Friday, May 15, 2015

A Neji Hyuuga Lemon -- Coquelicot

Character: Neji Hyuuga

Fandom: Naruto Shippuden

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Do you guys realize that this is my first Neji lemon in about 2 years?!  Just started watching Naruto again.  Won't write any spoilers here but ohmygawdnejihowcouldyou *sob*

Neji Hyuuga is good at what he does.  His ANBU rank is only proof of his skills.  Your ANBU rank is proof of yours, too.
“You’re injured,” he says almost casually, but there’s nothing casual about the way his words angrily scrape the lower octaves of his voice.  Pale lavender eyes blink at you as you shut the door of the apartment and step inside.  You don’t respond immediately because you’re too busy kicking off your shoes and throwing your kunai pouch on the side table.  Oh what an amusing, common life you life when you aren’t on missions.  You even have a collection of porcelain dinnerware stashed in the cabinet for dinner parties. 
You still don’t answer him even when you make your way to the bedroom.  Neji trails after you, refusing to be ignored.  That’s okay, you don’t want to ignore him anyhow.  You just want to get closer to the bed that looms suggestively against the far wall.  After three weeks of an undercover mission you’re ready to lavish all your attention on your rather indisposed husband.  That’s right, husband.  And what a proud and motherly wife you’ve turned out to be.
You turn to him and he raises an eyebrow challengingly.  You’ve only been married a year but he knows lust when he sees it, and you’ve got a fair amount of it turning your eyes to darkness. 
“What are you planning?” he asks, even though he sort of already knows.  He’s known you your entire life after all, and if there’s anyone qualified to deal with you in your current state, it’s him.  Well, he wouldn’t allow other people to deal with you anyway.  You’re his wife and he’s rather possessive about that.
“I’m not planning anything,” you say breezily, turning away from him and unbuckling your armor.  The chest plate falls away with a thud and you hold back the flinch that threatens to crumble over your features.  But even though your back is to Neji, he still notices the way your shoulders stiffen just a little, the muscles of your neck strain, the long pause before you move again.  And he sighs, because he can’t believe you’re being so careless that you would try to ignore an injury.
“[Name], sit down.  I’ll get the first aid kit,” he orders.  His voice leaves little room for complaint or argument, and so you sit on the edge of the bed with a sigh.  He disappears for a moment into the bathroom and returns with the little white box filled with medication and bandages.  Then he sits down next to you and immediately reaches for your shirt, gently shifting it up your body and tossing it to the floor.  He looks at the slice on your shoulder with a clinical eye that makes you feel mildly fascinated.  Then again you could just be feeling that because you haven’t seen your husband in almost a month and you’ve missed him.  Dearly.
He glances at you and smirks, well aware of the desperate way you watch him, as if you could pounce at any moment.  He takes him time opening the first aid kit and slowly riffles through it, unconcerned that you’re getting more and more impatient with every passing second.  Finally, after it takes almost an entire minute for him to get the bandages and ointment out, you growl at him, “Neji.  Hurry up.” 
If anything, he looks even more amused.  His mouth twists up at the corner but he doesn’t chuckle.  He does hurry up though, even if it’s just a little bit. 
“Did you miss me while you were pretending to be someone else’s wife?” he asks idly, flashing his eyes into yours for a split second before fixing them on the wound he’s now working on.  His fingers gently clean it, removing pieces of metal that got stuck there from whatever fight you’d been in.  You pouted at his words because they really weren’t fair, but they were true nonetheless. 
“You know it was for a mission, Neji.  Stop being so irrationally jealous,” you mutter, secretly finding it funny that Neji could be both irrational and jealous at the same time.  He narrows his eyes at you and opens the jar of ointment, smothering it over the wound with a little less gentleness than he’d had before.  You hiss and glare, shirking away, but he follows easily enough.
“Did you sleep in the same bed with him?” he asks lowly, narrowed eyes still fixated on your wound.  You pause, then sigh and roll your eyes.
