Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Yuki Sohma Lemon -- Stumble (in the dark)

Character: Yuki Sohma

Fandom: Fruits Basket

OC: Kai, perverted and blunt but outwardly innocent

Inspiration: Thunderstorms :3  Also, I doubt I have to mention it, but the curse has already been broken!

It is 4 o'clock in the morning, and Kai is constantly reminded because the clock noisily ticks and tocks away.  She watches the minute hand slowly loop around the numbers.  5…10…15…  She holds her tea tight in her hands and jumps a little every time the restless night clashes, glimmers with thunder.  She can't sleep.  It's not because she's afraid.  It's simply too loud, too violent and unsettled.  And so she just sits there in the kitchen, in the gray darkness of very, very early dawn, and watches the clock.  25…30…35…  And then… "Kai?" 
She jumps again, this time not from the thunder but from the presence behind her, which she had certainly not anticipated.  Yuki is standing in the doorway of the kitchen looking sleepy but restive, as if he'd been tossing and turning in that great big bed they often slept in.  He steps closer and she turns, swiveling her chair to face him and smiling very softly.  A slap, crash, fizzle of thunder illuminates them like two souls endlessly searching.  Neither quite understand just what they are searching for, but Yuki thinks he might have found it when he circles his arms around her shoulders and drags her against his chest.
She turns fully to him, sliding her arms around him, too.  In that high stool, her head fits snugly against his shoulder and neck, and she sighs out as she leans into him.  He strokes his fingers through her hair and murmurs slowly, "Have you been here long?" 
She hums, a long drawn out sound filled with that yearning for sleep.  When she answers him, her voice is unused and cracking with splinters of exhaustion.  "A while," she mutters, and looks up at those eyes of his, which look gray in all this darkness.  "The thunder woke me up."  And he smiles briefly because it woke him up, too, but what ultimately kept him up had been the fact that she'd been gone.  And breathes out, "Me, too," and leans down to press a soft kiss to her forehead.
Perhaps it is that kiss that sparks an odd urgency within Kai.  Perhaps it is the kiss, but other things too.  Like the dreary, lazy, languorous atmosphere that the storm brings about; or the softness of the night and the way it turns their reservations to smoke; or simple the way they fit against one another, with that flawlessness that makes it seem as though they'd been made solely for each other.   Perhaps it is all these things and more.  Regardless, Kai lifts her head and returns his affections with a well placed kiss on his neck, tucked just beneath his jaw.  And Yuki starts to feel that odd urgency too, in the way her tongue cleverly lilts over his skin. 
He thinks he likes it.  He thinks he likes it but he is eternally hesitant when it comes to the matters of flesh, and so he stiffens just a little bit.  Kai knows not to take his reaction for rejection.  She might've, once upon a time, but that had been before she had really known him as well as she does now.  And so tonight, she takes it all into stride and chuckles lazily against his neck,  dragging her hand up his chest and caressing his cheek.  She pushes her head back and meets his eyes boldly. 
He thinks he sees a great many things in that gaze of hers.  Desire, certainly, which surprises him.  How can she want him so very badly, from just a simple, comfortable kiss?  Mischief, too, which makes that desire implode into little smatters of other emotions, like amusement and affection and arousal.  And speaking of arousal, Yuki thinks he feels one of his own climbing down the back of his spine, infiltrating through his skin and bone and marrow, stiffening his body in other ways. 
"Yuki…" she drawls, her eyes gleaming, cutting through the darkness like bursting diamonds.  The thunder fractures, taints, smashes through the room and Yuki shivers, because her expressions gets briefly lit up and he can see a whole lot of other emotions.  And it's like looking into a very small window of his future.  And he thinks he likes that, too.
Her hands reach up over his chest, then higher to the first button of his pajamas.  His fingers tighten around her waist as he watches her undo his shirt, slowly but without reservation.  He can see that glint in her eyes and he knows it to have very delicious consequences.  And while it frightens him it also makes him yearn and want.  Her, her kisses, her touches, her expertise and the way she makes him feel anxious and desperate and fulfilled all at once.
"You're not tired anymore…?" he finds himself wondering.  His voice is tight and unsure, but only because these situations scare him a little.  Inside, he is also feeling aroused and excited, but it's a bit harder for him to express that side of himself. 
Kai gives him a crooked smile that calms him down, because it's filled with comfort and admiration and maybe even love.  She's halfway down his chest now and she leans forward to press her mouth against the revealed skin.  But before she gets there, she whispers, "I'm not tired at all.  Are you?"  And her mouth descends upon his flesh just as her fingers finish unbuttoning the shirt.  She shoves the fabric out of her way and moves to kiss his nipple, licking over it and touching the other side of him as she does.  Her touches are lazy, too, like she can't be bothered to hasten the pace.  But he likes this laziness.  He likes it very much.
