Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Haruka Nanase Lemon -- You Are Infinite

Character: Haruka Nanase

Fandom: Iwatobi Swim Club

OC: [Name], quick to anger and has a penchant for revenge

Inspiration: Skinny dipping~   

To say that you are angry with your overly reluctant boyfriend wouldn't be completely true.  You are perhaps upset with him.  Maybe a little annoyed at his lack of passion.  Probably a bit disconcerted at the fact that he is seemingly disinterested in, well, fucking.  It doesn't exactly make you angry.  Just confused and unnerved.  And sometimes, very rarely when you can't keep it down, maybe a little bit (extremely) irate.  Which is why you're currently dealing with your pent up emotions in the only way you know how: through manhandling.
It had started out as a peaceful evening, as always.  You'd trailed after Haruka on his way home.  He'd let you roll out the bedding and take a shower and watch TV while he cooked mackerel for dinner.  You ate mackerel.  You watched more TV.  You went to bed.  You got annoyed.  Perfectly normal.
What hadn't been normal was the way you'd grabbed at Haruka, wrestled him out of bed, and decided that you needed to just force fuck him or something.  Because you know by now that he isn't about to go into this happily.  He'll be reluctant and he'll fight back.  Which is why you're currently pulling him into the back of Iwatobi, to where the pool glistens silently beneath stars.
He's confused, upset, maybe a little disconcerted at the way you're acting.  But you don't respond to him when he asks why you've brought him back to school.  You remain silent and just cross your arms, looking over his figure and the mussed up presence of him, still sleepy and reluctant.  He hadn't had the chance to get dressed and is still wearing his boxer briefs and an old undershirt.  He's lucky he had time to slip into his shoes, though they're still untied and his heel has just barely made it inside.  In all, he looks positively messed up, just the way you like him.
You don't bother looking down at how you look.  For the last few weeks, you'd been wearing less and less to bed in hopes that Haru would decide he's (finally) in the mood to ravish you.  It hasn't worked of course, hence the reason you're here.  In the middle of the night, at a pool, wearing a skimpy little nightshirt.
He barely gives you little outfit a second glance.  He's got eyes only for the water, which looks like a reflected sky full of stars and planetary bodies circling.  You decide you'd very much like to push him in (let's see if that gets his damn attention), but then that would ruin all your evil, vengeful, lovely plans and you can't have that.  So instead you just saunter up beside him and follow his gaze, watching the way the water shifts, like it is in fact a living breathing mass that collides with life.  Stars.  Planetary bodies circling.
"Why did you bring me here?" he asks again, after a few moments of silence.  The only sound that can be heard is the soft lap of waves and the rare sound of a car moving past, outside the school grounds.  You like the solitude and you know Haru does too.  With a shrug, you tell him, "I felt like going for a swim."  And you do, just not in a conventional way.
He gives you a sideways glance, seeing through your words immediately, because, "You were swimming at practice today."  You raise your eyebrow and chuckle.  The type of swimming you had done that afternoon required a bathing suit.  But this type of swimming does not. 
You kick off the shoes you'd hastily tugged on.  When you speak next, your voice is alight with mischief and all kinds of secretive plans that make Haru stop and stare, curious and wary.  "Haru…haven't you ever wanted to swim actual freestyle?"  You pull your shirt off in one sudden, fluid moment which leaves him sort of stranded, from your words and your actions.  But not completely stranded, because you're still wearing a soft cloth bra and he's seen you in it before.  But still his eyes betray him, ducking down quickly to glimpse your abdomen, the way those little panties slip over your hips, the length of your legs, the graceful curve of your ankles.
Then your words hit him and he frowns, jerking his gaze back to yours and pretending as though he hadn't just been looking you over.  You let him pretend, for now, though it is only a matter of time before you take the situation over completely.  It's down to seconds now: the moment you'll take control.
He turns his gaze back to the water (a safer place to look, if nothing else), and says, "I do."  Swim freestyle.  But he doesn’t get it.  His voice is tempered with the slightest touch of confusion and you smirk, stride forward.  His back is mostly facing you so he doesn't notice the way you slip out of that cloth bra, shimmy out of those panties.  Then you are behind him, splaying your hand over the back of his undershirt.  And you purr, "You don't.  You've never been completely free in the water.  You've never surrendered completely."
He still doesn't get it.  Your words hold a concept, a truth that he cannot understand.  You decide to show him, then.  So the next moment, you are backing up a few steps then bursting forward, pushing off the side of the pool, body arching into a perfect dive.  Then you're under, and the water creates a new world that makes everything else slide away unimportant, except for the man that stares wide eyed from the opposite end.  But you ignore him, for now.  For now.
