Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Sousuke Yamazaki Lemon -- Solar

Character: Sousuke Yamazaki

Fandom: Iwatobi Swim Club

OC: Kaito Yamauchi, long plum colored hair, maroon eyes, very flirty

Inspiration: Sneaking around in his dormroom ;3

It was ten minutes to two.  Kaito stood in the hallway clutching her phone, heart pounding haplessly.  She wasn’t nervous, though perhaps a little overeager.  Because there was nothing more deliciously nerve wracking than sneaking around with a lover.  And when that lover was Sousuke, well, that made it all the better.
She knocked and the door flew open moments later, revealing the rather tousled head of Sousuke as he poked it into the hallway.  He had obviously been laying down, maybe napping, definitely waiting for her.  One look of those dark eyes of his and Kaito was lost within them, captured like fairy dust strewn over too wide a space.  He tilted his head once in both directions, and when no other students were there to see the exchange, Sousuke snatched up her wrist and dragged her forcefully inside, throwing the door closed and immediately pushing her against it.
His lips came down hard and fast on hers, without warning, without even giving her time to draw breath.  There was something immediate in his touch, something that hinted at their limited time.  And sure enough, when his lips broke and began to wander down to nip playfully at her neck, Sousuke muttered, “You’re late.  What happened to being here at 1:30?”  His teeth gently sunk into her neck as punishment.
“Mmm…I – oh, keep doing that – ran into some friends and – “
Sousuke pulled away, his customary blank look settling onto his face.  He raised an eyebrow and murmured, “Your friends are more important than me?  Is that what you’re saying?”  But even as he spoke there was a glint in his eye, and Kaito huffed at the shiver of amusement that pulled over him.
“Stop twisting everything I say,” she mumbled, making a face at him.  As he chuckled, she took a moment to glance around the dorm room.  It was empty of its other roommate, though for how long neither could say.  Rin had several morning and afternoon classes, but none in the evening.  His nighttime schedule was simply to relax and get work done, enjoying the fact that he didn’t have to worry about going to any other classes in the evening chill.  Kaito liked Rin, of course, but his schedule rather got in the way of her and Sousuke’s meeting times.
“Rin’s at class,” Sousuke said, catching the way she looked around the room.  His usual bland expression made her raise her eyebrows.  She ignored him and walked to the windows, shutting the blinds in case someone happened to see them.  She was about to turn around when suddenly Sousuke’s body was sinking against hers, pressing her to the edge of the window ledge and smoothing his hands generously over her thighs and stomach and breasts.  She closed her eyes and leaned back against him, pushing her chest into his waiting hands and sighing as the warmth of his fingers hastened through the layers of her shirt.  But as soon as his hands came into contact with her breasts, Sousuke’s eyebrows shot up into his hairline and he said in a dry voice, “You aren’t wearing a bra.”  He liked that.  She could tell just from the way his words crushed together like velvet on a hot day.
“Oh really?” she wondered, as if she hadn’t a clue about it.  She felt Sousuke smirk against her neck and shivered.  His long fingers were soon taking the liberty of showing her just how much he enjoyed this surprise, and the way he massaged and touched her was nothing short of delicious.  Rough, too.  He wasn’t exactly gentle as he squeezed her, and when he slipped his hands beneath her shirt and cupped her properly, Kaito let out a whiny, ragged moan. 
“Like that?” he muttered softly against her ear, tongue dancing over the shell of it.  She trembled, back arching, and pushed her breasts into his hands in silent demand.  And Sousuke watched every shiver that spun over her skin, blinking at the luxurious way she glowed with the light of the barely setting sun.  The golden hues of it could barely be seen around the edges of the thick curtain, but what light did manage to get through glimmered like threaded gold upon them.
It was quite obvious that she certainly did like his ministrations, but Sousuke himself grew rather bored of them.  Touching her without actually seeing her was scintillating and lovely, but being able to see every inch of her glorious skin was something too good to pass up.  And so without warning, Sousuke curled his fingers around the hem of her school shirt and jerked it into the air, past her breasts and over her head, and left her shivering and bare and golden and glorious.
The warmth of his chest pressed against her back once more, and immediately his arms curled around her.  Chin on her shoulder, Sousuke looked down at the new revelation of skin, immensely pleased even though his pleasure was not particularly discernible.  But Kaito knew him well enough to know that he quite liked the sight of her, and she chuckled as she grasped his hands and dragged them back to her breasts in open invitation.  He hummed very lowly against her neck and squeezed his fingers around her, but didn’t linger at her chest.  He had other things to think about now.  Other desires that moved his hands lower, made his fingers drift beneath her short skirt and skim over her stockings.
“You wore these on purpose, didn’t you?” he muttered, frowning just a little bit as he smoothed a palm over Kaito’s thigh.  The netted material was tan, and delicious, and she knew he liked the feel of her stockings against his skin.  But today they hadn’t the time for slow exploration, and she knew it.
With a scoff Kaito rolled her eyes, “I wore them because I felt like wearing them.  Not everything’s about you, Sousuke.”  But even as she denied his words, she most definitely could not deny her feelings and the way they rose up within her.  Because now his hands were drifting, skimming over every inch of her that was hidden beneath the skirt.  He squeezed her rear and ducked down to trace the outline of her clit, already swollen and damp through the layers of her panties and stockings.  Then he cupped her core, rolling the tips of his fingers against her with soft pressure, and she crumbled against him with a moan because it felt so good – but not good enough. 
