Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Leonard McCoy Lemon -- Jealousy Syndrome

Character: Leonard McCoy

Fandom: Star Trek

OC: Reader-Insert

Inspiration: Kirk is being headstrong and I'm dreadfully late in posting this.  So sorry!

It would be a lie to say that Leonard McCoy was all work and no fun.  He didn’t moon over his work like some field doctors he knew and certainly couldn’t care less about what the other crew members thought of him.  He liked his quiet evenings and his nightly drink in his quarters.  He liked it much better than this public affair, at least.
Christmas.  Ha.  He was by no means a scrooge but he saw little point in celebrating an ancient Earth holiday in deep space on a ship that didn’t even have a fully human crew.  He saw even less reason in having such a large party.  No, McCoy wasn’t all work, but what he would give for the quiet of his hospital wing right about now…
It was painstakingly clear that he was out of his element, and yet he always was in situations such as these and it couldn’t be helped.  Everyone was already used to it anyhow and hardly batted an eye at his rather unsociable behavior.  He’d changed his clothes for the occasion, but he refused to change his personality.
Well one person, at least, could appreciate him.  He certainly had changed his clothes and wore them in a naturally regal but coarse way, like he knew he looked good but didn’t really care.  It was such a typical expression that [Name] had to smile, though he didn’t see.  He hadn’t even noticed her during the last hour, or if he had then she hadn’t realized it.  But one person did. 
James Kirk liked to think back on his actions that night as a helpful push for his two friends.  The two of them were so obviously pining after each other that it was distracting him, too, an altogether deplorable thing.  That, and the fact that it was just so expected for his friend to never act upon his feelings made Kirk feel like he had the right to take it upon himself.  He knew his actions would be appreciated at a slightly later time when the would-be couple had gotten a bit more used to each other.  He smirked.
“[Name],” he slung an arm around the girl’s shoulder and squeezed.  It was a friendly but tight hold, something that rather alarmed her because she immediately stiffened and tried to step away.  She failed, of course: Kirk had a tenacious grip. 
“Captain,” she said, her voice creased with slight defeat.  The emotion was wholeheartedly ignored and Kirk gave her a rather frightening, cheeky smile.  Something was obviously not right.  He was in his scheming mode.  She’d known both Kirk and McCoy since the Academy and had grown very good at spotting such things.
He chuckled and glanced down at her, enjoying the sight of her in a dress for once.  When he told her as much, she scowled at him and told him she wasn’t interested in his advances, she never had been.  That was because, of course, there had always been another whom she’d been interested in.  She knew that Kirk knew.  The man could be extremely receptive when he wanted to be, especially where it concerned matters of attraction.
“You know, there’s someone else who also likes your dress.  I don’t blame him, your legs look stunning – Ow, ow, okay, I’ll stop hitting on you, jeez,” he rubbed the place she’d smacked him with a grimace that was altogether short-lived, because he had other things on his mind.
[Name] sighed and mumbled, “He hasn’t even noticed me.  I’ve been waiting for him to walk over here for 30 minutes already.”  The complaint had Kirk raising his eyebrows, wondering how thick his two friends actually were.  And besides, he knew for a fact that Leonard McCoy had noticed her, he was just very good at covering it up with his scowl and his biting remarks.  He was also very aware that the doctor was watching them out of the corner of his eye right now.  The thought had his mind whirring with possible actions.  What would work the best?  What would capture his attention so absolutely that he’d have no choice but to come running?
The answer became obvious after only seconds of pondering, though Kirk had a feeling [Name] wouldn’t appreciate it.  He also had a feeling that his face was going to suffer for it.  But what better way to gain the attention of a southern gentlemen than behaving in an altogether ungentlemanlike manner?
“You know…I might have an idea that would help you,” Kirk cheekily told her, and moments later he was dragging her off to the dance floor and she was too surprised to tell him that she didn’t care to dance.  The center of the floor was the perfect place to introduce his plan.  Everyone could see them, and they would have the spotlight for several minutes at least as he was the Captain.  He wrapped his arms around [Name] and swept her up into a dance that made her feel almost exhilarated, because it had been a very long time since she’d danced with anyone and Kirk was surprisingly talented.
He smiled at her and twirled her around, drawing her back in several times.  Each time her back was turned his eyes glanced quickly at the place where McCoy was standing.  The doctor was watching them with his ever-present scowl burned across his mouth.  His eyes seemed to get darker and angrier every time Kirk twirled her. 
