Monday, December 22, 2014

A Kíli Lemon -- O'er Mountains

Character: Kíli 

Fandom: The Hobbit

OC: Shinny, petit, black hair, green eyes, forgetful

Inspiration: Whiteout Winter Storm Watch.  I forbid Kíli to die.  It doesn't happen.  Nope, I refuse to allow it!

Freezing to death in a snow storm wasn’t exactly Shinny’s idea of a fruitful day.  But someone had the watch the borders of Erebor and she had joined the Royal Guard because she’d wanted to be the one to do it.  She wouldn’t complain.  Though her companion seemed to have a penchant for it.
Thus far, the prince had spat curse after curse after curse into the air, kicking at the snow drifts and trudging ahead of her with his shoulders hunched.  Shinny knew he wasn’t being childish (not really) – the dwarf had been through much worse on the quest to retake the Mountain over a year before.  But apparently he didn’t much like snow storms.  Well, neither did she.  Her fingers had started turning blue about an hour ago and her toes were past numb.  She suspected her other extremities were just as bad.
At least Kíli had the energy to spout those colorful swears.  He plowed on ahead of her as if nothing was the matter, as if he was perfectly fine.  And with every forceful step, he left his companion a little further behind.  She hardly noticed, though.  For a long time now, Shinny had kept her eyes to the ground.  Her body was sluggish and exhausted and she was only concerned, now, about tripping and not having the soul to get back up.
It was in this condition that Kíli found her in several minutes later, when he suddenly appeared before her with a wild and concerned look in his eye as if he thought he’d lost her.  He did think that, in fact, and couldn’t shake the tremor of fright that had rocked through him when he’d looked behind and couldn’t see her.
“Mahal, we need to find shelter.  You’re freezing to death,” he muttered, then raised his hands to cup her cheeks.  Her eyelashes were covered with snowflakes.  They fluttered as she peered blindly up at him, as though confused as to his presence.  Kíli swallowed back a wave of panic and took her arm, leading her through the snow at a faster pace.  He was practically dragging her along, but she didn’t complain.  He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.
It seemed to Kíli that they had walked for ages before they stumbled upon a cave.  Such natural dwellings were scattered across the country, but they were hard to find in elements such as these.  The snow was so thick that Kili could hardly see three feet in front of him.  He dragged Shinny into the cave and they careened down upon the rock floor together, having tripped on the rocky entrance.  Speaking of, they were entirely too close to said entrance, but Kíli paused several seconds longer than necessary before moving her. 
He had always been attracted to her.  He hadn’t known it at first.  She was not bred of any startling beauty.  Her face was plainer than some, but held a curiosity that amused and captivated him.  That, and her determination to join the Royal Guard had made him notice her.  It also helped that she was stubborn enough to persevere, to show the others that she could and would succeed.  Since joining, he had watched her every day, sparred with her too at times, and followed her progression and improvement through the ranks.  It had fascinated him.
And now here they were, unwittingly cuddled up to one another while the snowy winds blaze over their bare faces, their arms slung haphazardly over the other’s body, their faces mere inches away.  Kíli cleared his throat and pulled back, ignoring the boyish blush that had captured his face.  The rush of blood against his freezing skin made him feel oddly flushed and burning.  It was a pleasant feeling in all this cold.
He dragged Shinny to the center of the cave, then crouched down for a moment as he decided upon what to do next.  His eyes were naturally accustomed to the darkness and he could clearly see the back wall of the cave even though it was at least ten feet away.  In his examination of it, he caught sight of a pile of old firewood that some adventurer must have left behind. 
The sight of it made his heart leap with relief.  Mere moments later Kili was gathering it all in the center of the cave and easily lighting it.  The wood was extremely dry and Dwarves had a natural penchant for creating fire.  Soon, there was an adequate blaze and Kíli could turn his attention to other matters.
The sudden light from the fire must have struck something in Shinny, because her eyes flickered open just a little and she groggily frowned.  Kíli was immediately at her side, helping her sit up and rubbing his hands up and down her arms.  The action was strangely intimate, though neither commented on it.  Kíli, because he was rather embarrassed at the fact that he quite liked touching her.  Shinny, because she hardly noticed anyhow, for her exhaustion was still fierce and her body terribly numb.