You break the surface with a soft gasp, your back to Haru.  Your hair is plastered to your scalp and your nude body shimmers in the light of the moon, and it's lovely.  Haru stares with his mouth slightly hanging, still shocked.  But even in his surprise he can be appreciative, and his eyes drop over the imprint of your figure as it floats beneath the water.  Your legs seem to crash on into infinity.  Perhaps the water is hiding your flaws, but your rear seems absolutely perfect, and he'd very much like to touch your back and kiss over your shoulder blades and lick your neck and -- "Haru…?  Aren't you coming in?"
Somewhere in his meanderings you've turned around, and now you're blinking at him.  Your eyes are wide and curious but ever so wicked, even now.  Especially now.  But that's not exactly what catches his attention.  He thinks he's never seen a pair of breasts that look so temptingly lovely in that moment.  (He hasn't really seen a real pair up close, until now.)  But he suddenly finds it difficult to breathe, and his eyes are glued to your body and he suddenly wants to join her, touch you, kiss you.  His face is reddening because he doesn't quite know how, though, and he's feeling very much overwhelmed.
Somehow, in some way, you had always known that water would do the trick.  Water breaks him.  It rebuilds him.  It makes him feel alive.  So it is only natural that water would make him aware of all your passion and desire.  He is comfortable in the water and you had figured that he'd be comfortable tonight, too.  You hadn't been completely correct in that assumption, it seems. 
He clears his throat and looks away from you, as if he's got no idea what to say or do or think.  For a moment, you are both suspended (him in time, you in water), but then you are shifting forward, cutting through the water, swimming back to him.  And Haru's eyes just naturally drift back to watch you.  He shivers violently because the sight of you in his element is so raw the he swears he can feel the effects in the spaces, crevices of himself that he hadn't known existed.  He does feel the effects of your bareness, very physically in fact.  There is a hardness growing between his legs and there's nothing for it, he can't stop it, can't stop becoming aroused.  But he doesn't necessarily enjoy it.
You appear at the side of the pool, directly in front of him.  For a moment you just stare up at him, but then you sigh (you're perhaps a little annoyed, disconcerted that he isn't acting like you'd expected).  Before he knows what's happening, you are heaving yourself up out of the water, and said water is cascading down your body and around your breasts and suddenly his arousal is spiking to levels unknown and -- "Haru.  What are you doing?"  God, he hasn't a clue. 
You step up to him, all bare and glorious.  Your skin seems to tilt off in every corner of his vision because he can't stop looking at you.  At the way you're waist is small enough to grasp and the way you thighs are beaded with moisture and the way your nipples are taut and hard.  He swallows thickly and clenches his fist, and you suddenly can't stop the chuckle that leaves your mouth.  He stares at you in surprise and maybe a little annoyance, because you're not supposed to laugh in a situation like this.  But you are.
"It feels wonderful," you tell him, smiling now.  You step closer, so that you are mere inches away, and slip your hands beneath his shirt.  Your fingers linger lightly against his abdomen, waiting to see if he'll let you take the shirt off.  When he doesn't complain, you slip the fabric up and over his head.  Then you lean in, brush your hands against his chest, reach up to cup his face.  He stares down at you carefully, but you can clearly see the desire that he tries so hard to hide away.  You smile again and murmur, "Being in that water, completely bare…it's so easy.  Come on and join me, Haru." 
He shivers because the way your say his name is so lovely and sinful, and he's never heard it spoken like that before.  But he'd like to hear it again, from you, and he leans forward closer, inclining his mouth towards yours.  You let him kiss you, let yourself become immersed in the gentle way his lips tremble against yours.  It's raw and simple, that kiss, just like the moment itself.  But it isn't enough, and so a moment later you're catching his hands and dragging them to your waist.  And the abrupt feel of your skin beneath his seems to open the floodgate of his courage, because suddenly he's grasping you tightly, pulling you against him, deepening the kiss, running his fingers over the length of your back.  And you can feel the hard desire that bulges from his boxers.  You'd very much like to see it, too.  But this process involves baby steps, and you're patient when you need to be.
Though not patient enough, it seems.  When you reach your hand and push it over his boxers, very gently tracing the hem of them, Haru bursts back like he's been struck, chest heaving.  His face is red because he's never done this before, and though he's thought of it for quite a while, thinking and doing are two very different things.  But you're calm even in the face of his hesitance, sort of. 
You aren't entirely angry at him.  Maybe just a little annoyed that he's stalling so much.  He's a guy, after all.  Guys are supposed to jump head first into these types of situations.  But Haru reluctantly hangs back, unsure, always removed, and you'd be lying if you said it doesn't bother you.
