Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Xanxus Lemon -- Bruise Me Blind

Character: Xanxus

Fandom: Katekyo HItman Reborn!

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: I used a lot of swears in this.  Like a lot.  It’s actually a much more m-rated lemon than I usually write so proceed with caution.  ;3

Okay, so you did it on purpose.  It wasn’t like you happened to acquire a packet of this stuff every day.  In hindsight, you wholeheartedly blamed Doctor Shamal for having the audacity to suggest the idea in the first place.  You supposed it was also his fault for giving you the necessary…ingredients.  Well, Xanxus could complain all he liked, but he’d thank you soon enough – you hoped.
“Fuck.  Fuck this.  What the fuck did you put in my fucking wine you piece of fucking trash?”  He looked pretty furious.  That was fine.  You were okay with fury.  And that was why you smirked, crossed your arms, and proceeded to incite his wrath even more.  When you held up the (empty) packet the good Doctor had given you earlier, Xanxus paled.  He knew enough about his own body to know that there was no fucking way he’d get a rock hard boner just from sitting around all day.  And he knew enough about your manipulating little mind to know that you planned this.  The rock hard boner that is.  His anger, too.  He always knew you were a masochist.
He stiffened when your eyes drifted down to stare indulgently at the extremely impressive erection currently taking up the majority of his trousers.  The fabric was thin, expensive, and not good at hiding this sort of thing.  This thing being a painfully, surreally fucking hard cock – but let’s not get redundant.  You smirked and he glared.  Not particularly uncommon.
No, but what was uncommon was the way Xanxus was gripping the arms of his chair, his knuckles stark white against his tan coloring.  His overall posture was highly unnatural, and extremely different from his usual, slumped, eyes-half-closed-cause-I’m-fucking-napping-you-cunt demeanor.  This time he looked almost…uncomfortable.  It was really intriguing.  Hot, too.
You supposed you shouldn’t have been very surprised that he was uncomfortable.  It wasn’t as if he’d expected to get a boner in the middle of the afternoon.  And what a remarkable piece of anatomy he had.  You could quite clearly see that it was huge and quite frankly the implications of this was making you rather aroused.  Eyes dark with lust, you turned your gaze to his face.  He looked positively murderous.  Some of that savage anger leaked into his voice when he ordered, “Lock the door, trash.”
You shivered, paused, then decided that perhaps it would be better to obey him for now.  At least he didn’t intend to send you away without making you help him.  The thought of doing that had you near to collapsing in shivers right there on the floor.  But somehow you managed to make your way to the door and do as he commanded, regardless of the stifling sexual tension in your body.
“You’re going to deal with this problem.  And you know how?” he asked, voice low and husky and so so angry that you could barely breathe.  Only stare and try not to pass out for lack of oxygen.  But Holy God above you have never been so aroused by the sight of a fully clothed man.  You swore you could feel your lower body combusting into tiny little orgasms just from eyeing that massive –
“Answer the question, trash,” he growled, and surged from the chair, his height tall and imposing, his thighs huge, muscled – and the sight between them nothing short of inspiring.  You answered with a barely coherent, “How?” but it seemed to be good enough for him, because after a moment he scoffed, grabbed your shoulders, and pushed you onto your knees.  You were inches from him.  Centimeters lay between your mouth and the most impressive package you had ever seen and would ever come to know.
“First you’re going to suck me off, then you’re going to let me fuck you.”  And then he grabbed the back of your head and smashed your face against the front of his trousers and that hard arousal, growling a husky, “Unzip my fucking pants, trash.”  It must’ve been a dream come to life.
You reached up and palmed him through his pants, and when you took a little too long to actually undo his zipper, Xanxus tightened his grip of your hair and gave you a warning glare.  After that you went faster, tugging the zipper down and undoing the button with shaky fingers.  Then you slowly peeled the fabric off of his hips and watched in an entanglement of utter awe and disbelief as his member sprang free and curled upward towards his stomach.  He was fucking huge.
“Open your mouth,” he ordered.  His hand reached down to give himself a few quick strokes.  The sight made you wetter than ever.  You swore your underwear was completely ruined.  It got even worse when he grabbed your chin, tilted your head up, and shoved the tip of his cock against your lips.  If he wasn’t still clenching the back of your head with his other hand, you probably would have fainted on the spot.  Instead you just opened your mouth. 
He was iron hard and much bigger than you could have imagined.  Rough, too.  So much so that, when he decided you were going too slow for his liking, he all but shoved the rest of his member down your throat without warning.  You choked, eyes watering because while you weren’t entirely new to this deep-throat business, you were not prepared for it.  Your hands immediately flew up to grasp at the edges of his trousers, which were now splayed against his thighs.  Your nostrils flared as you tried to steady your now limited breathing.  You had a feeling your face was turning red, and not only because of the lack of oxygen. 
