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An Alistair Lemon -- Breathe This Lullaby

Character: Alistair

Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins

OC: [Name], witty, independent

Inspiration: It’s a long sleepless night, so [Name] decides to search for some company…Xmas requests close this Wednesday!

Two days to Denerim, and emotions were running high.  The others have gone to bed, crawling into the tents to sleep away their worries.  But [Name] could not turn to such methods.  They were wasted on her.
Instead she sat by the fire, running a flat stone along the edges of her sword and trying to lose herself in the calming sound of stone and metal.  Before her the fire crackled, and the night descended quietly.  Dawn was a few hours off still and she hadn’t gotten one wink of sleep.  No doubt she’d be scolded about it come morning – she was supposed to wake Alistair after a couple hours of watch and trade with him.  But she had seen the bags beneath his eyes.  He needed sleep more than she did.  He had more looming over his head than merely fighting off Darkspawn and Archdemons.
So she just sat there, brooding, so lost in thought that she hardly even noticed when, an hour or so later, she began to nod off.  Finally, she thought dryly, shaking her head a little.  Her exhaustion had certainly crept up on her.  Any more of this peaceful, warm fire and she’d be sleeping like a baby.  She couldn’t just neglect her watch like that, so with a sigh, [Name] stood and carefully made her way to Alistair’s tent to reluctantly wake him up.
She quietly slid inside, lifting the flap and crawling into the small sleeping quarters.  There was a lantern pushed beside the far corner, giving the tent dim light and making [Name] smile a bit.  Alistair had been a Grey Warden for far longer than her, and he had his own way of dealing with the customary nightmares.
Indeed, no nightmares seemed at work behind his eyes.  Alistair looked as peaceful as ever.  A soft smile upturned one corner of his mouth.  He looked completely relaxed and…well, quite handsome at that.  [Name] wasn’t the type to ignore such admissions, least of all to herself.
She decided to take a moment to savor the sight.  Silently, she crawled beside him and reached out, very softly drawing her fingertips over his cheek.  She moved her touch down his jaw, thumbed over his chin, and then in a fit of playful desire, [Name] leaned down to press her mouth against his in a rare but lovely kiss.  Alistair must’ve thought so too.
He must have awoken at her touch – she wasn’t entirely surprised.  He was a Warden and a Templar before that, and had spent the better part of his life honing his instincts through training.  No, but she was a little surprised at the fact that he kissed her back so…sensually.
It wasn’t their first kiss by any means, but it was the first time they had kissed inside his tent, with no concerns about being found out.  And maybe it was that – or maybe it was merely the fact that he was still half asleep, that tempered his movements so beautifully.  All she knew was that she was sinking against him more deeply, letting out a small moaning noise that verged on breathless, and throwing one leg over his waist to bring him closer.
Alistair chuckled into the kiss, halting its delicious progress for a moment or two in favor of just looking up at her.  [Name] smiled, dragging her hand through his hair idly.  He grasped her waist gently, fingers stroking up and down her back, and sleepily said, “If you woke me up like that every day, I’d be a very happy man.”
She laughed quietly, eyes shining in the soft light.  He looked very lovely, just then.  Slightly swollen lips, blue eyes that looked like they could swallow her up, the faintest blush tinting over his neck and ears…
“I’ll keep that in mind,” she whispered, voice humming over his mouth as she leaned her face to his again.  He had time only to murmur, “Please do…” before she was kissing him again and Alistair rather forgot what they were talking about.
His hand moved to the leg that was strewn over his waist, burning his touch into her thigh and heaving it closer.  The nights were warm, and she was at once thankful for the thin blanket he used…and the fact that he had taken off his armor in favor of more simple night clothes.  It allowed her to feel the warmth of his entire body moving beneath hers, tampered only by mere layers of cloth.  Nothing that would get in her way, surely, at least if she could help it. 
“It must be time…mmm…for my watch,” he murmured, low voice muffled by her mouth as she kissed him.  She’d completely forgotten about that, truthfully, but she wasn’t remorseful in the least.  So what if they were close to Denerim and the Darkspawn?  Suddenly nothing mattered but his kisses, his desire, his love which she could feel brimming the expanse of this little tent.  He didn’t seem to really care either, because even after he had spoken, Alistair didn’t remove himself from her arms or shuffle away from their intimate moment.  He just closed his eyes again and kept kissing her, hand stroking over her thigh and even venturing so far as the edge of her rear.
