  She thinks she might collapse from the headiness of it all.
But she doesn't, collapse that is.  Kyouya wouldn't let her even if she had.  He's got her trapped, wedged between his body and he won't let her go until he's thoroughly ready to.  And she's frozen there, to that spot, unwilling to let go of her hold on his shoulders, unwilling to pull away from his kiss, which dominates her and makes her see more than just stars.  The whole universe opens up before her endlessly, ceaselessly.  She's got no choice but to kiss him back, so she does.
His tongue is hot and sinfully wet against her bottom lip.  When Victoria doesn't immediately open her mouth for him, Kyouya growls and nips at her skin, roughly enough to make her feel a twinge of pain.  She lets out an indignant outcry that drags and disappears through the kiss, and Kyouya pushes his tongue against hers and victoriously deepens the kiss.  Her head spins and she clutches him tightly.  And yet, when he suddenly rolls his hips against hers, Victoria still feels miles away, flying off into some grand world that is limitless and weightless and relentless.
She likes the feeling.  Likes the way it makes her bold, bolder than before.  And she takes advantage of it because it is too good to go to waste.  So she hooks one leg around Kyouya's hips and pulls him closer, buries her hand into his soft hair, digs her nails into the skin of his back and drags her hand down, down.  And he, who certainly hadn't been expecting the move but probably should have, pauses the fierce kiss and closes his eyes briefly.  Like the pleasure has gone to his head (either one) and he can't breathe or think straight any longer. 
It's a nice sight, that blissful confusion, but it doesn't last for very long.  Kyouya recovers at an alarmingly fast rate, and soon he's pulling back entirely, dragging his hands over Victoria's waist, and heaving her with him.  "Ohh are you tired of kissing me already?" she purrs, smirking against him.  He glances down at her and smirks right back, and for a moment she's lost, lost in that smile and the way it makes her want to burn
"No," he lazily drawls, then sweeps her up into his arms in a very sudden movement that leaves her gasping.  The next moment he's dumping her rather recklessly on the mattress, which has been beckoning to them since the moment they'd entered the room.  She makes a surprised noise as she's dropped, but before she can complain or say anything at all, Kyouya's pushing himself after her.  He crawls up the bed, over her figure, and she's breathless because he really does look like a predator, or a carnivore, or whatever it is he likes to call himself.  Every movement is filled with power, such power that she can't even describe.  And right now it's raw and unfiltered and directed, channeled right at her.  He pushes her hair out of her face and mutters darkly, "I'm not anywhere close to being done with you, Herbivore."
It's inevitable, the nickname, but Victoria can't get in a complaint because then Kyouya's pressing his entire body against hers and his mouth is headily moving over her lips.  His tongue rubs against her tongue.  His eyes meet her eyes.  It takes an embarrassingly short amount of time for her to fall away from their would-be dispute.  She'd fully expected to be a challenging bed partner tonight, but apparently such a thing is easier said than done.  Because when Kyouya kisses her like this, Victoria wants no part in teasing touches.  All he wants is him.  Raw, unforgiving, ruthless, lethal.
She shakes down into the mattress with a soft moan and clutches him to her, tangling her fingers into his hair and pulling him against her.  He shifts, nestles himself between her legs, and presses his erection against her core.  The hardened feel of him makes her drown, breathlessly grasp at him, kiss him deeper.  But Kyouya doesn't allow her much freedom.  He is in control even now, pulling the strings, deciding just how much pressure to exert on her and just how deeply or slowly or gently to kiss her.
She loves his control.  Loves he firm way he touches her, like his every movement is meant to show her who's in charge.  His mouth leaves hers in a flurry of heat, and Kyouya begins to kiss down her neck.  She cranes it, pushes it back, watches the movement of him as he licks and nips and careens his tongue over her.  It isn't enough for her, or him.  Kyouya wants to be rougher.  He likes being rough, likes the strength of his dominance and the way it makes him feel.  He think Victoria will like it too, so he has little qualms when he goes to attack her bandeau.
It's distracting him, that little piece of fabric.  It's distracting because he can see the tautness of her nipples poking through.  It doesn't offer so much protection as to hide those away, not when she's this aroused and just begging to be sucked, kissed, bitten.  He arches his gaze up to her and gives her a sort of warning smirk, like he's silently telling her that she asked for it, following through with this plan.  Letting him do this to her.  She's asked for it and he's going to take full advantage of it.
