Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Bucky Barnes Lemon -- Red Burlesque

Character: Bucky Barnes

Fandom: The Avengers

OC: Jane Victoria Baccello, dark long hair, brown eyes, patient

Inspiration: Jane teaches Bucky a thing or two about modern burlesque shows…sort of.  ;)

It started off like any morning would.  Bucky got up before Jane, left her sleeping, and padded silently into the kitchen to start the coffee and get breakfast ready.  He was really an abominable cook, but he could at least make scrambled eggs and sometimes he’d try his hand at Bisquick pancakes, though more often than not they’d be overcooked and crumbled.  Half an hour passed.  He spent the majority of it making sure the eggs weren’t sticking to the pan, and enjoying the sight of the snow that had fallen earlier that morning. 
There was one deviation to his morning schedule though – one simple flaw that made him frown in confusion.  Jane would normally be up by now, inhaling coffee and scolding him on the fact that he’d gone through so many dishes to make simple scrambled eggs.  Normally she’d be rolling up her sleeves to clean up after him, mumbling about it as she did.  Except she hadn't appeared yet, and while it wasn’t that strange, it did give him pause.  When she did enter the kitchen only minutes later, the sight of her was also a deviation from their usual mornings…but this one he wasn’t about to complain about.
“…You weren’t wearing that before,” he said after a brief pause, trying and failing to tear his eyes away from her chest.  Dove gray lingerie skidded over her breasts, so thin and transparent that he could clearly see the dark shade of her nipples peeking through the lacey design.  She was wearing a black silk nightgown to, that went to her thighs and was tied together quite loosely at the waist.  He couldn’t see what else she was wearing, but he knew that he really wanted to find out.
Jane raised her eyebrows mockingly and looked down at herself, “Really?  Are you sure?”  His mouth twitched.  She was playing with him?  Well then.  Apparently she hadn’t learned her lesson yet. 
Bucky leaned against the counter and caught her eyes, which sparkled in amusement.  He narrowed his gaze fractionally and gruffly said, “I made breakfast.”  He wasn’t giving in so easily, despite the desire to. 
She wasn’t either, it seemed.  With a breezy smile, Jane stepped toward the stove – and him – and nodded, “So I see.  And you made coffee too.  So good to me.”  As she reached for a coffee mug, the shoulder of that robe slid down her arm, exposing a thin strap.  He stared at it, refusing the desire to go to her and touch that shoulder, kiss the top of it, pull the strap down and discover what that soft lace felt like against his palm.  But he didn’t.  Instead he just watched her pour the coffee, stir cream into it, and slowly turn around to face him.  She hardly seemed to notice the exposed shoulder, but Bucky wasn’t stupid.  There was a gleam of knowledge in those eyes of hers.  She knew.
“I thought I’d make bacon too,” he told her, leaning against the counter and watching her.  She shrugged and nodded, now noticing that he’d already taken the frozen bacon out of the freezer before she’d entered the kitchen.  She hadn’t seen it with all the other things on her mind.
Luckily bacon was probably the one thing Bucky could actually cook without burning.  Jane took another sip of her coffee and put the mug down on the counter beside him, reaching for the bacon to help him prepare it.  It was behind him, and Jane stepped up close so she could reach it, innocently brushing her hand over his side as she did so.  He didn’t move, even when she was mere inches away.  Only raised an eyebrow because he knew what game she was playing and it sort of amused him.  Made him a little crazy, too, but that was an emotion he could hold off.  For now.
Together they got the bacon ready, Jane twirling around him to get the pan, then twirling back to reach the knife hanging from its magnetic rack by the sink.  Each time she moved, she subtly brushed against him, making it look like an accident.  It was sort of making him impatient, to be honest – which was why he ended up shuffling up behind her while she cut the bacon into shorter pieces.
He towered over her, both in height and in size, and rested both hands on either side of her as he looked down to watch her movements.  She was by no means inept at using that knife, even if it was only for culinary reasons.  He’d by lying if he said it didn’t turn him on just a tiny bit.  It didn’t help that his current position gave him a nice downward view of that sinful lace…and the shoulder of the robe she still hadn’t bothered fixing.
He’d fix it now.  Or at least his version of ‘fixing’.  With a subtle touch of his own, Bucky’s fingers fluttered over her shoulder blade and up to the crease of her neck, smoothing back down before gently plucking the bra strap from her skin.  Her movements didn’t even slow, even when he pulled it down her shoulder and leaned in to press a lingering kiss on her skin.
This time, Jane gave a tiny reaction.  Just a small shiver that ghosted through her so quickly he barely felt it.  But he saw it – the way her fingers shook slightly as she held the knife, the way she paused before continuing on.  Ignoring him, was she?  Well then.
He drew a hand around her waist, laying his palm flat over her abdomen.  It lingered there for a moment before shifting up and sinking into the opening of her robe.  Then it was warm skin and silk against him, and when he finally raised his hand to cup her breast, Jane bit her lip and breathily said, “I thought you were hungry.”  It might’ve been a question, but the syllables were weighted down with dragging currents of desire.  Desire that had Bucky leaning closer, fitting his body against hers and squeezing his fingers softly around that lace.