You pause, then sigh.  In a calmer voice, you ask him, "Come into the water with me."  And it might be him, might be all the little thoughts revolving through his head, but it almost seems as if you're actually pleading, 'don't reject me this time, not when I've put myself this far out'.  And he doesn't want to reject you.  He doesn't want to turn away from you, not when you're like this.  And that's why he swallows, nods shortly, and mutters, "Fine."  He watches the relief blind your eyes for a brief moment before flickering out of sight.
The water is cool and soft as he pushed himself into it, still clad in his boxers, and he's shivering for two reasons.  One is simply the atmosphere around him, the knowledge that you are utterly naked, the fact that he is letting it all happen.  The other has everything to do with his own arousal, which strains furiously against his last remaining bit of clothing.  It feels so strange, sliding into the water with that hardness, that desire spiking over him.  All his thoughts are bent on it and he can't possibly think about anything else.  Especially when he feels your hands craning over his shoulders, pressing down lightly, comfortingly before darting away again.
"Relax," you whisper to him, trying to sound sympathetic.  But in actuality you are burning with eagerness.  He is finally within your grasp.  You have waited months for him to become this comfortable around you, and you are ecstatic that things are finally working out.  You can barely contain your excitement as you slide down next to him, once again immersing yourself in the cool water.
For a few minutes, Haru just stands there.  He eventually turns his eyes to you and allows himself to look over your figure.  He doesn't touch you, though, and so you just take his hand and pull him deeper into the pool, and the spell of his reluctance breaks a little more.
He cannot ignore the water, even when he's got other things on his mind, and so it doesn't take much prompting to get him interested enough to swim.  He lets his body fall into the water like it's his oxygen, and in a way it is.  It helps clear his mind from the fog of desire, helps him to understand the situation better, helps him to accept it.  And when he cuts back towards you, where you wait in the shallow end, he's got a harder sheen to his eyes.  As if he's made up some sort of very difficult decision.
It's not hard to guess what said decision had been.  Not when he's stepping right in front of you, taking your face in his hands, and leaning in to kiss you.  Not when he's pushing his body against yours and letting you feel the full extent of his desire.  Certainly not when he's letting his hands slide down your back, cup around your rear, and pull you closer.  It is such a sudden, delightful move that you are left speechless.  Blinded and dumbed down and drowning against his mouth and hands and body.  And you are circling, and you are infinite, and it feels as if there is a part of you that is screeching and wrestling its way out of you, searching for freedom.
You gasp and clutch at him, overcome by his sudden passion, by the way his kisses make you into a lightheaded fool.  How had he learned to kiss like this?  Did he always possess this ability and you just hadn't noticed?  All at once you're laughing against his mouth, disbelieving, and Haru is pulling back with a frown because he thinks you're laughing at him.  You hurry to say, "Why didn't you kiss me like that before?"  Because it's clear that he's been hiding this lovely little talent of his and you will be enacting your revenge for that.  You add it to your mental list, filled with all the other plans of revenge you have thought up.
He blinks, then blushes.  You have perhaps never seen his blush like this before, not this close, and you stare as his cheeks turn a pinkish color that makes him lovely.  He chuckles a little, bashful, and murmurs, "…Was it good?"  You raise your eyebrows, lean in, kiss his jaw, the underside of his chin.  You whisper with a soft groan, "Definitely."  He blushes just a little bit more and holds you tighter, silently enjoying the feel of your breasts pushed up against him.
"I've never…" he pauses, not wanting to finish his sentence.  What person wants to admit that they have no experience?  But you know that anyhow, and you just pull back a little and tell him, "That's okay.  We'll take it slow."  Baby steps.
He looks relieved to hear you say that, and he nods.  But when you reach down to trace the hem of his boxers, he stiffens back up and reluctantly clears his throat.  You won't let him pull away again though, not when you're so close.  So you press your body against his and keep your eyes trained to his face as your fingers get to work.  His boxers are easy to pool off in the pool.  They slide away without much of a problem, but the aftereffects leave you both drowning even further into the passion that has been built around you.  It doesn't help when you slowly start to curl your fingers around his shaft. 
He immediately gasps and clenches you tightly, pushing you back against the wall.  But he doesn't stop you.  Instead he follows you, pushing his hips against your palm and letting you touch him.  It feels rather like he's been put on fire, and even in the middle of the pool it is a scorching hot one that burns right down to his bones.
This time, you let yourself look down at him.  He doesn't seem to notice, because he's too busy trying to reign in the intense pleasure.  If he'd known that sex would include this, he might've been more interested in the past.  But right now he can't be bothered to think about all those wasted months.  Right now, all he can think about is the way your fingers are deftly pumping his rigid flesh, up and down.  His heart feels like it might burst.
