Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Kiba Inuzuka Lemon -- Love Like Liturgies

Character: Kiba Inuzuka

Fandom: Naruto Shippuden

OC: [Name]

Inspiration:  Just something random I came up with for Kiba  :)  I've been in a Naruto mood lately

It is a very unassuming sort of day, or so you think as you walk down the streets of Konoha.  Of course you should have known better.  Unassuming and Kiba in the same sentence is fairly laughable – and that’s where you’re headed, to find Kiba.  But he ends up finding you instead.
You’re passing a row of vendors when suddenly a hand jerks out of the alley and snatches you.  Before you know what’s going on, you’re being pulled forcefully into the shadows and a hand’s clamping down on your mouth, muffling the scream that shrilly blossoms in your throat.  But there’s no need to scream: it isn’t a rapist or some creepy stalker.  It’s just Kiba.  A very…well, strange looking Kiba. 
Something’s off about him.  You can see it and feel it immediately.  It’s like something has messed up with his chakra, pulling it in several direction at once.  His eyes gleam with the reddish tinge of that chakra, and when he opens his mouth to speak, you see that his teeth are sharper, sort of like fangs.
“Shh,” he hisses, shoving you against the wall and following you back.  His body presses against yours, his leg naturally pushing between your knees.  Had it not taken you so off guard, you might have thought the position was intimate – but you’re way too confused to bother thinking about anything like that.
“Mphmm!” you try to say, grappling with his wrist.  When you’re able to tear it away from your mouth, you snarl, “What the hell, Kiba?!  I thought we agreed to meet at Ichiraku’s, not in some creepy alleyway!” 
“I know,” he snaps right back, easily matching your anger.  His eyes can’t seem to stay still and he hasn’t let go of you yet.  He’s still pressing you hard into the wall, his face inches from yours.  You glower and try to push him back, but he won’t budge.
“Well are you gonna tell me why you’re hiding in this shadowy corner, or are you just going to stare at me all day?  What’s wrong with you anyway?  Your chakra is – “
“I know!” he says in annoyance, cutting you off before you can start nagging him like you’re wont to do.  He glares out into the street but no one is paying either of you any attention.  “Look – “ he pauses, then suddenly lurches away and drags you deeper into the alley, till you’re basically lurking against the far wall near the dumpsters and graffiti.  You’re about to complain when he pushes you against another wall (what the hell is wrong with him?) and bites out, “I can’t go out there.”
The words are reminiscent of a criminal on the run from the law.  Your eye twitches.  Kiba is neither a criminal nor is he ‘on the run’, though he certainly can be dense sometimes.  Weird, too.  So after a moment of staring at him, you drawl, “And why is that?”  All you want is some freaking ramen for God’s sake, not to have your friend suddenly go mentally insane on you.
He frowns and pauses again, opens his mouth, closes it, opens it again.  This goes on for almost a full minute before you’re shoving at him angrily and exclaiming, “For God’s sake Kiba!  Would you please tell me what – “
Kiba tells you alright, but not in words.  Instead he presses you into the wall again and presses himself into you, groaning very slightly and jerking his forehead against the hard concrete near your head.  You stare wide-eyed past his shoulder, suddenly stiff and hard.  And you aren’t the only one stiff and hard.  Because Kiba’s problem apparently involves an erection.  A really hard erection that’s currently being rubbed against your thigh.
Before you can stop yourself, arousal bursts through you like a tsunami.  You bite your lip hard and turn glowering eyes to his.  Kiba has the decency to at least look a little bit bashful about it all, though only a little.  When you speak, it’s in a gritted, sandpapery way that gratefully hides whatever pleasure you’re getting from his lower body.  “Kiba.  What are you doing?”
He blushes a little and frowns, staring you down with hard, impassioned crimson eyes.  “I told you, [Name] – I can’t go out here.  I’m stuck.”  You wouldn’t exactly call having a boner ‘stuck’, but whatever.  You’re too annoyed (and aroused) to tell him that he makes no sense.
“What the fuck Kiba, why the fuck did you go out in public with…with that?!”  You’re so confused.
