Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Thor Baby Daddy -- Like Lightening

Character: Thor


OC: Alice, black hair, blue eyes, laid back, calm

Inspiration: Only the fact that I haven’t written one of these in almost two years.  Weird.

// How It Happened //

Life in Asgard was never quiet.  Not with Thor running around trying to bash down every man who dared challenge him.  Not with Loki making trouble wherever he went.  Every time you opened your door, it seemed you were always on the lookout for such trouble.  Your weakness for princes didn’t exactly make things easy for you…especially the blond haired ones who were often a little more thoughtless than most.
That particular morning, you made it to breakfast in record time and was out in the training yard before any of the others had even awoken.  The night before, a lavish party had been held to honor the king’s name day.  Parties were wild, rowdy affairs, with ever-flowing alcohol to fuel them. 
You had left earlier than most of the other warriors – not for lack of fun, but because you were dead tired from a recent scouting mission you’d gone on only the day before – and had therefore missed the brunt of the extravagance in favor of some welcomed sleep.  You suspected that most of the warriors had stayed up long into the early morning, as they were apt to do.  Which would, of course, explain why you were the only one in your company awake.
You didn’t mind the solace or the peace.  After last night, a bit of solitude would do you good.  An hour passed before you saw any sign of another, and the man who did finally end up appearing at your side was certainly not the one you would have expected.  But there he was, standing watch at the edge of the sword range with his muscled arms draped across his chest and his gold hair shining like the morning light itself.  Your back was to him, but you felt his presence before you saw it – even when he was trying his very hardest to catch you unawares.
His sword angled down behind you, so quick that he nearly did catch you.  But where Thor was known for his strength and sheer size, you were known for your more lithe, quick movements.  And so at the very last second, you twirled like a dancer on a stage, drew your sword upward into a downward arch, and parried the blow.  Thor grinned.
“You will have to do better than that, my Prince,” you said with a jaunty smirk, lowering your sword with a wink.  “And practice your sneaking, too – I heard you all the way from the courtyard.”  The joke was well received. 
Thor laughed it off and said, “A prince should not sneak around, Lady.  Not one with honor, at least.”  It was fairly clear who he was referring to, but you thought it best to avoid such conversation about his brother.  It was not for you to speak ill of the dark haired prince, however much you disliked his constant pranking.
“Indeed?” you asked with raised eyebrows, “I disagree.  Stealth can be quite an advantage in any battle, especially when the opponent is…large.”  You eyed him with laughing eyes.
Thor recoiled mockingly.  “Was that an insult to my person, my Lady?”  Your gaze turned less laughing and more wily.
“Perhaps it was a compliment, Prince.  Would you prefer I call you small?” you asked airily, as if you often joked in such a way to the heir of the throne.  In truth, you did.  But usually it was around the other warriors, who would add banter of their own to the conversation.  Rarely did you speak to him in such a flirtatious manner while you were both alone.
His eyes flashed.  He looked…interested.  You thought that perhaps it would be best to cut the conversation short, lest you blurt out more provocative words, and turned back to the training dummy before he could say another word.  But such small obstacles had no impact on Thor, who merely pushed them aside as if they were nothing.  So you weren’t entirely surprised when he mused, “I’ve a fine idea.  A duel, between a swordsman and a cunning rogue.”  The words were spoken jokingly, with entertainment.
The description made you burst into laughter.  “Cunning?  Is that my new title?  Very well, then, I shall accept.  Unless of course you are worried that the alcohol still doubtlessly running through your system will give me unfair advantage?”
Thor hardly even blinked at the notion.  It was no insult to him, only fact.  He enjoyed celebrations just as much as any warrior in Asgard – which meant that he probably downed half the mead stores last night along with his friends.  You probably would have too, had you not been nodding off in your chair.
He chuckled.  “On the contrary.  I believe I fight better when I’m half drunk.”  He raised his sword, and you laughed.  You rather liked the idea of a duel on such a fine morning.  And you knew that Thor always enjoyed a battle wherever it could be found. 
The first blow was testing the waters of his strength.  Even half asleep and drunk to boot (though he was very clearly not under the influence of alcohol at this point), Thor was a force to be reckoned with.  You had fought alongside him and the other warriors for the better half of the last century, and you knew his movements like the back of your hand.  He knew yours, too, which made the duel all the more interesting.  And different, too, because you couldn’t remember ever dueling with him without the eyes of your other companions watching.  You were blissfully alone on this training grounds, with no sign of any other. 
In a way, this was a disadvantage for you.  Thor liked an audience.  He enjoyed showcasing his strength.  The other men’s presence would have caused some distraction, even if it was very little.  But as it was, all his attention was focused on you – every last bit of it.
You parried each blow easily however, hardly working up a sweat.  Minutes flew by in such a manner, with you twisting around him and Thor trying to pin you to a certain spot.  It was an equal fight, in the beginning, until you decided that if you were going to win, perhaps you should accept the title he gave you more openly.  Cunning rogue?  Well, you could be that.  Sly too.  And so when you parried the next blow and twisted away, you brushed passed him in a seemingly accidental manner, taking care to drag a hand over his lower back before pulling completely away.
