Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Belphegor Lemon -- Fire Will Burn

Character: Belphegor

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: This was written by my lovely friend Night Minds, who offered to help me with some of the Christmas requests this year ;3  Thank you so much! 

It was the annual Vongola Christmas party, which tended to be the only time of year where every member of the Vongola family was present (except for maybe Tsuna’s birthday). [Name] was standing at the edge of the room with a few of the Varia members, including a tipsy Lussuria and a silently seething Xanxus who wasn’t happy at all but not the prince that she’d rather be with. Sure, Bel had his flaws, like how he is never without at least 3 strings of knives, is extremely possessive and won’t see their relationship as anything more than a one night stand that uh… has gone on for much longer than one night but tonight, [Name] wants to sort things out with him… and she’ll need a few glasses of wine to do it.
“Oh sweetheart, you know you don’t do well with alcohol, don’t drink too much okay, hun?” Lussuria’s voice was raised above the music, subtly reminding her what happened last time she had too much alcohol at a party.
“I know, I know, I’ll be careful.” [Name] said, brushing the Varia sun guardian off as her eyes continue to search the crowd for Belphegor.
“Are you looking for Bel, darling? He’s right over there with Flan.” Lussuria points to the other end of the room to where Belphegor, who surprisingly dressed up for the event, was standing with Flan, a knife in his hand as Flan was talking, seemingly oblivious to the danger he may be in shortly.
She doesn’t even thank Lussuria before making her way over to the two boys, a half empty glass of wine in her hands and a mind dead set on kissing… no, talking to the blonde prince.
“So if two Hibari’s attacked you, you would definitely lose, right senpai?” Flan was speaking in his constant monotonous tone, seemingly unaware of Belphegor’s rising temper with him.
“Belphegor…” [Name] spoke cautiously, getting the prince’s attention. “I need to talk with you…”
“Ushishishi~ Evening [Name], you’re just the person I wanted to see.” Belphegor grinned, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him. “You’re the perfect distraction at an event like this.
“Well everyone knows where this is going, talk later Senpai.” Flan walked off, leaving [Name] with the deadly prince.
He presses her against the wall, caging her in with his arms. “You needed to talk to me, eh? Well you can talk after I’m done with you.”
Another grin spread across Belphegor’s face as he grabbed [Name]’s hand once again and dragged her out of the room despite her, admittedly minimal, objections.
“Bel, I need to talk to you now, n-not later…” She stumbles, finishing her wine and putting the glass down on a nearby table in the hallway.
“Oh~? Then what do you need to talk to me about, [Name]?” Belphegor turned around to face her and let her hand go, the knife still glinting in his other hand.
“What are we, Bel? What is our relationship…?” She asked quietly, stumbling slightly over her words as she feels the alcohol kick in.
“You’re my mistress of course.” The ever-present grin on Belphegor’s face gleamed as he finished his sentence, stepping closer to the woman in front of him. “And I, [Name], am your master.”
[Name] was shocked… that was definitely not what she was expecting, she was expecting something along the lines that she was just another woman to him… but his words turned her on more than she’d like to admit and a spark of excitement started swirling in her blood. She swallowed, unable to make a coherent sentence in response.
“I-I… uh… o-okay…”
“Ushishishi~ Is that all you wanted to say?” All she could do was nod before Belphegor’s lips descended on her own, kissing her hard as his hands travelled down to her waist and pulled her tight against him.
His tongue invaded her mouth forcefully but [Name] didn’t care, she didn’t even think for a second about trying to stop him doing anything he wanted with her. His hands roamed her body, one hand finding its way into her hair, gripping it tightly and tugging harshly as his other hand pressed into her hips. She struggled to hold back a moan that came from the darker, masochistic side of her and she knew he was teasing her on purpose. Her desire had no issues with this… she would gladly beg on her knees if that’s what it took. She pulled away from the kiss to talk but Belphegor took the opportunity to kiss her neck, gently at first but soon turned rough as he bit down, taking her breath away and making a moan spill out into the air as he left what would turn into obvious hickeys come tomorrow.
“Bel… you’re not going to take me in a hallway, are you…?”