He growls and shifts himself against you.  It’s almost like he’s dry humping you – no, that’s exactly what he’s doing – and it’s ridiculously…ridiculously hot.  Seriously hot.  Crazy hot –
“I wasn’t like this when I went out,” he insists, and for the first time he sounds a little desperate, like he’s completely unsure what to do.  “I think I’m…I mean, I never heard of this happening before to an Inuzuka but I think I’m in heat.”
You raise an eyebrow, “Like a dog?  And would you stop doing that!”
He doesn’t stop.  “I can’t,” he hisses, fisting his hand tightly and beating it into the wall near your shoulder.  His red eyes flash darkly down at you and you suppress a shiver that he can see, rolling over and over your skin.  That’s not all he sees, either.  It’s like suddenly he’s aware of every part of you, and he can smell your arousal wafting up at him.  It hits him like a ton of bricks and makes his head spin.  No, he can’t stop himself.  The mere thought of stopping makes him want to die.
“It just…it just happened, when I was walking toward Ichiraku’s…” he swallows and you frown, because you’d never known erections to just spring up like that out of nowhere.
“Kiba how could you just – “
“I don’t know [Name]!” he growls angrily, shoving his hips against your thigh again, this time in little circular motions.  He groans and lets out a heavy breath before saying slowly, “Look, couldn’t you just…just help me?  You’re my best friend, that’s what best friends do, right?  …help each other?”  He tries to smile but it comes off as more of a twisted desperate lopsided smirk that falls pitifully short.
His words make you stare.  He wants you to help him get off?  In this dark semi-public alleyway?  He must see that you’re shocked and unsettled by the suggestion, because he hurries to add, “Please [Name].  You can’t possibly admit that you don’t feel something right now.  That you aren’t turned on by this.”
This time you’re shock transforms itself into cynical derision.  “Um, yes I can,” you say, even as the rush of arousal wets your panties and makes your adrenaline skyrocket.
Kiba closes his eyes and inhales deeply, unsettling you even more.  He’s got this animalistic aura to him right now that’s similar to how he is in battle, but different somehow.  It’s sexy as hell too.  You’ve been friends with him since you were both toddlers and have crushed on him for almost just as long, but you never thought he felt the same about you.  He still might not.  Regardless of his affections though, you can’t deny that this situation is extremely hard to ignore, especially considering the amount of times you’d imagined him like this. 
“I can smell it on you,” he admits after a moment of silence.  You stiffen in mortification.  He slowly opens his eyes and presses his forehead against yours, “Your arousal.  I can smell it.  I know you want me.  Please [Name].”  Every word is like a bullet that pierces your armor and makes you weak.
You go limp in his arms and he pulls you against him, shuddering when he feels the length of your body pressed to his.  It feels like he’s getting harder every second.  You clutch at him and close your eyes tightly, swallowing back the waves of temptation and whispering, “I can’t Kiba.”
His eyebrows shoot up in surprise.  “Why not?”
The question is understandable but no less easy to answer.  You pause, tremble.  He holds you tighter and you mumble, “Because…because I’m your best friend, and I’m been in love with you for years.”
He stiffens too, staring down at you with wide, shocked eyes that are quickly turning warm, warm like you’ve never seen them.  To your surprise he chuckles.  For a moment you think he isn’t taking your confession seriously and you frown, but then Kiba says, “I know that.”
You gape.  “You know?!  What do you mean you know?”
He raises an eyebrow and for a moment, looks a lot less strange and lot more like the normal Kiba.  The one who teases you daily, makes fun of the way you’re always hungry, who used to sleep in your bed when your parents weren’t around and sneak off in the morning.  And he’s saying that he knows you’re in love with him.
He chuckles and pushes you back into the wall, but gentler this time like he thinks you’re somehow delicate all of the sudden.  Maybe you are, or at least your emotions are.  You’ve never felt so shaken in all your life.  Shaken and aroused.  What a combination.
“I’ve known for years,” he admits, his breath swaying over your face.  Your knee somehow gets lodged between his legs and you can feel his hardness pressing against you again.  It easily makes you breathless.  But what makes you even more so is the way Kiba looks at you, all sweet and endearing even while his eyes shine with fire and erotic need.
