Friday, January 23, 2015

A Steve Rogers Lemon -- Nine Clouds Up

Character: Steve Rodgers

Fandom: Captain America

OC: Raven Clarke, petit, easy-going, smart, enjoys getting her own way~

Inspiration: Spiked eggnog and Santa Bebe ;3  Oh God what’s wrong with me 

Steve’s apartment isn’t anything too impressive, but decked out in all its Christmas charm Raven Clarke think it’s the loveliest place she’s ever been.  And the man himself, sprawled comfortably on the couch, only makes everything that much better.
She saunters out of his kitchen to hand him the glass of eggnog he’d wanted refilled.  It’s a specialty of hers, this eggnog, and Steve hasn’t had anything quite like it in years.  Decades in fact.  So when she’d offered to stop by with some of course he couldn’t say no.  He wouldn’t have anyway: being around her happens to make him feel like he’s on cloud nine.
“Mm,” he hums when he takes another sip.  The compliment is right there in his voice, right there in the way he smiles up at her.  But there’s another compliment in those eyes of his as he turns them toward her and that lovely sheath of fabric she’s been calling a dress, which is wrapped around her just tight enough to make him constantly notice.  She smiles back, well aware.  And he knows she’s aware and it only makes him chuckle and say, “Come here.”
His voice is all low and lovely and she immediately responds to it, all too happy to snuggle up to his side.  She does exactly that.  Steve hands her his glass and she takes a little sip of it.  The delicious warm burn of alcohol makes her smile lazily and hand it back.  Her lazy smile only widens when Steve’s hand curls around her petit form and starts to play idly with her hair.
The television flickers in front of them: reruns of Christmas shows she’s seen a million times but he has not.  Of course she’s insisted they put them on.  Since this year the holidays don’t involve Steve running around saving the world, Raven’s insisted on introducing him to everything he’s missed.  Then suddenly a commercial catches the screen and a sultry female voice is singing ‘Santa Baby’ and Raven starts humming along because she happens to love this song.
Steve laughs and muses, “They still sing this?  I haven’t heard it since Marilyn Monroe.”  And Raven laughs because she shouldn’t be surprised but is, and is also a little (tiny bit) jealous that Steve was around when Marilyn Monroe was.  She doesn’t address the last bit, though she does ask, “Do you not like this song?”  Because something in his voice makes her think that maybe he doesn’t.
She’s right, and it surprises her even more because how could anyone not love this song?  When she asks, though, her lover only shrugs and glances down at her with those bright blue eyes of his.  “It’s just such a…materialistic song.  It’s all about what she wants.  It has nothing to do with the actual holiday, just some selfish woman’s wish list.”  She gapes at him in mock horror, and he chuckles at her expression.
“Okay,” she concedes, cause he does have a point she supposes, though she still thinks he’s crazy.  “But just listen to that voice.  Isn’t that sexy?  Sexy Christmas songs are the best, you know.”  So true.  Everybody loves sexy Christmas songs.  Even kids.
Steve just crinkles his nose up and mutters, “It’s Christmas, not Valentine’s Day.  There’s no need for…that.” 
She’s guessing that he’s referring to sex and she raises her eyebrows at him.  It takes her only seconds to grab his eggnog mug, put it on the little table next to the couch, and roll over to straddle his hips.  He’s surprised at the move: his eyes widen just slightly as he looks up at her.  He’s confused, too, but not for very long.
“Steve,” she murmurs in an almost arousing voice, all low and promising.  And even though he’s not exactly prepared for it, his body betrays him and he shivers at the tone of it.  He watches her warily as her hands spread over his chest, unbuttoning the top few buttons of his dress shirt and thumbing briefly over the revealed skin near his throat.  “There’s always a need for sex.  It’s what makes the world go round.”
Yes, she’s fairly aware of the almost silly way she says it, like she’s actually teaching a sex-ed class instead of speaking to her boyfriend-lover-whatever-the-hell-he-is.  She’s also aware that it sounds slightly condescending and that she hadn’t meant for that.  But what she’s most aware of is the way Steve’s lips curl up very slightly at the edges and his hands reach up to touch her, to spread over her thighs.
“Oh?” he wonders.  Even though he’s been frozen for a number of decades he hasn’t lost sight of what a come-on looks like.  In fact he’s only recently realized what a come-on actually looks like because back in the 40s he had always been too skinny and short for girls to notice him, and after that changed he’d been too busy to care.  In any case, he’s well aware and even relieved when he sees the passion in her eyes, because he’s been feeling something similar ever since she arrived nearly two hours ago with the eggnog and that dress.
She laughs, seeing the look in his eyes and leaning forward as if to kiss him.  She does, but not on the mouth like he obviously expects.  Rather, her kiss gently brushes over his cheek and then drops to the very edge of his lips.  After only moments Raven just decides to forgo this particular manner of teasing because kissing him properly is a luxury she decides she needs.  Steve lets out a little, pleased sigh and then mutters lowly, “Hang on, let me turn off my phone.” 