Had you not been as good of a swordswoman as you were, you would not have been able to get away with such maneuvering.  But you were quick, so quick that Thor could not catch up to you.  And every daring twirl and bold touch had him growing more and more impatient – until at last Thor threw down his sword and grappled for your body, laughing.
You shrieked, having expected another flick of his sword – certainly not this.  Your sword dropped from your hand too, and you clutched at those fingers, which gripped your waist like a pleasant vice and made your head feel oddly light.  You didn’t know if he meant for his actions to come across in such a flirtatious way or not, but as Thor pulled you backwards into him, he chuckled very lowly and murmured, “Ah, I’ve caught the rogue unawares.  Using such dishonorable tactics…”  he clucked his tongue and you tilted your head back to look at him, raising an eyebrow.
“Dishonorable?  I was only using your slowness to my advantage.  Anyone in my position would, I’m sure,” you drawl.  Again, his eyes flashed with that sparkle of interest, and it ignited you in ways you couldn’t describe.  Was he truly flirting with you?  Or were you misreading the situation entirely, wishing to see signs of affection that was not there?  Was he even aware that your heart beat for him – and had for decades now?
Thor twisted your hands into his.  His body was like a fortress surrounding you, all hard muscle and hot breath.  You knew it wouldn’t be so easy to remove yourself from it – you doubted you’d be able to work up the motivation to anyhow.
“I certainly hope not,” he murmured, staring down at you with almost idle hunger.  Or was it – you couldn’t tell, your mind was so distracted by the rest of him, by the heat of his skin pouring into yours.  He raised an eyebrow as if in challenge, and told you, “I’ve no interest in having someone else use such…tactics on me.”
The words hit you hard.  Your heart inched up your throat and you feared very much that you might splutter out the contents of the feelings that guided it.  He sounded like he was saying…well, like he was saying that he wanted you.  You.
You were not naïve.  Centuries you have lived in Asgard.  Long life gave you a breadth of understanding that allowed you insight into many things.  And you knew when a man wanted you, without even needing words to tell you.  But Thor had always been an enigma because he was the prince – the one man always out of reach, always skirting the edges of that understanding and turning it over.
“Oh?” you mused quietly.  He hummed into your ear, a low burring sound that scraped along the deep octaves of his voice and made you wonder at the capacities of such a noise.  What would he sound like in the throes of his own passion?  How would that sexy sound contour with the shades of his desire?
“Forgive me if I am misreading the situation, Prince,” you whispered, braving the moment and leaning back into him.  “But I find your words to be very…” you trailed off, not finding the description you’re searching for.  So instead you cling to another wave of courage and decide to show him instead.  By grinding your rear into the apex of his thighs.
His eyes fluttered.  Neither of you were wearing armor and he felt the pressure of that little bewitching move quite poignantly.  So did you, when your clouded state of mind convinced yourself that perhaps there was a certain…hardness to him.  Your realization was not amiss, nor were your suspicions.
He pulled your closer, hands dipping lower around your hips so as to guide you more firmly against him.  “No, you are not misreading the situation, Lady…”
“Alice,” you gasp, wanting him to say your name as he compelled you to keep grinding up against him.  Thor chuckled, though it was humorless and filled with darker things, darker desires.  His fingers tickled your hips, and you clutched at them tightly – your only tether.
“Alice,” he murmured lowly, breath waving gently over your neck.  He ducked his face to it, and the feel of his mouth fluttering against your skin left you in shambles.  You craned your neck for him and he kissed you more firmly, leaving no part untouched.
“I fear that we may not be alone for very much longer,” he told you, the scruff of his unshaven jaw scraping against your cheek.  You turned your face to his, body arching from the movement, and his eyes flickered down to look at you.  One hand lifted, spanning over your abdomen, instilling heat into your belly.  It strayed beneath your breast, but did not move to clutch it even as you arched further with silent plea.
“Perhaps we might find solace in the training rooms,” you say, sounding surprisingly calm despite the thunderous roar of desire clapping through you.  “The one farthest south is never used…”
Thor withdrew with some surprise, and said, “You would have me take you to an abandoned room?  Perhaps I should not call you a lady.”  His eyes glowed jokingly, and you laughed.
“I suppose this is the moment where I tell you I am one in name only,” you said, turning in his arms and flattening your palms against his chest.  “Unless you would prefer to make the long trek back to your room?”  It was fairly apparent that he did not, in fact, like that idea.  It would be a long trek indeed, in their current state, and he could not guarantee that he would not give in and take her in the first abandoned alcove they stumbled across.
Thor just chuckled and would have responded, had you not let your impatience get the better of you.  As it was, said impatience had been running thin for quite a while now, and who were you to deny yourself the simple pleasure of a kiss?  So you didn’t, and before he could answer you, your mouth was on his and caressing him into a very pleasant happiness.
He made a short noise, half surprised and half eager, and slid his hands up your back to pull you in closer.  At this rate, he wondered if he would even be able to reach that abandoned room, let alone his own chambers.  He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t wanted this for quite a while.
He kissed you back with the smooth assurance of a man who wanted little else but to kiss you for an eternity.  You looped your arms around his neck and smiled, breaking the kiss before it clouded your judgment and made you forget where you were.  Kissing the prince of Asgard in the middle of the training ground, when for all you knew the other warriors could arrive any time?  It maybe wasn’t your best idea, and so you merely grabbed his hand and pulled him along behind you, giving him a coy smile as you entered the large building near the field.