"Mmm…n-no…" he breathes, feeling his arousal heighten.  How can anyone make him so hard, so fast?  But she does.  With just a few of her addictive kisses, she turns him into clay and it's delicious, the way she handles him.  The way she knows instinctively just what he needs.  He moves his fingers to grip her hair and she moves her fingers to grip his arousal, which strains softly against the fabric of his pajama pants.  Yuki immediately reacts, a surprised moan spilling from his lips when she squeezes, rolls her palm over the bulge, squeezes again.  She's not entirely gently but she's not entirely rough, either, and her touch is a delightful mix of the two. 
"K-Kai," he whispers, unsure if his outcry is a warning or a plead for more.  Of course he wants her.  But this is happening so fast and his senses are miles behind him, lost in the stupor of the strange night as it crashes them away.
Kai looks up at him and lets her fingers trace over the hem of his pants idly, like she's debating on whether she should take them off fast or slow.  Yuki swallows thickly and chuckles, breathless.  She hooks her legs around his and murmurs, "Let's have sex, Yuki."  And her words make his face burst with red, embarrassment rising up within him like a tide.  But she only blinks, as if her words are totally normal.  Her eyes glint with that mischief-amusement-desire, and he knows that she will get her way.  She always does.
He raises his hand to run it through his hair, brushing it back as he searches for something to say in return.  Nothing comes to mind and he falters, looking lost.  Kai decides to help him out and smirks, reaching out to push his shirt away from his shoulders.  He lets it drop to the floor, altogether powerless in the face of her passion, and shivers when she whispers, "Come on."  She shifts out of the seat, takes his hand, and pulls him into the living room.
The lightening illuminates their way here and there, but mostly they are stumbling in the dark.  It's okay, he thinks, especially when they find the couch without incident.  Everything's okay until Kai pushes him rather roughly onto said couch, and he falls against the cushions without warning. 
"Kai!" he exclaims, blushing, but she only chuckles darkly and slips into his lap.  The next moment, all his complaints die on his tongue because she's circling her hips over his growing erection, and Yuki thinks he might die from the pleasure. 
"Kai…" he moans, surrendering.  He grasps her waist and lets his head fall back.  She immediately leans forward to kiss his jaw, her hands slipping over his chest.  He watches her luxuriously for a moment, and she smiles and kisses him, sealing her mouth with his.  He kisses back slowly, his need for her growing and spiking with every tilt of her hips.  And he knows that there is no walking away from this now.  There never really was, but he overlooks that because he can't be bothered with 'what-ifs' or 'maybes'.  All he can think of is what he feels now.
She takes the kiss deeper, angles her mouth and runs her tongue over his.  Yuki feels invisible and insubstantial against her expertise, and yet so so grand.  He thinks her kisses will be the death of him, but she continues to prove him wrong at every turn.  When her hands drop over his body and curls around the hem of his pants, he's got a feeling that everything's about to get a little blurrier.
It really does.  Because after a moment spent wrestling off those pants, Kai immediately reaches for his member, which shifts up into the air as a hardened mass.  Yuki's not expecting the abrupt touch, but he finds himself moaning softly and tumbling back, overcome by the soft way she touches him.  Her fingers are astoundingly gentle even while the rest of her movements are not.  She doesn't pump him, not really, but rather pushes her fingers from his base to his tip and down again.  It's a bit of teasing but Yuki doesn't mind, not yet.  Because then her mouth is descending on his once more and he's kissing her back as fervently as he can.  And the combined feeling of her touch has got him shrinking further into the couch, feeling more aroused than he would've thought possible.
"Mmmm…Yuki," she whispers, her words drawling over his mouth.  Their kiss becomes ash that is gusted away, flaking out of existence.  Yuki opens his eyes to look at her, just as the lightening flashes, crumbles, fluctuates.  She presses her forehead against his and their passion dwindles into a burning furnace fueled by other emotions, not just stark desire or material gain.  And he thinks he could spend forever and a day mapping out those eyes of hers, finding her emotions and exploring the ways they change her eyes.  The colors of them, the shifts of light and darkness, the marrying of the two.  But there's no time for that, not now, and so when Kai murmurs a low, husky, erotic, "Take my clothes off," he decides he'll have to postpone that exploration for another time.  They clearly have more important things to do.
He shivers.  Her words alone have a kind of power over him.  It makes him want to please her, makes him want to do as she says.  He doesn't particularly like to think of himself as submissive, but when it comes to this he doesn't care either way.  All he cares about is being with her, being bare with her, being honest and truthful and in love with her. 
He slips his hands into her nightshirt, thanks the heavens that it's the only article of clothing she's wearing, and lifts it slowly up.  She doesn't try to hurry him.  Kai likes his slow passion, likes the way it makes her crazy with eager anticipation.  She shudders and whispers his name, dropping kisses over his jaw and ear and neck.  His fingers feel up her spine, press touches into every vertebrae that he uncovers, takes her desperation and makes it crash and burn and shatter on the floor.  By the time he pulls the clothing completely off, Kai thinks she might go insane from his tenderness. 