“We need to get you warm,” Kíli said with a frown, glancing down at his snow covered companion.  Her skin was pale, white as the snow that touched it, and she was shivering like a leaf in a hurricane.  Kíli knew what he had to do.  He just hoped that she wouldn’t think badly of him when she came to her senses.
He shifted them closer to the fire, which was steadily burning now with a soft warmth.  The heat wouldn’t be enough to help her though.  Kíli had to get her out of those damp clothes.  He crawled in front of her and reached for her thick fur cloak, hesitated just a moment to peer into her eyes, and bit his lip.  Shinny caught his eyes, looking a little more aware now that they were out of the storm, and nodded at him.  He bit the inside of his cheek and closed the distance between them, taking the cloak and laying it out nearby to be dried by the fire.  Then he turned back, hesitated once more, and cleared his throat.
“This is probably why they don’t often allow women to join the Guard,” he muttered to himself as he gathered a fistful of her shirt and heaved it up.  There was no point in trying to be decent about the whole thing if she would just end up dead come morning.  But Kíli retained as much respect as he could, for he was a prince and was raised by his mother to honor women.  He kept his eyes closed as he tossed the shirt away, but that was when a cold hand brushed over his, and Shinny’s hoarse voice came drifting haltingly over him, “It’s…alright, Kíli.  I know…what you…have to do…so don’t worry…”
He paused an extra long moment before shifting his eyes open and lifting them up to hers.  She was shivering even more now, but was looking better and better each moment spent out of that storm.  Kíli sighed and felt himself blush, for even though he kept his gaze respectfully raised, he could still see her bare stomach and breast binding out of the corner of his eye.  It didn’t help that he had a tendency to find her attractive, either.
“Durin’s Beard, you must think me without honor,” he muttered softly, shaking his head.  The shame that puckered at him was eating him alive even though he knew very well that this was necessary.  “Lay back,” he told her, then caught her with a surprised exclamation when she started to fall too quickly.  Her body was like a chunk of ice.  All flexibility was completely gone. 
He gently lowered her down, well aware that he was blushing wildly.  His bare hands were grasping her bare skin, of course that would make any respectable dwarf flustered.  But Shinny only gave him a tiny smile and whispered, “I could never…think of you…like that, Kíli son of Dis.  You are…very honorable in my eyes.”
He stared in surprise, for he had not thought she would have a response, nor indeed that it would be take such a form.  But his heart could not stop beating and his cheeks only grew hotter.  She thought him honorable, even though she was half naked and vulnerable.  Even though any lesser dwarf might take advantage of such a situation.  He could not help the small smile that lit his face at the thought. 
The smile remained on his face even while he began to undo the laces of her tall boots.  “I have told you many times to call me Kíli.  Surely you can afford me that luxury after I saved your life.”  The words were cheeky and teasing, a fine example of his humor, and it warmed Shinny even as she lay beneath him and watched him tug her boots away.
“You have not saved me yet… Kíli,” the words were a hesitant warning, but the sound of his name without titles made Kíli stare at her with a pleasant sort of seriousness.  Still, he understood her to be right.  If he didn’t get her warm enough she would die.  It would be inevitable.
“You’re right,” he whispered hoarsely with a frown.  He peeled back the layers of her socks and his frown deepened when he saw the state of her toes, which were pale and bluish.  With a startling reverence, he laid her legs as close to the fire as he could without burning her, and then moved back to her last article of clothing that he would allow himself to remove.
He did so with rigid motions, partly because his fingers were fairly numb themselves, but mostly because he was well aware of the implications of such an action.  Still, it couldn’t be helped: her trousers were soaked through and tiny icy particles clung to them.  Leaving them on would only make her colder, and so it was with a reluctant sort of eagerness that he undid the fastenings and slid them away, keeping his eyes trained to her face as he did so in hopes that it would keep some semblance of distance between them.  He felt rather ashamed that he was so eager to complete the action.  It was an inner war between his inbred respect for the female race and the lustful tendencies that often accompanied it.
Shinny was well aware of this battle.  She was cold, frozen, and felt slightly removed from herself, but she couldn’t deny that a similar war was waging within herself as well.  To have such a handsome dwarf caring for her in such an intimate way was almost too much to handle.  She would be lying if she hadn’t daydreamed of such things in the past, either.  Kíli was very attractive and she had often felt the pull of it draw her in, especially as they began to form a friendship within the Guard.
