Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Sweden Lemon -- Solemnity

Character: Sweden

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Vanilla-Cinnamon-Bubble Bath.  First finished Xmas request!  Remember, requests are open until Dec. 24

Berwald does not expect much when he gets home from work.  This is generally just as well considering how busy [Name] is this time of year.  With all the baking, decorating, and shopping she hardly has time to sit back and relax.  It is a welcome bustle that the Christmas season always brings, and she doesn’t complain because she loves it.  The past few days he’s been coming home to see her busily hanging garlands or doing some such thing to the decorations she’s insisted on putting up all over the house.  However, today she is surprisingly nonchalant when he opens the front door and sees her on the couch, far from any Christmas projects or wrapping paper.
“I’m home,” he quietly informs, glancing at [Name] with raised eyebrows.  Sure, this particular sight isn’t completely foreign to him.  He often comes home to a similar scene.  After several years of marriage, he’s gotten used to seeing her in the kitchen cooking dinner or loitering around waiting for it to be done.  And as per usual, Berwald can smell dinner, the blend of spices, the aroma of cooking meat, but something seems…different tonight. 
“Berwald, darling, how was your day?” [Name] asks.  She gives him a lazy smile and stands up to greet him.  He expects a peck to the cheek or some such acknowledgement.  He does not expect the long, sensual kiss she presses to his mouth.  And he certainly doesn’t expect his own reaction to it, the fiery way his body shouts ‘more, more’.  Apparently he isn’t as exhausted as he thought.
He is momentarily bewildered by her rather provocative greeting, but recovers quickly.  With a confused expression, he mumbles, “Fine,” and stares at her, as if trying to unlock the mystery that is his wife.  As always, he fails.
“Am I not allowed to kiss my own husband?” she chuckles, knowing that look very well.  Even after so many years of being romantically involved, they still don’t always understand each other.  That’s okay though.  If nothing else, it certainly makes their relationship seem fresh and interesting.
She reaches down to take his briefcase and puts it by the door.  Her voice is gentle and calm, but that’s about the only meek part about her.  Inside, she knows that every action is part of a greater plan.  Every word is carefully uttered, every look and every touch from here on will be an invitation.  Will Berwald be able to deny her?  Well, he is good at being reluctant, but she’s learned several tricks to help him along.
Berwald tilts his head at [Name] and grumbles something about getting changed.  He expects her to nod and let him go.  He does not expect her to follow.  By the time he gets to the bedroom, Berwald is very confused and keeps glancing at [Name], clearly wondering what she wants.  He soon figures out exactly what that is moments later.
He is loosening his tie when [Name] brushes his hands away and replaces them with hers.  The way she looks at him as she pulls it off makes his confusion turn to understanding.  His understanding soon shifts into a pleasant but reluctant warmth.  Reluctant, because he’s tired.  He’s had a long, dragging day.  He’s hungry.  He has paperwork he needs to finish up for a meeting tomorrow.  But God only knows how the temptation pulls at him.
“[Name]…” he mumbles, watching as she begins to undo the buttons of his dress shirt.  She’s good at seducing him, she always has been.  But while he wouldn’t mind seeing where it leads tonight, Berwald has other things on his mind.  It’s good, then, that [Name] is perfectly aware of this and ready to change his mind.
She isn’t blind to the hesitancy of his expression, nor of the way he’s holding her elbows as if to create a barrier between them.  But she also isn’t blind to the bright way his eyes watch her, always curious, endlessly intrigued.  As if she’s the most fascinating creature he’s ever seen.
“I thought a bath would be nice.  To help you relax,” [Name] informs him with a smile.  Berwald is a hard worker.  Of course she knows that, and of course she has seen the way he’s been working even harder so as to fully enjoy the Christmas vacation that’s coming up.  It doesn’t really surprise him that she’s noticed.  The late nights and their opposing schedules have definitely added up.
Still, he can’t stop the smile that threatens to show itself on his face.  Her constant worrying over his wellbeing never gets old and he doubts it ever will.  She catches sight of the barely-there smile and returns it with one of her own.  This time, Berwald does not hesitate as he leans down to kiss her.  His lips are very gentle and slow against her own.  It makes [Name] melt into him with a deep sigh that has everything to do with the sudden lurch of heat that puddles through her body.  The effects even a simple kiss can conjure will always surprise her even though she should be used to it by now.
