Friday, February 20, 2015

A Sousuke Yamazaki Lemon -- Deluge

Character: Sousuke Yamazaki

Fandom: Iwatobi Swim Club

OC: Yori, aggressively nurturing, 5’2, long brown hair, brown eyes

Inspiration: Hmm, not so sure about this one.  I hope it isn’t too bad!  Let me know what you think if you feel like leaving a comment

It was evening, the sun just starting its decline into darkness, when Yori entered the locker rooms in search of a certain someone.  The scent of chlorine stifled the air and comforted her as she searched.  Though competitive swimming was unattainable for Sousuke after his injury, he still came to the pool often, mostly to act as teacher to Nitori, who was in need of extra practice. 
“Sousuke!” she called softly, for her voice echoed quite clearly through the hallways.  There was no one around, and she wondered if perhaps Sousuke had left as well, for Nitori was gone.  Still, she peered inside the men’s locker room warily, and was about to head back toward the main room when she heard the faint sound of a shower.  Making up her mind, Yori stepped back inside and headed for it.
“Sousuke?” she asked, and sure enough a moment later, his head peered out of the shower curtain and he stared at her with his usual blank stare.  She smiled at the sight of his dripping hair and said, “There you are!  Did Nitori leave already?”  It was a rather useless question: she knew Nitori had gone.  She was unsurprised when Sousuke nodded and said, “He left half an hour ago.”  Then he leaned against the tiled wall, crossed his arms, and just looked at her.  His eyes twinkled but he remained silent, and Yori raised an eyebrow.
“Come join me,” he invited, shifting the curtain back a little and showing off the proud, hard expanse of his muscled chest.  Water droplets clung to his skin.  His voice was so unabashed that Yori blushed, unused to being propositioned to in such a straight forward way.  He stared at her reddening cheeks with a tiny twisted smirk that made him look rather wicked, and she huffed.
“It’s a public locker room, Sousuke – “
“Yori.  It’s nine o’clock.  I doubt anyone’s planning to go for a late night swim.”  The words were logical but she still hesitated, floundering with the desire to acquiesce and with the fear of getting caught in such an embarrassing situation.  Besides, she could think of several guys who’d go for a late night swim.  The thought didn’t quell her fears.
Sousuke could tell he wouldn’t be getting anywhere.  Perhaps that was why he sighed almost lazily, reached out, and grabbed her wrist.  A moment later Yori was being pulled rather forcefully into the shower, clothes and all.  And Sousuke just smiled that almost blank smile, his eyes glittering with barely-there mirth as she exclaimed, “Sousuke!  You – “  Her words faltered because that was when she got a pretty good look at him and his very nude body.  She blushed and stuttered, “You’re naked.”  He smirked.
“Yes.  I’m showering after all,” he said dryly, then flicked his gaze over she own body, enjoying the way her soaked clothes had started clinging to her form.  She rolled her eyes but couldn’t deny that the situation was highly appealing.  It had been quite a while since they’d been together and seeing him like this was quickly wearing on her nerves, and her self control.
He tilted his head and reached for her, hands dragging her flush against his naked form.  Yori blushed when she felt his member press against her leg, and blushed even more when his hands began to slip beneath her shirt and raise it off her body.  His voice was soft when he murmured, “Since you’re showering too, I think you should take these off.  Don’t you agree?” 
“Mmm…” she might as well not fight it.  Yori hardly wanted to anyhow.  The fight had left her the moment she’d seen his gloriously bare body, and he was probably right: it was too late for people to possibly come for a swim.  They had the whole locker room to themselves to do as they pleased.  So she let him peel the layers of her clothes off one by one, dropping them just outside the curtain.  And then, when she was as bare as him, Sousuke pushed her gently against the wall and right beneath the spray of the water, drenching her in soft droplets that danced down her skin, between her breasts, over her naval. 
He knelt before her and licked at that water, dragging his tongue over her skin and burning fire through her veins.  His fingers, long and calloused, traced circles over her thigh.  And then he glanced up at her, smirked, and said, “Spread your legs.  It’s been ages since I’ve tasted you.”  Yori really thought her face was going to burn away, her blush was that hot.
She did as he asked, though not without a muttered, “Don’t be so crass.”  But her complaint died the moment he threw her leg over his shoulder and leaned forward to drag his tongue over the seam of her clit.  The trembling way she shook had him grunting, his member hardening from her reaction.  He reached down to pump himself through his fingers as he sucked at her.  When she saw him doing this, she sighed through a desperate crush of desire, which hit her firmly in the chest, and moaned.