A shame she was wearing her armor, she mused.  Too many buckles were in the way.  She couldn’t feel his touch with the intensity that she craved, and even though she quite enjoyed kissing him, it wasn’t really enough.  She had always been impatient and maybe even a little selfish when it came to him.  It didn’t surprise her that she wanted more.
“Past time, actually,” [Name] told him with a little bit of cheek.  It was true at least – she was supposed to have woken him hours ago but hadn’t.  Suddenly she wondered why.  She could have done this a lot sooner had she the foresight.  She’d just have to start now.
With a smirk, she reached up to her collar and undid the buckle by her throat, staring down at him all the while.  He watched, not taking his eyes from those fingers even as they moved to the next, and the next.  A small, boyish grin pursed his lips together, and Alistair hummed, “I suppose I’ll just have to make up for lost time, then.”  But it was clear that he wasn’t talking about his watch.  She chuckled and he slowly sat up, drawing his face close to hers and dragging his hands up her body.
He had dreamt of this.  Even mused on numerous occasions over asking her to join him in his tent.  But he’d been worried about what the others might think should they hear them.  What she might think of him.  He didn’t want her just for this – he wanted her entirely, body, soul, and mind.  But it was clear that [Name] didn’t think he was defiling her honor.  Not when she was the one invoking this desire.  He suddenly wished his tent was a little bigger and maybe more removed from the others, because he wasn’t sure he’d be able to be quiet about what came next.
His fingers helped hers unbuckle the armor.  First the chest piece, then the greaves, the gauntlets, the shoulder pads.  She kicked off her boots, and left in the slim clothes she wore beneath her armor, crawled back into his lap.
“I don’t suppose you’d have…I don’t know.  Second thoughts?” he blurted when she lowered her lips to his again.  The words made her pull back though, eyebrows raised as she peered down at him. 
“…Second thoughts?” she asked, and he blushed.  Studying his expression carefully, [Name] murmured, “Is that what you’re having?”  He didn’t look like a man who didn’t want this.  And he definitely didn’t feel like one – unless she was dreaming up the telltale hardness growing between his legs.  The one pressing into her core as she sat atop him.
Alistair’s eyes blazed.  Confidence returned.  He shook his head slowly and breathed, “Maker no.  I just…wanted to make sure you were…certain about this.”  He reached for her, hands dipping over her back and pulling her closer. 
She cupped his jaw, fingers spinning over the stubble that he hadn’t shaved away yet, and smiled rather provocatively.  “Alistair…” she whispered, and he shivered because Gods above, his name sounded amazing in that low husky voice.  “…Can I ask you a favor?”  And he paused.  He wasn’t exactly expecting her to say…well, that. 
Confusion lit his eyes.  “…A favor?” he asked, not sure what she meant by that.  She wasn’t typically the type to ask for things after all.  And while she had always been more careful around him than the others, he couldn’t imagine what sort of favor she’d ask during a moment such as this one.
[Name] chuckled.  Her thumbs drifted over his cheeks.  “Yes, a favor.  You’re quite a gentleman, especially when it comes to me.  I like that, I truly do – but perhaps…tonight…you could be less of one.”  He stared at her.
He didn’t have that much experience with women.  At all.  His time in the chantry had made sure of that, and his temperament hadn’t allowed any sort of loose relationships anyhow.  But neither was Alistair overly naïve.  He immediately knew what she was asking him, though his surprise caused him no small amount of hesitance.
“Are you asking me – “ he cut himself off with a laugh that was tainted with desire.  “…Are you asking me to thoroughly dishonor you, my Lady?” he finished, boyish grin firmly in place.  His eyes twinkled in merriment and passion.  To say he liked the thought would be an understatement.
[Name] laughed too, kissing him softly before pulling back and murmuring, “And if I am?”  The question made his eyes spark.  Alistair pulled her close, hands firmly dragging her rear forward.  The movement caused her to grind over his erection, and a burst of excitement shuddered through her at the hardened feel of it.  His hands rose, dipping into her shirt and tracing up her spine with sensual awareness.  “Then…I suppose I’ll just have to do as my Lady commands,” he whispered, and dragged the shirt up and away.
Though the night was warm and soothing, her skin erupted with cold shivers beneath his gaze.  It was his eyes, she was sure, that caused such a reaction from her.  His expression was gentle, maybe even a little adoring, definitely a little hungry.  She didn’t wear a breast band beneath her armor, and so [Name] was on full display, nipples hardened from desire and skin soft in the dim light of the lantern.
