Monday, December 28, 2015

A Jim Moriarty Lemon -- Recreation, My Dear

Character: James Moriarty

Fandom: BBC Sherklock

OC: Elisabeth Barker, blue eyes, short black hair

Inspiration: Just a short little smut scene for our resident villain

The night is slow in coming, but when it does arrive it seems to linger into eternity.  There is a crackling fire in the grate.  Every few seconds it pops and the flame sizzle over the wood with a vengeance that Jim rather enjoys.  He’s propped up in bed, watching the last of the afternoon sun sink down into the shroud of early evening; listening to the faint trickle of piano as Bach plays on the nearby stereo; enjoying the way Elisabeth is sleeping so soundly beside him, cuddled into the sheets.  He drifts his fingers over her hair as he watches her, eyes calm and content.  He has never felt more content.  Strange.
The day has been spent exploring and rediscovering the most base of emotions.  Desire, passion, sex…it all seems so oddly tranquil to think about, and Jim does think about it.  It’s a little hard not to, when glorified satiation brims into every corner of the room.  And yet that satiation is still incomplete, simply because he finds himself wanting more, more, more – and he’s never been the sort of man to deny himself much of anything.
He flicks a strand of his lover’s hair away from her neck and lowers his mouth to her skin, pressing a kiss against her.  Then down, moving his lips over the top of her shoulder and over her upper arm, fingers hooking around the edge of the sheet and lowering it to reveal pale collar bones and the tops of her breasts.  There’s something beautiful in this tiny moment that he cannot quite understand, but understanding is a fleeting thing really, and it shifts and succors him into its depths without preamble.  There are a few things he does understand, like the fact that Elisabeth is sleepily opening her eyes and looking up at him with an emotion that pierces his black heart.
“Mmm…what time is it?” she asks, voice lovely and groggy.  His name would sound perfect in that dulcet tone, and so would a moan or a breathless whimper – but he’s getting ahead of himself.  He enjoys the waiting, the slow drag of comprehension, and so he just lowers his mouth back to her shoulder and says against her skin, “Five o’clock.”
A simple response from a not so simple man.  Elisabeth smiles a little and shifts closer to him, rolling over and placing a palm over his chest.  He watches her from above, her every movement pressing itself into memory for him to savor later on, when this dreamy afternoon has ended. 
“You let me sleep for longer than I expected,” she mumbles to him, trying to remember when they had finally settled in and rested.  Must’ve been a few hours, at least.  Which means that Jim perhaps isn’t quite as impatient as he normally is.  She raises her eyes to his and gives him a smile that’s almost a leer.  His cold eyes soften just the tiniest bit, made gentle by the spark of interest that flares through them. 
He rolls onto his back with a sigh and rests his head in his arms.  “Maybe I got bored of you.”  It isn’t true, of course, and she knows it.
She follows him, shuffling against his body and propping herself over him.  The sheet disappears somewhere around their waists, and the glorious length of his chest is revealed for her perusal.  She takes advantage of it by palming a hand over him, tracing every muscle and scar and then dropping lower, because quite frankly, her hunger is voracious.
He lets her, just watching, waiting.  And when she curls her hand around his member, he just breathes out and gets comfortable, apparently not deeming the situation worth any effort on his part.  Elisabeth doesn’t seem to care.  She just chuckles at him and gently pumps him through her fingers, bringing him to stiffness in just a few minutes.  And then, when he’s adequately aroused, she decides to see just how far she can push him, and gives him a few slightly more…vicious touches.
His nostrils flare and he growls at her.  “That hurts, you know,” he informs her dryly, but his eyes flash with interest.  He doesn’t mind pain, and Elisabeth knows this.  She knows it catches his attention, and she wants to bring out the slightly more…sadistic side of him.  So she just sends him a dark grin and shrugs delicately, like she hadn’t meant much of it.  It’s very obvious that she had, though, especially when she does it again.
It’s the last straw, as they say.  Jim growls and twists himself up, shoving her down onto her back with one forceful movement.  She falls hard into the pillows with a sharp gasp of desire.  He’s suddenly pressing her down with his lower body, which is nestled very resolutely against hers.  The hardness of his shaft pins her there, for a moment, but then Elisabeth laughs breathlessly and wriggles her hips.  He chuckles too, a darker sound that scrapes the low octaves of his voice, and presses a bruising kiss to her mouth.