“I think you’re well aware that sharing details of ANBU missions is – “
“Did you or not?” he asked before you could finish, and you’re starting to get a little tired of his jealousy.  He’s not usually this bad.  Then again, you don’t usually go on undercover missions posing as someone else’s wife for three entire weeks.  You’d probably be annoyed too, if he had a similar mission.
But the answer he is looking for isn’t the answer he wants, and you turn your head away because you’d rather not tell him the truth.  The words ‘yes, we slept in the same damn bed’ don’t seem to have a whole lot of magic.  Unless you want the kind of magic that decapitates someone.
Your silence is all the answer he needs.  Neji frowns and unrolls the bandages, muttering a little when the end catches of the corner of the first aid kit.  Even in his annoyance though, he’s still gentle.  He always is, and he slowly wraps the bandage around your shoulder with practiced movements.  Then he silently snaps the box shut and rises, no doubt to put it away.  You watch, feeling a little bit powerless, not knowing what you should say to get rid of the giant elephant that’s suddenly taken up residence in your bedroom.
“Neji…” you begin, but he doesn’t stop.  He passes right by you and disappears into the hallway, leaving you gaping behind him on the bed.  Well that won’t do.  Not at all.
You frown and jolt forward, following him into the kitchen.  He silently turns the kettle on and reaches for the tin of tea leaves on the counter.  You cross your arms and watch him spoon some of the tea into the teacup, then slowly put the tin away.  And then he finally speaks, but it isn’t words that you’re expecting. 
“Did he…did you – “ he cuts himself off and stares hard at the opposite wall, frowning so much that the wrinkle between his eyebrows looks permanent.
You stare too, but your eyes are turning very surprised very quickly.  Is he actually asking what you think he is?  In a voice that could make ice refreeze, you ask, “Just what is it that you’re asking me, Neji Hyuuga?”
His eyes flash to yours and you know he’s more than a little chagrined, especially from the way you’ve reacted to his words.  He’s a fool.  A fool who is about to pay for his mistakes.  “We haven’t seen each other in a while, that’s all,” he slowly says, and then flinches a little.  “I mean – “
“I know exactly what you mean,” you cut in, eyes narrowed into slivers.  “You think I’ve cheated on you with a man I know nothing about, during a mission that could have easily taken my life!  You think I’d be more interested in getting some action instead of being alive?”  Well shit, that’s not what he meant at all.
Silence punctures the room so deafly that it could be cut with a knife.  You both stare at each other.  You’re breathing hard from your little rant and from all the wild emotions running through you.  Neji is standing perfectly still, almost like he does when he’s sparring with someone, like he thinks that one wrong move and he’s done for.  Well good, you think, because that wouldn’t be far from the truth. 
The water goes off.  The sound of the kettle whistles sharply through the room and Neji hurries to shut it off.  He pauses for a moment, then takes it off the stove and pours the boiling water into the teacup.  You stare at him hard when he brings it to you, setting it down on the counter near where you’re standing.
“…Forgive me,” he says finally, “Of course I don’t think that.”  He takes a step closer and rubs his hands over both your arms, sighing out slowly.  “It feels like I haven’t seen you in months.”  And it really does.
You’d known how your missions would affect your marriage long before you agreed to become his wife.  Both being ANBU ninja certainly takes its toll, especially when your mission schedules overlap.  But you wouldn’t change anything.  You love him and you love being married to him too, even if he is sometimes irrational and jealous to boot.
“Don’t you know I love you?” you whisper, sounding a little hoarse.  It’s probably because you’re tired, sore, and sad.  Neji’s fingers tighten around your arms and he swallows back a wave of guilt for thinking so ill of you.
“Of course,” he says quietly, “Of course I do.”  Then he steps closer and brings you against his chest, circling his arms around your waist and tightly holding you to him.  Into your hair he breathes, “I’m sorry.” 
You close your eyes and hug him back, but to his surprise you don’t immediately accept his apology, rare as it is.  Instead you merely chuckle darkly and say, “It’ll take more than a few words to earn your forgiveness, Neji Hyuuga.”  And he stiffens, pauses, looks down at you.  He raises one eyebrow in curious amusement and the corner of his mouth twists up.