The building had several rooms, all dedicated to a single weapon and outfitted with training dummies and such things.  But there was one room in the far end that was hardly ever used, and that was where you pulled him then.  You got only a few steps into the room before he had you up against the wall, nudging the door shut with his foot and kissing you with a desire that had your toes curling in your boots.
“Mmm…” you gasped, tugging on his tunic.  It was up and off him within seconds, showing off tanned skin and a muscular chest that only made your desire all the crazier.  You palmed over those muscles, fingers brushing over the pattering of blonde hair, and hooked a leg around his.  You couldn’t remember wanting someone as much as you wanted him.
His fingers did quick work of your belt, looping it off and tossing it to the side.  He flashed you a quick grin before kissing a trail down your neck, pushing aside the ties of your shirt and gripping your rear eagerly.  One hand drifted up to cup a breast, squeezing it gently through your shirt – and you were so distracted by his mouth and his hand and his passion that you hardly realized he was pulling your shirt away until the last moment.
“I have dreamed of this,” he murmured against your bare shoulder, kissing it idly before dragging his mouth to your collar.  He tugged on your breast binding, playfully unwinding it from your chest, and you chuckled.
“Have you?” you wondered, trying to sound demure.  But your voice only sounded breathy and desperate, tempered by the heat pooling at your core.  You shifted your hips against his, feeling the hardness growing between his thighs, and he made a low sound in the back of his throat that made you whimper.
“What did those dreams consist of?” you heard yourself asking, fingers fluttering over his skin.  He was hot to the touch, burning like a fire.  Wildfire, you thought in amusement, and smiled.
The breast binding was off, and Thor lifted both hands to your chest to grasp you.  His touch was soft, gentler than you had expected for such a warrior.  Yet it was everything you’d expect at the same time – a contradiction that you would think at later on, when your brain could actually process such things.  For now, it was all you could do to just stay standing.
“How about I show you?” he responded, pulling at your leathers and untying them with lithe, surprisingly fast fingers.  So he could be quick if he wanted to.  The thought made you laugh, a breathless sound that had Thor kissing you almost immediately, muffling the noise.  He kissed you deeply, momentarily distracted with your lips, and you clung to him as if he was your very life. 
“I would very much like that,” you whispered against him, eyes locked with the sky blue of his, and reached down for his trousers.  They were on the ground a moment later, and his hardness sprang up as if it had a mind of its own.  You reached for him, wrapping your fingers around him, and gave him a pump.  Thor groaned and pressed his face against your hair, breath spinning faster as his hands worked once more on your pants. 
Cold air hit you, only to be waved away by the warmth of his fingers as he dragged his touch over your hips and thighs – and then to your core, dipping against it, thumbing over your folds and making you shake into the wall.
“Tch…already so wet,” he mused.  You were momentarily surprised at the fact that Thor was capable of dirty talk of any kind (he hardly seemed to type), but you couldn’t deny it was sexy as hell.  With a moan, you spread your legs, wrapping one around his waist and guiding his member against your wet folds.  The tip of it bumped against you, encased momentarily in the heat of your arousal, and you guided it along your aching slit.
He pursed his lips, overcome by desire.  How you could make him want you so much was a question for another time – Thor was an act first, think later man.  For now, he would only revel in you, enjoy you as he’d wanted to do for as long as he could remember.  Perhaps since the very first time he saw you.
With a heave of muscle, Thor lifted your thighs and wrapped them around his waist, pushing his core against yours and grinding it in little circles.  You moaned and clutched at his broad shoulders, clenching your legs around him.  He took a moment to look down at you, and chuckled.
“What is it?” you asked, brought out of your stupor by the sound.  You wriggled your hips against him and he closed his eyes briefly.
“I don’t think you’re aware of just how much I’ve wanted you,” he murmured, resting his forehead against yours.  His hand splayed over your hip, squeezing you playfully and chuckling, “You have bewitched me since the moment I met you…”
His words surprised you.  You had known him for quite a long time, and he’d never given any indication of these feelings.  Or, if he had, you had not noticed.  Perhaps it was your own ignorance that was at fault here.  Perhaps you just did not see things clearly.  Well.  You had plenty of time to make that right, starting now.
“I wish you had told me sooner,” you breathed, “But we can speak of this later, Thor – I cannot wait another moment to have you.”  You ached terribly for him, so much that you could hardly even breathe.
Thor hummed.  He quite liked those words.  They perfectly mirrored his own desires, and so he wasted not another second as he guided his length into you, hilting himself slowly but deeply.
The feel of him brimming within you was like no other.  You arched into him with every inch you took, and when he at last pulled back and thrust in once more, the world became a faded murky space that had room only for the two of you.  Again and again he took you, hips snapping yours into oblivion, pulling pleasure into your body.  He tilted your head back with one hand and kissed you, lips working with yours even as his pace increased.  And when his thumb brushed over your core, following the movements of his thrusts, you could not deny all the pent up desire that you had been holding onto for so long – and fell, soon taking him with you into the crevices of oblivion.