“You must be feeling sadistic tonight,” he mumbles, his eyes sharp and cunning as they lock onto hers.  She’s going to respond, even opens her mouth to do so, but Jim doesn’t give her the chance.  He kisses her harder, taking advantage of her parted lips to thrust his tongue into her mouth.  The airy moan she gives him is well worth the effort.
A harsh grind of his hips makes her jerk her arms around him, nails digging into his flesh as she lets out a whimpered moan.  He swallows it, devours it, sinks his teeth into her bottom lip and laps up the trace of blood that is left in his wake.  She knows better than to spark this side of him – but apparently she wants it to come out.  How can he deny her what she wants?  
One hand fondles her breast, tweaking her nipple with careless force.  A whimper shifts from her throat, which he immediately kisses down, following the sharp path of his destructive desire as he bites and nips at her exposed skin.  He’ll give her what she clearly yearns for and he’ll enjoy doing it.
He moves his mouth to her breast, gives it one hard suck that leaves her feeling dry and crazed, and trails a hand down her body.  A few pinches here and there, pausing at her hips and inner thighs – flashes of short-lived pain that plummets through her and weighs her down – then one finger is idly tracing her core and Elisabeth is gasping at the sudden but not altogether unexpected sensation.
She doesn’t expect him to be gentle with her and he isn’t.  Only a few circles of her clit and his finger is pushing into her entrance without further ado.  She’s not unprepared for him though.  The hours they’ve already spent in this bedroom has seen to that, and she’s still wet from their previous recreational activities.  It takes only a few hard thrusts of his fingers before she’s reacting to him, getting wetter and feeling the wicked shivers of desire pull at her.  Five hard thrusting jolts and Elisabeth is murmuring his name, reaching up for him, pulling him down.  This time he doesn’t argue.
His lips slide over hers, surprisingly gentle at first.  It lasts only a moment before he turns feral again, and as he roughly kisses her, his thumb burns over the top of her clit and makes her gasp against him. 
“Jim…” she mumbles, though the sound comes out shaky and barely coherent against his brutal kiss.  He peers down at her as he moves his mouth with her, raises a wicked eyebrow, and gives her a promising nip at her lip.  She’s not sure if it’s a warning or something else.
“Already wet and moaning for me and it hasn’t even been five minutes,” he says with a dark chuckle.  His eyes flash.  His fingers quicken.  He watches her expression crumble as he draws her orgasm closer and closer to fruition…and then when she’s beginning to arch her body up, he stops point blank, removes his hand, and just stares at her like she’s a strange mysterious artifact waiting for his perusal.
Elisabeth isn’t surprised by the move, but she’s not exactly pleased about it either.  She’s a stubborn and impatient lover – easy to please but fierce when she doesn’t get her way.  She glares up at him and staunchly says, “You fucking bastard.”  His eyebrow rises further with the tides of his interest.  Interest that is quick to multiply, and quicker to fade.
“Mhmm,” he agrees with a sinister smirk, and pushes himself up and off the bed.  Now that they’re both aroused, he’s not planning on leaving this room any time soon, but what’s the point of it all if he’s not having a bit of fun?  He stretches, muscles roiling beneath his skin as he lifts his arms above his head.  And, in all his naked glory, Jim saunters over to the fireplace and adds another log.  Elisabeth just watches him.
Confused isn’t quite the right word to describe what she’s feeling.  Discontent, maybe?  Annoyed?  Aggravated that he stopped so suddenly and apparently has lost interest in her?  No, perhaps not.  He hasn’t lost interest; he’s just turning the tables.  A habit of his, and habits are difficult to break, even in the heat of sex.
She swings her legs off the bed and sits at the edge of it, studying his movements with the precision only someone of her career could have.  She knows him well enough by now to realize when he’s just biding his time.  And when Jim gets up and moves over to the armchair beside the fire, she’s got a feeling that the nature of his desires are about to be revealed.  She isn’t entirely wrong.