He decided he had spent enough time building the emotions up.  Just dancing with [Name] was not his entire plan.  No, and the next time he draw her into his chest he decided that it was high time to enact the rest of his schemes.  She came, face lingering close, and was about to push away into the next part of the dance when Kirk suddenly caught her waist and held her in place.  His hands slipped up to her face and tangled into her hair.  She had time only to register that he was acting rather oddly before Kirk was pushing his mouth over hers and she was staring wide-eyed at his cheeky, smiling eyes.
The next few minutes flew by in a blur.  [Name] was vaguely aware that she was trying to push Kirk back and that he was having none of it.  Then suddenly something forced the two of the apart and for a moment, she floundered on the dance floor as the grip of Kirk’s hands were ripped away.  She looked up to see a very familiar figure, just in time to watch as he reeled his arm back and punched Kirk right in the face.  The Captain stumbled back with a grunt of pain and what sounded almost like amusement, but [Name] did not have time to question it because suddenly a hand was slipping around her waist and she was being pulled towards the doors.
They got two halls down before [Name] stumbled from the force of McCoy’s dragging.  She wasn’t very good at walking in heels and her ankle twisted as a result.  She cried out and careened forward, right into the chest of a surprised and concerned McCoy.  His hands slipped around her hips and he held her up carefully, leaning over her shorter frame with strangely worried eyes.  She’s seen the expression on him plenty of times before, but for some reason tonight it seemed different, more personal.
“You okay?” he asked quietly, his voice a little gruff.  [Name] swallowed back a wave of sudden, crippling desire that was threatening to overcome her.  She had never been this close to him, at least not in a deserted place in such a position.
A pause.  Then a shaky, “I’ll be fine.  Are you?”  The last part was added hesitantly, because she wasn’t sure what else to say and she really did want to know.  Was he okay?  She had never seen him act that way before, with that protective energy.  Just thinking about it was making her feel really warm.
It was his turn to pause.  He stared at her for a long moment that seemed to transcend into forever.  He seemed to be just as aware of the mere inches of space between them as she was.  His eyes skimmed over her mouth and for a brief moment, [Name] thought that perhaps he was going to kiss her.  But the moment passed too quickly, and McCoy started to pull away with a gruff, “Let’s take a look at that ankle.”  She nodded, trying not to show the disappointment she felt.
He kept his arm around her waist as he led her to the turbolift.  She knew it was because she’d hurt herself but something tugged at the corner of her mind, something that had everything to do with the gentle way he held her.  She’d always known that McCoy was a much softer man than he often let people believe.  Having that softness directed at her was making her feel almost weightless.
The feeling only grew worse in the turbolift.  As soon as the doors shut, a strange and almost awkward atmosphere settled over them.  It was charged, loaded with an emotion that [Name] normally might not have been able to decipher.  But tonight she could name it as easily as any other.  It was desire, plain and simple, and it wasn’t only coming from her.
She glanced over at Leonard to see him staring with a set jaw at the door.  When he noticed her looking at him, he turned his eyes to meet hers.  There was a warning in that gaze, and also an invitation.  And [Name] would be crazy not to grab a hold of it.  He seemed to be following the same thought process, because suddenly they were both leaning forward at the same time and their mouths were crashing against each other and it felt more relieving than either of them were prepared for.
“Mmm,” she moaned, a little surprised at the amount of satisfaction that she felt.  It was like a pressure was lifted away from her.  Months, years even, of pining over him were finally put to rest.  It seemed to be the same for him, these feelings, because McCoy was kissing her with so much unrestrained passion that breathing soon became optional.
He pushed her snugly into the wall and his body converged on hers, sliding one hand around her hips and the other around her face to cup her cheek.  The feeling of his fingers against her face was intimate in a way she wasn’t expecting, but it only made the moment all the sweeter.  She clutched at him, tangling her fingers through his hair and curling a leg around his shin.  Their mouths moved with such furious intensity that she had long since stopped trying to make her head stop spinning.
Leonard was a surprisingly adept kisser.  She wasn’t entirely surprised by this (he had been a married man, once), but she wasn’t ready for the passion of his kisses and the way they made her so crazy.  Her hand slipped around the back of his neck and she pulled him closer, deepening the kiss.  As if in retaliation, McCoy bit her bottom lip teasingly and slid his leg between the both of hers, pushing his thigh against her core and lifting her further up the wall so that she was half-sitting, half-standing against him.