Her arms wrap around his neck and she tilts her head, deepening the kiss.  Berwald smoothes his hands over her sides.  His fingers settle against her lower back and he pulls her closer, enjoying the rush of warmth as her body surges into his.  He can feel every flex of her muscles, every shift of breath.  If this is what she needs, then he will give her what she wants.  But…
“Let’s skip the bath,” he mumbles, not entirely convinced that it is what he’s in the mood for.  Baths means slow, steamy, raw lovemaking.  He is usually a selfless lover but tonight, the amount of paperwork in his briefcase beckons to him like a cursed enchantment.  He doesn’t mean to put that before his own wife but it’s hard to ignore work, especially when he’s so dedicated to it.
[Name] is not letting him off the hook so easily though.  She pulls back from the kiss with a frown and Berwald knows she won’t step down without a fight.  She stares at him for several seconds before sighing and smoothing her hands down his half-undone shirt.  “But I got everything ready.  It can just be a short one, hmm?”  It is hard to ignore the obvious plea in her voice.  Hard to deny her anything anyway.  He sighs and [Name] knows she’s already won.
Normally she wouldn’t overstep him like this, but tonight it really is for his own good.  He can do his paperwork some other time, but right now she intends on making him relaxed and happy.  She suppresses a smile and takes his hands, stepping backwards and into the awaiting bathroom.  Berwald allows her to lead him.
The bath that awaits has been tempered with some kind of musky scent that Berwald recognizes as vanilla.  It’s mingled with something else, a scratchy kind of aroma that makes him instantly warm.  Soft steam rises from the water.  He reluctantly decides that it does look rather nice.  What looks even nicer, of course, is [Name]’s form as she begins to strip her clothes away.
She does it so smoothly that Berwald hardly even notices at first.  But he’d have to be utterly blind not to see her now.  Each article of clothing is tossed haphazardly at the wicker hamper and left there.  And with each removal, [Name] raises her eyes to meet his, calmly, as if to say, ‘It’s no big deal, just human nature at its rawest.’
Her skin is positively glowing in the steam.  Berwald allows his eyes to dip down her form, silently enjoying the sight she makes.  He has always liked her confidence, the way she always seems to know just what to do without hurting anyone else.  It manifests in many ways, but most of all in the way she holds herself.  It makes his eyes soften.
[Name] smiles at him and steps forward.  She steps around him to shut the bathroom door.  They are the only ones in the house, but this isn’t done for privacy.  She is not shutting the world out; she’s shutting them in.  When the door closes, the sense of stillness makes them both gravitate toward each other.
She steps forward again, but this time it is to deal with her lover’s clothes.  Her fingers cannot go fast enough as she tries to unbutton his dress shirt.  The quick pace has got Berwald smiling that barely-there smile, pressing his fingers beneath her chin and lifting her head up.  When her eyes meet with his, the world does more than simply stop: it disappears entirely.
“Relax, [Name], we’ve got all night,” he murmurs, and watches her mouth lift up in pleasure at his words.  That he’s finally given into her plans isn’t the only thing that makes her happy, but she can’t deny that his acceptance does silly things to her heart.  The gentle way he looks at her has her desire rearing through her.  She goes slower, but still flushes with desire the moment she gets to push the fabric off his shoulders. 
He is lovely.  She runs her fingers over his chest and leans against it.  Berwald wraps his arms around her and for a brief moment, they merely stand there, caught up in emotions that make the moment sweet and warm.  But then Berwald pulls away, and the slight glint in his eye has [Name] smiling.  It is passion, fierce and sure, and it shows itself in the way he hooks his fingers around her waist and pushes her hips against his, showing her exactly what she has done to him.  The insight makes her head spin with delightfully blurry pleasure and she sighs, dipping her head back as his mouth comes down to kiss her.
This time, the kiss is raw, heady, and promising.  Berwald finds himself eager to feel that warm water and his lover’s skin.  While she is distracted by the force of his lips, he tugs at his trousers and slips them away, breaking the kiss to peel them off.  [Name] watches for a brief moment before sending him a cheeky, flirty sort of smile and turning to the tub.  His eyes don’t leave her for a single second as he watches her gracefully step into it and sink down into the hot water. 
There is something so wicked in that grace, something sinister to her charm that leaves him strangely breathless.  But he has grown quite used to that feeling, the sinful lust that she often brings to the table.  If anything, he has found comfort in its familiarity.  It is what drives him to her now, what beckons him over, what has him sinking in beside her and pulling her against him. 
[Name] sighs and leans back.  He rests his head on top of hers and enjoys the still romance that they have cultivated between them.  He knows it won’t last for very long, not if his stubborn wife has anything to say on the matter, though he wouldn’t complain either way.  After a few minutes, when he feels her hands brushing over his legs and sides and up his chest, Berwald finds himself enjoying her touch just as much.
