Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Tony Stark Lemon -- From Thine Eyes, Knowledge Derived

Character: Tony Stark

Fandom: Iron Man

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: I’m feeling poetic so this might be really out there ;)  Anyway I wrote this because I got a comment from someone who wanted me to do it.  So I just wanted to say that I do read all your lovely comments and do listen to them when the inspiration hits!  The title was inspired by my favorite Shakespearean sonnet, Sonnet 14

It is raining.  The world is a gray mass of fluctuating mathematical curves which seems to recede into the early evening silence.  Silent, because your spontaneous and often ridiculous lover is nowhere to be found.  Which means of course that he is in the basement. 
You love when it rains because that’s when Tony seems to be at his most productive.  He practically locks himself away in the lower levels of his mansion and becomes a hermit for the day.  You enjoy the solitude because it lets you do something you rarely ever do: read.  Tony isn’t much of a reader and happens to be an attention whore, so you don’t get much time to yourself.  But even you have to admit that hours of reading can get a little bit boring.  Which is why you end up trailing down the stairs that lead you to someone who doesn’t know what boredom is.
Tony is bent over one of his many computers when you enter.  The doors swish open so quietly that you doubt he even realizes you’re there.  But after a moment of staring, he tilts his head upwards and gives you a boyish smirk.  “You missed me, didn’t you?” he asks, sounding sort of boastful, like he’d known this would happen all along.
You smirk right back and say, “Course not.  Just felt like going for a walk.”  And his smirk widens because you’re so obviously lying through your teeth and you both know it.
“Oh really?” he muses, turning back to his computer.  “Well unfortunately I can’t entertain you, I’m busy.”  He does look busy.  He even has that mussed up hairstyle that he always gets when he’s in the throes of discovery.
You shrug and walk forward, sauntering up behind him and looking down at his computer.  Some weird complicated looking mathematical formula are scrawled over the blue screen in his messy handwriting. 
“That’s fine,” you tell him after a moment of trying and failing to figure out what the hell he’s doing.  Instead you merely pull your fingers through that mussed up hair and mess it up even more.  He doesn’t appear to mind – in fact he leans back and tilts his head up just a little.  Scalp massages always work.  You smile and murmur, “I’m sure I can amuse myself somehow.”  And the low scrap of your voice makes him sigh out and chuckle.
“Is that what you’re after?  Didn’t I already fulfill my dutiful obligation this morning?” he leans back even more to glance up at your face, his smile a strange mixture of cheek and suave charm.  You merely raise your eyebrows and scrap your fingertips lightly over his scalp, watching his eyes flutter.  A moment of serene staring on your part offers up the realization that you very much like the way his neck is angled in that moment, and so you lean down to kiss his adam’s apple very gently.  He swallows immediately after and you watch the cords of his throat fluctuate and ripple.
“Mmm…” he sighs when you do it again, this time kissing the hollow his throat.  Your fingers drift down to part the collar of his shirt, shifting over the dark hairs that are patterned over his chest. 
“You’re being strangely provocative today,” he muses a moment later, then hurries to add, “Not that that’s bad of course.”  The smile he sends you is more like an angelic smirk that shares a border with wicked amazing insanity.  Insanity that goes straight to your head.
“Guess I’m just hoping you’ll cure my boredom,” you tell him cheekily, pulling away just slightly.  He doesn’t move even an inch as your lips softly capture his, and doesn’t immediately kiss back either.  Instead your mouth gently pulls against his, and after a long moment of this you nip at his bottom lip in an attempt to encourage a response.  He only smiles and finally returns the kiss, but barely.
When the kiss dissolves you add, “And you’re being strangely stand offish.  Are you really busy?”  In so many words, he knows that you’re actually asking if he wants you to leave.  Perhaps that’s why Tony swivels his chair around and proceeds to drag your very surprised self into his lap.  You fall with a laugh that clearly tells him how unexpected you think his move is, and you decide once again that you love his spontaneity.  Boredom really has no place around him.
He gives you a look that makes you shiver, then turns his head and says, “Jarvis, maybe you should go check on something somewhere for a while.  As in until I tell you to come back.”  You lean in and kiss his jaw, smiling.  He settles into the chair and turns to face you, lips arching for yours.  In the background, you hear Jarvis say something about having an enjoyable time and you giggle.
“Jarvis is more knowledgeable about our habits than I give him credit for,” you murmur, playfully nipping at his bottom lip and dragging it into your mouth.  You give it a generous suck before letting it go, and Tony groans as he mutters, “Well he’s an extension of myself after all – take this off before I rip it off.”  He pulls at your shirt and you lean back, arching away from his chest so as to pull your shirt up and over your head.  His eyes darken as he takes in the sight of revealed skin.
Perhaps he doesn’t expect you to keep going.  Perhaps he doesn’t anticipate the way you immediately slide off of him and stand in front of his chair, shirt dangling playfully from your fingertips as you smirk down at him.  But he certainly does enjoy the sight of you and the knowledge of what you’re up to.
