Friday, September 4, 2015

A Fíli Lemon -- Battlefield

Character: Fíli

Fandom: The Hobbit

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Sooo this is a realistic first-time lemon.  Guess I got a little impatient with the whole idea of girls actually getting to orgasm during sex in their first encounter.  I mean.  Come on right?  Unless you’ve got a freaking awesome guy or have that medical issue where you orgasm every other minute, I doesn’t happen.  … :3  Anyway, I’m on a Lord of the Rings role atm, so feel free to vote on my poll for the next Tolkien character.

The halls of Erebor were never quiet.  Always the sounds of life and laughter drifted through them, ricocheting against smooth stone and gilded brass.  The mountain was not lonely anymore.  It was full of life and passion.  It rang and burned with forges and light.  It was once more filled with purpose, along with every dwarf that made a home there.  Every dwarf save for one.
“Nalisi, please talk to me,” Fíli, son of Dís, pleaded.  He was a prince now, and an heir, and if anyone should be kneeling down in such a way it was not him.  But being royalty was still new, and while he tried to carry himself like his uncle did, he found it difficult.  Of course it wasn’t as difficult as the trials he had to go through with this infuriating dwarf lady.
Nalisi was a fine woman, delicate where most were strong.  She was a pureblooded dwarf, though had many characteristics of a human girl.  Her hair was thin and wavy, the color of morning light.  Her features dainty, her smile quick to appear.  Even her beard was not as full as most of her dwarven peers.  She much made up for it with her fiery temper – something that was usually the reason for the messes she got herself in.  Of course this time, the mess was partially his fault.
“I fail to see why I have to speak with you, my prince,” she said stubbornly, jutting her chin away from him and instead peering down into the valley far below them.  They were outside the mountain, in a little outcrop of rocky but solid stone.  The mountain was riddled with such cliffs, though the dwarfs rarely ventured outside and preferred to turn their attention inward and downward.  Nalisi was just rare enough to be different.  At least different in that she enjoyed feeling the breeze on her cheeks and being able to see for miles. 
She often came out on this cliff when the mountain was suffocating her.  Her friends hardly understood this.  It was highly uncharacteristic for a dwarf to long for wind and not stone.  Fíli though – her friend for as long as she could remember – had never once questioned her on this matter.  He had even stumbled out after her this time, though he obviously did not like being so out in the open.  She could feel the tension from his body even without looking at him.  (Of course that could also have something to do with their little spat.)
Fíli sighed, wrestling momentarily with his anger.  Getting upset would not help.  It would only make Nalisi that much more stubborn, more willing to ignore him.  And he knew that she was angrier than usual because she had called him ‘my prince’, and almost never did that when they were alone.
“Nalisi…” he reached for her, unsurprised when she shifted away just before his fingers could graze her shoulder.  She was being very adamant tonight.  It was highly aggravating for Fíli, especially since he didn’t even know what he’d done to make her so upset. 
“I’m bullheaded,” he admitted suddenly, blurting the words out hesitantly.  They were so different from all his other words that Nalisi glanced at him in surprise, catching his eye in her confusion.  It was a small victory for Fíli.  He scooted closer and said, “It’s true.  I am.  I don’t even know – “ her eyes hardened and he quickly changed course, “Er, I don’t…I mean, I’m – Mahal, this is hard.” 
He frowned mightily at his own inability to speak, something that rarely happened to him.  It was all Nalisi’s fault.  This sort of thing was always a woman’s fault.  She scoffed and turned away once more, as if she could hardly bear to look at him.  This action wounded him more than any other, and Fíli’s frown deepened. 
Nalisi clenched her jaw and said tightly, “You are bullheaded, and plenty of other things at that, Fíli.  Of course you don’t know what you did wrong – you didn’t even know I was there when it happened.  But I was!”  She hissed and shifted farther away, always away.  The familiar lilt of her voice was burred, rough with her anger.  Fíli watched her carefully as he considered her words, trying to think of what she might have seen that she wouldn’t have liked…and when he realized what that must have been, his face grew pale.
She noticed, having been watching his expression out of the corner of her eye.  When clarity crashed into those bright blue eyes of his, Nalisi knew that he had remembered.  That he could have so easily forgotten made her even angrier.  She stood, frowned, and darted back to the stone window in which they had climbed out of.  Her long skirts dragged behind her and she heaved them up around her calves in a rather inappropriate manner, though she hardly cared about propriety in Fíli’s presence.  Their long friendship had effectively removed any of the usual shyness that often towered over a woman and a man.
“Nalisi - !” Fíli exclaimed, dragged from his shameful thoughts just in time to see the bright red of her skirts disappear into the mountain.  “Durin’s Beard,” he muttered, and scrambled after her.  Letting her go would simply not do, no matter the rumors that might be spread come morning.  He had shamed her without intention, and he would erase that if he could. 
Once inside, Nalisi tore down the hall without prelude, wanting nothing more than to be free of Fíli for the evening.  She could face him tomorrow, when she was more collected and reserved.  When she had locked up all her stupid feelings and could become his best friend once more.  His best friend, and nothing else.  The mess they were in was never meant to happen.  It would be better just to forget that the incident had ever come to be at all.
But Fíli was not the type to overlook such things.  She heard him call her name, easily catching sight of her in the deserted and winding hallway.  She ran faster, feeling like a child fleeing from her father’s wrath.  She was a noblewoman’s daughter, running from her prince and her feelings.  How pathetic she was!  But she could not bring herself to stop.  She could only push faster, calculating how long it would take for her to reach her chambers and lock herself into them.  Then Fíli would not be able to bother her.
“Nalisi, stop!” he called, tearing through the halls after her.  This would not do.  He had to explain things before she closed herself off to him.  And to do that, he had to catch her.  But she was damn fast.
Of course she didn’t stop.  She only ran faster, quickening her pace and all but catapulting down a flight of stone stairs.  Unfortunately for her, her skirts once again got in the way and twisted around her legs, effectively tripping her and causing her to fall the rest of the way down.  Something that both angered and caused her great embarrassment, as Fíli had seen the whole thing.
“Oh for Durin’s sake - !”
His hand clasped around her shoulder and drew her back.  Fíli looked over her worriedly, his lovely blue eyes shining in concern.  “Did you hurt yourself?” he asked, fingers fluttering over her but not fully touching her.  Nalisi clenched her jaw and forcefully shifted away from his body, cheeks blazing as red as her gown and wondering if he’d be able to stop her if she tried to run again.