“I just assumed…that you knew too.  Knew that I…ya know, also loved you.”  He grins crookedly and you immediately start to glower at him.  Yes, you’re a little bit overcome by his sudden confession.  But you’re more annoyed that he assumed something like that.  He’s basically telling you that you could’ve spent the last few years doing much more interesting things with each other.  All you can see is a lot of wasted time.  And a lot of that sweet endearing passion that makes his eyes light up.
“So now that we’ve spilled our hearts out to each other, would you please…?” he asks, suddenly snapping you out of the blank reverie you’d been in.  You roll your eyes and are about to respond when he suddenly jerks closer.  His erection rubs against your inner thigh this time, closer to your core.  His hands grasp your waist and his breathing gets deeper, like he’s having a very hard time controlling himself.
“Kiba…” you begin, but he cuts you off immediately.
“Just…just your hand.  C’mon [Name].  If you don’t help me I’ll be stuck here all day!”
“Aren’t you being a little dramatic?”
“No fucking way, don’t you see how horny I am right now?” he growls, eyes blazing.  “Don’t you know what happens to a dog that goes in heat?  I can’t end it myself.  It doesn’t work that way – “
“Fine Kiba!” you exclaim, not wanting to admit that you’d really like nothing more than to touch him, especially after all those endearing words of his.  He looks mollified and even a little smug, something that makes you narrow your eyes.  With a shaky hand you touch the top of his jeans, slink your fingers down the front of his pants, and rub the bulge in them slightly.  It’s a very soft movement, but it still makes Kiba shudder violently and groan.
“Harder,” he insists, growling in your ear and pressing against your more adamantly.  You sigh and, heart thundering, splay out your hand against him to rub him harder, squeezing him lightly.  He groans again and it makes you hot as hell, like your veins are combusting all at once.
“God…I can’t…[Name] you smell amazing – “ he stops and you blush, because you know what he’s referring to.  Then suddenly Kiba is pulling away from you and fumbling with his jeans, and you’re staring at him wide-eyed as he pushes them off his hips and pulls out his hard erection.  You’ve never seen him like this before.  You’ve seen others but not his, and somehow you think it’s bigger than the others.  Maybe it’s just the situation, but still.
“Touch me,” he practically pleads.  You can’t deny him anything at this point.  You look up at him and reach for his waist, pulling him back into you.  His weight crushes you gently and, when you curl your fingers around his cock, Kiba groans out in relief.  “Ahhh…faster [Name], just like…yeah, like that…fuck…” 
You swallow.  Your breathing spins out faster, pooling against his neck.  He’s hot and hard in your palm, more so than you’d expected.  He’s wet too, with precum.  His tip is all but coated with the stuff and it makes you sort of want to suck him, but you aren’t sure if you’re brave enough to initiate that sort of thing.  You sort of want to do other things too, go farther, but said bravery certainly doesn’t extend that far.  Or so you think.
“Kiba…” you say lowly, and his eyes snap open to stare at you.  His hips are thrusting gently into your hand as you stroke it over his member, but he pauses for a moment when you say his name because you sound so…coy.  And it makes him a little crazy.
“Am I the only one who going to do the pleasuring?” you somehow manage to say through the thick haze of your arousal.  He stares in shock, eyes wide, than grins wolfishly and chuckles.  “Thank God,” he mumbles, running his hands over your body generously.  “I thought you didn’t want me to.”
Into his ear you whisper, “I want you to Kiba.  Now touch me, I can’t stand it anymore.”  You really can’t.  You’re so wet and aching that you can barely stand up.
His eyes flutter, clearly turned on by your words and your invitation.  He doesn’t waste even a second when he grabs the front of your pants and tugs at them, undoing them swiftly.  Then you’re suddenly kicking them off and Kiba’s fingers are spreading your folds apart and sinking into the wetness of them, and you’re both sighing out in relief. 