“I am hungry,” he told her lowly, his voice a burring grind of sound that drifted over her neck.  She gripped the knife harder.  Any other time, and Bucky might’ve been concerned about that.  But, well, he could see passion when it was right in front of him at least, especially when it was in the form of this delicious woman.
Jane laughed quietly.  “Do you know how cliché that sounded?”  She glanced back at him over her shoulder and smiled.  He thought the morning light looked lovely in her hair, twisting it to dark amber.  He leaned in, lips centimeters away.  But when he was about to kiss her (clichés be damned), Jane just spun away like she’d planned it all, teasingly brushing against him as she twisted under his arm.
It was, as they say, the last straw.  Bucky didn’t care about breakfast anymore – he hadn’t cared since the moment she walked into the kitchen in that lovely robe.  He didn’t care about her teasing, either.  And that was why he turned around and immediately threw his arms around her, heaving her up against him and then lifting her into his arms as if she weighed absolutely nothing.  For a super soldier like him, she supposed she didn’t.  But she still put up a fight, because it was fun.
“James!” she cried, reverting to his first name in hopes that it would make him pause.  It usually worked and she was honestly surprised by the fact that it didn’t.  Bucky just smirked and heaved her up higher as if she was a ragdoll, manhandling her all the way to the bedroom, where he proceeded to dump her on the mattress without preamble. 
Jane huffed and muttered, “Well.  That was a bit brutish of you.”  But the twist of humor in her eyes made him grunt – a laugh by his standards.  He grabbed the hem of the simple gray undershirt he was wearing and pulled it over his head, baring the full expanse of his very impressive chest.  Jane propped her head up on her elbow and eyed him with a smirk, a tiny bit amused (and excited, and aroused) by his non-strip tease.
“You’re supposed to go slower when you give people strip teases, Bucky,” she sighed, clucking her tongue as if she was disappointed in him.  He didn’t reply, only raised an eyebrow like he was asking what the hell she was talking about, and stepped closer to the bed.  She was there to meet him, gripping the sides of his boxers and pulling him forward with a rather domineering tug.  His eyebrow only got higher.
She sighed.  “I suppose I’ll just have to show you myself, won’t I?  But first…” she tugged the boxers down over his muscled thighs, letting them drop to the floor and leaving him bare.  The term impressive really didn’t cover the entirety of him, and Jane’s lips turned very wicked when she peered up at him.  “Mmm…I like my victims bare…so I can see what I do to them.”
He hardly blinked, even when Jane drew a hand from his chest to his hip, fingers ghosting over his skin in the loveliest of ways.  His expression was a blank canvas that she was eager to paint on, and Jane stood.  Bucky was feeling a little bit…wary, perhaps?  He didn’t really know.  All he knew was that Jane was trying to push him down on the bed and he wasn’t budging.
After a moment of trying to wrestle him down, Jane burst into laughter and said, “James, just sit down already.  You’ll like this, I promise.”  It usually took a bit of convincing to get him to try something new – an amusing thought, considering how popular he’d been with the ladies back in his own time.  Steve had told her plenty of stories about his little escapades, which was why she knew he’d like this one. 
With a sigh that sounded more like a grumble, Bucky obeyed, taking a seat on the edge of the mattress.  He looked more than a little amazing, sitting there in all his nude glory.  He was such a large man that the entire bed seemed dwarfed in his presence.
Jane gave him a jaunty little smile and stepped back, fingers playing with the ties of her robe.  But she didn’t undo them.  Instead she just turned around, sliding her hands down her sides and hips before drifting back up and touching her chest.  Bucky couldn’t see those hands, but he knew what she was up to and stared at her. 
Was this was she meant?  Doing one of those burlesque dances for him?  He vaguely remembered going to one with Steve once.  Watching scantily dressed women prance around the stage.  Every twirl and a new layer of clothing was tossed away.  He couldn’t really imagine Jane doing something similar, but he leaned back anyway to watch her, his interest piqued.
She flipped the other shoulder of her robe down, revealing both of them.  The bra strap he’d fiddled with was still halfway down her arm.  The other one joined it.  Slowly she turned back around, hands all over her body again and tugging on the loose tie of her robe.  It fluttered open, revealing the other half of her ensemble – a very wicked looking thong that was also semi-sheer and left very little to the imagination.
He swallowed.  She smiled, a mischievous crinkled of her eyes that made them shine.  Gently, slowly, she let the robe fall like water down her arms.  It hit the floor with a faint rustle of silk, pooling around her feet like a shrine.  When she stepped out of it, toward him, he wasn’t sure what to expect.  Definitely not the way she suddenly crawled into his lap, fitting herself right there against his hardened cock.
She clearly wasn’t finished yet.  Bucky held his breath, wondering what she was up to, but Jane merely twisted the cups of her bra down, revealing her breasts.  The bra pushed them up, and Bucky leaned down to touch them, lick them, do something, because he couldn’t remember wanting to quite this much before – but Jane tsked at him and caught his hair with her fingers to pull him back, “You’re not allowed to touch.  Only watch.”