Her thoughts must have been clearly written on her face, because Fíli’s eyes darkened and he said, “Don’t run.  I have to explain – “
“Explain what?!” she exclaimed hysterically.  To her horror, she could feel her eyes watering from the frustration and the sadness.  The memories of that day rushed back and she choked them down forcibly.  She tried to keep silent, to not address the matter that was clearly none of her business – but her personality would not allow it.  In a rush, she blurted, “Explain how you were passionately kissing that dwarf girl in the alcove near the armory?”
Passionately? – “
“Or how you did the exact same thing to me two weeks before?!” she demanded, feeling more than hurt.  They had shared a kiss several weeks ago – and then had pretended as if it had never happened.  They were best friends, nothing more.  But that kiss!  It had been everything she’d dreamt of for years.  But pining over Fíli, a prince and a dwarf far above her station, was not something she was pleased about.  Especially since that kiss was obviously just a kiss and nothing else.  That she had over thought the matter was even more hurtful.
Fíli swallowed thickly, pausing for a second too long.  The beat of silence made Nalisi laugh.  It was a bitter sound, a sound dredged up from the edges of painful one-sided love.  Except that, unbeknownst to her, that one-sided love was actually very much reciprocated.
“You don’t even have anything to say, do you?” she asked quietly, and the tears she’d been trying to hold back began to overflow.  Distressed by her tears, Nalisi shot to her feet before Fíli could follow, turned on her heel, and took several strides away from him.  Then stopped.  She turned back to see that Fíli hadn’t moved.  He was watching her with sorrowful eyes, that pretty blue gaze she loved so much crinkled at the edges. 
“It’s none of my business what you do when I’m not around,” she said after another moment of that dreadful silence.  With a stiff smile, she nodded.  “Tomorrow let’s pretend this never happened – we’re best friends and – “
“Pretend it never happened,” he suddenly laughed.  That was a bitter sound, too.  Bitter and convoluted, washed as it was with the strain of his emotions.  His desperation and his belated hope and his desire for her.  To have her be more than simply a friend.  It was a desire he had struggled with for a very long time.
With a clenched jaw, he rose to his feet and faced her.  “I didn’t want to brush that kiss off, but you wanted to pretend that hadn’t happened too – “
She frowned, “Don’t try to turn this on me, Fíli – “
He swiftly cut her off.  “I thought you were being shy.  It thought it was sweet.  But then you acted so cold and I assumed you considered it to be a mistake.  But Nalisi – I don’t make mistakes.  Don’t you know that by now?”
More silence.  This time it consumed them.  She couldn’t breathe.  Her anger and sorrow swept too deep, hitting parts of her that left her drowning and soaring all at once.  With an embarrassing hiccup she asked, “What do you mean?”  Because the kiss was a mistake, wasn’t it?  And she hadn’t been the one who was cold, he was.  The day after it had happened, he’d hardly even acknowledged her.
He stalked toward her and she stepped back, feeling like prey beneath his stormy gaze.  Fright loomed above her.  Not for him, but for her emotions, her love.  Love was a frightening thing, after all.  It scared her too.  “Fíli – “
Her back hit the stone wall behind her and the merrily lit hallway seemed to darken almost, so focused she was on his face as it loomed close to hers.  She trembled, thinking that perhaps he would kiss her again, and knew that if he did she’d be done for.  All her arguments would fade, her willpower would crumble, her love would devour her.
But he only cupped her face, pressed his body against hers, and brushed his thumbs over the tears that had tumbled down her cheeks.  With gentle reverence, Fíli whispered, “When I kissed you I felt like my heart was shattering.”  He paused, chuckled, and added, “It was a good shattering.  Like in battle, when you’re so tired that you can hardly lift your sword – only to look behind you and see all your victories laid out on the ground – “
“Only you would compare a kiss to a battle,” Nalisi said with a laugh, unable to help herself.  Fíli chuckled too, and then more seriously said, “But isn’t it?  I think that’s what love is.  That’s what I’ve learned, from loving you.” 
She stopped laughing.  When did he get to be so poetic, anyway?  She was torn in half, partly wanting to laugh at him for being so foolish, but mostly too overcome by emotion to ruin the moment.  She stared at him, big and wide-eyed.  He stared back, his gaze trailing down to rest on her mouth.  Did he love her?  He just admitted as much, and looked nervous enough for it to be true. 
“That doesn’t sound like a good thing,” she breathed, eyes fluttering.  He was so close, so close to her.  She could feel his breath shifting over her lips, the force of his eyes pining her down – or was that his body, so warm against hers as he pressed her deliciously into the wall?
He hummed, and the sound of it seemed to reverberate through the entirety of her and perhaps even the mountain itself.  Quietly, barely even coherently, Fíli whispered, “Battles are demanding.  Exhilarating.  Tiring – beautiful – “
“Fíli,” she cut him off, head tilting up.  He swallowed at her proximity and waited.  Waited for her to say – “I think you’d better kiss me before you lose the chance.”
A tiny smile caught his lips and he hummed again, but this time didn’t respond with words.  How could he, when she had just invited him to do what he’d been dreaming of doing for days, weeks even?  He kissed her.  His mouth captured hers slowly in a gentle embrace, thumbs still shifting over her cheeks.  After a moment that brimmed with sacredness and reverence, he moaned and deepened the kiss, pushing her farther into the wall and reaching down to take her waist into his hands. 
She moaned too, a breathless sort of sound that wavered into the kiss and all but tore the world off its hinges.  And suddenly Fíli could think of nothing but that kiss, that battle between them.  He kissed her deeply, tilting her head to the side and slipping his knee between her legs.  It was partially accidental, that little move, but a tiny bit calculating too.  His mind whirled and all he could think about was tasting more of her.  Having more of her.  Making her his. 
And that was when he remembered himself, the hallway they were in, the gossip and shame that would spread if anyone saw them – and he broke the kiss before he could give into those dark passions.  Before he could let them ruin him and her, too.
She followed him back, lips connected until the very end, and when at least that connected broke she leaned back against the wall with a mighty tremble.  Her desire unnerved her.  How could a simple kiss invoke such wicked hunger?  She shifted her legs closed and rubbed them together, trying to dissipate the arousal that had sparked through her body.  Fíli noticed of course, and he closed his eyes with a fierce moan that made the arousal all the worse.