He buries his head into your shoulder and breathes out.  There is the edge of a moan in his voice and it sounds so erotic that you can hardly believe this is Haru and not someone else.  But it is, of course, otherwise you wouldn't be this excited, and God help you but tonight you are going to be very, very selfish.  Though perhaps not as selfish as you usually are.
Slowly, you stop touching him.  You've suddenly got other things on your mind that you'd like to try out, so you pull your hands away and instead run them over his body.  You are aching all over with desire, but you push that aside because you want to deal with him, first.  You want to take your time with him because you've wanted this for so long.  Letting it happen too quickly would be sinful.  You splay your hands over his chest, thinking.  After a moment of this, you nod and tell him, "Go sit on the edge of the pool."  And he stares, because he's not stupid and he knows that that position would give you direct access to his --
"Go, Haru," you tell him with a soft chuckle.  You start shooing him to the side, as if you both aren't naked and about to partake in very delicious things.  It does make him feel a bit more comfortable, and he allows you to shepherd him.  But his comfort is utterly broken when he does sit down, and with you right between his legs he can't possibly hope to get it back.  It's just as well, really.
You look utterly wicked with that smirk stretched over your lips, and it makes Haru feel tense.  But that tenseness loses its grip on him when you gently wrap your fingers around his length once more.  You gently pump him and he sort of shatters, his body collapsing into tiny little shivers that run endlessly over him, just out of sight.  He thinks his face is turning red but can't really give a damn, and neither can you because that's when you start replacing your hand for your mouth.  And if he felt good before, it does not compare to how it feels now.
He trembles, his eyes wide as he watches your lips spread and take him against your tongue.  His cock is hard, and the sight of you doing this to him makes it harder.  He bites his bottom lip and swallows back a moan that would no doubt embarrass him very much if he were to let it out.  He's not sure, at first, what to do with himself or his hands, which hang uselessly by his legs.  But after a moment he can't think about stuff like that, and everything starts blurring because of the pleasure, and his hands just do whatever they want to.  They are soon tangled into your hair.
You cannot deny that you've wanted to do this to him for a while.  But it feels even better now, now that it is finally happening.  The realness of the situation makes you flounder, raise your eyes to look at him.  His eyes are wide open and he's staring right back, and the sight of your upturned eyes and your mouth stuffed around him has got him tossing his chin up and panting.  His hair rushes into his eyes.  His hips jerk forward of their own accord, trying to push his cock further into you.  You handle it well though, and press your hands to his thighs to stop him.  But you take him deeper as well, relaxing your throat and trying to get used to the sensation of having something lodged there.  Your gag reflex almost kicks in a few times, but after a few minutes you get used to the feeling and gain more confidence.
Haru is busy watching you and trying to remember how to breathe.  He's also busy wondering if it's normal to want to come so early.  He has never done this before and has zero experience other than listening to the rather disturbing stories of his classmates.  So as you suck, turn your tongue, pump him in and out, he hangs there in between the shades of his passion with no idea what to do.
But the funny thing about love (or sex, or romancing) is that no one knows what to do.  They only do whatever they can to keep the atmosphere where they want it to be.  They struggle and deceive and explore until there is no area of their lover's body that they do not know.  And that is when they know what to do with their hands and their hearts, until the next lover comes along and they have to start from scratch once more.
Haru lets out a soft, "[N-Name]-!"  That makes him blush, but it can't be helped.  You are sucking at his tip now and he can feel his orgasm coming up fast, headily racing over his body.  You can tell that he is nearly there, so you drop your fingers down over his length, to the very base and give a little squeeze.  Your thumb sinks lower to rub over him, dashing gently against his skin.  The effect it has on him is nothing less than hazardous.
All at once Haru's gasping, bucking his hips forward in little thrusts, clenching his fist into your hair and throwing his head back.  His neck cranes softly in the moonlight, which illuminates his skin in a sacred sort of paleness that makes you stare openly.  You think, for a moment, that Haru is beautiful.  It is not the first time you've thought this over the last few years you've known him, but it is the first time you've seen him like this, in such rapture.  And you cannot look away from him, even as you hurry to drag out his finish, even as you swallow everything he's got to offer.
Even when his hips stop moving, Haru remains suspended, his chest heaving as he tries to catch his lost breath.  You watch him almost idly, letting his softened member slide away from your lips.  For a moment you just stare up at him, and he stares down at you, and you share a strangely intimate moment that seems to supersede the one you just had.  Then you lift yourself up onto your elbows and let yourself drop down into his lap, resting your head on top of his thigh.  He sighs and drapes his arms over your body, smoothing his touch against your back and into your wet hair.  And the moon watches, and the planetary bodies circle, and you slowly decide that tonight is not the beginning or the end.  It is simply a new start to an ongoing story.  A story that makes you feel very, very, very alive.



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