“Oh really?  What do I have to do then?”  He’s a tiny bit wary at the sight of your mischievous smile, but only a tiny bit.  He’s much more excited than wary, something you seem well aware of.
“Wellll…I suppose you should take your clothes off first, and then we can go from there.”  Your smile turns into the most alluring smirk he’s ever seen and Neji shivers very softly.  Your suggestion has his entire body lighting up, as if awakening from a long dream.  His veins curls with a fire that spreads, burning so easily through his body and pooling between his legs.  It must’ve been a long time since the last time, because apparently tonight it isn’t taking much to turn him on.
He grunts low, his voice slipping darkly over his throat, “All my clothes?”  His eyes flash in such a way that makes it clear to you what he’s thinking: that he’d much prefer you stripping down first.  You’re the one shivering this time, and Neji smirks at the tiny success.
You hum and lean forward, flicking his shirt with your fingers and plucking it off his chest.  “Every…last…one,” you murmur, pressing a husky kiss to his collarbone.  His throat tightens and he groans very softly, obviously enjoying the way your lips burn his skin.  Another shiver rips through him violently.
“Hnn…” he reaches for his shirt and heaves it up.  His body stretches upward as he does, the muscles of his chest shifting and rippling beneath his skin.  You enjoy that and he knows it.  With a smirk he slowly reaches for his pants, takes his time undoing them and shuffles them an inch down his hips…then stops.  What a tease, you think, and narrow your eyes at him.
“Turn around,” is all he says, and you gape.  Turn around?!  You’ve seen him naked more times that you can count and he wants you to turn around!  “Neji – “ you start to say, fully intending on complaining your way around whatever obstacle is now in the way, but he only cuts you off.
“Turn around, [Name],” he says again, but darker this time, with more force and wicked abandon and promise.  His eyes cut the air between you to ribbons.  Molecules of oxygen are forced apart and so are you, and with a pumping aching burning heart you turn around.  Because when he looks like that and talks like that, you really can’t do anything else.
The shuffle of cloth sounds behind you, tickling the air softly.  You hear the telltale sound of Neji stepping out of his pants.  You hear something else, too, a gentle snapping sound.  It takes you a few muddy, foggy seconds to realize that it’s his hair tie and that he’s now naked and has his hair down: a combination that makes you utterly delirious and with good reason. 
“Your chakra is going crazy,” he mutters with a smirk, and his voice is suddenly behind you, so close that you can feel his breath cascading over your ear.  You shiver like a leaf in the wind, but the anticipated excitement you feel is nothing compared to the moment when Neji actually touches you.
It’s a gentle, unassuming touch.  But unassuming touches are usually the kind that startles a person into passion.  His hands come up to engulf your shoulders.  One moves up to your neck and curls around the slender curve of it.  The other shifts just slight to encompass your chest.  His fingers branch out over your collarbone and his palm rests just above your heart, which has accelerated so much that you fear it might run off without you. 
Your head tips back and Neji leans down, his breath drifting along your neck.  His thumb burns the underside of your jaw, tracing it very lightly.  His other hand moves too, but only to brush the straps of your bra off both your shoulders.  He sighs out and that one little sound has the potential to make you absolutely crazy.  Your eyes flutter closed.  You lean into him and raise your fingers to touch his hand, the one on your chest.  You drag that hand down to your breast and press it against you, and Neji growls very low and accepts the invitation.  He squeezes his fingers around the cup of your bra but it’s not enough.  He wants to feel your skin, the indescribably soft skin of your nipples…and so he curls both hands around your back and grapples with the hooks of your bra, cursing all the way.
You laugh a little as he forcefully rips the bra from your body, amused when it lands in the sink with the dishes.  That amusement lasts mere seconds and dies the moment Neji’s hands are sliding over your breasts.  And then he’s dragging you against him and squeezing you and kissing your neck with such abandon you can’t breathe.  It’s like the gates of his passion have been released and may possibly never be shut again.