“Mahal, don’t do that, you’ll make me crazy – “ he said in a strained voice, turning away from her.  But he was given no respite.  Behind his eyelids his mind conjured dark images of her clothes hanging lose from her body, her breasts heaving – and his own hands, traveling the length of her and dipping into the sweet wetness that was no doubt pooling between her legs – “I think I should leave you now, before I…before I…”
“Before you what, Fíli?” came her voice, and his eyes flew open at the sound of it.  Hungry, passionate, aroused.  He stepped back and she stepped forward.  Their roles were reversed, now.  He was the prey beneath her fierce eyes.  She was the one who wanted to devour him whole.
“Nalisi, it isn’t appropriate – you’re a maiden, unmarried – if we were to…well then you’d be ruined.  Your chances at marriage would be ruined.”  He couldn’t believe he had the control to turn this opportunity down when all he wanted to do was rip her clothes away and take her.  But he knew this was right, that his words were true.  If only she agreed.
She pushed him into the opposite wall and whispered, “I know.  I know you’ll one day be king.  I know you’ll probably be forced to wed someone else, someone more fitting for my station – this may be the only chance I’ll get to have you completely.  Will you deny me this?”
He would, if he had any reason left in his body.  But such a thing was hard to come by when arousal had taken over.  He felt stiff, needed to be touched.  And that was what she did, moments later, when her palm gently swept over the front of his trousers and against the bulge that pushed them out.  He held his breath and closed his eyes, unable to stop her as he collapsed against the wall.  Fingers clenched tight, he said in a strained voice, “You know I can’t deny you anything.  Mahal I want you.  I’ve wanted you for so long – “  His words morphed into a lovely moan when she squeezed him gently.
“I can’t believe how foolish we are,” Nalisi chuckled, drawing her hand away from his core to instead travel up his chest.  He sighed with relief and chuckled as well, because it was true.  They’d been best friends since they were children, mere babes in their mother’s arms.  It had been acceptable for such a friendship to develop back in the Blue Mountains.  There, he hadn’t been a prince. 
His eyes fluttered open.  Their matching smiles were bashful, foolish even, and drowned with a heavy sort of desire that infiltrated both their bodies.  In truth, said desire had been something they’d both been battling for years now, ever since they had realized what sort of relations went on between men and women.  Discovery had been made elsewhere, on Fíli’s part, in taverns and other such lowly places.  Each encounter had been an illusion.  Nalisi’s face had replaced the nameless women.  Her body he had imagined beneath his touch.  Her voice in his ear, her skin warm and supple against his.  The mere idea of cultivating that dream into reality made him more eager than he liked to admit.
“My chambers aren’t far from here, as you well know,” she whispered with a blush.  She had never lain with a man before but had heard plenty of tales.  They were scare stories, really, that her mother and the older woman had created to frighten off any unwanted suitors.  A dwarf lass was always saved until marriage unless something happened to ruin her beforehand.  But in this case, Nalisi hardly thought of it as a ruining.  It was more of a last chance.  A last chance to have Fíli before he became completely unreachable to her.
He swallowed loudly, stared at her hard.  Every part of him was hard, both his body and his mind.  And yet a gentleness still surrounded him as always, and it made Nalisi feel safe and secure even as she delved into areas unknown to her.
She took his hand, turned it over in hers.  His fingers were longer than her own, and calloused from years of weaponry and hard work.  She was no dainty human either, but her own work as a seamstress left smaller details in her skin.  Tiny nicks from the needle, a callous from the thimble.  They were delicate compared to his, and to Fíli they were hands that needed his protection.  Usually that meant protection from others as well as himself.  But tonight he could not think of such things.  Tonight he could only think of having her stripped bare and curled around him.
“Are you sure this is what you want?  I won’t have you regretting this,” he warned her, looking quite serious about it all.  But she only smiled and nodded.  Then, with a face full of mischief, she looked around to ensure that they were completely alone and dragged him from their hiding place. 
“Come on,” she said, glancing back at him and chuckling at his relieved expression.  And then they were off, sprinting down the hall with their hands wrapped tightly together.  Her room was attached to her family’s quarters, but the thick walls between them would ensure that no noise could be heard from either the hall or any of the rooms nearby.  This was a well known fact to them already, for they had gotten into plenty of mischief during the last few years of life in Erebor to know that everything was quite soundproof.  Of course this hadn’t been tested the same way, but neither could find the time to worry about those things.  By the time they reached Nalisi’s quarters, excitement had spurred those thoughts far away.
It was around the time that people went to the dining hall for dinner.  Such meals were oftentimes a big deal in dwarf cities, and lasted a long time.  Fíli and her had missed plenty of them before for one reason or another.  It would not be strange for them not to appear.  And even better, it would mean that there would be no one around to cause unwanted interruptions.
“Hurry,” Nalisi giggled, throwing her door open and pushing Fíli inside.  He chuckled, dragged her along, and then peered outside to make sure no one had seen them.  The halls were empty and he quickly withdrew from them, shutting the door and locking it quickly before turning back around to face her.  She was waiting, hands behind her back as she stood bashfully in the center of the room.  The fire loomed up behind her and cast lovely light on her skin, flushing the red of her skirts into a deep and passionate crimson.
He paused, idly placing the key to her door on a little end table beside him.  His eyes never left her even for a second, and he knew that his stare was making her uncomfortable.  But it couldn’t be helped.  To look anywhere else would be a sin against his heart.
“Are you going to stand there all night?” she asked flippantly, even as her voice shook from her own nervousness.  He was nervous too.  His palms were sweaty and his heart felt like it was beating a thousand miles a minute.  He watched as she stepped back, as she turned to face the fire, as she began to slowly unlace the front of her gown with shaky fingers.  And that was when Fili stepped forward and stopped her.
His warm body pressed itself to her back as his hands curled around her waist to catch hers.  “Wait,” he quietly said, thrilling at the way she shivered into his arms.  His hot breath splayed over her neck and down her breasts, and it took great control on his part not to clutch at the parts of her that made every man crazy.  Slow.  He had to take this slow.  She deserved nothing less than worship and he would give that to her, and take pleasure in the process.