She frowns a little and draws back, watching him tug his cell phone out of his back pocket.  It’s a smart phone, one of the nicest she’s ever seen because he’s Captain America and deserves it of course.  But the funny part is that he still has trouble working it even though he’s been in the twenty-first century for several years.  And so after a moment when he mumbles something about technology, Raven laughs and puts him out of his misery. 
She takes the phone and turns it off in a matter of seconds, then tosses it haphazardly on the other side of the couch before turning back to him.  He’s looking at her with a raised eyebrow, but there’s an amused smile in those eyes of his and she giggles.  “No interruptions?” she asks, and he nods firmly, then reaches for the remote control and switches the television off.  “Absolutely none,” he tells her, “Even if the entire city of New York suddenly falls prey to some demonic overlord, I am not leaving this apartment.”  Because that dress.
She laughs at that but understands the sentiment perfectly.  And when she leans down to press a deep kiss to his lips, Steve draws her closer and tightly holds her against him.  She sinks into his body and the kiss turns almost heady, like they’ve been waiting for it for ages now.  Well, Steve has anyway.  And she’s not about to deny her attraction to the blonde haired superhero.  She’s never been able to anyhow.
Her fingers slip into his blonde hair and she tugs his head back, dragging a kiss full of heady tongue and teeth down his neck.  He groans then sighs, as if being underneath her like this is perhaps the most beautiful thing he’s ever experienced.  But at the same time they both know that it’s nowhere near as lovely as it’s about to get, and that’s why Steve isn’t surprised when his body falls prey to a particularly dizzying shiver.
It starts through his body like a shock of electricity and spins right out of control, and it’s so maddeningly perfect that Steve turns breathless with want.  His large hands slip around her rear, encompassing her because she’s just that small compared to him, and he drags her down over his core.  Raven lets out a callous moan that burns roughly over the skin of his neck, and she shifts her hips to accommodate him.  The resulting clash of friction is enough to make his head spin. 
She can feel him grow harder from her move.  How could she not?  His cock is straining against his trousers and seems to almost melt right through the fabric of them.  It feels so hot and so hard, and she knows that the size of him will inspire a subtle sort of insanity within her.  He’s very impressive to look at, not that it’s all that surprising since he’s Captain America and every part of him is impressive.
Still, she’s getting impatient, and the thought of how hard he’s become (and in such a small amount of time) influences her next move.  She slips away from him, gently extricating herself from his hands and sliding to the ground between his knees.  He’s not stupid, he knows what she’s up to, but some part of Steve still stiffens because yeah, this particular trick has been practiced for centuries and it’s no big deal, but in his time it was something only wives or prostitutes did.  She is neither.  And so he leans forward and threads his fingers through her hair, drawing her eyes up to his.  He peers down at her seriously and murmurs, “Raven, you really don’t have to – “
“Shh,” she interrupts, smiling wickedly, “I want to do this for you.”  She darts forward to peck a kiss against his mouth as her fingers trail down to unzip his trousers.  The next moment is filled with stimulating shivers that bury down deeply within him.  The feeling of her hands around his length has Steve sinking forward, fingers still clutching her hair, body bent over her form.  And when her mouth finally eases around him, he lets out the most delicious, sinful moan Raven has ever heard.
“Mmm…” he lets out a throaty chuckle and curves his fingers around the back of her neck.  “Feels really good…” he whispers into her hair.  His touch dances down her back.  His hand splays over the taut skin between her shoulder blades and edges around the back of her dress.  Her rear looks amazing in that gown, especially now that she’s bending over, kneeling between his legs.  He feels her playfully squeeze his thigh in response to his words, and sucks harder.  It is so incredible that he can hardly breathe.
He’s never had a woman do this for him.  Before he became Captain America, women overlooked him in favor of bigger, more muscular men.  And afterwards, when he fit into that category, he was too busy with the war efforts to pay much mind to the female population.  When he did pay them any mind, his gentlemanlike demeanor hadn’t allowed them to do this for him.  It had embarrassed him.  But for some reason, he’s not embarrassed now.  He’s not embarrassed at all, only crazy with desire.
He breathes out and moans again, very softly into her hair.  Raven thinks it’s the loveliest sound she’s ever heard and sucks harder, just to hear more.  He’s so big that it’s hard to get much of him in her mouth at once, and so after a while she pulls away to pay more attention to his base.  The way her tongue dances over his hard flesh has Steve groaning, clutching her harder.  And she isn’t even close to being finished with him.  Soon, she’s pushing his cock to the side and leaning in to lick at his balls, sucking very lightly over the very sensitive flesh.  His reaction is worth the trouble.