He drags his hands over your breasts, lifting them in his palms and thumbing over the soft pink skin around your nipples.  With a groan he nips at your neck, then your earlobe, flicks his tongue around the shell of it and whispers hoarsely, “You’re so soft…”  You hum in agreement and sigh, enjoying the way he strokes you, up and down and again.  It’s like he can’t get enough of touching your breasts, of getting reacquainted with the body he knows so well. 
“Neji…mm, can I turn around now?” you ask, glancing up at his face.  He folds his arms around your waist and cages you against him tightly, then mutters, “I’m not done with you yet.”  And he leans down to kiss you.  The kiss is awkward at first because it’s sort of sideways-upside down, but soon Neji is sinking into your lips with a moan and it’s not awkward anymore.  Instead it’s only marvelous and colorful and beautiful. 
You reach up to palm the side of his face and moan, kissing him back tenderly and trying to pour all your emotions out.  He bites down gently on your bottom lip and drags it into his mouth, sliding his tongue over it.  At the same time his hands reach down to your pants and you shiver, well aware of what’s next.
He flicks your pants undone but doesn’t tug them off.  Instead he merely slips one hand inside them, curling around your core and slipping two fingers between your folds.  You immediately gasp, arch your back and grasp onto his arms for support. 
“Looks like you’re all ready for me,” he observes in a too-casual voice.  You whimper a little as he slips a finger inside you, pumping a few times before retreating again to flick over the bundle of nerves at the top of your clit.  That little move makes you crazy.  Your nails dig into his arm and he chuckles, pressing a gentle kiss to your cheek.  “Do you know what I’ve been wanting to do for weeks now?” he asks quietly, and catches your eye with a smile.
You laugh breathlessly and whisper, “No idea…”  Even though you actually have a pretty good idea as to what he’s referring to.  He rubs you in a swift circular motion that makes you bite your lip.  Then he takes hold of your pants and firmly shifts them down your hips, enjoying every inch of skin that is revealed to his observing gaze.
“Let me show you,” he says, helps you kick the last of your clothes off, and then proceeds to knock you off said feet – literally.  You laugh as he lifts you up, clutching your body tightly and possessively.  As he makes his way to the bedroom, you shift a strand of his hair out of his face and muse, “You’re not letting me stay angry with you, you know.”
He smirks and responds with a promising, “I’ll earn my forgiveness my own way.  I’m sure you’ll like it.” 
“Mm…I’m sure I will,” you quip back, right before he tosses you none too gently onto the mattress.
That’s about the moment when you get a good look at him, something you hadn’t been able to do before.  He’s hard and ready, looking absolutely glorious as he stands above you.  That doesn’t last for very long though, because then Neji is sinking down onto the mattress and kneeling between your legs.  He smirks down at you and shifts them farther apart before leaning down and kissing your thigh.  You swallow at the sight he makes, buried between your legs.  It’s more arousing than you were expecting, but then again it doesn’t compare to when his lips make contact with your clit.
You let out a little half sigh-half moan that Neji seems to appreciate, because he hooks his fingers around yours and squeezes them gently in a reassuring way.  His tongue licks the length of your clit, lapping at you like an animal before nestling his lips against your folds and sucking.  And that’s what really gets to you more than anything else – that soft sucking, the way stars seem to appear out of thin air and cloud your vision into a ragged mess. 
His tongue enters you, gently rubbing against your inner walls.  Your chest heaves like you can’t fill your lungs all the way.  “Neji!” you gasp, “Th-that’s good.”  Your fingers grasp his tightly and your other hand grapples with the sheets like you’re trying to pull them entirely off the bed.  Neji hums and the vibrations make you lost, like your head is spinning round and round.  Your orgasm feels like it’s seconds from exploding through you, like it’s about to tear a warpath right through your body and never stop.  And it does – right about when Neji sinks his teeth very gently into your folds and then proceeds to focus the brunt of his attention on the bundle of nerves at the top of your clit.