“Let me,” he whispered, pushing her hands away.  He paused only a moment before gently grasping the leather ties of her gown and loosening the stays that kept the fabric tight to her breasts.  She was breathing fast, her lungs spinning with air as each tie was undone.  Her chest heaved in such a beautiful way that Fíli had to force himself not to hurry, not to just tear the silly dress from her body.
“You’re very good at this,” she said after a moment.  Her voice was pitched high, restlessly swooning over her shallow breath.  It was true: his fingers were quick as if he’d done this many times before.  She was half relieved that he had some experience, and half distressed to think that he had done such things with other women.  A tiny bullet of jealousy clawed through her before she could clamp it down, though if Fíli noticed he said nothing. 
Instead he merely hummed a low, grunting sort of hum that made her arousal peak to a level that burned her.  As he fiddled with the last tie, he said, “You were there each time.”  And he paused because he hadn’t meant to say that, exactly, though it was true.  And she paused because suddenly the jealousy had shifted to a blooming, exhilarating reverie that both shocked and warmed her.
“…Was I?  I don’t recall that,” she said with a breathless laugh, which Fíli soon joined in on.
He slowly turned her in his arms so that she faced him.  Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes bright.  He reached up to cup them, abandoning her gown for the time being and instead turning her attention to more sentimental things.  “I cannot name all the times that I’ve imagined you like this.  Breathless for me.”  His hands shifted down to her bosom, trailing over the front of her breast and smoothing his palm over her hardened nipple.  She stared up at him with dark eyes, and when those eyes moved to his lips, he decided that talk was silly.  Words were only good when there were silences in which to fill them.
He leaned down just as she craned her neck up, this lips meeting simultaneously.  A moment passed where nothing more than that happened.  That moment shifted as all others do when Nalisi moaned and pushed her breast further into his hand.  And that was about the time where Fíli’s already thin control shattered spectacularly.
“Mahal,” he croaked, then grasped her gown with both his hands and tore it apart.  She gasped and kissed him harder, her hands tangling into his fine blonde hair.  Her outer gown fell to the floor dramatically, torn just slightly from his rough handling but otherwise in one piece.  It didn’t matter.  All that mattered was dragging his touch over her body and fulfilling the dreams he’d been having for as long as he could remember.
The thin slip she wore beneath her dress was just that: thin.  It was silken and cascaded over her curves like water might fall from a cliff.  It was quite frankly awe inspiring for Fíli.  Not because he hadn’t seen women in such things before but because it was Nalisi who stood before him, and that made all the difference.
“Fíli,” she keened, burying her face into his neck and panting hard against him.  His hands were making her crazy, squeezing her breasts and rear.  Her body felt hot, flushed, and ached like nothing else.  It was like a wave of numbness had washed over her, immobilizing her entire body save for one area.  The throbbing between her legs was getting more and more difficult to ignore, but she was too embarrassed to say anything about it.  The entire situation was new to her and she didn’t know what to do next.
Luckily Fíli did.  He was more observant than she gave him credit for, but perhaps she shouldn’t have been surprised.  He had always been observant, more so than his brother.  He was quieter and noticed things faster than most dwarves.  And so of course he would notice how aroused she was.  And of course he would do something about it.
His fingers slipped from her rear down the cleft of her ass, easily moving over the silk of her slip.  Nalisi bit her lip, clutching him tightly as his touch invaded the part of her that had never been touched in such a way before.  She was grateful for the slip, grateful that she still had some semblance of protection between those fingers and her skin.  And yet a part of her wanted nothing more than to remove all barriers and have him feel her properly. 
He closed his eyes, circling and rubbing his fingers over her clit.  Wetness clung to the silk fabric.  The heady musky scent of her arousal hit him hard and Fíli breathed out quickly.  Doing this to her, touching her like this, it was the stuff of his dreams.  It was so arousing that he could barely be gentle.  It was hard to remind himself that she was new to this, inexperienced and maybe a little afraid, too.
And yet the fear was surprisingly minimal, something that surprised Nalisi.  How could she fear Fíli?  How could she be afraid of her best friend?  It was this courage that made her pull back just far enough to reach for his tunic and grab the hem.  He allowed her to shift the fabric over his head, abandoning his exploration of her body for now.  Instead he merely allowed her to touch him, and he was glad she did not shy away from that.
“I’ve always loved your chest,” she whispered, skimming her hands reverently over the corded muscles that lay just beneath the skin.  He was hard, everywhere he was hard.  His chest flexed beneath her gentle fingers, and he had to swallow thickly when she circled them around his nipples.  With mischief in her smile, Nalisi looked up at him and murmured, “You have a fine body.  Built for battle.”
The words made him smile too.  He slowly captured her hands and raised them to his mouth, pressing a kiss to the back of each one.  In a low voice he said to her, “And love, too.”  He watched her eyes light up.
“Do you really love me, Fíli?” she asked.  She wasn’t very concerned with his answer.  Perhaps that was because she already knew what his answer was.  He didn’t disappoint.
“Hmm…” he drawled, and she grinned.  He kissed her cheek and against her skin he whispered, “Yes.”  The simplicity of his answer made her laugh.
“That’s good,” she said quietly.  Her hands slid down his chest and she watched his face grow serious.  By the time her fingers were touching the hem of his trousers, his eyes were full of desire and all sorts of other delicious things.  The bulge of his pants was highly distracting for her, and she wanted very much to see him bare.  She had never seen a man bare before, but she’d heard many tales from the older, more experienced dwarf women.  She was anxious to find out if they were true.
She reached for the stays of his trousers but was intercepted by Fíli’s hands.  “Tch,” he grunted with a laugh, clutching her fingers tightly between his own.  “You’re not playing by the rules.  It’s my turn, my lady.” 
Nalisi’s eyebrows rose and she shook her head, feeling her own laughter rising up within her.  That she could find such a situation funny shocked her, and yet that laughter felt perfectly natural and wonderfully simple.  Fíli and her often joked around.  She was happy that they could still laugh even in the midst of such blistering emotions.
“I don’t believe we agreed on any rules, my prince,” she told him, squirming out of his grasp.  He smiled and hesitated, then said, “…Very well, have it your own way.  But you can’t keep yourself hidden for much longer.”  He would let her set the pace if that was what made her more comfortable.  But even he had to admit that it was unnerving, being the first to be undressed entirely.  