He retaliates in his own way, with soft touches that linger against her skin with gentle innocence.  He knows that said innocence will disappear soon enough, but he also knows that it pleases [Name].  His fingers caress her back, dance up her spine, and then he slips his hands over her shoulders, pressing his fingers into her skin.  She clearly doesn’t expect the sudden massage, but wilts in pleasure hardly a minute in.  He can see why: her shoulders are a knot of tense muscle.
“Mmm…you have no idea how lovely that feels,” she murmurs to him, dipping her head back to rest against his chest.  He chuckles and the rumbling sound of it gets swept through her body.  A light kiss is planted on her temple and his hands press deeper, his thumbs rolling over her neck with practiced skill.  “I can see that, Älskling,” [1] Berwald murmurs, his voice thick and scratchy.  The sound of it has [Name] closing her eyes and shivering, especially when the lilt of his native language burns through his voice.
“Should I make you feel even better?” he gruffly wonders, his voice muffled by the skin of her neck as he presses kisses over it.  She moans and almost complains when he stops massaging her, but can’t bring herself to be upset because then his fingers are ducking below the water and he’s pressing them to her clit. 
“Spread your legs,” he mutters into her ear.  Shivers erupt over her skin at the rough order and she bites her lip.  Berwald sees the action and smirks, very much aware of how she reacts to his voice.  She has mentioned before that she thinks it’s the sexiest part of him, and since then he has taken full advantage of that. 
Her legs shift open a little more, though the tub restrains them a little.  But it is enough, enough for Berwald and for her as well, and when his fingers sink into her core she finds it very hard to breathe.
His lips kiss over her neck as he fingers her.  The combined touch has [Name] melting against him.  She clutches his forearms and closes her eyes, gasping and moaning lightly when Berwald curls his fingers inside her and rubs over her G-spot.  The little trick makes her feel so aroused that she actually laughs, surprised by the fact that it takes so little to do this to her.  Berwald raises his eyebrows at the chuckle and catches her eye curiously, “What is it?”
She honestly responds, “Before I met you, I’d never get so turned on in such a tiny amount of time.”  It’s true.  It’s like the very essence of him arouses her.  Every part of him has her gasping in desire.  He smiles and leans down to kiss her properly, ducking his lips against hers.  “I know the feeling, Käraste [2].”  And he certainly does, if the hardness pressing into her rear has anything to say on the matter.
He kisses her harder just as his fingers sink deeper, as deeply as they can, and [Name] gasps and drowns into the kiss because it feels so good.  She’s a mess.  He can see it and it makes him rather crazy.  And when she shifts and writhes against him like that and presses unwittingly against his aching cock, it makes it even worse.  He’s not sure if she does it on purpose or not and frankly he doesn’t care.
His hips shift forward in hopes of getting a little friction to ease the ache of his arousal.  If [Name] notices, she doesn’t say anything.  Perhaps she is too far gone from the pleasure she obviously feels.  Berwald thinks it’s about time to do something about said pleasure, and his.  Baths are nice and fine when relaxing is what you’re trying to do, but they aren’t exactly good for sexual pursuits. 
Abruptly, he draws his fingers from her.  [Name] breathlessly whines and hoarsely wonders, “Why did you stop?”  Her words send a jolt of desire through him.  He loves that she wants him so much.  He loves that such a simple touch can make her so crazy.  Berwald kisses her cheek and sits up.  His voice is deep and raw with delightful passion when he tells her, “Let’s go to the bed.” 
He sees her shiver at his words and smirks.  He stands up and steps out of the tub, then glances back down at her.  She’s staring at his body, her eyes dark with passion and blown with desire.  He knows why she’s so obviously aroused.  It’s because he’s so obviously aroused.  His cock is hard and curled up, aching to be touched.  She stares at it for a long minute that seems to descend into forever, and Berwald chuckles.
“Come here, Älskling,” he says with that barely-there smile, and reaches for her.  She returns the smile with a gentle laugh and lets him help her out of the tub.  When she curls into his chest and presses her body against all of him, [Name] can’t help but shiver.  His erection presses against her stomach and his hands do silly thing to her, especially when they drag over her rear and pull her closer to his core.
For a moment, they both just stand there.  The water trickles down their bare bodies and pools at their feet.  Their skin erupts with shivers as the cold air hits them, making them cuddle closer.  Berwald tilts her head back and leans in to kiss her, and [Name] reacts even more passionately, curling her arms around his neck and grinding their hips together as best she can in their upright position.  Apparently it is good enough, because Berwald growls and heaves her closer, then picks her up entirely.