He hummed, his face just as stoic as ever, and yet she could clearly hear the undercurrent of his desire threading through his voice and feel it taking hold of his body.  That she was already so wet and ready was erotic beyond compare, and it made him equally so. 
He pressed his lips together and pulled away, fingers sliding lightly from her skin and leaving her cold.  When she turned to him in confusion, Sousuke merely raised an eyebrow and sauntered to the door.  As he turned the lock to keep out unwanted visitors, Kaito smirked. 
“Rin won’t be happy to be locked out,” she said, and watched Sousuke shrug, clearly unconcerned about their friend’s comfort. 
“He’d be less happy if he walked in and saw us fucking on his bed,” he reasoned blandly.  Kaito glanced at said bed with a crooked smile and sighed. 
“That’s a little cruel, don’t you think?” she asked, and normally she would have said no, because she certainly wouldn’t want her friend messing her bed up like that.  But at that moment she could hardly bring herself to care.  She was too aroused, and they were running out of time.  Sousuke seemed to know what she was thinking because he hardly hesitated as he approached her, hooking a finger into her skirt and dragging her towards him.
“He’ll forgive us eventually,” he shrugged, and leisurely began to undo the button that held the skirt around her hips.  It dropped to the floor and Sousuke immediately began to drag her stockings away, kneeling down before her to help her step out of them.  He moved with such blasé tenderness that Kaito could only watch, watch and wait and wonder at his next move.  She was not expecting him to stand, pull her close, and kiss her.  Not that she had a problem with that.
As they kissed, Sousuke skillfully dealt with his own clothes too, with Kaito’s help.  Their multitasking worked rather well for them, and soon Sousuke was shuffling out of his last article of clothing was as bare as she was.  Their kiss slowed, and Kaito moaned when she felt his hard member press against her abdomen.  The feel of him, bare against her, was enough to make her arousal spike to a level that was impossible to ignore.  She decided not to, then, and reached forward to curl her hand around his cock.  He hardly made any move to show her that her touch affected him, but she saw the way his eyes flashed and saw the desire settle there.
He let her touch him for a few seconds, but was soon brushing her hand away and murmuring, “Come on…”  Except that he didn’t push her to the bed.  Instead he shepherded her to the window, and suddenly lifted her up and placed her atop the wide sill as if he had planned to do so all along.  She raised an eyebrow.
“Decided to spare Rin’s sheets, have you?” she murmured as he nestled between her legs.  She could hardly breathe, hardly even move as his fingers slid over her core and began to spread her for him.  Her nails bit into his shoulders and Sousuke hummed, blinking down at her.
“This is much more interesting,” he explained, though he needn’t have bothered.  She could barely hear him, focusing only on the way his fingers plunged into her core and readied her for more substantial things, and more intricate pleasure.  Those things came, not very long after, and her breathing grew shallower from there as her thoughts spiraled out of her control.
“Mmmm…” she gasped, feeling his member ease into her.  She was very much ready for him and it didn’t take too much effort.  Soon he was hilted within her, and he paused to give her a moment to get used to him.  When he felt her body begin to relax, Sousuke pulled out and started a slow place that hinted at gentle passion and soft, yearning need. 
She angled her hips towards him, wrapped her legs around his waist, and leaned back against the curtain.  And Sousuke stared down at her, admiring her shuddering body and the way his thrusts made her react to him.  The gasps and shivers and the way her head tipped back and breasts pushed into the air…
His hand reached down to grasp one breast.  His other hand clung to her leg, just below her knee, stabilizing them together as he rocked.  His pace hastened and Kaito moaned.  She reached up to put her hand atop his, squeezing his fingers around her breast and trying to shift her hips against his as best she could.  The movement was haphazard but lovely, and made her lower body numb from the pleasure. 
With a sigh, Kaito stared up at him, admiring Sousuke’s expression.  He normally looked bored, but at that moment he looked utterly divine, as if he had gotten some brilliant stroke of inspiration that had made his world light up into layers of color.  Their eyes locked and he leaned down to kiss her, taking her bottom lip between his teeth and scraping his rough kiss over her skin.  She moaned, a muffled, whimpery sound, and he kissed her harder as he tried to inhale those little sounds. 
Her legs wrapped tight around his hips and she breathlessly gasped, “Sousuke…!”  It was the only warning she could muster, but it mattered little.  Sousuke grunted and raced forward, pressing her hips so hard into the edge of the sill that it hurt.  But she couldn’t complain because at that moment her orgasm unfurled within her and cried out his name.  Everything else was easily forgotten in the scintillating tilting sensation of her world being shredded from beneath her.
Sousuke heaved her up higher as she slipped down the edge of the windowsill and muttered, “Keep your legs around me.”  For in her blissful abandon, Kaito had loosened herself from her tight hold of him.  Her grip hardened and she buried her face into his shoulder, waiting for his end to shake her down yet again.  It did, very soon after, and Sousuke came with a muffled curse and a silent cry, his body curling around hers as he pressed his face into her hair.
“Mmmm…” he sighed, thrusting until they both couldn’t bear it any longer, and then proceeded to collapse together into the nearest bed.  Which happened to be Rin’s.
“Somehow we made it here after all,” Kaito laughed, feeling glorious and naked and wonderfully sensual as the remnants of her orgasm thudded through her memories.  Sousuke chuckled and drew her close, shifting their bodies until there was no end and no beginning: just the middle that extended for what felt like forever. 
“I won’t tell him if you don’t,” was all he muttered, and began running his fingers over her back soothingly, enjoying the feel of her unending expanse of skin.
“Mm, deal,” she whispered, then leaned up to kiss him.  Rin would not be pleased, but for now she couldn’t even bring herself to care.