“Oh, thank you for your permission,” she said mockingly, but after that all laughter was put on hold.  She could not laugh and desire at the same time, at least not yet.  And so as she slowly undid the ties of his trousers and shifted them off his hips, her expression grew serious and awed, for his manhood was nothing like she’d imagined.  (And she had imagined it, by the by.)
He shifted, trying not to appear uncomfortable.  But with her wide-eyed stare, such a thing was highly difficult.  He knew she couldn’t help it.  This was her first time seeing a man up close and he would give her the time she needed.  But Mahal, it was hard to do.  He felt like a soldier under inspection.
“Can I…can I touch it?” she asked after a moment of just staring.  Fíli closed his eyes and smiled, feeling an overwhelming wave of desire hit him square in the chest.  By the Gods, that question was sexy.  Hearing it made him want to do all sorts of ungentlemanlike things.
His eyes fluttered open and he said in a strained voice, “…Please do.”  He wanted to tell her to do other things as well but held those callous words back.  She was not some tavern wench he had paid for. 
The way his voice was doused with a heavy despair made Nalisi smile apologetically.  “This is hard for you, isn’t it?  What can I do?”  If the other question threw him off guard, this one made him utterly directionless.  How many times had he imagined her asking that very same question?  The desire was staggering in its intensity and crushed him.
“Just…” he swallowed, then stepped forward so that they were pressed together again.  “Here, let me have your hand.  I’ll show you.”  He took her wrist and slowly drew it closer to his erection, watching her face all the while for any hint of displeasure.  But there was none that he could see, and with relief he slid her fingers around his girth and curled them beneath his hand, easing her up and down his shaft with slow, simple motions.
She breathed out, surprised at the arousal she felt from doing such a thing.  Touching this part of him was something she’d never imagined herself doing.  But it felt amazing, and pleasurable too, just to know that he was enjoying the touch.  His head fell against hers and together they moved like that, his hand guiding hers effortlessly over his hardened flesh.  It felt even more amazing than he’d anticipated.
“I think it’s time that you play your part,” he murmured after a moment of this.  To his surprise, Nalisi frowned and said, “But I want to keep touching you.  I want you to show me how to pleasure you better.” 
He chuckled at this and shook his head, placing a kiss on her mouth.  “We have plenty of time for that later.  For now, what would pleasure me most of all would be to have you bare.”  Bare and writhing beneath him and moaning his name.
She allowed him to drop her hand, allowed him to pull her closer.  His eyes never left hers even for a moment.  The intimacy of that simply stare had her clutching him tightly, breathlessly.  But it didn’t break as he reached for her slip and began to pull it slowly up her body.  Every inch of skin that was revealed made him crazy, but still he didn’t look away from her eyes.  It made her so comfortable that she didn’t find the situation at all embarrassing, despite her own misplaced confidence in her body.
When the fabric was merely a pool of silk beneath their feet, Fíli trailed his hands to her bare waist and held her like that, letting his eyes dip over her form reverently.  She closed her eyes, unable to help herself.  It was as if she could literally feel his gaze hooking into her skin and pinning her to the floor.  But it wasn’t discomfort that captured her nerves, it was instead a fierce erotic sort of pleasure that took her very much off guard.  She had never felt its equal and it shocked her like an electric wave.
He let out a deep breath that fluttered over her skin.  His hands shifted, easing up her body to cup her breasts.  His thumbs drifted over her taut nipples and he found that he could not hold himself back any longer.  With a rush of adrenaline Fíli jolted forward smoothly, capturing her face with his hands and pulling her roughly against his bare body.  His lips descended upon hers and she moaned, both at his insistent mouth and the way his body felt utterly amazing against her own.
She had never thought much of the male body.  It hadn’t excited her as it had her female friends.  But now she wondered why, for being pressed against Fíli’s bare form left her scraped and raw, as if her soul had just been shaved of all its girlish fantasies.  She was a woman now, or at least she felt like one in that moment. 
Fíli stepped backwards, shuffling so calmly toward the bed behind him that Nalisi hardly noticed, at first.  But when she did notice several moments later, she merely clutched him harder and kissed him more feverishly, hoping that her heart would cease to explode by the time they reached their destination.
It didn’t.  In fact it seemed to almost rise up within her chest and shatter even more brilliantly.  The backs of Fíli’s knees buckled as they hit the mattress’s edge, and they tumbled together in a heap of limbs and gasping chests.  Nalisi landed on him, her bare form pressed against every inch of his.  She blushed and, when she went to peer up at him, saw that his eyes had darkened to a point of blackness.  Desire had taken so firm a hold of him that he looked like a tempest of passion.  Passion for her.
“Fíli – “ she gasped, blushing ever more.  How could she not, when her form was so tightly held to his?  When her breasts were pillowed out against his chest, when his hard length was pressed insistently against her abdomen?  Her voice was a breathless whirl of undeniable lust.  He had to close his eyes to reign in some of his self control, before it completely swept them away into a world of dominant, greedy need.
“Come here,” he nearly growled, his words merging and slinking together like dark water over rocks.  She shivered and he gripped her tighter, almost digging his fingers into her waist and arms.  This was insanity at its brightest, roiling around in thick swatches of tarry, starless hunger.
With a heave, he pulled her up until her face was hovering just above his own.  Before she could so much as moan at the way her skin glided and dragged over his, Fíli was reaching up to hold her face and bring her down to kiss him.  His mouth fiercely captured hers, a weaving interlock of forceful thunderous emotion.
“Fíli,” she moaned.  This time it didn’t hold any semblance of complaint, for there was no such thing left within her.  She felt locked in his passion, buried there as he kissed daylight into her skin.  His blonde haired shone in the dimness like plaited golden thread, his cheekbones flaring up in the shadows.  His blue eyes looked like the very depth of the ocean brimming with salty inconsistent desire that waved over her and made her want to throw herself into the storm of it.
She buried her fingers into his hair and tugged, twisting her grip into the silky spun threads and kissing him back with a feverish, desperate longing.  It felt like she was trying to melt into him, and could almost succeed.  His body was hotter than anything, like a furnace come to life.  And she was a bit of ore thrown inside of it left to disintegrate against the flames.
He shifted, hooked his arm around the back of her shoulders, and sprang up with a force that made her gasp in surprise.  Before she even knew it she was splayed out beneath him and he was hovering above her, their hips locked together as he rose up on two muscled arms.  And then he looked down at her and nearly lost himself yet again.