And yet Yuki's got this lovely way of proving her wrong at every turn, too, and when he leans down to kiss her slowly, gently, she's utterly blown away.  She kisses him back, moaning, loving the way his hands drop over her skin and breasts and hips.  There is a genteelness in his every movement, in every finger that strokes heat into her flesh, and Kai craves it just as much as she wishes he would go faster, faster.  Until her desperation is a compacted mass that makes her head spin delightfully, always circling.
He likes the sight of her like this, bathed in this gray light, her bare skin illuminated just a little, just enough to make it all mysterious and soft.  He palms up her body, tracing the hem of her panties then pattering upward to touch the plane of her abdomen, the curve of her breast, the tops of her shoulders.  Then he reaches back down to cup her breasts again, because he really can't help it, and the light squeeze of his touch makes Kai breath out and press herself more fully against him. 
He likes this, too.  The way her breasts are neither small or large, but fit into his hands perfectly.  He likes the he can engulf them if he wants.  It makes him feel like he's got a little bit of her bold power, like he can be colorful and powerful too, if he wants to be.  But he also likes the idea of making her as bare as him, and that's what ultimately prompts him to continue his quest back down.  He hooks his fingers into her panties and slips his hands inside them, curving them around her butt.  The fabric follows his wrists, clings to his skin as he eases it away.  Kai helps, shifts her hips, chuckles when the little piece of clothing gets momentarily stuck around her knee.  But when it has dropped away, there isn't really anything about the situation that makes her want to laugh.  Because he is bare and she is bare and they are both very aroused, and only one emotion is born from such a delightful state.
They stare at each other for a short moment then suddenly the stillness shatters.  Kai leans in and Yuki follows suit, and their mouths are suddenly moving very quickly indeed.  Her hips are bucking against his and Yuki is murmuring her name, and his length is hard and pokes against her inner thigh with a vengeance.  And really, it's no surprise that they both desire one thing and one thing only, and so Kai is quick to grasp his member and guide it to her core.  She's even quicker to sink herself onto it.
Their union is sudden but yearned for, and Yuki lets out a harsh breath as he feels the heat and tightness of her.  He is filling her up in the most delicious way and she moans, clutches his shoulders, rocks her hips forward.  The movements takes his cock and pulls it deeper inside her.  It's hard to moan now, and all Yuki can do is watch her move and try not to faint from the intense bliss.
"Mmm…" Kai moans.  The sound sinks into his skin and shakes him down, making his grasp her harder, pulling her tight against his chest.  Holding her is so wonderful and he is so glad that he can do this, be this close to her.  His curse has shattered and he is thankful for it, thankful because it would be so hard to do what he's doing now if he still had it. 
It feels so good being inside her.  Yuki pushes his head back against the edge of the couch and sighs.  His voice is the cusp of a moan and it makes Kai shiver, clutch at him, drive her hips faster.  She takes him as deeply as she can and then drags him back out, almost to his tip, before she starts again.  Her thrusts make him feel numb with pleasure, and he thinks he might come soon.  So he threads his fingers into her hair, presses a kiss to her temple, and whispers hoarsely, "Kai…I'm almost…almost there…" 
She nods at his words, swallowing back a thick wave of desire that threatens to overpower her.  Her orgasm licks at her lower body, boils over, cracking through her flesh like a tendril of that lightening that still flashes outside.  Her end is like that lightening, too, and it rises up within her so quickly that she barely has time to warn Yuki.  But that's okay, he doesn't need her warning.  He can feel her muscles clench and tighten over his shaft and he just knows that she's about to come.  And the thought of her coming on him, because of him, has him racing toward his own release.
"Yuki!" she gasps, arching her back.  She raises her upper body off of him, tilting into the air, and Yuki blurrily watches the lovely way she shudders and trembles and shifts.  He bucks his hips harder, trying to catch up with her.  In response, she does the same, until their lower bodies crash and crumble against one another, until they have no idea as to where one of them ends and the other begins.  The lightening splinters, pauses, rebounds.  They do, too.
He spills himself into her with a long moan and a breathy, whispered, "Kaiii…"  It sounds so erotic to hear her name like that, and Kai keeps up her thrusting and drags his orgasm out, breathing hard against his neck.  And by the time she has stopped moving, Yuki has just begun to catch that lost breath.  They remain very still, laid out against one another, and the thunder gently booms.
It continues to storm even as Kai lifts herself off of him, even as they settle together on the couch, bodies splayed out against cushions and skin.  When the morning finally serenades them awake, the storm has passed but their love hasn't, and neither has their desire.  And it threatens to swallow them whole, just like a thunderstorm that wrinkles, clatters, surges against the beating of their hearts.


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  1. I loved this. I've never seen a Yuki lemon before. But I loved this one. You're good.