// How You Found Out //

“Be careful in Niflheim.  It will be cold there,” you said, making sure to test the clasp of Thor’s cloak to ensure it stays.  He was preparing to leave for some sort of diplomatic mission, the nature of which you did not know, only that it was important for the future of Asgard.  Some decades ago, you might have laughed at the idea of Thor being sent to handle diplomacy.  He certainly did not possess his brother’s silver tongue or even the usual allowance of patience.  But since the incident on Midgard years before, Thor had softened considerably.  He was not as hotheaded, nor as temperamental as his previous self.  Odin trusted him to handle these sorts of things these days, even if Thor rather disliked them.
He sighed and muttered, “If only Loki could go in my stead.  I hate Niflheim.”  The words sounded so pouty and childish that you laughed.
“It’s only for two weeks.  Be thankful it isn’t two months,” you tell him, hoping to kindle some of that hard earned diplomacy yourself.  Two weeks certainly wasn’t a big deal for someone with centuries of life ahead of them, but you couldn’t deny that you had dreaded this departure.  The recent peace within the nine realms meant fewer missions, and you had enjoyed the extended time afforded to you without those pesky interruptions. 
“I suppose you’re right,” he admitted, drawing you close in a embrace that warmed your entirety.  You nuzzled yourself into him, arms wrapped tightly around his torso, and made a noise of pleasure when he leaned down to kiss you goodbye.  “Look after yourself.  I know you are not feeling well,” he murmured against your lips.  You nodded, kissing him gently before pushing him to the door.  The others were waiting for him, and he had tarried too long already.  It would be two weeks too long, you thought, as you watched him sweep from the room.
Normally, you might have been elected to accompany him, being a fellow warrior.  But diplomacy missions did not have need of many men.  The Warriors Three were going with him.  Many more would probably send the wrong message to the rulers of Niflheim, and that would of course be bad all around.
The moment he was gone, the head healer entered your room to check on you.  It was true that you hadn’t been feeling that well lately.  You had been nauseous for days now, and when it had not gone, Thor had insisted you had a proper healer look you over.  You doubted it was anything serious – your people rarely died of illnesses.  But neither did they get ill very often, and you figured it was probably for the best.  Of course you weren’t entirely prepared for the diagnosis.
The woman asked you several questions pertaining to your discomfort.  How long had you been feeling like this?  When did it start?  Had your cycles been constant?  Were you eating and sleeping enough?  You answered them as truthfully as you could, pausing only when you stopped to consider your monthly cycles.  When was the last time you had one?  Suddenly you couldn’t remember.
The healer clucked her tongue and said, “Sit down, my Lady.  I’d like to do a quick physical examination.”  You sat on the bed and she sat beside you, gently touching your abdomen.  Her expression cleared the longer she did so, enough to make you inquire, “What is it?  Do you know what’s wrong?”
She laughed.  “I’m not sure there’s anything wrong, exactly.  Unless you think carrying a child is a bad thing?”  The question definitely took you off guard.
“I am with child?” you asked a little hoarsely, eyes wide.  If that was indeed the case, then there could only be one man responsible.  Since the day in the spare room of the training facilities, you and Thor had enjoyed one another numerous times.  You had not lain with another man after him, and even before, it had been decades since you gave into those darker desires to another man.  No, it could only be Thor, and that rather…worried you.
He was a prince after all.  And not only a prince, but the future king.  What would become of you, if Odin decided you were not worthy to continue this relationship with his son?  Odin’s word was law.  If he kicked you out of the kingdom, you would have no choice but to obey.
Yet the king was not always cruel, especially not in matters of such a delicate nature.  Thor had proved himself to his father since his banishment to Midgard.  Surely this was joyous news – you thought it was, despite your reservations of the king’s opinion in it.
With a soft smile, you placed a hand on your stomach and said, “No, that is not a bad thing.”  The healer smiled knowingly.
Now the only things to do was tell Thor…when he returned from his mission.  Perhaps his departure was a good thing, if only to give you time to prepare.