She looked thoroughly kissed.  Her lips were swollen and red, bruised in a way that made him proud of his passion.  Her hair was a halo that turned her into a grounded angel his for the taking.  And take her he would, to the very depths of hell, and show her all the lovely fiery truths that resided there.
She reached for him, sliding her hands slowly up his chest and into the pattering of light hair that spun over it.  Nestled beneath him she looked lovelier than he could ever describe.  Her skin was aglow with golden light.  She looked more like a fantasy of his dream world than the reality that she was.
“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, leaning down to kiss her again.  This time the kiss was a slow drag, a burning tug of lips and tongues that made Nalisi moan luxuriously.  He shifted until his body was once more pressed against the entirety of hers, and nearly thought he might die before he could ever finish what they’ve begun.  But that wouldn’t ever happen, because she wouldn’t let him.  At the very least, the electricity of her touch would bring him back again and again until heaven and earth were one in the same.
“So are you,” she told him, arching her body up to kiss him more fully on the mouth.  He moaned when he felt her breasts mold against him, skin to skin like a tight breathless lullaby. 
“Oh am I?” he asked with a low, aroused chuckle, breaking away to kiss her jaw, her neck, her collar with generous delicious kisses.  Her chest heaved as one of his calloused hands slide over it, shifting gently against a taut nipple and rolling her breast over his palm. 
With a breathless shudder, she peered down at him, eyelashes fluttering against her cheeks.  “Yes,” she murmured, twisting her fingers into his hair as his mouth descended upon her breasts.  “My strong warrior,” she said with a gasp as his teeth gently pulled at a nipple.  She’d never considered how truly sensitive her breasts were.  But tucked beneath him she felt his every movement.  The hot pooling of his breath, the rough scratch of his beard, and his tongue – his tongue that swept burning truths into her as if he was trying to consume the very heart of her.  And she’d let him.  She would.
“Oh Fíli,” she whispered, feeling as if she was combusting.  She ached something awful.  The force of her own arousal blindsided her, made her wonder at the depth in which she craved him.  For it wasn’t just longing, it was something else.  Something that bordered life and death.  With a twisting tug of his hair she breathed, “Please…”  And the plea that came unbidden to her lips made Fíli pause, shiver, and pull away to look at her. 
Immediately she blushed bashfully, as if she thought that perhaps her arousal was something to be scoffed at.  Fíli would set that right.  That and all the other things the elders told her about making love and how evil sex was unless it was with your husband.  He was not her husband but he loved her like one.  Loved her even more deeply perhaps, that it couldn’t be grounded or contained within the lines of any contract.
“Don’t be shy about it,” he whispered, ducking down to kiss her smoothly on the lips.  “I want to give you all the pleasure in the world.”  As much as he could.  His eyelashes fluttered against her skin and she gripped him hard, cheeks still ablaze with tones of pink.  But she looked as if she was more bolstered now, more prepared.
“…Then,” she swallowed and closed her eyes, nails digging into his shoulders.  “Then touch me.  Please Fíli.  I can’t stand…” she swallowed again like she was somehow being swept up in the drowning sensation of arousal, and Fíli chuckled.
“Mmm…” he kissed her cheek, dragged his lips down her jaw, and against her skin he muttered, “As you wish.”  They both wished.  And so he shifted them once more, settling them more comfortably in the center of the bed, and sent her a soft smile that easily reassured her.
Everything with Fíli seemed so easy, even intimacy.  She was still afraid, still bashful, still shy.  But at the same time she was anything but.  And when Fíli  descended, pressing kisses to her skin, she hardly felt like the girl she knew she was.  Until of course he reached her core, sat back, and gently clasped his hands around her thighs to pull them apart.  That was when she turned more bashful than ever.
Closing her eyes tightly she turned, too shy to look him in the face while he was looking at the one part of her that had never been looked at before.  Not like this.  But then Fíli was softly touching her thigh and murmuring, “Nalisi.  Look at me.”  And she really couldn’t do anything but listen.  He had a hold on her that no one else did.
She peered at him, cheeks burning, and swallowed at the sight of her legs spread apart and his fingers loosely settled on her thighs.  He was kneeling between them, one arm holding his weight as he hovered above her.  He was staring at her with an expression she’d never seen before.  It was sort of a mix between love, desire, and a gentility that surprised her and yet didn’t.  Fíli was always gentle with her and he was gentle now, but her body didn’t feel it.  Her heart was a thunderstorm inside her chest and she felt like she was a live wire of nervous tension.
“Relax,” he whispered, reaching forward to take hold of her hang.  His fingers locked with hers, thumb brushing over her knuckles lightly.  The touch made her sigh, trying to relax her body.  But it was harder than she thought it’d be, and Fíli quirked a boyish grin.  “This will feel good.  Very good.  I promise.”  She believed him, but still she couldn’t rid herself of that nervousness.  It seemed to almost pull at the corners of her mind, leaving her utterly adrift.
“I know it will,” she breathed back, honesty flaring up in her eyes.  She knew it would because it was Fíli, and everything about Fíli felt good.  She saw him smile wider and turn to kiss the inside of her thigh, inches away from her core.  This time she didn’t close her eyes but made herself watch his every move.  And he didn’t draw his eyes from hers either as he slowly nestled between her legs and began kissing the wet folds of her core.
A violent shiver tore through her, followed by tiny rolling thrills that rather amazed Nalisi.  She’d had no idea just how sensitive that part of her was.  She had explored herself in the past, but never to this extent, nor to this level of eagerness.  But she was so wet and felt so raw, and it was all because Fíli was here with her.  He was making her feel things she never imagined.
His lips and tongue were amazing.  She never could have known that his gift for diplomacy and speech would translate so fluidly into such talents.  He touched her delicately, at first, but there was a firm hunger in his movements as he progressed.  Minutes in, Fíli was practically lapping at her, as if he was partaking in the most decadent meal he’d ever had.  Nalisi couldn’t grasp what about this was so special for him (for her, she could understand).  But she couldn’t deny that his hunger for her was easily making her ache with a depth that surpassed all previous desires.  And it was in that moment that she realized just how desperately she needed him inside of her, fully, completely, and for the first time she wasn’t afraid.