“Oh good, I love when you give me a strip tease.  Go slowly, I want to enjoy it,” he says with an amused-but-aroused smirk, and you bite your lip.  He’s so shameless that it makes you want to laugh out loud.  Instead you just reach for your jeans and slowly undo them.
Tony leans back to watch, crossing his ankles and settling back into a comfortable position.  You’re movements are quite fluid, probably from the many times he’s demanded a similar activity, and it’s nice to watch.  So nice that by the time you’re reaching for the last garment, he’s already feeling hard.  The feeling only gets worse as he watches you slowly pull your panties down your thighs, past your knees, till they hit the ground and get kicked away.
“How was that?” you ask, raising an eyebrow flippantly.  He muses, rubs his jaw with two fingers, and then says, “Pretty good.”  His eyes are dark and lustful, and your eyebrows rise further.
“Only pretty good?  That doesn’t sound promising,” you tell him, stepping forward to swing one knee between the both of his.  A moment later, you’re shifting said knee higher and higher, until you’re rubbing just slightly against the bulge of his jeans.  He chuckles in an almost breathless manner and reaches for you, skimming his hands against your thighs and then up to your hips.  Your heart thrills at his touch, but of course it isn’t enough.  It never is.
“Well I don’t want you getting cocky,” he muttered, raising his eyes to lock with yours.  You raise your eyebrows and reach for his wrists, dragging them up to your breasts.  As he squeezes them between eager fingers, you lower your forehead to his and whisper, “Mmm…getting cocky is your job, not mine.”  And you smile cheekily down at him.
He chuckles at your words and playfully pinches your nipples, his soft touch turning more insistent.  His thumbs swirl around the delicate skin and he sits up, shuffling backwards into a more comfortable position.  A moment later he was reaching for his shirt, and you were helping him drag it off.  The reward was well worth the effort, and you smiled as your fingers trailed down his muscular chest.
“Such a hunk,” you say with an amused laugh, though it’s obvious that you’re being at least partially serious.  Nobody could deny that Tony Stark was absolutely gorgeous.  And Tony Stark would be the last one to deny such a thing anyhow.
“They do call me Iron Man you know,” he reminds you as he reaches for his jeans.  They’re easy to unbuckle but harder to pull down, and you giggle at his attempts.  As you reach to help him shuffle them off his hips, you murmur, “And with good reason…”  For that’s about the time when his cock makes a rather abrupt appearance as it springs up and into existence.
Iron is a good way to describe at least one part of his anatomy.  He’s thick and already wet at the tip.  He’s also impatiently drumming his nails against the arms of the chair, waiting for action on your part.  Your eyes arch up to his and you curl your fingers around his shaft, at the same time dragging his hand forward to cup your wet core.  He doesn’t complain and several seconds later you’re both falling forward into one another as the friction of your touches make you see stars.
“You’re wetter than I expected.  Were you thinking of me?” he chuckled, a light brush of hot breath wafting over your shoulder.  You bury your face into his hair and drag your fingers up and down his cock, thumbing over his tip at each pass and making sure you reach every part of him.  “Might’ve been,” is all you whisper, because words are too hard to muster right now and besides, the only thing you want to focus on is the iron hard rod of aroused flesh in your palm.
“Mmmm…” he hums, and sinks his fingers farther into your core.  His thumb passes over your slit and focuses his attention on the top of it, generously rubbing the bundle of nerves and immediately making you moan and arch your back.  He adds another finger and thrusts it as far into you as he can go, twisting them around against your inner walls and enjoying the little keening sounds you make. 
The enjoyment lasts only as long as his attention span though – something you’d gotten quite used to over the years of being together.  Before you’re ready for it, Tony suddenly lurches forward, fingers jerking away from your core to instead grasp onto your hips and heave you into the air.  A moment later he’s standing and you’re hanging from him, utterly surprised at the move and more than a little aroused from the rough quality of his grasp.  He sets you onto the desk, flicks papers out of the way, and proceeds to heave you very close to the edge.  And then, once more taking you by surprise, he bends down to kiss your thighs, one then the other, and grins up at you.
You’re chest is heaving, breathlessly spinning out of control as you watch him.  His breath his hot and makes you shiver.  In a low voice that scrapes his words into gravel, he tells you, “Angle your hips.”  And you do, because you can’t think of doing anything else, not when his mouth is so close to your –
“Oh God!” you gasp, head tossed back and fingers clenching the sides of the desk.  His tongue is amazing, all twists and turns, and you’re ten times more breathless than you were a moment ago, which really shouldn’t shock you but it does.  It always does and you never want it to stop.
He hums in amusement?  Arousal?  And the vibration of it scorch you like tiny flames fluttering in the most deliciously subtle way.  And yet nothing about this is subtle.  It’s strength and power and such a strong desire that you’re left gasping where you sit – and it’s only the beginning.  You want to laugh at your crazy emotions but laughter has a way of turning to tears in the heat of the moment, so you merely clamp your mouth shut and simply breathe.