The next moment, he's leaning back, eyeing her like she's a hunk of meat, and crossing his arms.  She stares up at him in confused surprise and can't help but feel cold without the weight of him crushing her down.  "Kyouya?" she asks, feeling suddenly very naked even though she's still wearing her underwear.  It's probably the position he's in.  The way he's leaning back, the way his toned arms are flexing, his eyes are flashing, his expression is glimmering with dark amusement and desire and curiosity.
She stares as he suddenly shifts, lunges toward the bedside table and fluidly opens the top drawer.  His movements are slow, normally paced, and they make her burn with impatience.  She glowers at him and asks, "What on earth are you doing?  Why'd you just stop?"  Because he had just been getting to the promising part and she just wants him to touch her already.
He slants a silencing glance at her, finds what he needs, and pulls back into his previous position.  "Shut up, Herbivore," he tells her, but his voice is calm, like the calm just before the storm.  And that's when she brings her gaze down to the thick rod of metal in his hands.  His tonfu.
She's not going to lie: the sight of that weapon has two very different desires roiling over her.  She isn't quite sure what to feel, in fact.  One part of her is excited, interested to see just what he plans to do with those.  The other part has absolutely no interest at all, and wonders if perhaps she had made a mistake in coming here tonight.  She raises an eyebrow and asks in a somewhat dry voice, "…Are you planning on beating me or something?"  Because really, a tonfu?
But Kyouya just raises his eyebrow right back at her, like he's asking her what the hell she's talking about, why would he beat her when he just wants to fuck her?  And Victoria starts to see another use for that tonfu and it makes her want to shiver right into the hotel floor.  This, also, is a realization with two different emotions, and she chuckles to relieve the stress that they bring.  She pushes herself up onto her elbows and stares at him.  "Are you planning on fucking me with those?!"  She'd had no idea that he's this kinky.  If she had, she would have come more prepared, if at all.  But Victoria thinks she still would have come to him, because she's only been pining after him for the past two years.
Kyouya smirks and shrugs, a delicate, feline dip of his shoulders.  But there is really nothing delicate or feline about him, not really.  Not in his predatory gaze or his devilish smirk or the rest of his body, toned and deliriously fit and rock hard.  He presses the tip of that gleaming tonfu against her thigh, drags it up to her covered core, and teasingly traces around it.  Then he murmurs softly, daringly, darkly, "Would you like me to?"  Victoria laughs a surprised laugh, because for some masochistic reason she definitely does want him to, and she's never known herself to have these strange tendencies.  But it can't be helped, and she gasps a short, "Yes," into the air, into the gaping, festering build of Kyouya Hibari's power over her.
He hadn't expected that answer, to be honest.  To she can see how crazy it has made him.  His composure breaks for a single instant before he bundles his control back together again.  But in that instance, Victoria sees more passion and emotion than she'd have thought possible for a man like him.  And it only strengthens her own emotions, her own passion, and makes her feel liberated.
She's still propped up on her elbows, and Kyouya decides that she really needs to be taught some more lessons in submission.  He growls, feeling his arousal spike to levels unknown.  He should have known she's take him by surprise as much as possible.  It's her trademark, after all: surprising him, making him feel like the Herbivore for once.  He decides it's time to regain some of that power.
"Really," he asks, but it's not a question, just a dry pull of syllables over his lips.  He drags his tonfu up her body, skims it over her side, up her arm, then he pushes it rather roughly beneath her chin and forces her to look at him.  She does, but her eyes are a challenge and it makes him ridiculously turned on, to know that she's still fighting him.  Even though she's trapped beneath him and so completely at his mercy.  Even though she clearly wants everything he's got to offer and maybe a little bit more.  His mouth pulls back into a snarling smile that makes the depths of his eyes explode with fire.
His moves his lips very close to hers, brushing them over her but not actually kissing her.  Then he mutters lowly, huskily, "Naughty girl.  You don't even know what you're saying."  Because that would hurt, really badly, and while he likes his control and his dominance, Kyouya's never been interested in lasting pain.  But the die has already been cast and Victoria won't change her mind now. 
"I do," she whispers to him, leaning in a trying to snatch a kiss.  He darts back at the last moment, so that their mouths once again brush over one another, but she doesn't look put out.  She merely pushes forward again and tells him, "Kyouya.  Fuck me with your tonfu."  And fuck it if those words don't make him absolutely delirious with unsaturated need.