Her trousers were laid out with her other clothes to dry, and it did feel better not to have the cold fabric clinging to her skin, but she still shivered like nothing else.  Kíli was also cold, and damp, but to continue on would be to sacrifice her dignity.  He glanced at her and swallowed, tucking his frigid fingers into his clothes in hopes of warming them.  But after a moment more of shivering, he cursed softly and began to untie his own cloak.  There was nothing for it, though he felt vile as he did so.
Vaguely, he heard his companion sit up.  He expected her to move closer to the fire.  He did not expect her to go to him, instead.  But sure enough, her fingers were soon at his cloak and she was helping him drag it away.  He found himself surprised, because she touched him as if there was no reason to be ashamed.  It wasn’t helping the thin layer of control he had built up in such a precarious situation.
“Shinny…” he muttered, keeping his eyes firmly away from her scantily clad form.  She moved to kneel in front of him, baring her back to the fire as she undid the ties of his tunic.  The soft glow of the flames illuminated her skin gloriously and haloed around her wild mane of hair.  In that moment, he thought her to be the most lovely creature he had ever seen.
“Hush,” she told him, dragging the tunic away from his body.  “You are just as cold as I am and if we don’t want hypothermia then we’d better just accept the circumstances.”  There was a firmness to her words that made him feel better, though he still felt like a clueless, frightened schoolboy in her presence.  Still, he appreciated that she took control of the situation.
But when she reached for his trousers, Kíli caught her hands with a bright blush.  “I’ll do that part,” he told her quickly, though inside he would have enjoyed the feel of those fingers working at the leather ties.  It was entirely inappropriate when he could do it himself, and she nodded her acceptance and shifted away to give him space.  He appreciated that, too.
When the clothing was laid out with the others, Kíli hastened to reach for her warm fur-lined cloak, which was just dry enough to act as a bed of sorts.  He laid it closer to them and gestured for her to use it, and tried not to watch her adjust herself on the fur.  It was a startlingly erotic sight that he hadn’t expected.  He also didn’t expect her to glance at him as if wondering why he wasn’t joining her.  That would surely be overstepping the last of the boundaries, would it not?
But she only perched herself onto her elbows and said, “Come, Kíli.  Body heat will warm us.”  Once again it was said it such an obvious, logical way that Kíli had to swallow and look away.  He could not deny that she made a good point though, nor could he truly refute the fact that he would like nothing more than to cuddle up to her and press himself to her skin.  He did so, only a little bit reluctantly, and when they were all settled he decided that it was even better than he could have imagined.
Her arms slid around his middle and she lay her head down upon his chest, wrapping their legs tightly together.  The position was extremely intimate but absolutely lovely and far better than shivering in front of the fire.  She had been right, of course: body heat did warm them up.  Soon they were feeling much better, and even a little too warm at that.
He was a male.  Being this close to a female had consequences.  Being this close to a female that he had already admitted to liking had even more consequences.  Only minutes in, Kíli knew that he was done for.  His blood was hot now, boiling with a heat that he knew he shouldn’t have felt, for it was once again going against the boundaries of their friendship.  Then again, the moment they had stumbled into the cave, it had been one discrepancy after another.  The lines were already so far blurred that Kíli couldn’t even remember where they were supposed to be anymore. 
Shinny shivered against him and the feel of it startled Kíli from his inappropriate thoughts.  He looked down at her with a concerned frown and murmured, “Are you still cold?”  It was a rhetorical question: he knew she was, he felt the chill of her body seep into his.  But he wasn’t sure what else he could do to warm her.  Well, that wasn’t entirely true.  He could think of another path, but to go down it would mean an abrupt end to their supposed friendship.  Plus, he would be putting himself and his dignity on the line and he was afraid that she would think him a lecherous dwarf.
“What can I do?” he pleaded, rubbing his hands over her arms and back.  Her bare skin singed from the contact and she tried to hold back a soft moan.  At first, she was successful, but when his hands continued their accidentally lustful path over her sides, Shinny really couldn’t help herself.  Her body arched just a little, her covered breasts pushing against his chest.  A tiny mewling sigh trembled from her lips and all action stopped.  Kíli stared up at the ceiling of the cave with wide, surprised eyes and Shinny buried her face against his neck in horror.