The action was beyond sexy, for the both of them.  For him, because he could feel the heat of her core scorching right through his dress trousers and it was easily making him react similarly.  For her, because the pressure on such an intimate part of her was blindingly poignant and she hadn’t expected the bold move from such a seemingly unromantic man.  She couldn’t help the little breathless whine from leaving her throat, and he couldn’t help the lustful way his cock hardened because of it.  It was an inevitable turn of events that neither of them would stop, because if they both weren’t so damned stubborn they would have given into these urges long ago and they both knew it.
[Name] shifted her hips against his leg and let out a long, hard breath at the way her entire body erupted in numbing shivers of arousal.  As she shook into him, Leonard doubted that he’d ever seen anything so erotic in his entire life.  His mouth hurried to kiss down her jaw and neck while his hands moved, suddenly intent on bringing more pleasure to her.  He needed to see what other reactions she had in store for him.
She gasped when he laid his hand against her covered breast and squeezed.  Gasped again when his lips began to suck at the hollow between her neck and shoulder.  And because she suddenly wasn’t so sure that she’d be able to wait much longer for him, [Name] moaned a desperate, “Maybe we should…stop the lift…”  The suggestion had Leonard pulling back to look down at her, his eyes dark and blown with desire, his expression brooding as he thought over her words.  She could see that he was tempted from the way his eyes flashed.
But after a moment, he shook his head and leaned in to press his mouth against her cheekbone in a barely-there kiss.  “No…I’ve waited too long for this.  We’re going to do it properly.”  His lips moved to hers and the next kiss he gave her was surprisingly slow and heady, and it spun within her like a drug.  The fast desire was replaced with a sluggish sort of passion and the idea that she had unlimited time to explore it. 
Still, she couldn’t lose herself completely.  His words had struck out at her and she intended to learn more.  Against his mouth [Name] murmured a curious, low, “How long have wanted me?”  Surely it wasn’t as long as she had wanted him.  But to her surprise Leonard gave her a smirking kiss and told her honestly, “From day one.”  He ran his hands up her body and watched her take in his admission.
Surprise coated her eyes.  She stared up at him and he stared down at her, and he studied the way that surprise soon turned into something else.  Something headier.  Something that made his body blossom with breathless want.  She would have time to ponder his words at a later time.  For now, all [Name] could do was lean in and kiss him with all the lust she could gather.  The sensual way Leonard immediately reacted had her drowning against him.  She had a powerful feeling that it wouldn’t be the last time, not if his proclamation or his hungry kisses had anything to say on the matter.
Apparently, doing it ‘properly’ had startling connotations.  Several seconds later when the turbolift shifted smoothly open, Leonard pulled away, grabbed [Name]’s hand, and tugged her into the hallway with an almost cheeky smirk.  She stared up at him with a raised eyebrow and allowed him to pull her into the hospital wing. 
The wing seemed entirely empty.  Most everyone were at the party, save a handful of nurses and doctors who had stayed behind for emergencies sake.  (Someone had to do it, and McCoy was suddenly very happy indeed that he wasn’t one of them, though it was all he’d wanted a few scant hours ago.) 
In any case, [Name] was feeling rather surprised that he was still clutching her hand, because the looks they were receiving from the few people who saw them normally would have had him chomping at the bit to put them in their places.  She could only guess that Leonard had too much on his mind to bother dealing with them, because when they (finally) reached his office several hallways away, he all but threw her against the door the moment it slid shut.
A breathless laugh sounded from her lips, which he proceeded to kiss as if the very galaxy around them was collapsing.  She curled her arms around his neck and returned his feverish kisses with her own.  And that was when she decided that – they were alone, had plenty of privacy, he was still acting far too gentlemanlike – she had better just deal with his clothes already.  God only knew how much she wanted to.
[Name] wasn’t good at denying herself anything, but her professed selfishness rose to new levels wherever Leonard McCoy was concerned.  So it was hardly any surprise to her that she was so eager to see him naked.  It was, however, slightly surprising for him.
He caught her wrists with an almost dry expression, but she could see that surprise coating his gaze as he blinked down at her.  She could hear it in his voice, too, when he slowly drawled, “Woah there, darling, what’s the hurry?”  Something in his question, though, left her wondering if he was really that surprised at her eagerness.  Something that said how much he liked to see it, and how much he could relate to it himself.