“Definitely not, no one deserves to see you like that but me, you little harlot.” Bel growls lowly, before once again grabbing her wrist and dragging her away to one of the guest rooms allocated for the guests of the Christmas party.
“I’m not a harlot…” [Name] protests weakly as she follows Belphegor into a nearby room, too drunk and aroused to make much of an effort.
“You’re my little harlot.” He said, forcing her to walk backwards until she falls onto the bed with Belphegor landing over her, holding himself up. “And you don’t get a choice.”
His lips took over hers once again before she could respond, not that she wanted to when she started to feel the bulge in his pants form. The sparks now turned into flame as she felt his hand slide up under her dress and drag his sharp nails down her back before pushing the dress up over her hips.
“Sit up.” His words were low and [Name] sat up immediately, the thought of not obeying his words was unthinkable to her in this state with her mind still dizzy with alcohol and her body throbbing with arousal.
He pulled her dress over her head, tossing the now unwanted cloth onto the floor, soon joined by her underwear. She wasn’t wearing a bra as her dress was very low-cut at the back so she didn’t deem one necessary.
“No bra, little harlot? Naughty~” Belphegor pushed her back down on the bed and towered over her but much to [Name]’s dismay, he was still fully clothed.
“You’re not playing fair, Bel…” Her words were slow as her hands were pinned above her head.
His nails dug into her hands in annoyance, drawing a whine of pain from her lips. “You will refer to me as ‘Master’ if you want to be rewarded, wench.”
[Name] looked up at him pleadingly, looking entirely sexy to Bel who was only getting harder by the minute, just looking at her naked body waiting for him.
“May I take your clothes off as well, Master…?” Her voice was quiet as she tested out the new title for her fiery lover.
He considered her request for a moment before standing up and firing another demand at her. “Undress me then, little harlot.”
[Name] got up and walked over to him, pulling off his tailcoat and unbuttoning his shirt, tossing both items onto the floor to join her dress. She then crouched down and unzipped his pants, pulling them off and teasingly brushing her hand over the large bulge in his boxers before pulling his large cock out into the lust-filled air. Belphegor’s hand was tangled in her hair and gripping tightly as her hand gently pumped his shaft. He made no noise as her hand moved but his tight grip in her hair pushed her head closer to his swollen member before speaking.
“Go on, whore, what are you waiting for?”
[Name] didn’t hesitate before taking his tip into her mouth and sucking, hard. She just caught the sound of a small groan before Belphegor regained his sense and pushed her head even further, forcing her to take him deeper into her mouth. She gagged as his cock limited her breathing, her hands gripping his thighs tight as her face flushed red, slowly growing used to the new feeling in her mouth. Once her gag reflex had all but disappeared, she began to suck once again, bobbing her head and moaning as his grip on her hair tightened even more. As she sucked, it felt as if his cock was getting even larger in her mouth as he grew harder, the sight of his cock disappearing into her mouth and reappearing, shiny and slick with her saliva made him grit his teeth as his member throbbed painfully. As tempting as it would be to come in her mouth, he wouldn’t allow her the pleasure of knowing she can bring him to that with just her mouth and tongue. He gripped her hair and pulled her off his shaft before gritting his teeth and making a low command.
“Get on the bed, little harlot.”
[Name] quickly stood up and lay on the bed, an inferno raging inside of her making her throb in anticipation of what she hopes will come next. Bel slowly walked up to her, his cock looking tempting as ever but to her disappointment and surprise, a knife appeared in his hand, seemingly out of nowhere.
“M-master, I need you now…” She was desperate, she’d had enough of foreplay and she could feel her core throbbing, she needed him more than anything right now but she knew she wasn’t going to have much luck…
“Ushishishi~ I didn’t say you could talk, my little masochist… I want you to stay very quiet and maybe I’ll reward you.” A large grin spread across his face as he leaned over her, one hand holding his bare body above her and a knife in the other.
[Name] bit her lip, frustrated that she had to wait to feel him inside her, the one thing she wants most right now. She was in the midst of complaining to herself in her mind when the knife zipped across her shoulder, leaving a shallow cut as Belphegor looked at her expectantly.