“Come here and let’s have a fuck, then, since you seem to want it so badly,” he sighs.  It’s like the whole situation is just a nuisance to him – something that bores him to tears.  Elisabeth knows better.  She laughs quietly as she rises, striding over to him and taking a seat on the arm of the chair.  The firelight flickers over their nude forms, and Jim takes a moment to drag his eyes over her skin.
She doesn’t need instruction.  It’s good because he doesn’t look inclined to give any.  Jim just sits there, bored, one hand on his chin as he blinks at her like a lazy cat.  She gives him a smirk and shuffles into his lap, her back to him.  She takes a moment to rub herself over his hard cock, fingers guiding it against her core, before she decides not to push her luck.  His impatience is probably more legendary than hers.  So she guides him into her without another moment of hesitation, and sinks down around him.
He doesn’t make a sound to show that he’s aroused by the move but Elisabeth doesn’t care.  She’s aroused, and she knows Jim will enjoy himself.  If he doesn’t, then he’ll just turn the tables yet again and make himself enjoy it.  He’s never been the type to care about other’s pleasure, so she takes the moment as it is and hooks her legs over his, raising her body up and then sinking back down.  She does it a few more times, but…
Too slow.  If she keeps on like this, she’ll bore him and besides, she’ll bore herself too.  She pushes her upper body forward, planting her feet on the floor and bracing her hands on his knees.  The rhythm hastens.  Jim puts a hand on her hip and thumbs over her skin.  The soft touch bolsters her – he’s clearly enjoying the situation more than he lets on.  She pushes herself faster and moans quietly to herself, feeling a little slutty as she pleasures herself on his cock.  But she doesn’t care.  She keeps going.
But after a few minutes of this, Jim’s boredom catches up to him.  He doesn’t like the submissive quality of this position, despite the fact that he actually is calling the shots.  (He always is.)  So as Elisabeth goes back down on him, Jim hooks his arms around her, sliding them beneath her thighs and heaving them up to her chest – then standing and bringing her with him.  She gasps and struggles a little, because of course she hadn’t been expecting this – and Jim just chuckles and walks over to the bed, still buried deep inside her.
Every step sets her on fire, but when Jim finally throws her face down on top of the mattress, Elisabeth decides that this is infinitely more exciting.  One hand forces her head down, then joins the other as he pulls her hips to the side of the bed and growls, “Knees up.”  She flounders a moment too long and he rewards her with a not-so gentle smack on her rear. 
He sinks back inside her, shoving himself as deeply as he can.  Yes, this is better, he thinks.  He has every ounce of control now.  Elisabeth just grasps the sheets tightly and rocks back to meet his thrusts, which are utterly powerful and probably bruising.  He lifts one knee to the mattress beside her form and braces himself, fingers digging into her hips as he increases his pace.  And she can only gasp, ragged and heaving as he fills her again and again and again, until at last her orgasm shreds her to pieces and, thankfully, isn’t halted halfway through this time.
He grits his teeth as she clenches down on him, and watches her gasp his name into the mattress.  Shivers ricochet through her body with such force that Jim absorbs them.  He shivers too – and, spurred on by the tight grip of her and the sight she makes, lets himself go.
A harsh and brutal thrust later and Jim shoves her away, jerking her hips to the side.  Elisabeth rolls over, landing on her side with a curious but heavily satiated glow.  He joins her, throwing himself onto the bed too with a heave of exhaustion, and closes his eyes.  They stay there for a long moment that’s drenched in something strangely bittersweet, and then Elisabeth decides to brave the storm that is Jim Moriarty, and edges closer to him.  She sidles her body against his and gently pushes her fingers through his hair, face inches away as she watches him.
He doesn’t complain, only wraps an arm around her and buries his face against her chest in a rare moment of tenderness.  And around them the fire keeps crackling and the evening keeps darkening and their hearts keep beating.



  1. It's so amazing how you're able to capture the personalities of the canon characters so well. and I love how you also give a different personality for the reader in each piece you write. I really love it and you and I'm always excited to read anything new you post<3

  2. I agree with Comicaltiger, I get SUPER excited when I see your new works. :3