“Neji!” you cry, twisting his fingers tightly.  He chuckles and keeps his pace, bringing you to a high that makes you feel faint almost, because it’s been so long since you’ve had such a powerful orgasm.  “Oh God…” you mumble, feeling extremely fulfilled.  Especially when Neji raises his head and smirks down at you, and you see your juices shining over his lips and chin.  You watch his wipe his mouth with the back of his hand.
“You’re amazing,” you breathe as he crawls into your arms.  When he kisses you, you can taste yourself on him and though it should by all accounts disgust you, you can only sink into his lips with a moan. 
His body folds over yours, skin rushing, meeting like a heat wave in a dry desert.  That heat seems to span out for miles, rolling and submerging into the not so blank canvas of your desire for him.  You curl your arms around his neck and tunnel your fingers into his long, soft hair.  And silently, silently, he eases your legs around his waist and enters you. 
Words are wasteful things when two souls are busy careening forward and backwards and sideways all at once.  The only word you need is his name, which drifts between you quietly as he slides into you.  “Neji,” you sigh, and he buries himself into your folds and stays like that, in that warm wet purgatory, until you sigh again and reach up to touch his face.
There is a sweet sort of passion in the way you look up at him, and it makes his heart burn and criss cross delicate soliloquies into the air between you.  He leans down, kisses you, then his hips surge back and he thrusts forward.  The force of it is subtle, gentle, but it increases with each pass of his hips.  Soon it isn’t only gentle but desperate too, and the subtly has transformed into something resembling pleasure.
You exhale loudly and cling to him, legs tightly clasped around his waist.  You meet every downward thrust of his hips with a surging thrust of your own.  A few minutes in and you’ve become used to the grunting gasps that Neji presses into your hair and the sweaty slide of your bodies moving in tandem.  It’s a beautiful mess of breath and sweat and musky pleasure and moans.  Moans that you contribute to, as well.  But as much as you enjoy feeling his weight gently crush you down, a little vengeance is still in order. 
That vengeance is what prompts you to hook your leg down around the backs of his knees and, when he least expects it, flip him over with a force to be reckoned with.  Neji’s wide eyes stare up at you from his new position below.  The thrusts have stopped and so have the moans, and the grunts of pleasure.  You smirk down at him and grapple with his hands when he tries to reach for you, no doubt to return you to your submissive place beneath him.
“Tsk,” you mutter, wrestling his arms away and locking them above his head.  You quite like it when he fights back.  It’s one thing to see him fighting in a normal battle and quite another to see him fighting with you, naked, pressed beneath you and inside you.  The ripple of muscle and flesh makes your mouth water but you don’t do anything.  Not yet.  Instead you merely smirk and say quietly, “You call that earning your forgiveness?”  You’re going to make him earn more than just forgiveness now.
His eyes narrow and he struggles, writhing beneath you with such adamancy that you have to force back a moan.  His cock shifts within you, rubbing tantalizingly against your inner walls.  And besides that immense pleasure, he also looks ridiculously hot when he’s struggling.  Probably because Neji Hyuuga doesn’t struggle, especially not when it comes to sex.  Well, not until he met you that is.
“[Name]…” he growls warningly, clenching his fingers around yours so tightly that they turn white.  You glower back and circle your hips, dragging his cock around inside you and watching his eyes flutter from the move.  He underestimates your strength as well as your determination.  You’ll set that straight.
“Neji,” you say a little mockingly, and his eyes narrow even more.  He’s angry, but only a little.  You know it’s probably just because he’s upset that you took away his power and dominance. 
You lean down and press your breasts to his chest.  They pillow out against him and he shivers.  Your nipples are hard, taut, and he can feel them very distinctly.  He throws his head down and frowns, thrusting his hips forcefully up and taking you off guard, but only a little bit.  You’ve been expecting a move like that and easily intercept it, rising your hips at the same time so that his cock ends up pulling out of you.  Neji groans when it does and mutters, “Let go of me, [Name].”
You sit back on his now freed cock and circle your hips over it, enjoying the hardness of him against your folds.  His eyes flutter again but this time he looks much more desperate, and you tilt your head to tell him, “Only if you behave yourself.  If you want to earn your forgiveness, I want to fuck you like this.”