“Tony, are you…mmm, gonna make me come like that?” your fingers twist into his hair and you hear him chuckle a little.  And that makes you even more delirious, because you can feel that chuckle in every part of yourself and it makes you flounder and fumble toward the beginnings of your end.
He stops after a moment to say, “D’you want me to?”  His words are muffled against your slit and it’s so wrong but so right at the same time.  You swallow back a wave of crashing, tempting desire to tell him, “I just want you to fill me up.”  And if that doesn’t make him crazy beyond belief, nothing will, because the next moment he’s swearing very colorfully and jerking away.
“Stand up,” he says, tugging you off the desk.  You smile victoriously and stumble off of it.  Your legs feel like rubber that will bend and collapse at any moment but it doesn’t matter.  The next moment he’s guiding you around and you’re pressing your upper half against the top of the desk, rear jutting into the air and legs spread in a very provocative way. 
Tony takes a brief moment to appreciate the view, sliding his hands over your ass and splaying it.  Then he slips his fingers along the crevice of it and rubs your clit slowly.  The moan you give him then has him falling into several forms of insanity and he decides that waiting really isn’t his forte, so he doesn’t bother trying.
You moan again when you feel his cock slip against your core, pressing into the folds of it.  Lifting yourself up onto your elbows, you glance back at him and swallow hard at his expression.  His eyes are like infernos.  The browns in them seem black, and you think you’ve never seen a more arousing sight.  Of course this gets blown out of the window the moment he slides into you, because when his expression crumbles into intense desire it’s all the more beautiful. 
The first thrust is more of a drag than a thrust.  It’s uncomfortable too.  But the second thrust is more lubricated and more passionate.  He takes it slow at first, ensuring that he isn’t hurting you.  But when you moan luxuriously and shift your legs further apart, he seems to get the hint that going slow isn’t very important anymore.  His pace suddenly switches to such intense, deep thrusts that you swear you feel him filling you more than ever before.  Perhaps it the position or perhaps it’s just your mind spinning new romantic imagery, but you’re so out of breath that you can only moan and press your forehead against the cool wood.
He leans forward and the heat of his body merges with yours.  You feel his lips press themselves to the back of your neck, his breath shifting generously over your skin in heavy panting gasps.  You’re gasping too, and wondering if perhaps you’re going insane because it feels amazing.  It always feels amazing but for some reason it feels more so now.  You’re not sure why exactly, but you do know that the thought of him leaving you makes you feel terribly sick. 
His fingers reach for yours and suddenly your hands are mingled together just like your bodies, forever entrenched and endearingly crossed.  Another kiss is placed on your shoulder blade, where your skin puckers with the remnants of an old scar.  You’d like to kiss every scar that he has too, but that will have to come at a later time.  Every thrust takes you higher, every grunted moan that spills from his lips makes the world seem farther and farther away.  Like you aren’t on earth at all, but instead in a world of your own making several light years away.
“I’m…almost there,” he tells you, maybe to warn you or maybe just because he needs to say something, to get his words out into the open.  You moan and gasp, “Me too!” and push your hips out a little more.  The movement makes him groan and increase his already crazy pace, obviously preparing for the orgasm that has begun to sweep through him.  Lucky that the timing seems perfect, for your own orgasm is in the process of doing the same to you.
“God…oh fuck – Tony,” you whine, clenching your fingers tightly with his.  If this is divinity then you’re a fucking angel.  You’re body is practically singing the praises of this delicious worship.  You think you might have died and gone to heaven – which is a feeling that is utterly silly compared to when your orgasm blasts through you.  And then you feel so grounded and alive and human that it makes you happy you haven’t died, because then you wouldn’t be able to experience the tremendous joy of fucking.
He comes soon after you, with a cry that makes your heart burn.  The heat of your coupling intensifies and fills you so completely that it makes you wonder at your own mortality.  It’s a selfish feeling, a feeling that makes you lonely almost.  But there is nothing lonely about making love to someone who is also making love to you.  Nothing selfish about it either, because sex at the highest level is giving and taking in moderation, and you like to think you’re pretty good at balancing those two things fairly adeptly. 
“Jesus,” you hear him mutter in your ear.  His breath dips against your cheek and you suddenly very much want to turn and press him against your breast, your heart, push your soul against his and make it sing.  So you lift yourself up and glance back at him, catching his eye and relaying all this in that single, simple glance.  Translating your emotions into words is not so easy, but that’s the thing about two experienced lovers – words are only add-ons of some great poetic edda that inhales fire and exhales love.
You turn, he catches you.  Your bodies are shaky but composed, the molecules of them are inebriated and sluggish at the same time.  It’s a strange but languishing beauty that makes your heart feel like tunnels full of earthy forest melodies and nothing more.
Nothing, of course, but him.