“Fíli …” she whispered, the blurry edge of a moan drifting over her voice.  She felt groggy, sort of barely there, and yet there was an intensity ruffling through her body that was hard to ignore.  She suspected – though did not know for sure – that it was because he was quickly bringing her to her end.  But having never experienced such a thing, she couldn’t be certain.  She was a proper lady, and besides, she was more interested in swordfights over romance – unless that topic of such flighty feelings was Fíli, for whom she’s always had a rather silly crush.  Not silly anymore, it seemed.  Not when Fíli was kneeling between her bare thighs and spinning pleasure over every nerve.
“Let go, Nalisi,” he murmured to her, voice low and impossibly sexy.  She stared down at him, chest heaving.  She wanted to let go, she did, but she wanted to wait for him to be inside her too.  But Fíli wouldn’t allow her to hold off.  Inexperienced as she was, it took very little to make her come.  He concentrated his tongue over the bundle of nerves at the top of her clit and within seconds, she was purring and arching and whimpering as she unraveled before him.
It was a blissful feeling, like none she had ever felt before.  Her entire body was warm and quivery, as if she’d just nosedived from a tall cliff into a hot pool of steaming water.  She felt like her bones had liquidized, and was sluggishly blinking her eyes when Fíli appeared beside her head, wearing a boyish smile that made him look very pleased with himself.
He kissed her cheek, but didn’t stop there.  Soon his lips were caressing down her jaw and her neck, suckling at the sensitive skin in much the same way as he’d suckled at other parts of her.  She shivered against him, tilted her head back, and very nearly moaned when his muscled arm came around her waist to tug her close to his chest.  They lay there side by side, his lips pressed to her neck as he slowly bestowed her with luxurious kisses.  And against her he whispered, “How was it?  Did I take your breath away?” 
She bit her lip and smiled, closing her eyes.  “Mmm…you know very well how you did, Fíli son of Dís.  Stop fishing for compliments.”
With a short laugh of surprise, Fíli pulled away and grinned down at her.  Nalisi frowned at the lack of warmth and reached for him, smoothing her fingers over his arm.  But Fíli only smirked and rolled her over onto her back, and their lower hips connected and molded together from the movement.  She held back a gasp – for she didn’t expect him to feel so hard.  She knew he was of course, but to feel it pressed against her – it felt like an iron rod wedged between them.  That deep ache at once flared up again, and her eyes burned. 
So did his, but it was because of her own reaction to him.  How aroused he was!  He had never felt so worked up over a woman, but then again this was Nalisi, and he had practically been in love with her for years.  How many times he had imagined her like this, beneath him, bare to his eyes and his heart. 
With a soft smile, Fíli leaned down to rest his forehead against hers.  Doubts plucked at the corners of his mind yet again.  Was she really ready for this – for him?  What if she regretted it in the morning?  What if she regretted it so much that she couldn’t bring herself to even look his way?
Nalisi brought her hands up to touch his cheeks.  Her thumbs brushed over the soft skin beneath his eyes.  She was not blind to the worries that suddenly plagued him.  She knew him too well.  And yet she was also starkly aware of her own need for him to finish what they both began.  In a gentle voice, Nalisi whispered, “Fíli, this is my choice.  Do you mean to have me beg?”  She quirked a smile, half in jest, and Fíli chuckled darkly.
“Mm…I can’t deny I wouldn’t mind seeing it,” he laughingly admitted, and Nalisi giggled. 
She arched into him, wrapping both legs around his waist.  The movement opened her up to him in the most intimate of ways, and he shuddered against her at the feeling.  He inhaled sharply as she shifted lightly against him, feeling the shards of pleasure shiver up his body.  She opened her mouth and he steeled himself, but nothing prepared him for the startlingly intense words that left her lips – he was done for.
“…Come inside me, Fíli,” she told him lowly, her voice a raw scrape of sound.  He stared and she smiled.  “I want to feel you everywhere – I want you tonight.”  Right now, she almost added, but Fíli already seemed to have grasped the order and was in the midst of complying.  He couldn’t very well deny her, not when she was so adamant about this continuing, and especially not when he wanted it to continue more than he could say.
He slowly exhaled, and was then leaning down to kiss her firmly.  His lips were emboldened by the desire to have more of her, as much as she was willing to give.  He shifted, rubbing his length against her folds.  The silent gasp that left her lips was quickly swallowed up by his persistent kiss, and so were the following inhalations that she gave as he lined himself up to her.
“Relax,” he whispered, gently strumming his fingers against her tense thigh.  “It will not hurt so much if you relax.”  Indeed, she was tenser than he’d ever seen her.  Her muscles roiled beneath her skin.  She was an image of anticipation and perhaps even fear, even though she knew well enough that making love was as commonplace as breathing – well perhaps not quite as –
“Shh,” Fíli murmured, chuckling a little at the tight expression on her face.  He kissed both cheeks and pushed a strand of her golden hair from her forehead.  “I cannot promise it will feel good, not at first.  Often the first time for a woman is rather…lacking.  Do you still want to continue?” 
She smiled a shaky smile and thought of all the terrible things her mother would say to her if she knew what they were doing.  Such covert practices were not looked upon favorably, and yet Nalisi couldn’t think of a better person to be with in such an intimate way.  Besides, if Fíli didn’t do it, then surely some other dwarf would whenever she was married off.  And despite the practical warning of pain, and her fear of it, Nalisi knew that Fíli would be gentle.  Probably more gentle than any husband she would be expected to lay with sometime in the future.  And…she loved him.  Surely that was reason enough?
“Stop talking,” she told him, trying to sound less afraid and more stubborn like she often did.  He didn’t seem convinced of it, but neither did he deny her.
“Very well,” he whispered, looking deeply into her eyes.  It was a look that made her heart blossom within her chest.  It was a look that dispelled her fright, or at least a good majority of it.
He slowly began to ease into her.  His tip speared her folds first, slid smoothly into her entrance, and began to stretch her walls.  It was an odd sensation…it did not hurt, at first.  She tried to relax, forced herself to let go of the tension between her legs, and clutched onto Fíli’s arms for support.  It was support that she ended up needing, because despite her attempts at relaxing her muscles, the pain did come. 