She wrestled out of his grip with a lilted smile and cheeky eyes.  Her fingers proceeded to return to their previous quest, which was to rush him out of his dress shirt.  The buttons came away quickly and as she pushed the fabric off his shoulders (broad, kissable shoulders) [Name] told him in a low, rather provocative voice, “It was day one for me, too.”  The sudden admission left him gaping down at her.  This time his surprise was fully genuine and very real.
It was so real that he hardly responded when her fingers drifted over his chest, exploring the contours of lean muscle and flushed skin.  It took him several extra seconds to process her words, and by then [Name] was leaning forward to kiss his jaw, neck, collar, shoulders.  He chuckled and drew her closer, burying his hands into the fabric of her gown and whispering hotly over her ear, “We’ve wasted a lot of time, being apart when we could’ve been together.”  Oh God, and she knew it.
Her fingers drifted down to his trousers and her eyes drifted up to his.  Something in that exchanged gaze had them both shivering and careening forwards in a sudden flurry of motion.  Just before their mouths met, [Name] murmured, “We can start making it all up now.”  All that lost time spent longing pointlessly when they could’ve taken the shortcut of a lifetime. 
Leonard hummed in response, too distracted to voice anything more.  Because at that moment [Name] was tugging at his trousers and they were dropping to the floor, and her fingers were brushing over his cock and making him breathless and absolutely crazy.
He had known arousal before, had experienced and pursued it many times.  But tonight it felt altered somehow, transformed into something different, a higher level of what he was used to.  He knew perfectly well what the reason was: it was because tonight, he wasn’t experiencing and pursuing this with just anyone.  It was [Name], and that made all the difference in the world.
His hands shifted up her back, following every curve of her form until he reached the zipper that held her dress up.  He made quick work of it.  Leonard was all for slow romance and taking his time, but he felt impatient tonight.  Perhaps it was because of the years spent haplessly pining for her, thinking she was out of reach when in reality she was only waiting for him to come to his senses.  In any case, [Name] seemed relieved when the dress finally tumbled away, and she shivered earnestly as she felt his eyes dip over her skin.
“Come here, darlin’,” he murmured, falling into the cadence of his Southern roots.  It couldn’t be helped, not with all this passion threatening to make his crazy.  And besides, [Name] didn’t exactly have a problem listening to that accent, the way it made his voice like honey and whiskey and all manners of other warm, shiver-inducing things.
She bit her lip as he pulled her toward his bed, which beckoned them on as if enchanted.  “I love it when you call me that,” she whispered when he dragged her closer.  Her words made his eyes flash.  He liked the sound of them, the confession they bared.  But what he liked even more was the way [Name] slid onto the bed, wrapped her legs around his, and pulled him to the edge of the mattress.  He gave a husky chuckle and leaned down to kiss her, tipping her head back first, then the rest of her body next.  He lowered her down slowly, too preoccupied with the kiss to allow himself to hurry.  When he had settled himself atop her, Leonard pulled away and began to kiss down her neck.  The fire that shot through her body from those kisses both surprised and invigorated her, a feeling that he also happened to know quite well at this point.
She took him eagerly against her core, shifting her hips without thought.  She only knew that she needed him to touch her, rub friction against her, otherwise she would die.  Her actions might’ve embarrassed her, the way she was so shamelessly moving, but the passion had dulled down her nerves and forged them into something else entirely.  She had never felt so alive.
Leonard moaned against her mouth, then drew back with a ragged breath.  “You keep that up and this’ll be over before it even starts.”  The warning made her raise her eyebrows, surprised because of the extent of his passion, and that he was so close to submitting to it even in his half naked state.  He caught the look in her eye and chuckled, “You’re a lot more than I expected, darling.”
He turned his attention to his trousers, but [Name] batted his fingers away and replaced them with her own.  Their eyes locked and she gave him a cheeky smile.  “Is that a good thing?” she wondered idly, but Leonard caught the slight confusion in her tone.  He smiled and helped her shift his trousers away while he muttered, “Oh yes, definitely.”  And she blushed, just a little, because as she glanced down at his length, she decided that maybe he was a bit more than she expected, too. 
He kissed her cheek almost chastely, feeling the heat of that blush linger on his lips.  And then he drew his mouth down, down to kiss her breasts, and the way she immediately surrendered had him very nearly doing the same. 