  1. This is awesome XD make sure you change the title though, it doesn't say what lemon it is :3

    1. Whoops! Thanks :) And you're request will be up within the next 2 days, I'm just going over it and making sure it's good. I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to do!!!

    2. It's all good, take as much time as you need XD I can't wait to read it!

  2. lovely ohmagawd. just watched age of ultron last night. needed exactly this.

  3. I love it it's amazing I want to request one so how would I do that?

    1. there is a "contact me" tab where it gives you the email to contact her for a request and the information you need to give her for it :3

  4. Holy. Crap. I almost had a heart attack, it was so awesome! Can you do one with Quicksilver? Avengers not X-Men?

    1. That would be awesome! I agree, the Avengers Quicksilver is so much better.

  5. I was waiting for him! I literally jumped from my bed when I saw that you had done one for him. Please please please do another? I would appreciate so much. It was great BTW, please continue!!!

    1. Glad you like it!! I still have to go see the movie but when I do, I have a feeling I'll be inspired to write more ;3

    2. @Janas
      Lucky you! I just requested an AOU Quicksilver. No promises tho, XStrangelyxOvercastx is probably very busy being her awesome self on and off the interwebs.

  6. This is so well written, and shows more than the a-hole side of Tony like most Lemons do. Thank you for being a writer!

  7. I know I'm a bit late but this was written nicely and was enjoyable to read ;)
    I hope you write more reader inserts for the avengers in the future. Until then I'll be here reading your other work.

  8. I was reading the title and was thinking "that sounds very Shakespearean" so I searched it up and it's from Shakespeare's 14th Sonnet. I knew my 9th grade English class would come in handy SOMEHOW!