“I am no Lady,” she told him after a moment of his studying her, and tangled her hands into the back of his hair to drag him forward…to her breasts.  She thought that perhaps he’d pull away, his gentleman-like demeanor disallowing the actions she obviously desired.  But to her surprise and delight, Alistair didn’t complain or try to stop her.  He just chuckled and ducked his mouth to her breast, taking her nipple into his mouth and sucking gently on it.  His hands rose to her upper back, pushing her into him as he devoured her flesh.
He certainly had talented lips – a fact that [Name] had discovered weeks before, when he had sidled up to her and admitted that he cared for her much more than he let on.  If she had any doubts about that, they were gone now, replaced only by the sweet knowledge of his desire for her.
[Name] watched him suck at her, fingers drifting through his hair.  His eyes were half closed, focused entirely on his actions, on each movement and every pass of his tongue over her sensitive skin.  One hand cupped her other breast, squeezing it between his calloused fingers and then moving his mouth to taste it.  His breath was hot upon her skin, and she grew wetter and wetter with every second that passed.
Her fingers moved from his hair to the collar of his shirt, and she pulled it up.  He let her, removing his lips from her breast so that she could tug the fabric off of him.  His mouth was swollen and lovely when he looked up at her, so much so that [Name] couldn’t help but lean down to kiss him again.  This time, when he kissed back, it was with a power that caught her off guard.  She moaned, sinking against him, shifting her hips against his core and shuddering when he let loose a soft sound of agreement.
And then – before she knew what was happening, Alistair was sweeping one arm around her waist and spinning her body to the ground, laying her down on the blankets and nestling himself between her legs.  She gasped when he took her wrists and heaved them above her head, lips still working furiously with hers as he grinded his length against her.  Maker, but he was doing a good job so far.  So good that she could hardly think straight.
His fingers lowered, drifting over her body and dragging down her sides.  He made quick work of her leggings, untying them with a playful smirk that left her groundless, weightless, like she was flying above them and looking down.  With a chuckle, [Name] lifted her hips to make it easier for him to shuffle the fabric off of her.  Every second, every shallow breath, had her aching all the more.  And when the leggings were finally tossed away and she lay bare beneath him, Alistair thought she was the most beautiful women he’d ever seen.
“Maker, but you’re beautiful,” he whispered as he looked down at her.  His hands drifted over her skin, the warmth of his touch passing over her thighs and hips, up her breasts, back down over her stomach.  She smiled up at him, a tiny bit bashful, and murmured, “I believe you’ve already said that.”
He chuckled, though his eyes were quite serious.  As he lowered himself back down to her, Alistair breathed, “Have I?  Suddenly I can’t quite remember.”  His mind was blank.  All he could think about was her, her body stretched out beneath his, the desire in her gaze – the fact that just the mere sight of her was making him go crazy, absolutely crazy. 
He leaned down to kiss her, but she stopped him with a finger to his mouth and a smirk to hers.  “I think it’s my turn, Alistair,” she told him.  He swallowed, slowly nodded, tried to keep the nervousness out of his eyes.  If she noticed it though, she didn’t say a word about it.  He was grateful for that.  It was a completely stupid thing to feel at this point, but he couldn’t help but wonder if she’d be…pleased with him.  He’d never lain with a woman before. 
Slowly she sat up, face to face.  Her hands drifted over him, over his broad shoulders and down his chest.  His skin erupted with fire in the wake of her touch.  He gravitated toward her – he couldn’t help it.  When had she become his world, his sun?  He didn’t know, but he didn’t have time to question it because then she was untying the stays of his trousers and slipping her hand inside…to touch him.
His eyes fluttered.  Gods but that felt good.  Much better than the paltry way he’d dealt with himself in the past.  She pulled him out, eyes darting down to look upon him.  With a gentle look that perhaps verged on awe (did it really?  He shivered in relief), [Name] curled her fingers around him and slowly stroked them over the hard flesh.  Alistair groaned.
“I suppose it’s my turn to call you beautiful,” she breathed, voice tinted with amusement and desire.  It was the perfect icebreaker.  He wrapped his arms around her and shifted closer, kissing her cheek and burying his face into her hair.  With a breathless laugh, he murmured, “I think I’d prefer something more along the lines of ‘impressive’, or maybe ‘awe-inspiring’.”  She shook against him with silent laughter, drawing her touch over him a few more times and enjoying the way he sank against her.