He swallows, looks down at her mouth, and suddenly lunges forward.  The movement pushes her all the way back into the pillows.  He kisses her so deeply that her toes are curling, and she can't breathe, and she doesn't even want to anyway.  Her back is arching and his free hand is pulling at her bandeau and it's laying flat against her abdomen now, rather than her breasts.  And then he's dragging his mouth away from her lips and instead pushing kisses to her breasts.  Except they're not kisses, they're bites, and licks and nips and painful-pleasurable twists that make her gasp and cry out his name.  And then she's crying out again, because she feels cold metal pressing against her core and fuck, Kyouya's gonna come through with it.  He's gonna fuck her with that metal and she's not ready yet and -
"Calm the fuck down, Herbivore," Kyouya roughly mutters, suddenly crouched between her legs.  She hadn't even noticed him moving down her body like that, but now she stares at him in surprise because the look in his face is careful, composed, not lethal or animalistic like she'd been imagining.  He glowers at her and says almost idly, "It'll hurt unless you relax."  And she swallows tightly because suddenly he's twisting her panties away and his tongue is pressing flat against her clit, and it feels sogood sogood sogood -
"Kyouya!" she gasps, clutching at the sheets.  Little breathless noises leave her throat but she can't stop them, and Kyouya wouldn't want her to anyhow.  He drags his tongue over her, presses his thumb against the top of her, then pushes down and into her.  He thrusts his finger a bit, curls it, twists it, until it leaves her into a gasping, writhing mess.  She can barely work up the energy to moan anymore.
And that's when it all stops, and instead of his fingers inside her suddenly there's something cold and hard.  And Victoria stares down at him, at the way he's rocked back and is sitting calmly between her legs, grasping that tonfu and - and she's going to tell him she's changed her mind, that it'll hurt too much, that she'd rather have him, instead.  But fuck it all because she doesn't get the chance, she never does with him, and before she can say anything he's pushing the tonfu inside her and she's gasping and arching and exclaiming his name in a feverish voice.
He watches every movement she makes, every sounds she utters, every twist and turn and gasp and glower.  He watches the way his tonfu disappears and reappears, all slick and covered in her juices.  He watches the strain of his own arousal as he pushes her to her own.  Most of all, he watches the reluctant pleasure build inside her as he thrusts his weapon of choice into her hot, tight core.
It does hurt, of course, and it's hard and unsettling to have a rod of metal inside her.  But it's actually the perfect size: slim enough not to rip her apart, thick enough to add the perfect touch of pleasure.  What really gets to her, though, is the fact that Kyouya is doing this to her.  Cold, bland, ruthless Kyouya.  And it somehow fits, she thinks, as she lays there and watches him.  His eyes are everywhere, over her body and the tonfu itself and he looks ridiculously sexy, dominating her with a single piece of steel.  And it's that sight, the sight of him above her, thrusting that thing into her, that makes Victoria insane.
Kyouya watches that insanity build and pushes himself forward, resting his hand by her head and leaning down.  He slows the movements of his hand, drags the tonfu out at a mesmerizingly leisurely pace, and leans over her ear.  The next moment, he's whispering darkly, "How is it, Herbivore?"  He sinks his teeth over her earlobe and brings it into his mouth, sucking on her skin.  She moans and clutches him, arms around his waist, nails digging into his back.  And then she moans a very breathless, "Mmmmm…it's…'s reallyyy…good…ahhh!"  And Kyouya thinks he'll explode from her words alone.
He swallows back a sharp wave of desire and kisses over her jaw, his tongue licking along her skin, his teeth nipping against her.  She buries her hands into his hair and turns her face to his, and Kyouya immediately kisses her, deeply taking her lips with his.  Into the kiss, Victoria murmurs, "But…mmm, Kyouya…"  She opens her eyes and he frowns at her, and she kisses him again and whispers, "I really…really want…you now…"  He's definitely going to explode.
But it's not enough.  He needs to hear more.  He stops moving, his tonfu shoved deep inside her, and stares down at her.  Victoria squirms helplessly, wishing he'd at least keep thrusting.  It feels foreign and strange to have a hunk of metal just laying inside her like this.  But Kyouya just raises his eyebrows and asks, "Me?"  And she chuckles breathlessly because of the game he's so obviously playing.