“If I ask a question, whore, I expect an answer~” He spoke, leaning down and running his tongue along the fresh cut, tasting her blood.
Had he asked something…?
“What did you ask…?” Her lack of title when addressing him earnt herself a harsh bite over the cut, sending a shooting pain down her shoulder. “Sorry, master…”
“I asked you what you wanted so badly, little harlot.”
Biting back a moan, she responded quietly, the inferno inside of her filling her body with heat. “I need you inside of me, master…”
“Che, you’ll have to wait for that, miss impatience.” Before she had fully processed his words, his tongue was at the cut once again, sucking as the pain… no, pleasure ran through her body in a familiar, yet foreign way.
She grit her teeth and tried to steady her breathing, not wanting to miss out on any reward she may get from her Belphegor…
“Ushishishi~ you’re doing well.” He chuckled in the way that only Belphegor could before tracing his tongue over her skin to her breasts, biting the nipple harshly as [Name] arched her back, desperately keeping her lips pressed together in an attempt to stay quiet. “But can you say quiet when I do this…?”
His tongue curled over her core before [Name] had the chance to process her situation and couldn’t hold back her moans. “Mm, fuck…”
Belphegor couldn’t deny his desire to taste her so regardless of the fact that she broke the one rule he gave her, he didn’t stop his unrelenting tongue running over her folds and teasing her clit in just the right way. Her hand found its way into his blonde hair, gripping tightly as she squirms, waves of pleasure pulsing through her body as Bel held her hips down. His tongue sent her straight to cloud nine but the pleasure that hummed through her from the pain of his teeth she knew would send her straight to hell but she didn’t care, as long as she was with Bel, she didn’t care. She could feel the traces of an orgasm thrumming through her body, the tightness beginning to coil inside of her as he lapped at her. She was so close, she could feel it
“Ah...!” She could feel it pounding now; she could feel how gratifying it would be…
But then he pulled away.
“Fuck you, bastard!” What could have been one of the best orgasms she’s ever had faded away into arousal, leaving her more turned on than ever.
He loomed over her, her sweet juices coating his lips as he licked them clean.
“Ushishishi~ you taste good, my little harlot.”
“Fuck, just fuck me already!”
Belphegor looked at her with eyes clouded in lust; she could feel just how hard he was with his cock poking into her thigh. Neither of them wanted to wait anymore and it wasn’t long before he pushed himself into her, his hard length filling her in ways that only Belphegor can and she almost moan in just relief itself. He was relentless, refusing to wait until she had adjusted before thrusting into her but [Name] didn’t care, she was used to this and she had moaned his name before she could stop herself. Her hands tunnelled into his hair as her hips started to meet his thrusts, lifting up in an attempt to get even closer to her lover, her master, her Belphegor…
“Fuck, Bel…” She pulled his head down and crashed his lips on hers.
It was a messy kiss but lacked no passion or lust or desire as it muffled the small groan from the base of Belphegor’s throat. [Name] could feel her orgasm coiling up inside her again, unsurprisingly considering how aroused she was but this time, rather than teasing her and stopping, Belphegor pounded into her harder and harder as he felt his own end draw near. He pinned her hips down on the bed with this own, forcing her to give up in trying to meet his thrusts as he moved faster, pushing deeper and reaching new places inside of her that no man had ever reached before. He pulled away from the kiss and lowered his tongue to the cut he made earlier and the strange combination of pleasure she shouldn’t be feeling and the pain pushed her over the edge.
“Ah..! Fuck!” Before she could stop herself (not that she wanted to), she came hard and was clenching Belphegor’s member tight, making him groan as he raced towards his own orgasm and released himself inside of her..
[Name] couldn’t make herself stop moaning as she looked up at him, his blue eyes glinting down at her. She didn’t get to see his eyes very often, only in the intimate moments such as this was she given the joy of seeing his beautiful eyes filled with emotion.
Belphegor laughed his strange laugh before kissing her and starting all over again.
Later when they both lay in the guest room, panting with exhaustion with Belphegor stretching out, taking up as much of the bed as he can and allowing [Name] to lay on top of him, she decided that being Belphegor’s mistress wasn’t that bad after all.


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