Their mouths don’t break as he walks backward, her legs tightly wrapped around his waist and their wet bodies sliding.  When [Name] sees that he’s making his way out of the bathroom, she breaks the kiss to laughingly murmur, “We haven’t dried off yet, we’ll get the sheets all wet – “
But he only kisses her harder and steps into their bedroom, clearly unconcerned about the state they’re in.  He tells her as much as he dumps her onto the mattress and crawls over her, “I like it better like this anyway.”  She’s not sure if he’s being serious or not but hardly has time to figure it out, because then Berwald is grinding his cock over her core and she can’t remember what he’d said anyhow.
“Oohhh…” her head tips back into the pillows and he leans forward to press open-mouthed kisses over her neck.  His hands smooth over her body and caress her breasts, massaging them gently.  After a moment of this, he ducks his head down to pay closer attention to them, circling his tongue around her nipples and sighing against the soft flesh.  All the while [Name] grasps his damp hair and tries to stop herself from completely losing control.
“Berwald…” she hoarsely whispers, looking down at him.  He pauses briefly to look back at her, and feels his mouth twitch into that tiny smile.  He knows that look, that voice, the things her body tell him, and he fully intends on responding to them.  What began as a night of relaxation for him has turned into relaxing her, but Berwald doesn’t care.  Both have the same result for him.
He raises himself back up and slips his elbows against the pillow by her head, ducking down to briefly kiss her.  Her legs wrap around his waist and she presses her heat against his erection in silent demand.  This is one demand that he is all too happy to give in to, and moments later Berwald does just that. 
The moment he slips inside her, the air between them changes.  It turns softer and yet harder at the same time, filled with a strange sort of impatient romance that forces his hips to shift delightfully faster.  Soon the pace is set and [Name] is sinking into the pillows, clutching at her husband as he smoothly drives the pleasure through her entire body.  She’s left gasping, drowning against the sheets and his weight.
Her moans force him faster.  He is a relatively silent lover but that doesn’t hinder [Name].  She can see the pleasure build in his eyes, can see it gathering in his expression.  And after a while when he buries his face into her neck, she knows that he is feeling just as much pleasure as her. 
His mouth seeks hers and their kiss is slow in all this fast paced loving.  The contradiction is startling in its sincerity, and [Name] deepens the kiss as she pulls him closer.  His thrusts push her hips forcefully down but [Name] doesn’t complain.  It feels utterly amazing and completely perfect.  Especially when, moments later, her orgasm unfurls through her body and leaves her gasping against his mouth, her entire body reacting.
She arches into the air, just a little bit, and Berwald pulls away to watch.  The sight of her has him racing forward, breathless and wanting.  He understands her body language without her having to say anything, and he feels her core pounding relentlessly against his cock.  He hastens, pushing faster, and grunting when her walls suddenly clench down around him.
“Oh!” she gasps, arching again.  Her eyes lock with Berwald’s and the silent warning in them have him shifting his hips deeper.  Her nails dig into his shoulders.  Her hips arch up.  It is such a lovely sight that Berwald feels his own orgasm build up as well.  But it doesn’t overtake him until her hears [Name]’s soft, breathless, “B-Berwald!”  And that tiny little sound makes him utterly insane.
He groans and feels himself burst, filling her up as he thrusts ever faster.  [Name] sinks down and watches his finish with wide, awed eyes.  She can’t help it.  He looks so flawless and beautiful when he comes.  His face turns into a passionate inferno that knows no bounds.  His body seems to know just how to move to ensure their combined pleasure.  It’s something she won’t ever forget.
He heaves a deeply pleased sigh and lowers himself beside her, pulling her roughly into his arms and immediately kissing over her shoulder and neck.  [Name] laughs and wraps her arms around him tightly, throwing a leg over his waist.  His lips reach her mouth and the kiss he gives her then leaves her toes curling.  She instinctively knows that paperwork is completely out of the question now: Berwald’s kiss is his way of telling her that he has no intention of leaving this bed under any circumstance.
The thought warms her and she smiles.  In a very soft voice, she whispers, “I love you, Berwald.”  The words are bright and meaningful, spoken only rarely between them.  He looks at her for a long moment, studies the way her eyes shine with satisfaction and love, and then he leans forward to kiss her again.
This time, his lips are telling her that he loves her too.  The meaning does not go unnoticed, and neither does the gentle passion that accompanies it.  Moments later Berwald is pressing her back into the mattress and letting his kisses speak for themselves.


[1] Älskling … Love
[2] Käraste … Dearest


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