“I’ve wanted to do this for years…” he admits rather callously, and you chuckle.  “Me too,” you say.  You both look at each other, smile, and press your foreheads close.  It occurs to your that you haven’t even kissed him yet and you raise your eyebrows.  Figures Kiba would entirely skip first base in favor of getting the second and third.  That’s just like him.
“What is it?” he asks throatily, brushing his thumb over the top of your clit and making you very breathless.  Instead of answering (you doubt you’d be coherent anyway), you merely tunnel your fingers into his hair and drag his head forward, pressing your mouth to his in a sudden kiss.  He groans and sinks quickly against you, clearly enjoying your boldness.  He kisses you back feverishly, moving his lips against yours in a slow drag.  Like cigarette smoke being dragged through the air and away.
You’re head is spinning by the time the kiss dissolves, and it’s about to spin even more.  Because then Kiba is suddenly twisting his fingers inside you and thrusting slowly, deeply, and you’re gasping and trembling against him and concrete. 
“Oh God…” you whimper.  Kiba kisses your jaw, scrapes his teeth against your chin, licks your earlobe.  He drags it into his mouth and between his teeth and sucks.  That hand that’s still enclosed over his cock slows but his own hand doesn’t.  He thrusts faster into you until suddenly everything stops – he does, you do, everything.
You stare in confusion, not sure why he’s abruptly pulling back from you.  You don’t understand it at all – until of course he starts kneeling down between your legs, and then you’re staring with wide, hesitant eyes.
“Kiba,” you start to say, but he swiftly cuts you off.
“I want to taste you,” he growls, eyes flashing dangerously.  His chakra signature has gotten even crazier, even more out of control.  So has yours.  You sink into the wall and close your eyes, throat contracting and chest heaving.
“What if someone walks over here?” you ask.  He only snorts, breath pattering over your thigh and hands running up and down your legs.
“Why would they?” he asks reasonably, but it doesn’t make you feel better.  You’d like to complain a little more, but you don’t really have time to.  A moment later, Kiba’s suddenly lurching your weight from beneath you and slipping both your legs around his shoulders, so that you’re being lifted by him.  The position puts his face directly in front of your core, and the sight of him nestled between your legs makes you shiver deliriously.
His tongue licks on straight line over your slit, then he pauses and moans.  The vibrations pucker over your folds and you gasp, hands braced against the wall as you stare down at him.  “You taste amazing…even better than I’ve imagined…” he mutters, licking you again like an animal, a dog.  You shiver at the thought of him imagining what you taste like, and whimper, “K-Kiba…”  He grips you tighter and rubs his tongue in circular movements around your clit, making sure to feel every inch of you.
It’s so amazing you think you might come right then and there.  His ministrations make you ache that much more.  Your body is pounding, thudding with a desire that presses needles against your heart.  You can’t breathe and certainly can’t think.  All you can do is gasp against the wall and drown in the amazing way Kiba laps at you. 
“Ohhhh,” you moan, grappling on hand into his hair and bucking your hips just a little.  The movement proves fatal: your precarious position shifts you partly off the wall and gravity thrusts you into Kiba.  Well into his face, that is.  It’s a little mortifying to be honest.
Kiba smirks, a grin that seems to capture the entirety of his face.  His eyes slice up and lock with yours.  When he sees the blush on your face, he snickers and shoves your hips hard against the wall, forcing you back into your previous position.
“You like it that much?” he muses darkly, and you shiver.  The low octaves of his voice seem to concave into desire, which thuds so brilliantly through them that it’s honestly hard to pay attention to anything else.  Especially modesty.
“Yes!” you tell him, admitting it through your teeth.  Your eyes are narrowed slits that scream silently at him.  Beneath his fingers, Kiba can feel the pounding beat of your heart.  He can smell the wafting musk of your arousal.  He can sense the waves of heat and need that pour from your skin like a second ring of chakra.  With a snarl he pushes his face back into your folds and proceeds to utterly catch you off guard with sloppy, quick licks.  It’s like he suddenly can’t get enough of you, like he’s afraid he might combust from all the desire before he can get you to orgasm.