She was fairly outspoken when it came to her feelings, but never to Kíli.  He was a prince and she was but a common citizen of Erebor.  The social differences between them were staggering.  Her attraction for him was forbidden and she hid it away.  She was in the Guard, under his jurisdiction.  What would people think if they were to have a relationship?  They would name her a whore and overlook all her hard-earned improvement and battle experience.  And besides, there was no way of knowing that the prince felt anything in return for her.  Which was what prompted her to immediately apologize. 
“Prince Kíli, I’m sorry, I – “ she didn’t expect the abrupt way he cut her off, and certainly not the manner in which he did it.
Suddenly her back was pressed to the fur cloak.  With blurry confusion, she realized that he had turned them over and was now hovering above her with a fierce, lustful expression.  His weight was urged her down and in the midst of it she felt something hard and stiff pushing against her leg.  She had absolutely no time to wonder at it, because Kíli was unexpectedly muttering in a hoarse, scratchy voice, “By Mahal, I can’t take this a moment longer.”  And then his mouth was hungrily taking her breath away.
She reacted immediately, feeling a shocking wave of lust deep through her body.  His lips were savage and deadly.  He kissed her as if he’d been waiting to do so for a very long time, and another moan leaked from her throat and Kíli swallowed it viciously.
“Kíli …” she moaned again, surprise coating her voice.  Accompanied with said surprise was a deep longing that made him press her down further, shifting himself over her and deepening their kiss.  The movement caused that stiffness to rub over her inner thigh, and Kíli abruptly pulled away as if he had been burned.  They both knew what his erection meant.  To her surprise, there was a trace of shame in his eyes, a shame that she would not allow to linger there.
She set her jaw and reached for his face, cupping her fingers around his neck and hair and dragging him back down.  This time, she dominated the kiss.  It was just as fierce as the previous one and even more daring, because it was also filled with acceptance.  When she went to wrap her legs around his waist, pulling that hardness directly against her core, Kíli absolutely couldn’t hold himself back any longer. 
He muttered something in Dwarvish that sounded like a curse, and shivers erupted down over her body.  His voice was perfectly voracious and coarse.  She’d never had a male lust after her so poignantly before and it was making her extremely hot.  So hot that Kíli could feel her pounding against his straining length.  It was enough to make them both ache.
“I want you…Mahal, I want you,” he whispered to her, dragging his lips away from hers to kiss a path down her neck.  She arched her head back and moaned, pushing her breasts up into his eager hands.  Kíli hesitated only a moment before touching them, and soon his fingers had dealt with the wrappings and were stroking over bare flesh.  The softness of that flesh had him growing ever harder.  He shifted against her core ducked down to kiss over a nipple.  Her reaction was instant and lethal.
“Kíli!” her eyes fluttered, “Touch me more.”  The order had him quivering against her, so caught up in his desire that he could hardly breathe.  Never before had he felt such fire.  Not even from the quest that had nearly cost him his life. 
He grinned ferociously up at her and huskily said, “I will touch you until you melt from the heat of arousal.  I will touch you until you can think of no one else but me in your every waking hour.”  And with that his fingers tucked beneath the underwear that still clung to her hips and into the wet folds of her core.
Her nails dug into his shoulders and she moaned, a long and drawn out sound filled with utter pleasure.  Her body rocked forward, pushing her hips against his hand and staring sightlessly into the darkness of the cave.  And Kíli stared down at her, thrust his fingers against her inner walls, twisted his thumb over her clit, and shivered from the starkness of her arousal and the striking way she wanted him.
Her eyes slowly adjusted as the pleasure shifted through her, and she turned her gaze to his.  His dark eyes were blown from desire.  The hunger of his expression was enough to make her crazy, but there was also a soft sort of reverence that settled upon the edges of that desire.  Her hands shifted to caress his face, and for a moment Kíli’s eyes fluttered closed.  He turned his head to kiss her palm, then looked down at her once more and lowered his mouth to hers.  The next kiss he gave her was slow but deep.  He drew his fingers away from her and ran them up and down her body, touching her the way he’d dreamt of doing.  It was deeply satisfying for the both of them.
His fingers soon returned to her hips, but this time it was to deal with her underwear.  The fabric was eased down as quickly as he could manage with one hand, and Shinny helped him.  As soon as it was off, she moved her fingers to his last remaining bit of clothing and slid that away, too.  And that was when their kiss dissolved and Kíli leaned back to look at her properly. 