She tilts her hips forward and lets out a luxuriously drawn out moan, which sends visible shivers over his body.  He watches her attempts at thrusting the tonfu herself, simply by shifting her hips.  He thinks it looks utterly erotic, watching her do that, but then he just chuckles deeply, darkly, and goes to drag the metal rod slowly out of her.  Victoria lightly whines and tries to follow it back, but he's too quick for her.  A moment later, he's holding the weapon up to the light, turning his narrowed eyes over it and eyeing the wetted sheen of her arousal, which glistens over the metal haplessly.
The look on Kyouya's face, when he next looks at her, is nothing short than feral.  His eyes are a wilderness of desire, which swirls and thuds and scratches over the residue of their passion.  And it makes Victoria stare, stare and tremble as he tosses the tonfu to the side and turns his full attention on her, instead.
There is a dull thud of metal hitting the floor, but it is barely noticed.  Before Victoria can follow his movements properly, Kyouya is swiftly jerking at his pants, pulling down the zipper and dragging his cock into the air.  And she's staring, surprised, because of a few different reasons.  Mainly, she's surprised because she hadn't been expecting his move.  But she's also surprised because of the simple sight of him, and the fact that he looks so mesmerizing, towering above her as he is.  His trousers are still around his hips, loosely conforming to the gentle curve of his thighs.  Other than that, he is bare.  Victoria is surprised that she likes the sight of him nearly bare, likes the fact that it turns him into a wild man who just needs her that much more.  She likes it and so she doesn't complain when he tips her chin up and roughly kisses her, heaves her legs around his waist, lurches down to press their lower bodies together.
It feels raw, having him so close, feeling his erection, knowing how badly he wants her.  It feels raw but then so does every moment with him.  He is raw.  And rough, and regal, and refined.  And she whines his name and shifts her hips against his, until he gets crazy enough to mutter darkly, "Stay still, Herbivore." 
She takes his words as a warning rather than a threat.  In some ways, they are both.  But Victoria doesn't see where one meaning ends and the other begins.  Not when she's too busy watching Kyouya push himself into her, dragging his hard cock into her core and making her take it, all of it, without preamble.
But she's already slick from his earlier antics, and he slides right in easily.  Victoria moans because his cock is so much better than a rod of metal, though in some ways those are similar, too.  And she shivers and sinks and melts into the mattress, mewling and whispering and breathing and loving.  And even though his pace is raw, rough, regal, refined, Victoria cannot make him go fast enough.
He thrusts hard, circles his hips, drags himself out and then slams back in before she can recover.  Victoria moans a soft, "Kyouya!" and he stares at her, at the sweet way she murmurs at his name.  He likes it, though he won't admit it.  He likes it and he pushes harder, faster, thrumming his hips against hers and racing toward a finish that is already making his head swim with color and fascinating emotions.  And it's ten times better than being downstairs watching people dance and eat.  It's so much better that Kyouya groans a very slight groan and throws himself into his climax.  And it's the moan that makes Victoria follow after him.  It's the moan and also a myriad of other things as well, and she grips his shoulders hard and lets him rush her to an end that leaves her utterly bereft of breath or common sense or anything else, really, save perhaps extreme bliss.
He keeps thrusting even after he's spilled himself into her.  She doesn't ever want him to stop anyway, because the zinging pleasure keeps burning her down and building her back up every other moment and she loves it.  She can feel his release leaking down the insides of her thighs and it's warm, warm and sticky, and she knows she eventually wants to clean herself up but she can't be bothered right now.  Not when Kyouya's pressing his body against hers and heaving out a sigh of relief and pleasure.  Not when he's tugging her forcefully into his arms and laying his cheek against her breast.  Not when his eyes are slipping closed and he suddenly becomes all that Hibari Kyouya is, all that she knows him to be, lazy and self indulgent and crass and quiet. 
So Victoria merely drags her fingers through his hair, over and over and over as his breathing evens out and deepens.  And she decides that perhaps taking a little nap would be good for her, too, because she has the most delightful feeling that neither of them will be leaving the hotel room tonight.  For now the bed is theirs, the night is theirs, and the party far down below them is nothing but a silent breathing mass that acts as the coalition of their union, which in its essence is raw and rough and regal and refined.  Like the pale yellow of a dawn coming up over a haze of summer green.



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