He’s caught between a mix of horror and confusion, at her audacity, and utter bliss.  It isn’t surprising which emotion he gives into.  The surprised choke that spills from his lips morphs into a long, drawn out moan that tells her exactly how much he likes the attention.  And when she starts to pump his member at the same time, Steve has to bit the inside of his cheek to stop yet another moan from coming into existence.  He’s only able to muffle a part of it though, and the rest tumbles from his throat before he can successfully hold it in.
“Raven…” he breathlessly says, his voice hoarse and grainy, like textured leather.  The tone of it is an obvious warning, which she wonders if she should heed.  She quite likes the idea of bringing him to his finish like this, after all.  The sight of him, hovering above her, his eyes a quilted mess of emotion and desperation, has her humming in appreciation.  The vibration of her hum travels over him and he whispers her name again, this time more adamantly.  He is going to come if she doesn’t stop.  It’s inevitable.  And yet…
She doubts he’s ever come from this alone.  From his reaction earlier, Steve seems to be fairly new at oral sex.  So why not give him a royal welcome into this aspect of intimacy?  Why not show him exactly how good it feels to climax from only the touch of another’s mouth?
She doesn’t stop and doesn’t intend to.  Instead, she draws her mouth back to his cock and devours him once more, this time with quick, long strokes.  Steve stares at her in amazement, eyes wide as he watches his flesh disappear and reappear.  It is a level of erotica he has not expected.  He doesn’t know what to do with himself.  All he can do is sit back and watch the hollowed way she sucks at him, taking him hard and fast.  Then suddenly Raven pulls back, takes only his tip into her mouth, and sucks.  And that about does it.
“Oh my God,” he mutters, head falling back.  But he can’t look away from her, can’t bear closing his eyes against the perfect image she makes.  His hips buck up as his orgasm reaches its peak, then surges almost painfully through him.  He’s vaguely aware that he’s gasping her name but can’t bring himself to stop, or care, or even wonder at the stark differences of this orgasm compared to all the others.  No, he can only focus on her.  The way her eyes peer up at him, watching him come.  The way she sucks all the more furiously as he does, dragging the electricity out as it burns over him.
He moans and stop shifting, but she still doesn’t stop sucking at him until he’s nothing more than a melted mass of emotions on the couch.  Only then does Raven pull away, give him a cheeky smirk, and stand up.  He’s only half aware of the way she unzips her dress and steps out of it.  Only half aware of the way she kicks her heels off and finishes undressing.  When she’s bare she curls herself against his side, somewhat amused at the bleary way he blinks at her.
“I told you to stop…” he mumbles, wrapping his arms tight around her naked form.  He’s still wearing most of clothes and so it feels rather wonderful leaning against the stark fabric.  Raven chuckles and cups her hand over his cheek, bringing his mouth to hers.  The kiss she gives him is lingering and deep, and through it Steve finds no small amount of lust.  Reality slowly trickles back to him and he smiles, rests his forehead against hers, and lays a hand over her bare hip.  He drags her leg over his and slides his fingers over her rear, listening to her moan appreciatively.
“You didn’t say that,” she told him, tongue in cheek.  He gives her a faux stern look that she only laughs at, because there’s no way he can successfully pull it off at the moment.  Not when his expression is already so relieved and satisfied and (dare she think it) aroused.
“You didn’t exactly give me the chance to say anything,” he dryly comments, and then suddenly she’s being shifted and finds herself lying back on the couch.  He settles over her.  The couch isn’t very large so they’re pretty much flushed up against each other, not that this is any cause for complaint.  She merely raises an eyebrow at him and curls her arms around his broad shoulders, wondering what he’ll do next.  When he starts kissing down her neck, she’s got a fairly good idea.
“You didn’t seem to have a problem with it,” she laughed, his fingers deliberately tickling over her stomach.  But the lust mingled in with the touch leaves her breathless, and the way Steve flashes her that grin (that sexy I’m-such-a-charming-war-hero smile) has her shaking down into the pillows and never wanting to get up again.
It’s a good thing that she doesn’t have to.  Steve keeps her there for a good while longer than she’d expected, and that couch would very soon have purposes other than simply sitting.  Well, she wouldn’t have it any other way.



  1. Awesome!! Would love too see a second part to this. Great Job!!

  2. You really need to make a Tony Stark one. Please please please! I'm begging you

    1. Done :3

    2. I meant another one XD I'm sorry, I should've been more specific.