“Come here,” she said after a moment, releasing him and lying back down.  He shuffled the rest of the way out of his trousers and leaned down to kiss her.  But the kiss didn’t last long.  [Name] distracted him, grasped his hands and pulling them to her breasts.  He broke the kiss as his eyes wandered down, confused but definitely not complaining. 
“Non-gentlemen like yourself might enjoy this,” she said, sounding a little enigmatic.  When she saw that he didn’t quite follow her, she pursed her lips in amusement and pushed her breasts together with his hands.  Understanding hit him.  But he floundered, because…he hadn’t considered she would suggest something like that.
“I – erm…are you sure?  I mean, it wouldn't be very…pleasurable for you – “ he stumbled, stuttering his way through possibly the most nerve-wracking conversation he’d ever had.  But [Name] didn’t seem to mind.  She just smiled up at him and patted his hand.
“It would bring you pleasure though, wouldn’t it?” she asked rhetorically, making it clear that she didn’t mind not receiving such a thing herself.  There would be plenty of time for that later.  What she truly wanted was her him to enjoy her.  So with a little bit of hesitance still clouding his eyes, Alistair surrendered to her.  The thought was very tempting.  He shivered, crawling up her body and letting her guide his movements.  And the moment his member was surrounded by her breasts, her hands creating firm pressure around him, Alistair didn’t even think.  He just moved.
She watched him with passionate eyes – eyes that made him shiver.  Did she know how sexy she looked, lying beneath him like that?  But it got worse – or better, really – when she raised her head and opened her mouth.  And the next thrust, his tip grazed that wicked little tongue of hers and sent a gratifying moan from his chest.
“Sweet Maker,” he muttered, then laughed at the sheer pleasure she was giving him.  He moved faster, and with every thrust he shed another layer of himself.  The honor that he had thus far lived with, that had become a part of him, disappeared, and he became more and more agreeable to the thought of dishonoring her.  Or at the very least, showing her that he wasn’t always genteel and chivalrous.  From the looks of it, she couldn’t wait.
He moved one hand behind him, deciding to embrace these darker passions completely.  His fingers drifted over her folds – and [Name] jerked a little in surprise because she hadn’t expected his touch.  But he didn’t stop, and every little suck of that mouth on his tip had him rewarding her with a brush of his thumb over the top of her clit.  He knew enough of women to know that, at least, and he reveled in the way it was making her eyes gleam with desperate passion.
“Mmm…” she moaned, head falling back.  He stroked her folds almost idly, distracted only by his own pleasure as he thrust his length against her soft breasts.  She pushed them together more and the space tightened.  He swore he could almost see stars at the point, it felt so good – but the feel of his impending orgasm brought him swiftly back to earth. 
While the thought of releasing over her breasts did spur him on (what a delicious sight that would be - ) Alistair much preferred going the more traditional route.  At least this time.  They had never been intimate before after all.  In the future, if they even had a future after all this was over, he would gladly continue down this particular path.  If nothing else, it would be motivation for getting through the impending doom of the near future.
He stopped, breathing deeply as the bliss dwindled down.  [Name] peered up at him, confused at first for the sudden halt of movement.  But when she saw the hunger dilating his eyes, she knew.  She released her grasp on her breasts, released the hand that lingered beneath hers, and spread her fingers over his thighs.  Alistair looked down at her and let out a long breath before shifting his body down hers and propping himself above her.  Her breasts ghosted over his chest, nipples hard and taut, skin warm – and he couldn’t stop himself from kissing her deeply.
As she returned the affection, [Name] curled her legs around his waist and silently pulled him forward, dragging his shaft against her core.  Her fingers once again curled around him, but this time it was to guide him to her entrance.  As he sunk inside her, Alistair moaned and buried his head into the crevice of her neck, lips dragging over her skin and tasting the salt of her sweat.  If he’d thought her breasts had felt good around him, it did not compare to the feel of her tight wetness encasing his length so completely.
The first thrust shattered him.  Her too, by the looks of it.  She reached for him, curling her arms around his neck and digging her nails into his shoulders.  The second thrust felt like he was floating and sinking at the same time.  The third was a force that swallowed him, forcing his pleasure to multiply into a dozen tiny shards of passion. 
She clung to him and it felt heavenly, feeling her move beneath him.  Her hips shuttered upward, shifting into the movement of his and drawing him more deeply into her.  He watched her, at first, watched the beautiful desperation that caressed her features and made her eyes shine like starlight.  But after a while he lost himself within her, eyes fluttering and breath heaving as his pace increased to match the rhythm of his heart.  If he ever reached heaven, he hoped it felt something like this.  Blissful fulfillment and the sweet warmth of someone loving you.
