Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Japan Lemon -- Oh! Velveteen

Character: Japan

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration:  Here ya go :3

Kiku didn’t initiate things, at least not as often as you did.  And that was probably why you were so surprised when he decided to do so tonight.  Not that you were complaining of course.  Nope: not when he was sitting at the edge of the tub, leaning over it to address your apparently very tense shoulders.  You doubted they were all that tense and had a feeling he was just looking for an excuse to touch you while you bathed.  Not that you were complaining about that, either.
“Mmmm…” you sighed, leaning back and blinking up at him.  He gave you one of his gentle smiles, but you swore there was more to it than simple relaxation.  No when your breasts were poking out of the bubbles as you rested your head in his lap.  If there was one thing you loved about this tub, it was the fact that it was shallow enough to do this.  Not that this happened very often, unfortunately.
“Kiku…” you whispered, reaching up to grasp his hands.  He paused in his ministrations, his eyes flickering very quickly over your body.  You watched him swallow as you led his hands down to cup your breasts, squeezing his fingers around the soft skin and moaning breathlessly when he took further control.  He sighed out and massaged your breasts, palming the taut nipples and then twisting them gently between his fingers.  The gentle, rhythmic pound of arousal drifted through your body and made you wonder if it was perhaps the same for him.  It was.
There was nothing quite like touching you when you were immersed in bubbles that turned your skin to silk.  Nothing that made him as excited as having you obviously want him to touch you more, and being so effected from it.  He’d already grown hard just from massaging your shoulders and the knowledge of your bare form so close to him.  And that was what ultimately spurred him on as he leaned down to press his mouth against your neck.  His hands drifted down your stomach, spun around your navel, and then dipped against your pounding core.  It was absolute heaven.
“You’ll get your clothes wet,” you murmured, reaching up to tangle a wet hand into his hair and bring him down for a proper kiss.  He sank against your lips with a soft moan, eyes fluttering shut and making you breathless from the needy emotions behind his touch.  At the same time he slowly eased a finger inside you, twisting it gently against your inner walls and brushing his thumb over your clit.  The action stole both common sense and coherency.
“’S okay,” he muttered after the kiss had dissolved.  And it was.  Wet clothes were the last of his worries.  The primary one being the rather prominent erection that was currently taking up most of his trousers.  You blinked up at him.  Then sat up and turned to view him fully, somehow not entirely surprised at the sight of those bulging trousers or the way he stiffened at the sudden attention.  You raised an eyebrow at him and he blushed.
“[Name], I – “
“You should stop pleasuring me and let me do something for you, Kiku,” you interrupted, leaning forward and splaying your wet hands against his thighs.  You softly began to rub him through his trousers, gently skimming your nails over his clothed cock and watching with catty eyes as he dissolved into shivers.  The chair he was sitting on would be adequate enough, but you’d have to get out of the tub to deal with his problem properly.  After a moment you did just that, deciding that you’d much prefer the sight of him over the warmth of the water.
He swallowed as you stood, watching lustfully as the bubbly water cascaded down your body, curling around your breasts and legs.  And when you came to kneel before him, getting comfortable between his legs, he thought the sight of you was astoundingly erotic.  Your wet, nude form, bare breasts pressing against his knees, fingers deftly pulling at the zipper of his pants and freeing his member…
It was hot, hard, and impressive.  The sight of him always made you eager in ways you couldn’t describe, but you didn’t fight the feeling and merely smiled up at him.  The almost innocent way your eyes flickered made him bite his lip to hold back a moan.  You really knew what made him crazy: innocence twisted with dark passion, barely seen but clearly felt.
He wasn’t prepared for the way your mouth immediately descended on him.  Wasn’t ready for the sudden roughness that schooled your every movement.  Especially couldn’t anticipate the way your cheeks hollowed out as you sucked him for everything he was worth. 
“[Name]!” he gasped, hips jerking a little at the upheaval of his senses.  Delicious numbness spread through him now, spearing him rather ostentatiously through his every nerve.  His body was shot with a kind of delirium that he couldn’t hope to remove himself from: could only fall deeper and deeper through the shades of passion you inflicted upon him.  That little tongue of yours certainly knew how to make him utterly insane.
Your fingers, too.  Reaching below him, you gently squeezed the parts of him your mouth couldn’t get to.  And then, as if despairing at the thought of not being able to taste all of him, you released him from your mouth, tilted his cock back, and licked a generous path from his base to his tip.  His reaction was expected but still invigorated you: the shattered sound of his breathless moans making you pound.  You licked him again in much the same way and then pushed his member to the side, nibbling gently up the length of him, kissing that hot, hard skin and taking your time doing so.  And then, before he could prepare himself (not that he would’ve been able to anyhow), you leaned forward and pressed your tongue to his balls, softly sucking on the usually overlooked but no less sensitive anatomy.  It made him absolutely crazy.
くそ!” [1] he cried, eyes fluttering open and cheeks burning.  Swearing wasn’t usual for him.  But the sound of him doing it now, his voice creased as it was with velveteen desire, had you moaning as well.  He seemed almost embarrassed at the uncharacteristic word, but you squeezed his leg reassuringly and, after a moment, felt his hand come down to lock with yours. 
You moved back to take him into your mouth once more, but he suddenly intercepted you, pulling your head back and rushing down to press his mouth against yours.  His lips were heady, needy, and passionate.  His kiss left you reeling, forgetting that you were supposed to be pleasuring him as you flung your arms around his neck and pushed your naked breasts against his clothed form.
“I was about to come,” he muttered, still kissing you but slower now, slow enough to speak.  He frowned and whispered, “But I want to pleasure you first.”  The admission was lovely, and made you shatter into excited shivers.  You tunneled your fingers into his hair and kissed him again, sinking into his body briefly before standing and prompting him to follow.
“Should we continue this somewhere else then?” you asked, quirking a smile.  He returned it, albeit slowly, and stepped forward.  His hands slid around your waist and he pulled you back in for another kiss, which had the startling potential to force stars into your vision. 
“…In a moment,” he muttered, eyes still sparkling, and tipped your head back.  Apparently a ‘moment’ meant something more along the lines of several ‘minutes’.  Oh well, kissing him happened to be one of your favorite pastimes anyway.


[1] くそ! … Fuck!


  1. So beautiful! It was so sensual, so romantic :) I absolutely loved it! Thank you for writing it ^-^

  2. This is amazing u should make more Japan ones

  3. I loved this. It was sexy. Well, all your lemons are sexy. I'll be leaving myself as 'anonymous' but I'll put a nickname at the bottom. Make another one please~

    ~The Little Kuundere

  4. Mmmmm. I'm way too young for this. Oh wait...I don't care!


  5. There's something wrong with me... I've read all of these, and I have absolutely no shame. Maybe I should...

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