// How You Told Him //

Customary weapons hanging from their belts and thoroughly briefed on their mission, Thor and the Warriors Three made their way over the bridge to Heimdall.  But they did not get very far.
“Are you prepared to enter Niflheim?” the gatekeeper asked calmly, bright, knowing eyes cast on the Asgardian prince.  Heimdall tilted his head and waited for the answer.
“We are,” Thor said.  He wanted this over with as soon as possible.  Being away from his home had never bothered him terribly in the past, but that was before he had left his heart with one who remained waited for his return.
Heimdall, usually emotionless as a statue, allowed the smallest smirk to cross his face.  It barely showed – indeed, Thor hardly even noticed it at first.  It was only when Heimdall questioned him again that he caught sight of the tiny sign of emotion.  “Are you quite sure?” the gatekeeper asked once more, and Thor raised an impatient brow.
He shifted, arms crossed, and said in confusion, “You know as well as the rest of us that we are ready to depart.  Did we forget something?”  He didn’t think they did, not when his father had been breathing down his neck, ensuring that all documents were well accounted for.
Heimdall merely shook his head.  “You did not forget something, only someone.  I pray you safe return, prince.  You have more than one to look after now.”
Thor had gained the reputation (perhaps rightfully) that he was a little slow on the uptake in certain areas.  But it was a silly notion.  Warriors were observant, and Heimdall’s words gave him reason to pause as he considered them.  More than one?  Someone…?  The Warriors Three looked at him in confusion, but Thor had already come to a conclusion of his own.  One that left him very torn, but not overly so.
“Surely you don’t mean…” he hesitated, searching Heimdall’s face for any sign of his being right in his thinking.  That tiny smile grew a fraction – an indication that Thor was on the right track – and that made the warrior jump up in shock and excitement. 
He turned to the others and laughed, eyes bright.  Heimdall surely wouldn’t make light of something this serious.  Which could only mean one thing.  “I must return to the palace – wait for me!”  And he took off before any of the other warriors could stop him.
Down the South Corridor, the courtyard, the West apartments – until at last he reached your room, where the healer had left you with peaceful silence for you to mull over the newest situation you found yourself in.  You definitely didn’t expect to have Thor barge into your room, throwing the door open with a force to be reckoned with and heaving in the doorway, as if he’d just run all the way from…the bridge.  You raised an eyebrow.  “Thor?  What are you doing here?  I thought you’d left – “
“You’re pregnant?” he cut you off, words so quick that they blended together.  Shocked at his sudden knowledge, your eyes widened and you recoiled with surprise.
“…How did you know?!  I only just found out – “
“Then it’s true,” he said, cutting you off once more.  You paused, then started to laugh.  Had he run all the way up here?  Was he really so excited?  Because he was, you could see that much from the way his eyes gleamed at you, crinkled at the edges with a happiness like no other.  With a bashful smile, you nodded, hands shifting over your abdomen to where you child now grew. 
“Yes,” you murmured, and he stepped forward.  Three lengthy strides was all it took to reach you, and then you were being swept up into his arms and tugged to his chest, where he held you closely as he chuckled.  There was a certain fogginess to his eyes that made you suspect he was tearing up.  Grinning at the sudden onslaught of his emotions, you snuggled into him and sighed.
“Heimdall,” he blurted out after a moment, and it became clear without anymore words.  But still he gave them.  “He said I had two people to look after now.  I hadn’t realized…but are you happy?  With this?”  With us, his eyes seemed to ask, and you raised your hand to his face to brush his worries aside.
“Yes,” you said again, your smile growing.  “I’m very happy.  Though I suppose I’ll have to put aside missions for a while.”  You sighed at the thought, and Thor gave you a little side-smile that lit up his entire face.
“We’ll think about that later.  For now…”  he heaved you up and you laughed as he tossed you rather decisively on the bed, immediately crawling down next to you and making quick work of the stays on your gown.  You giggle all the while, gasping only a faint, breathy, “I thought you had a mission to get to?”
Thor only hummed as he kissed the path between your breasts, and muttered, “My priorities have changed…perhaps permanently.”  The thought made you grin, and you feared you might never stop.  Priorities indeed.