He growls, both at your words and the order behind them.  “Fine,” he bites out after a second of consideration.  He’s rock hard and feels like he could come just from the way you’re moving your hips above his member.  He needs to be inside you.  The circumstances of how that happens aren’t as important.  And besides, he can always get you back later.
“But let me go, I want to touch you,” he adds, and the clause of the agreement makes you shrug.  You let him go, slowly dragging your hands away from his and down his chest.  Your fingers idly trace his muscles, delving further and further down until you reach his cock.  The hard flesh strains into your hand as you pull it up and guide it into you, and Neji moans out lowly when he feels your hot walls enclose around him once more.
“Fuck,” he says, thrusting a little.  The movement makes him see stars.  His orgasm is so close that he can already feel is pounding at his body.  “I’m not gonna last long, [Name].  I can’t.”  It’s been too long since he’s been inside you and it feels too good.
“Just come,” you tell him, hands fixing themselves against the headboard.  He reaches down to grasp your waist, hands smoothing over your skin and coming to rest on your thighs.  One reaches back to clutch at your rear, dragging the skin into his hand and pulling you closer.  You start off at an unforgiving pace, bouncing over him quickly and desperately.  You’re nearing your end too, and every thrust brings you closer to it.  And the sight of Neji beneath you, hair strewn out over the pillows and expression equally desperate, makes your end come that much faster.
“Neji!” you cry, spearing yourself down on his cock.  He groans and thrusts upward, meeting you halfway and perhaps a little more.  Even below you he retains some dominance, but that’s okay because it’s quite frankly sexy as hell.  You stare at him and he stares at you and the despair in his eyes makes your body snap in half.  Your orgasm thunders through your with a sudden clarity that makes you gasp out, thrusts quickening as your inner walls clench down around him.  The tightness of that clenching movement makes him groan, moaning your name lowly and throwing his head back into the pillows.  His orgasm is so beautiful that you can’t help but stare, taking it all in. 
His nails dig into you and his muscles strain.  His eyes flutter closed.  You feel him fill you with such heat that you think you might catch on fire at any moment, but you don’t.  Your heart is beating loudly and your chest is heaving.  Beneath you Neji doesn’t move, his eyes are still closed and his face is fulfilled and peaceful, tranquil even.  You smile and lower yourself down to rest on him, burying your face against his neck and pressing a soft kiss to his skin.
He sighs and wraps his arms around you, so firmly that it feels like he’s trying to press you right into him and become one person instead of two.  Silence gently cascades around you, broken only when Neji quietly wonders, “What’s your verdict?”
For a moment you don’t know what he’s talking about.  Your mind is foggy and muddy like a stream in early spring.  It takes you a few seconds to remember that you were angry at him before, angry that he thought you were capable of cheating on him.  The thought still angers you a little bit, but you aren’t interested in fueling that emotion right now.  Right now all you’re interested in doing is laying here with him and trying to catch the breath you lost sometime between ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘prove it’.
“Mmm…” you moan sluggishly, and Neji chuckles.  With a sigh you mumble, “I forgive you.”
He press his lips against your hair and reaches down to throw your leg over his, tucking his hand around your thigh possessively.  “I still have to get you back for that little move you pulled though…” 
His words make you laugh.  You push yourself onto your elbows and lean over him, raising an eyebrow.  Your lips bump together.  “You liked it.”
His eyes gleam.  “I did not,” he insists, but the way he smiles says otherwise.  You laugh again and this time he join in, chuckling lowly, his breath drifting over your neck.
Words are wasteful when two souls are busy reclaiming intimacy.  That’s why you throw such things away and instead lean down to kiss him.  Neji curls his fingers into your hair and drags you closer, molding his mouth so deeply with yours that you forget everything – the arguments, the missions, the absences – and just immerse yourself in what’s most important.  Him.



  1. Just beautiful! ! Best Neji one ever!


  3. Omg yaaaaas Neji is so sexy. I recently just started watching and was wondering if you'd posted new lemons. You are the queen of all lemons. *bowing*