She was lovely.  Her muscled, lean body was splayed out beneath him and he couldn’t look away from her.  She couldn’t, either.  He was finely made: muscular and brawny, which wide-set shoulders and a lush pattering of coarse dark hair that layered over his chest and trailed down his body.  His length was something she shyly glanced at, nervous because she’d never thought she would ever have the chance to do so.  When she turned her eyes back to Kíli’s, he was already looking at her and something in his gaze made her oddly breathless.  She was certain it looked almost like love.
She spread her legs around his waist and urged him back down.  He went, settling against her body and lowering his weight onto his arms, which rested around her head like a barrier keeping them from the rest of the world.  The feel of his cock pressing so intimately against her made her ache, but that was soon put right, for a moment later Kíli was slowly guiding himself into her. 
It was slightly painful, at first, but also strangely relieving, as if she had been waiting to be filled by him.  With a sigh, Shinny tried to relax into the makeshift fur bed.  Kíli caressed the side of her face and kissed her cheek, her jaw, the corner of her mouth.  After a moment, he silently shifted forward and her breath was completely flung away, possibly never to return.
“Oh Kíli,” she moaned, clinging tightly to him.  He grunted and hoisted her legs up his waist, trying to get a better angle.  The action was successful and Kíli was soon sinking into her at a regular pace, his hips thrusting forward with an almost bruising accuracy.  It was enough to make him feel feverish, and yet this was a fever he would happily fall into time and time again.
“You’re breathtaking,” he whispered to her, catching her eye.  She gave him a tiny smile that broke through the immediate pleasure and made him feel ever warmer, like his chest was on fire; like his heart was in the midst of imploding.  The cracks of said heart shifted and he wondered if she could hear the beat of it, for it pounded loudly in his ears. 
Perhaps it was the sincerity of that little smile that brought it on, but Kíli found himself murmuring, “I have always thought you so.”  The honesty in his words had Shinny staring up at him in surprise.  He wondered for a moment if he had gone too far, if perhaps this was more casual for her than it was for him, but his fears were put to rest when she tugged him down to kiss him.  Against his lips she breathlessly whispered, “I have loved you for many moons, and thought of you often in ways that I shouldn’t have.”  The admission was surprising but utterly arousing, and Kíli kissed her fiercely as his thrusts quickened.
“Have you?”  Somehow he managed to chuckle in the midst of his passion.  Her words were carefully tucked away for further questioning at a later time, and for the moment Kíli settled with a swift, “You make me crazy.”  And she did, for he felt like he never had before, and his body was burning through his desire in such a way that he could not control himself.
Their lips moved quickly, sloppily perhaps, but that was all the better.  His hands shifted over her and he rather roughly clutched at her breast, massaged it briefly, then ducked down to heave her leg farther up his waist.  He was aware, in the back of his mind, that he was being rather coarse with her, but it could not be helped and she did not seem to mind it.  He was nearing what he knew would be a brilliant end.  His pace only reflected that.
“Kíli!” she moaned, twisting her body up into a beautiful arch.  He started down at her and set his jaw.  He could feel her pounding increase and it felt amazing.  He quickened his pace even more, sinking into her core with a deeply satisfying dominance that had them both crying out with pleasure.  Shinny was utterly lost beneath him, her eyes wide and sightless as her orgasm suddenly lurched through her.  Her nails dug into his skin and she cried out his name, feeling it scramble from her lips again and again and she descended into a thrilling finish that Kili was soon joining her in.
“Mahal…” he muttered as he lowered himself down beside her, feeling completely fulfilled in ways he hadn’t known were possible.  His blood was like melted iron that seeped through his veins.  His chest rose and fell rapidly as he tried, and failed, to catch the breath that had long ago left him.
Shinny bit back a smile and turned to him, easily wrapping herself against his body and turning her back to the fire.  She felt absolutely no trace of cold now, even though she could still hear the storm rage outside the cave.  There was only a contented heat that pooled through her and connected them together like lovers.
Kíli turned his head to look at her and caught her eye with a cheeky smile.  She laughed when he leaned down to kiss her.  She laughed again when he began to kiss her neck.  Her laughter only stopped when his lips turned more serious, and that was when she decided that she was still cold, very much in fact, and that there was really only one thing to do about it.  Perhaps snowstorms weren’t as bad as she’d originally thought.



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  2. That was incredible! Are there anymore lotr ones coming out soon?

    1. Currently thinking about writing a Thorin lemon for someone, and then I might do something with Fili because I am in love with him :3 I'm always open for more ideas if you have any!