His tongue burned against her nipple, laying flat against it before twisting to trace the edges.  She was utterly entranced by the touch.  Her entire body seemed to almost flare to life, and she wriggled beneath him in earnest.  The movement of those hips sent shivers roaring through him.  He was all too happy to return the favor, and when his fingers splayed over her stomach and dipped down, [Name]’s eyes flew open in anticipation. 
She stared at him with heady, eager eyes, but nothing could prepare her for the feeling of his fingers dipping against her core.  The rhythmic way he stroked her had her easily falling closer to what seemed like a shattering orgasm, but before she could truly enjoy said fall, Leonard chuckled and pulled away, and she was left cold and aching beneath him.
“Leonard…” she complained, her voice partly whining, but mostly darkly amused.  She wouldn’t have thought he’d be the teasing type.  He was too brusque, too rough around the edges.  But she liked that he was unexpected.  It was exciting, and she rather enjoyed the lingering spark in his eye and the dimpled smile he sent her.
Abruptly, he leaned down to kiss her.  It was a sudden, I-want-you-now kind of kiss, and filled with all sorts of indecipherable emotions that had [Name]’s spine curling up.  Leonard slipped his hands around her back and tugged her closer, pressing their lower bodies together.  And against the kiss he murmured, “…Ready?”
[Name] found herself smiling before she could really stop herself, and Leonard pulled back just a little to watch it curl over her lips.  He was ever the gentleman, even when she was obviously more than ready and just waiting for his initiative.  She told him as much, and he chuckled.  They shared a simple moment of laughter before he suddenly ended it with a rocking tilt of his hips as he edged closer.  And that was when their laughter halted and was replaced by the blistering and impatient heat of desire.
He slipped into her gently, being careful not to crush her as he shifted his weight and settled against her lower body.  When he was fully inside her, they both let out soft sighs that sounded like relief.  Perhaps it was.  They’d been pining for each other for long enough to warrant it, at least.
His hips shifted faster, and soon Leonard was pinning her right down against the mattress.  She didn’t seem to have a problem with his rough handling of her.  In fact, [Name] appeared to revel in it.  She was a breathless, gasping mess beneath him and he loved the sight of her.
She wasn’t prepared for the intensity of their coupling.  Perhaps she should have been, perhaps it was silly of her not to be, but she had not known tonight would turn out the way it had.  The surprise had long since faded to eager delight, which had turned steadily darker with each passing second.  She wondered if it was the same for him, and figured it probably was.  He certainly looked like he was struggling as much as her.
Leonard’s eyes were blown and ferocious as he stared down at her.  Helpless, too, as if he was trying very hard to hold off his finish.  It would have been endearing had she the mind to process such an emotion at that moment.  [Name] tucked her fingers around his head and lowered his mouth to hers, and Leonard let out a pleased little moan that made her body spark, a fire jolting through her veins and making her back arch up.
“Leonard…” she murmured, though she hardly realized she’d said his name at all.  The only thing she could focus on was the reaction of her own body as she tumbled toward ecstasy.  It came hurtling closer and closer with every moment, every thrust, every grunt of passion and shift of the mattress.  And before she knew what was happening, she was crying out his name once more and Leonard was moaning and following her directly, having been waiting for this very moment.
Their bodies were a sweaty, gasping mess and Leonard chuckled, eyes still closed from their intense end.  [Name] sunk down into the pillows, feeling as if she was melting right into them.  He went soon after, rolling off of her and dragging her into his side.  Then, kissing her with an exuberance that hardly fit the exhausted relief of the rest of him, Leonard murmured, “Remind me to punch Jim tomorrow.”
She was silent for only a moment before bursting into laughter.  Leonard raised his eyebrows at her and she snuggled closer, running her fingers through his hair indulgently.  With a chuckle she told him, “He was only trying to get you to dance with me.  Make you jealous, you know?”
Leonard huffed and rolled his eyes, tucking his chin over her head so that she couldn’t see his expression.  She didn’t particularly need to, though: she could imagine what he looked like pretty well already and couldn’t stop shaking from the laughter.
“Humph.  He didn’t need to go so far.  I was already burning with jealousy.”  The admission was uttered with half serious, half amused intend, and [Name] pulled back so that she could look up at him.  Her eyes were warm and smiling when she leaned in to kiss him.  Her silent reassurance had him sinking closer and pulling her higher against his chest.  Somehow, he had a feeling that the night was far from over.



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