Well he doesn’t have to worry about that, because said orgasm breaches you so quickly and so suddenly that you can’t stop it and don’t want to.  It lifts you like a torrent of senseless passion that you can’t understand.  The incoherency of it drops like stones in a lake, plucking at the edges of your mind in much the same way until thought is overrated.  You can’t think anymore, all you can do is grasp his hair and the concrete wall and slam your head against it and come.  And that end is so stifling in its completion that you think you might be crying.  Crying Kiba’s name at least.  You just hope you’re not being too loud.
To Kiba, nothing’s too loud.  The exclamation of your finish and the way you twist his name erotically over your lips has him growling obscenely against you.  If anyone’s good at growling like that it’s Kiba and you shiver like you’re entire body has imploded from the inside out.  With a moan you pant against the wall and Kiba presses feather light kisses over your thighs and abdomen.  And then he gently extricates himself from the tangle of your legs, hands sliding to your rear as he shifts you down to solid ground.
But solid is the last thing you are.  You feel like all your bones have turned to ash.  When you stumble, Kiba lets out a soft exclamation of surprise and hurries to wrap his arms around you.  He tucks you pleasantly against his chest and chuckles.  The sound is sort of wicked, sort of amused, sort of aroused at the same time, and you know he’s about to tease you because he always laughs like that when he does.
“Never knew you liked that sort of stuff so much,” he mutters into your hair, and your eyes flutter shut.  He’s so full of it.  Then again you’d never felt that good when someone went down on you like that.  It had never been such a strong whirlwind of pleasure, so stifling that it could make you that crazy.  You’re sure it has something to do with the way Kiba sucked at you, as if you tasted so delicious that he couldn’t stop himself.  No one else had ever been so passionate about it before.
But instead of telling him this, you just clutched at the shirt he’s still wearing and tug at it.  He’d been right about this alleyway.  No one seems to come down it.  And so you feel a little more comfortable with the thought of nudity here in this sequestered world.  Apparently Kiba does too.
At your silent bidding, he reaches for his shirt and drags it off, his body flexing upwards.  His muscles are impressive, but then again you’d already known that.  You know Kiba like the back of your hand.  That doesn’t stop you from rushing forward to touch him though.  He watches you palm your hands against his chest, watching you trace around his nipples, watches you delve down to the hem of his jeans…and that’s where he stops you with a fierce longing look in his eye.  Clearly it takes a lot of self control to halt your progress.
“We shouldn’t…erm, go that far,” he says with a pause, aware that his words are rather hypocritical.  Because if he has his way, they are going that far.  But removing all their clothes in this semi-public space somehow seems a little more intimate than the situation calls for.
You frown and tell him, “I want to see all of you.”  The words are callous, bold, and much more like you.  He gives you a crooked grin and corners you against the wall, rubbing his achingly hard member against your thigh and watching the way you swallow in arousal at the move.
“I do too,” he admits, then clenches his jaw.  He’s holding himself back somehow.  It must be hard to do; Kiba has never had a lot of self control.  He clears his throat and mutters, “…But right now…[Name]…”  His words are a scintillating plea wrapped up in banked, smoking arousal.
You exhale and nod, and Kiba leans forward to kiss you.  The kiss is playful but solemn in a way you can’t explain.  It just is.  Everything with Kiba just is.  It’s teeth and tongue, slow and fast, passionate and dry.  With a grumble he pulls back and whispers, “Later on we can take our time, yeah?”  He looks a little bit sorry that he can’t do it now.
Instead of answering, you pull him closer.  Your arms tilt around his neck and you slip one leg around his waist, pushing your core against his with unabashed passion.  He immediately growls and tears forward, kissing you with a heady, syrupy intent that makes your thoughts all combust and your actions turn sluggish.  That’s okay, his actions aren’t and when he slides you back into the air, he proves it.
He drags his cock over your core like he’s possessed, crushing your sexes together as he kisses you.  It’s like he’s trying to push every part of himself against every part of you.  It doesn’t work, of course, until you murmur against his lips, “Kiba…” and the words make him stare, and make him jerk forward to take you.