Extended Ending

Rin was not pleased when he walked into his dormroom and saw Kaito sprawled out over his bed.  He was not pleased when he saw Sousuke sitting by her legs, clothes rumpled and haphazard.  He was especially not pleased when Kaito turned to him, snuggled further into his pillow, and drawled, “Hello Rin~”  He scowled.
“…Did you…?  On my bed…?” he asked, eyebrow twitching and eyes flashing dangerously.  He was a very hygienic guy.  The mere thought of his two friends doing that on his mattress and his clean sheets and his pillow – fuck he felt like he was gonna throw up.
But Kaito only smirked and raised an eyebrow, refusing to answer.  It was Sousuke who rolled his eyes and said, “Your bed’s safe.  For now.”  Rin’s scowl deepened.
“For now?!” he hissed, tossing his backpack onto his desk with a clatter.  “You’re both dead if I ever catch you.  Fucking hell, just being in this room makes me sick.”
Sousuke shrugged.  Kaito blinked.  And Rin just snarled and grabbed his swim bag.  “I’m going to the pool.”  And he left as fast as he’d come, muttering all the while stupid unemotional blasé people.  The moment the door shut Sousuke glanced behind him and smirked.
“He’s gone,” he said casually, and Kaito hummed.  “He won’t be back for a few hours at least.”  And, well, the bed was there for the taking.  Perhaps Rin wouldn't kill them this time.



  1. The ending killed me. XD

  2. Now all we need is a lemon with Rin just to spite him ;P

    1. Oh and btw thank you for the lovely lemons ^^

  3. This is simply beautiful~!
    Wonderful job, friend~!
    <3 <3 <3

  4. I hate to ask on a lemon of a different type, but what would your progress be on the Gaara valentine lemon? He managed one point higher than Kakashi (wooh!) and I was just wondering what would the progress be on that one?

    1. Hmm well I actually haven't started one for him yet, but I do plan on writing some more for him soon. Wish I could give you a more concrete answer :\ You'll definitely see more of him this summer though!!