“Alistair,” [Name] moaned, louder perhaps than she should.  Zevryn wouldn’t let them live this down if he heard the telltale sign of their lovemaking.  Morrigan would surely snipe at them for days on end about not letting her sleep.  Her cheeks colored at the thought of them knowing – but she couldn’t stop.  Her chest heaved, her breath spinning out faster and faster as her end came hurtling into her.  And the thumb that Alistair brought down upon her clit at the sight of her imminent finish had her crying out, his name on her tongue and his lips quickly molding to hers to swallow each and every whimpering sound.
“Alistair…oh – mmmm yes!”  She arched into him and he really couldn’t help it, and didn’t really want to – the sight of her coming in his arms, because of him, made him insane.  He thrust harder, pumping himself into her at a pace that drove her utterly wild.  Deeper, deeper, dragging out her orgasm and adding to it, winding her up all over again before she was even finished, fingering over her clit and watching her eyes turn into cloudy pools of melted fire that burned only for him –
“[Name],” he gasped, and muttered a string of sound that didn’t sound fully coherent but he didn’t care.  He cared only for the fact that he was coming, and she was tight around him and arching against him and whispering his name in a voice that was far more loving than he’d ever expected to hear.  He shuddered and dove into her, feeling the heat of his finish pool around him.  Still he kept going, reveling in the wet heat of her and wondering if she’d be interested in doing this again, and soon, because he never wanted this to stop.
But stop it did, minutes later when Alistair crumbled against her with a heaving sigh.  [Name] sighed too, clutching him against her breast and panting against him.  He cuddled into her, looping one muscled arm around her waist and dragging her as close as she could get. 
“We should really…get back to the fire…lest Darkspawn take us unawares…” she breathed shallowly, her voice hoarse and tired and beautiful.  But Alistair just groaned and closed his eyes, holding her tighter.  He was not letting her go right now.  Maybe even never.
“I wouldn’t move even if the Archdemon himself came hurtling down on us,” he told her blearily, remnants of desire seeping through his tone.  She chuckled and kissed his head, tangling her fingers into his hair and down the back of his neck.  And even though he was tired, Alistair felt the tingle of desire shoot through him once more.
“Glad to hear it,” [Name] whispered, and her seemingly innocent touch drew farther down his spine.  But he knew there was nothing innocent about her, and when he lifted his head to look at her, Alistair saw nothing but dark welling passion brimming the contours of her gaze. 
He raised an eyebrow and propped himself up onto an elbow.  “What’s this?  Did I not thoroughly dishonor you already?”  Maker he hoped not.
[Name] grinned, brushing her hands over his chest and tilting her head to the side.  “I don’t know, Alistair.  Maybe you should make sure.”
His answering grin was tempered with building desire, the likes of which didn’t dissipate until morning light.

Extended Ending

Zevryn and Morrigan were sitting by the fire when (at last) their two companions joined them.  [Name] looked fiercely pleased as she strode out of Alistair’s tent – and Alistair did too, until he saw Zevryn’s smirk and Morrigan’s look of utter distaste.  That was when his confidence lowered just a little bit and a blush began to crawl over his skin.
“Had an enjoyable night, I hope?” Zevryn’s sharp accent wondered, eyes directed to their leader as she took a seat by the fire.  The assassin smirked widely when he saw the hint of red on Alistair’s cheeks.
[Name] coughed and muttered, “Yeah.  Uh.  Alistair, maybe we should go…hunt some breakfast or something.”  It was such a feeble excuse to get away from Zevryn’s sexual innuendoes that even Morrigan graced the response with a roll of her eyes.
Alistair jumped up, “Great idea!  I’ll just go get my bow…”
“You’ll need your arrows too, Warden – the ones in the quiver, mind you, not the one you used last night,” Zevryn smirked.  If possible, Alistair’s blush got redder.  Even [Name] hid a smile at the sight of it.
When the two Grey Wardens disappeared into the woods, Zevryn turned to Morrigan with lighthearted eyes.  “So, wild witch, perhaps one night when you’re feeling lonely, you can show me just how wild – “
“I will set you on fire if you do not relent.”
“Ha-ha.  Please do – “
“And then I will cut off any part of you that I find…disagreeable.”  She sent him a hard look that made Zevryn grin and shrug.
Well, it was worth a shot.



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