Wherever she’d gotten that rule from, Bucky didn’t like it.  He frowned at her but she didn’t give in.  She merely tugged his head back and shifted forward, hips circling his erection.  He clenched down on her waist and breathed out.  He probably should’ve seen that coming, but he was woefully unprepared for it.
Again.  She thrust herself against him, skillfully circling her hips and grinding them against his member.  Soon she was bouncing on top of him, her breasts jolting.  He didn’t know where to look – her chest or the other parts of her, where he could feel the wetness of her arousal burning against his cock.  He was so hard it was uncomfortable, and every twist of her hips made him a gratifying yet thankless mess.  And it was around that time when Bucky decided to damn all her stupid little rules because he really wanted to suck on those breasts of hers.
His mouth came down on one and Jane moaned in surprise and pleasure.  Her fingers scrambled to the back of his head, where she pulled him closer.  Her movements didn’t slow.  If anything, they got faster and crazier as he rolled over her nipple with his tongue.  His teeth very gently scraped over her skin, and his hand made quick work of her other breast.  He switched, dragging short, firm kisses over the valley of her breasts before latching onto the other one and giving it similar attention. 
A quick flick of his fingers, and her bra was being pulled away, allowing him the freedom to cup her the way he’d wanted to for a while now.  He had strong hands, hands that were surprisingly quick and very talented.  Jane quite enjoyed his attention, but enough was enough.  Lap dances were fun, but she was past ready to move on and she could tell he was too.  So she caught his shoulders and pushed him down, succeeding only because Bucky had been distracted by layering his attention over her.
He landed on his back with a jolt of surprise, feeling his cock twitch at the shot of arousal from that dominant little move of hers.  He always felt aroused when she got the better of him. 
She was a beautiful desperate mess as she hovered above him, breathing hard as she raised her eyes to his.  Quilted passion skimming over the contours of her gaze.  He watched her for a moment, wondering what she had planned next, but when she started to tug that thong down Bucky couldn’t stop himself.  He jerked forward, hands on either side of her waist as he threw her down onto the mattress.  Jane let out a gasp of surprise as she landed beneath him, but couldn’t help but laugh in aroused delight when Bucky grappled with the thong and nearly tore it in two trying to get it off her legs.
“That was expensive you know – “ she giggled again when he growled and jerked her down the bed.  The laugh morphed into a moan when their lower bodies bumped together, and Bucky muttered, “That tiny piece of cloth?  I liked your…what did you call it?” 
He sunk into her without warning, hilting his member fully into her with a relieved sigh.  This was what he needed.  Jane whimpered when he stared to rock over her, thrusting her down into the mattress with powerful strokes of his hips.
“Ahh…a – mmm!  Lap dance – “ she moaned, shifting her hips up to meet his.  But Bucky intercepted them with a growled, “It’s my turn, Jane.”  And the sound of her name coming from that low husky voice had her throwing her head back and arching into him.  He covered one breast with a palm and squeezed, thrusting into her deeply.  She tried not to move her hips but it was damned hard, and the pleasure of it all was quickly going to her head and making her feel like she was floating.
Every thrust was like a grinding explosion that pinned her down with sheer force.  He was so good at this that she could hardly breathe.  Only lay there and try to hold her orgasm at bay, but damn it was hard.  She wanted to come so badly so badly –
“You can,” he gruffly muttered, seeing the signs of her impending finish curdle behind her eyes.  “Just come.”  He angled his hips and lifted hers, trying to fill her as much as he could.  The new movement made stars erupt through her vision.  She gasped, crying his name, reaching down to grasp at those strong hands that were gripping her hips.  She twisted below him and gripped the sheets, the power of her orgasm thrumming through her with such force that she couldn’t even remember who she was, where she came from, how she’d gotten there…
And Bucky didn’t stop, just kept pounding and bruising into her hips and dragging her orgasm out so beautifully that Jane was nothing more than a gasping mass of breathless sound and hoarse cries.  And the feel of her finish, the way she clenched down around him and became tight and wet and perfect – it had him grunting and throwing her back down onto the mattress, pinning her hips once more to the bed as he thrust into her with almost furious desire, pulled into the tides of his own orgasm and drowning in them.
He spread himself out beside her when his movements slowed and then stopped, dragging her body tight against his and sighing out pleasantly.  “Strip teases and lap dances…what has the world come to?” he muttered to himself, and Jane laughed against his chest.
“Don’t tell me you didn’t like it.  I know you did,” she murmured, voice tired as she snuggled into him.  Bucky let out a grumbling chuckle.
“Don’t know if I liked it or not.  Too soon to tell.”  His words made her raise an eyebrow and look up at him.  He was grinning. 
With a smirk of her own, Jane drew a finger over his cheek and whispered, “Mmm…I think we can arrange a few more tests.”  He caught her hand and kissed it.
They didn’t have breakfast for another two hours.



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