// Epilogue //

Ten months later, you awoke to the sound of a babe crying noisily from the net room over…and then your sleep completely disappeared when a bleary groan sounded from the space beside you.  A heavy arm draped over your waist, pulling you against the bare chested glory of your soon to be husband.  The prince of Asgard let out a very undignified curse, and muttered, “Go calm her down, love…”  He trailed off into a murmured yawn, and cuddled back into the pillow as if he hadn’t slept for weeks.
You rolled your eyes fondly and pushed at him.  Thor opened his eyes for a single moment before he sighed and turned his face to the ceiling, closing them again.  You thought he looked rather like a bear – it was a thought you often had, even before you had really gotten to know him, and it made you warm.  You’d like to snuggled up into his side and enjoy the fact that he happened to be completely nude beneath the blankets, but alas, the crying persisted.  You heaved yourself up, wrangling away from his arm and wrinkling your nose at him dismally even though you didn’t really mind…much.
Your newborn daughter had caused quite the ruckus in the kingdom.  Odin hadn’t been pleased that Thor had allowed his relations with you to go so far – you weren’t, after all, a noblewoman of suitable rank.  But Freya, who had known you for many years, stood beside you through the turmoil of the last few months.  She’d been a great help with the child, too, and had advised you on things far beyond your own understanding.  Without her guidance and assistance, you doubted you’d have gotten where you are now.
But Seraphina, the babe Thor and you had brought into the world, quickly had the Allfather wrapped around her tiny little finger.  The first sight of his son and his new daughter had changed his mind instantly.  Everything had cleared after the birth, almost as if Seraphina was your lucky charm.  Odin gave you his blessing to marry his son, the kingdom got a beautiful new addition, and everything seemed perfect.
You reached for your shawl, swept it over your shoulders, and went to the sitting room-changed-nursery that had been constructed for you.  Your daughter was red in the face and bawling her eyes out, but she was still the prettiest thing you’d ever laid eyes upon.  With a gentle clucking noise, you carefully picked her up and began dancing around the room, trying to calm the child.  She was probably hungry, and so after you’d soothed her for a few minutes, you took a seat by the window and loosened your nightgown.  The crying instantly stopped.
You were still feeding her when the sound of footsteps drew you from your stupor.  Thor’s figure appeared at the threshold.  He stood there a moment, taking in the sight of you and his daughter, and then smiled boyishly and walked closer.
“I thought you wanted to sleep,” you said, raising your eyebrow with a laugh.  He pursed his lips and shrugged.  He had, at first.  But then he’d also wanted to say good morning to his little girl, and hadn’t been able to help himself.  His excitement at being a father as certainly unquestionable.
“Hey there, little dove,” he burred, voice still scratchy with sleep.  He knelt down before your chair and stroked Seraphina’s head.  She barely noticed him, so caught up in her breakfast.  Already you could tell that she would take after her father…
You leaned back, daughter in your arms and Thor beside you, and smiled at him.  He grinned back.  Life in Asgard was very, very good.



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