He rocked his hips back and shoved them forward again, making you take his entire length whole, and then repeating the motion until your throat was practically numb and your gag reflex was all but vanished.  And then when you thought for sure that he was going to come down your throat and make you swallow everything (not that you were planning on complaining of course), Xanxus abruptly pulled away.  You barely registered the way he hoisted you to your feet.  Barely even knew he was stripping you down until cold air blasted its way across your chest.
You didn’t complain about that, either.  This was what you wanted.  His anger and his desire was what made you excited.  And so even when you ripped your jeans away and began to roughly fondle your body, you could only stand there was watch him through half closed eyes. 
He scoffed, sneered, and muttered, “Che.  You shameless piece of trash.  This is what you get for taking advantage of me.”  Odd, hearing him say that, especially when his hands were roughly groping your breasts, tugging at your nipples, leering down to slip past your panties.  Oh God, those fingers –
“You’re fucking soaked through you little slut.  I could shove it in right now and you’d love it, wouldn’t you?”  You moaned at his words, at the way he was making you pound even harder.  And he felt you pound, felt it against his fingers as he tore three of them inside you at once.  You were like a white hot furnace that pulsed over him and he couldn’t wait to get his cock into that tight little hole of yours – it would feel so fucking good –
“No…you have to work for it,” he decided, stopping his thoughts from taking a hold of his control.  He wanted to make you pay for your insolent actions.  And so instead of taking you right there, right then, Xanxus merely chuckled that furious chuckle and stepped back to his chair.  The next moment he was sitting down, his cock standing straight up as he took on his familiar slumped posture.  But this time there was nothing even remotely sleepy about him.  In fact, he looked about ready to pounce at you, and that of course only made the pounding of your lower body that much worse.
“Come here then.  And face the door,” he drawled, waving his hand in an almost dismissive way, as though he was talking about something mundane and not at all associated with fucking.  You stepped forward on shaky legs.  Every step felt like you would fall at any moment.  For the life of you, you had no idea how you managed to get all the way to that chair without doing so.  But then desire did funny things to a person.  It gave them strength where there should only be ragged, untempered weakness.
You turned to face the door and immediately felt his large hands roughly grab your hips.  And then you were falling, right into his lap, right against his gloriously stiff cock, which pressed into your backside like raw fire.  You gave a little surprised squeak that sounded rather undignified – but then again dignity was one thing you didn’t have at the moment, and you were relatively okay with that.  Just as long as you could get your fill of him.  Which you did, of course, not long after when he hoarsely demanded, “Lift your hips and lean forward, trash.” 
You swung your legs on either side of his and slid your hands onto his knees, lifting your hips and leaning forward as he ordered.  And then you could feel the tip of him spreading the skin of your core, and well, he pretty much did the rest himself.  He dragged you back down, till your back was flush against his chest and his cock was suddenly scraping inside you.  And the way he filled you so suddenly and so intensely had you biting your lip and moaning – moaning like you never did before.  Because fuck it all, he was fucking huge and felt so damn good inside you.
His hands locked around your stomach.  His teeth roughly scraped over your shoulder as he leaned in to kiss it, bite it, lick it.  Against you he chuckled darkly and muttered, “Now it’s your turn, [Name].”  And his hand came down to slap your hip rather hard, annunciating his words and silently telling you to fucking earn your keep, and your redemption.
But it was harder than you’d thought, doing it like this.  Your movements were shaky and felt incomplete.  No matter how hard you rocked forward, it wasn’t enough.  You couldn’t feel him the way you fiercely needed to, and he seemed to find this amusing almost.  You could practically feel his smugness in the way he leaned back and watched your struggles.  It was damned hot but desperate too, this endeavor.  And you really did have to earn it, it seemed, because he was making absolutely no effort to help you along.
After a while of this helpless battle of yours, you frowned and glanced at him over your shoulder, meeting his gaze with an emboldened, pouty stare.  “Xanxus – “  But he didn’t let you finished your silly little plea.  All he did was sneer at you and say, “This is what you fucking deserve after spiking my drink with a fucking aphrodisiac.”  You could have cried.  In fact you almost thought you were about to, but perhaps that was just the effects of the ragged, despairing desire clinging to your every muscle.
“But Xanxus – God, this isn’t fair – I want you to fuck me!” you cried, and your words must have done something to him, because his fingers tightened around your waist. 
He swallowed thickly and then sneered again, wrapping his arms around you and brushing his fingers over the top of your clit.  Stars immediately jumped into your vision, clenching dramatically around the edges of your sight as you moaned and fell back into his body.  Your hips jerked.  A few of those desperate tears leaked out of your eyes.