The moment he slips inside you, your back arches and his name is gasped from your lips.  You’re already so wet from his ministrations before that Kiba growls deliriously, shifting his hips hard into yours and hilting himself into you on the second thrust.  It doesn’t hurt as much because you’re walls are slick and ready for him, but there’s still a drag of pain that accompanies his rough movements.  You curl into him, twisting both legs around his waist and clutching at his bare, broad shoulders.  He doesn’t seem aware of your pain and normally it would annoy you.  But there’s something sort of insane about him all of the sudden, like he’s turned into a beast who couldn’t stop even if you forced him to.  It’s extremely erotic even in the midst of the discomfort.
That discomfort doesn’t last very long though.  It’s not that he’s rough anyway, just a little out of control.  After a few minutes the pain evens out and is joined with pleasure, and the two twist together like to parts of a whole.  You grip him harder when you feel that shift, thinking suddenly that this is better than you could have hoped for.  Better because it’s Kiba, the man you’ve been in love with for years.
“Oh Kiba,” you moan, feeling your body suddenly ignite like it’s been torched with blazing fire.  He grunts and shoves himself into you hard, bruising you with the force.  But at the same time it astounds you, makes stars gather at the edges of your vision, and you cry out softly as your nails dig into his skin.  You drag them up his back like you’re trying to claw him and somehow it seems to make him that much crazier.  He growls in your ear and the sound of it has you melting against him, on the verge of explosion, your orgasm tearing a hole through your abdomen before you even realize what’s happening.
“Kiba!” you cry with a helpless sort of moan.  He jerks, hips surging and connecting with yours so fast that you can’t stop your orgasm from taking over you.  “Kiba,” you say again, and again.  His name is the outline of your mouth, the air that you breathe, the edge of your soul.  Your inner walls contract and clench, and Kiba murmurs your name too, dragging his cock out of you only to ram it back into the tight wetness of your arousal.  Oh it’s beautiful.  And it makes him insane.
“Oh fuck,” he cries, groaning deliciously in your ear.  His lips move over your lobe like he’s silently speaking.  You clench your fingers into his hair and press your cheek against his.  You can feel the stubble of his unshaved jaw rubbing against your smooth skin.  And that isn’t all you feel. 
He fills you up, hot and scorching as his seed explodes inside you.  His thrusts turn erratic.  His fingers clench around your rear and he trembles into you.  And suddenly his crazy chakra lessens.  It doesn’t disappear entirely but it does mostly go away, and when he turns to you his eyes aren’t red anymore, but their usual dark brown.
He presses his forehead against yours.  You smile at him, feeling tired.  You’d like nothing more than to lay down with him curled around you.  Maybe he sees this desire in your eyes or maybe he just wants the same thing, because Kiba pulls away and murmurs, “Come on, let’s go to my place.”
You mumble out a tired but very satisfied agreement and Kiba grins.  He reaches for his shirt and pulls it over his head quickly, fixing up his appearance.  You pull on your jeans and run your fingers through your hair.  When you slowly walk-stumble out of the alley, it feels like everyone’s watching you even though nobody is.  You fit yourself to Kiba’s side, his arm looped around your shoulders, and he presses a kiss to your temple.  By the time you reach Kiba’s apartment and make it inside, you remember how hungry you are.  He does too, but not quite in the same way.
“Kiba, I want some ramen!” you complain as you search through his kitchen cabinets.  They’re deplorably empty.  He doesn’t seem to care as he presses himself against you, kissing the length of your neck and tilting your head to the side.  His hands and everywhere and you have to admit that it feels sort of amazing. 
“And I want you,” he says in your ear, grinning when you shiver against him.  He’d never realized how easy it is to turn you on.  But he’s got a feeling that he’s going to enjoy doing it as much as he can in the future.
You turn around to tell him off but go silent when you do.  Something in his eye stops you; an emotion you can see clearly and even put a name to, because you feel it too.  He slowly pulls you into his arms, circles them around your hips, and leans into kiss you very softly.
Maybe you’d always known you were in love with Kiba.  Maybe he’d always known too, and that he loved you back.  But here in the center stage of passion and realization it doesn’t matter.  Nothing matters, but for the way he kisses you.  Softly, slowly, like he’s in love with you and can’t possibly stop himself.



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