“We shouldn’t do this here,” she whispered, but even as she said it Yori knew she didn’t care.  They were just words, an empty husk of syllables that offered no real argument.  Sousuke knew this too.  He chuckled and the vibrations sent her head spinning, her hips arching as a whimpered ragged moan was plucked from her throat.  And that was when she just decided that she didn’t care, she’d let him do whatever he wanted as long as the pleasure could be hers as well.  And it quite clearly would be, if he kept this up.
“Mmm…Sousuke…I want to touch you, too,” she moaned, hands threading into his hair.  He paused, shoulders stiffening from the pleasure of that moan, the way it made him want to crush her against him and fuck her hard.  He’d never done it standing up but perhaps he’d have to rectify that.  Because he doubted he’d be able to wait until they got back to his dormroom, granted that Rin was gone.  They rarely had the privacy to invest in such delightful undertakings, and had to take advantage of it when they did.  Which was why Sousuke hummed and leaned back, lips bruised from kissing and nibbling and sucking, and he murmured, “Go on then.  I’m already pretty hard.”
He really was.  His member stood ready between his legs, proud and stiff and hot.  He leaned back against the wall of the shower and Yori followed him down, water cascading over their bodies in the tiny little square cubicle.  And yet it was large enough to straddle him and grasp his cock, stroking it with eager fingers.
He didn’t moan, didn’t cry out, hardly let any of his pleasure known.  But from the way his eyes drifted over her, sparking with a fire that she swore she felt everywhere, Yori knew his arousal was startling in its intensity.  Probably because it had been so long since she’d properly had him.  She would make it up to him tonight, that was a certainty.
She gave him a little smirk and his eyes flashed in interest, watching as she slowly shifted her hips and replaced them with her hand.  Sousuke grunted, wrapped his arms around her waist, and brushed her against his chest.  His hard length burned her, made her gasp out as she felt fire thrill through her veins.
“Sousuke,” she murmured, clutching his shoulders and rocking her hips against him.  God that felt good.  Somehow knowing that he was as aroused as she was felt amazing.  The knowledge and proof of it had her head spinning, and spinning, and spinning still.  Even after he had tilted his hips and was slowly pushing into her.
“Nnnmph!” she gasped, clenching down on his girth.  He bit his lip and held his breath, fingers digging into her hips as he let her adjust to him.  She was tight and hot, and that couple with her wet body made it very difficult for him to stay still.
“Mmm…are you ready?  Can I move?”  he buried his face against her shoulder and felt it tremble, though whether it was from passion or something else he didn’t know.  When she grasped her fingers into his hair and began to haltingly jolt her hips into his, he decided it was passion.  Definitely.
“Yes, God yes.  Move.  I want to feel you,” she whispered, and he thought he would burst from the sound of her voice alone.  Husky, low, and dripping with raw desire.  He laughed a little, breathless laugh that had everything to do with his own lost self control, and gave her a rather sinister smile.  “If you insist,” he murmured, and did as she asked.  The next moment he was surging his hips upward, melding them against hers and pushing his length as deeply into her as he could in their current position.  And in return, she sunk down as well, letting herself be filled with him.  Letting him show her how it felt to be alive and loved.
What a feeling it was.  She breathed in his breath, tumbled her fingers over his skin, kissed his shoulder and his chin and his mouth.  And Sousuke grunted, moved his lips with hers and grasped her rear with tight, delicious fingers, guiding her against him.  Her head spun so wildly that she hardly even realized she was coming moments later.  But when she did, it was such an uncontrollable feeling that she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t do anything but stare at him in wonder and crash against the brilliant shades of her passion. 
The water pelted down on them and Sousuke watched it trail over her body.  He hummed and leaned forward, still hard inside her even as she clenched deliciously around his shaft.  He nipped at her ear and growled a low, “Keep going.”  That she of course listened to, because she wanted to bring him pleasure as well, even if her own pleasure was momentarily put on hold.
She kept going.  She rushed forward, shifted her hips, felt her skin slap quietly against his.  And somehow, somewhere, Sousuke started to lose himself too.  He curled his arms around her and dragged her close to his chest, pressing her breasts against him and watching her lower body move over his.  The sight was enough to make him crazy, and he clutched her ever harder as he let himself go.
“Ah…” he shuddered, quietly drowning against her.  Yori held him and let him sink against her, head buried against her chest as he breathed hard.  “…Mmm.  Come here.”  He leaned back and she followed, their wet bodies sliding easily together as the water glistens down. 
It was a beautiful feeling, she thought, being wrapped up in his arms and the embrace of the water.  Letting the warmth of them both linger through her, washing her with brilliant beautiful memories.  And as she tilted her head to kiss his cheek, Yori decided she should come looking for him here more often. 


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