She bit her lip, refusing to allow the pained moan that wanted to be released from doing so.  She was stubborn, and hardy, and a warrior at heart.  Her mother had told her tales aplenty of this, of what to expect, and of the pain that the initial encounters would bring.  But none of those words really prepared her for this.  She was only glad that Fili was taking his time, very slowly entering her even though it seemed to be at great expense for himself.  His expression looked tense too, and even a little painful.  She learned why a moment later.
“Please, Nalisi, relax.  You’re too tense,” he said in a strained voice.  She sighed out, exhaling slowly.  She was crushing him, though she was hardly even aware of it around her own discomfort.
In a tight voice, she murmured, “I’m trying, Fíli.”  She felt more than a little out of her comfort zone.  Actually, she felt as if said comfort zone had been ripped from beneath her feet very suddenly.  This was not the blissful sensation that had come from Fíli’s mouth on her core.  In fact there was not even a semblance of such a feeling.
He kissed her temple, mouth fluttering over her cheekbone and down the bridge of her nose.  “It will feel better,” he breathed, “just hold on.”  Such a thing was easier said than done, but she tried.
It did get better, but it was never pleasant, at least for her.  Her mother was right about one thing: the first time was never easy, nor did it bring any satisfaction.  But she was also wrong, because Nalisi was satisfied.  She was pleased at the way Fíli seemed satisfied.  She was happy that, as he moved over her in gentle thrusts, he sounded as if he had attained some sort of heaven just by being with her.  And so she watched him, watched his expressions, watched the way his mouth tightened whenever he felt particularly good.  It was like learning a language, one that was silent and wispy.  It was beautiful.
“Nalisi,” he moaned, his breathing creasing into her hair.  His thumb brushed over her forehead, spinning into her soft braids as he moved.  His every thrust was gentle and even-paced, and he seemed to grow harder inside her with every pass of his length.  
She grew used to the feeling of his intrusion.  She even thought it was almost nice, having him inside her, being one with him.  She hoped they would get more chances to explore this union later on.  She wanted to feel what he was feeling – that blissful pleasure.  She wanted it to fill her as it filled him, to share this with him.
He knew that pleasure would not come as easily to her as it did to him, but Fíli also knew that she was not in the same discomfort as she’d been before.  Nalisi looked much calmer, much less pained.  He was happy, and he would lavish more pleasure upon her later on.  But right now he could think of only one thing, and that was the intense feeling of his own end tearing through him even now.  
His orgasm was already puckering the edge of his vision, making him grit his teeth and quicken his pace minutely.  He did not want to hurt her by going too fast, but he couldn’t possibly help himself.  Such control had deserted him – but fortunately his common sense had not.
With one last grunt, Fíli began to pull out of her.  He would take no further chances of ruining her.  If she got pregnant then she would be publically shamed, and he would never be able to marry her.  Even now, though the chances were slim, he hoped to convince his uncle to allow their marriage.  But – if she got pregnant then all those hopes would never come to fruition.  He was shocked, then, when Nalisi stopped him by tightening her legs around his waist.
“Nalisi, I cannot – “
“I will take a potion tomorrow.  Please, Fíli – I want to feel everything.”  Especially if this would be their last time together.  He was a prince and she wasn’t part of the royal house, nor even a noble.  She was all too aware of their doomed circumstances.  If this was the only time they would pursue such intimacy, then they would go all the way together.
He stared at her, lips pursed as he frowned.  This was not a good idea, but Mahal he wanted to finish inside her.  He would go with her and force the potion down her throat if need be.  But, as always, he could not deny her anything.  And so he nodded briefly and slid back into her wet core, smoothly returning to her heat and thrusting once more inside of her.
It didn’t take long.  After only several minutes, Fíli’s expression was crumbling and he was pressing his moan against her neck.  She felt a heat like no other fill her, seeping through to her womb and easing out onto the mattress.  It was amazing, more amazing than anything she had yet felt tonight.  The feeling of his release and all that came with it – his love, his desire – it all made her clutch him hard and shudder.
He gasped, gently withdrew, and stared down at her.  Her legs lay open, and the apex of her thighs glistened with his release.  He reached down to spin his fingers over that silky core, dipping his fingers against her folds.  She jerked against him, over-sensitive and somehow satisfied.  She’d done it.  She gave him everything.  And she felt amazing.  Actually, those fingers of his were making her feel a little more than just amazing…
“Fíli?” she murmured, shivering when his thumb circled her clit.  He looked glorious, kneeling above her like that.  His skin glowed golden in the dim light, and the expression on his face was enough to make her breath shorten.
“I know it wasn’t what you were expecting,” he whispered down at her, twisting his knuckle over her folds smoothly.  His fingers glided right over her so perfectly that he felt the stirrings of desire creep into him again.  But this was her moment, not his, and he was going to make it worthwhile.  “…But,” he continued, “this will well make up for it.”
She stared up at him, about to ask what he meant, but he answered all her questions for her with a single movement.  His thumb took off at a pace that left her miles behind, brushing insistently at the top of her clit.  His other hand joined, stroking her quivering folds.  He did not penetrate her, only kept touching the outer folds of her clit until Nalisi was gasping and roiling beneath him, and the bliss was once again hers.
She cried out and came quickly, body arching into the air.  It was a sight that made him grit his teeth and close his eyes – briefly, for he could not look away from her.  She was beautiful.  A sight he would not soon forget.
“Oh Fíli,” she gasped with a heavy sigh, coming down from the high he had given her moments later.  Her bones once again felt like they had all melted away, and all she wanted to do was curl up and fall asleep. 
Fíli chuckled and laid beside her, wrapping her up into his arms as she sighed out again.  What a night they had had.  The sentiment was felt equally between them.
“You do not regret it?” Fíli ventured to ask as the minutes slipped by silently.  The fire crackled in the grate.  The gauzy curtains gently blew.  And Nalisi, calm and sleepy in his arms, was on the verge of dreaming.  His question gently roused her.
“Mmm…no,” she answered tiredly, and gave him a mischievous smile, “And next time will be even better.” 
His heart burned happily at the thought that she wanted a next time with him, that he didn’t frighten her off.  He smiled, relieved, and kissed her forehead.  “I will make sure of it,” he promised softly, and pulled her farther into his arms.
She went, snuggling against him, and believed him with every fiber of her being.



  1. Great read. My favorite is still Kili but a great read nine the less.cant wait for the next one! Um I was wondering if you could do a Dante or a Owen Grady/PETER Quill x reader. If not its ok lol. Have a great day!