“Fuck you?” he drawled, teeth sinking into your neck.  You cried out again when his hips suddenly came up in a powerful, lurching thrust that left you more than just breathless.  You swore your entire soul was crumbling, decomposing right out of your body.
“Y-y-yes, fuck yes, fuck me hard, fuck me with your huge cock – fuck me Xanxus, ffff-oooohhhhhh!” your babbling was put to an abrupt halt when he suddenly jerked you back, flipped an arm beneath your legs, and somehow managed to get you to sitting sideways in his lap, his wet cock plastered between your bodies and dripping from your juices.
“Che.  You don’t know what you just asked for,” he muttered.  Then he was standing and dragging you into his arms, heaving you up for only a matter of seconds before depositing you down into his chair, where he had only just been sitting.  You found yourself on your knees, rear in the air as you clutched to the back of the seat.  And you barely had the chance to figure out what just happened (your mind was still sluggishly catching up), before his knee was bracing against yours and his cock was slamming into you from behind.
“Oh fuck!” you cried, knuckles white, tears streaming down your face.  It was pleasure like no other: raw, uninhibited, and filled with wretched loathsome darkness that puckered at the corners of your mind and forced you into blindness.  Every thrust was rough, domineering, bruising in its wholeness.  Every motion coupled with a satisfied grunt as Xanxus pounded into you ruthlessly, without mercy, without even bothering to see if he was breaking you or not.  He made darkness beautiful, as well as a multitude of other things you hadn’t the mind to think of.   Because you were rather sure you’d lost yours somewhere between ‘suck my cock, trash’, and ‘enjoy the ride’ (spoken in so many words).
“You like that, don’t you you little harlot?” he panted, watching your body tremble into that chair.  He’d never seen you in such a wreck and it was a sight he’d not soon forget.  He intended to take you for everything you were worth and more.
His hand came down to roughly slap your ass and you cried out, mumbling back a slurred, “Yessss…oh God yes…I fu-fucking l-lo-love it!”  And you did.  He could see it in the way your hips tore back in a useless attempt to meet his.  Useless, because he was in absolute control and he wouldn’t allow you to have any say in this.  He slapped you again because he liked watching your ass redden at the touch, and he liked hearing the cry that left your throat after each one.
“You want me to fuck you harder, don’t you?” he grunted, wondering if that was even possible.  But when you whimpered out your (very positive) response, he decided to fuck it all to hell, he might as well try.  And so he paused briefly to heave one leg up into the air, twisting your body to the side and throwing the limb up over his arm.  You gasped in surprise, met his eyes with that shocked expression, and immediately crumbled at the sight of him shifting closer and slamming back into you.  Oh yes, he could most certainly fuck you harder like this, however shaky and uncertain the movements ultimately were.
“Oh yes, yes yes!” you babbled, staring at your bodies and the way they roughly united.  He was bruising you and it would hurt like hell later on, but fuck, it felt amazing.  So amazing that you thought you were going to die at any moment – but that was just your orgasm, which was quickly taking your breath away and making your chest hollow from lack of air. 
“Yes!” you chanted, crying, clutching at the chair.  He was making you crazy, each thrust taking you for all you were worth and pushing your limits in more ways than one.  And that was how you came, so quickly that you barely knew you were coming until you were in the thick of it. 
You clenched down around his cock so hard that Xanxus groaned at the feeling, at those tight little muscles pounding against him.  He shoved his member deeper into you, drowning in the wet fire, wondering why he’d never done this before.  Because it was fucking better than anything he’d ever had.  And somehow doing it like this, in his chair, in this tangled position, was hotter than anything he could have imagined.
“God damn fucking trash!” he grunted, and spilled his seed inside you before he could even try to stop himself, not that he would have anyhow.  But your muscles clenching around him was enough to make him lose his control and he didn’t even care.  All he cared about was watching with smug pride as his cum dripped down your thighs and made your hole wetter than ever.  And fuck your stupid little aphrodisiac, because he was still so damned hard that he could hardly draw breath.
He pulled away before you were ready for him to, and without his body there to hold you up, you slumped down into the chair in a boneless heap of limbs.  When you glanced up at him, your eyes popped and you gaped at the way he was still rock hard and glaring down at you in barely tempered lust.  You must have used more of that stuff than you’d thought.  Then again, the idea of fucking Xanxus all day didn’t exactly upset you.  You smirked up at him, swung your legs apart in what was very possibly the your most shameless move yet, and drawled, “Let’s fuck again, Xanxus.”
Well, he didn’t exactly disappoint.  The door stayed locked for the rest of the afternoon and well into the evening.


  1. Love it!! Really hot.

  2. The way you described him reminds me of a cat :3 The slouching I don't give a shit attitude and the pouncing, very cat-like behavior lol I like it

  3. Gosh I love it! Though I'd like to see him in a lemon where's he's completely at your mercy. cx

  4. I'm going to Hell for this. But it's totally worth it.